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Lileep or Anorith

Which one did you choose?

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Well-Known Member
I made this thread to ask everyone this: which one did you actually choose? I don't need suggestions, I am just curious as to what Pokemon of the two people favor.

Edit: I chose Anorith, because it looks cool.
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I prefer Anorith myself. I really like its evolution, even though I can't say I'm that impressed with its moveset. However to put it a different way, I would much rather battle an Armaldo that a Cradily. Cradily's rock and grass combo is really effective, with water, flying, and fire only doing standard damage.

boLd NinJa{Koga's Son}

I like Anorith more, because he's a non-frangile Bug type, and I love bug types anyway...



Go Lileep! It's evolution is annoying, you should know if you beaten Ruby/Saphire.

Citrus Man

Citrus Man AWAY!
Armaldo has the best cry in the game IMO, so Ano gets my vote. Crad is tough as nails though.

Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster

And yet, it moves!
ano because of its type. bad moveset, but thats what tm's are made for.
Lileep in most of my Ruby Files and the first one I went with in Emerald.

Why? Because Grass/Rock has NO weak! :D


Matt the Drat
Orion Master said:
Because Grass/Rock has NO weak! :D
Actually it does...Ice. ;)

As for me, I have both games so therefore I got both Pokemon. But when it came down to it, I liked Lileep more. Why? Well, Anorith has great Attack, but its Speed is very slow, and if it can't attack enough, then it could get wiped out easily. I like Cradily more because it has more balanced stats, and it has a better movepool. Also, Rock/Grass is hard to come by, and comes in handy against many types. :)

There's my thorough examination and opinion toward the 2 Pokemon...unlike a lot of other posts so far. :p
i went anorith because Armaldo is on my final team. it has a good dual type nature and beats Cradilly no matter what!

here's my Armaldo moveset:
Rock Slide
Water Pulse
Brick Break
Aerial Ace

Nick Mckenzie

Dratini927 said:
Actually it does...Ice. ;)
And Fighting. :)
Anyway, I like Anorith more. I really haven't used either much, but Anorith is easier to level up because it can faint Pokemon quicker.

Lord Huffnpuff

I chose Anorith because it was closer to Kabutops. I don't use it though.


I chose Lileep because I had to choose one of them (and because it was my first Sapphire game ever, so I didn't know what would come out of which fossil). Lileep's nice if I need a defensive trapper for Pokémon-catching, but Armaldo is stronger and pretty mighty. I still can't recall Armaldo's weaknesses, so it's the hardest foe in E4 (IMO).

+Chaos Blade+

I voted for Lileep. As Cradily, it has varied stats and great defenses, and also, I'll get Anorith later in Emerald. XP

+Chaos Blade+

Metarock Sam

I chose Anorith because he is way much better than Lileep. Plus his evo is really cool aswell.
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