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Linkin Park Wallpaper

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by SD., Dec 4, 2012.

  1. SD.

    SD. B E N N I N G T O N

    how you doin

    i would like to share with you guys, the new christmas wallpaper i made
    linkin park style <3

    please tell me what you think, here or on DA if you like :)

    click to view & download
  2. Conquer Phoenix

    Conquer Phoenix Falling Light

    I like it Linkin Park is one of my top favorite banners
  3. SD.

    SD. B E N N I N G T O N

    you mean bands? xD

    thank you so much :D yay​
  4. monstahunta

    monstahunta Hero of Kokoto

    I love Linkin Park!

    And the wallpaper is great =]
  5. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    A whole thread only for 1 wallpaper? Hmm, idk if you won't get in trouble for this.
    But the image looks clean and fits the theme.
  6. SD.

    SD. B E N N I N G T O N

    awesome :D i LUUUUVVV them haha
    and thank you :D

    super glad lots of people like it​

    i won't and i know because i read the rules topic from this section ......
    oh and thank you for the compliment

    thanks all for commenting so far^

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