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Links of Chaos: The telling of the Eju (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Unicorn, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    Links of Chaos: The telling of the Eju (PG-13)

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. A cliché statement perhaps, but one that fit the situation. Could they really put all their faith into this one action? The fate of every one of their species was on the line, and if their plan did not succeed there was no telling what could happen. The decision could ultimately decide their fate, but if they chose not to act then their kind could perish anyway. Desperation. That was the only word to describe how they felt, so they did the only thing they could. They took action…

    I’ve never been a game-master before so this will be interesting. Here’s to success! –raises glass-

    ((Also, I’m looking for a co-owner for this RPG because I’m a little nervous since this is my first time. You’ll be filled in on all the juicy details of the plot that are purposely left out here and you can help me flesh out the stuff I’m still working on.))


    Sometime in the distant Future…

    Tap. Tap. Tap. A man sat at his desk strumming his fingers on the surface, his knee bobbed up and down impatiently. His mouth was frozen in a frown and his eyes fixed on the clock ticking on the wall. He had been sitting there for a very long time, waiting for someone to come see him. He had an important matter to discuss. Why, of all times, did he have to be late today?

    Suddenly he heard the sound of approaching footsteps and he shifted his gaze to the door. He watched as the door knob slowly turned, and he stood up, relieved that his partner had finally arrived. When the door opened his face fell.

    “Good evening Mr. Misoto. Were you expecting someone else?”

    A man dressed in black armor with a strange glowing pattern etched into it stood in the doorway. His face was concealed by a mask; only his mouth was visible. Before Mr. Misoto could react, the stranger touched his chest-plate and a futuristic-looking phaser weapon appeared in his hand. Mr. Misoto froze with fear.

    “Who are you?” he croaked, his hands clenched at his sides. Sweat dripped down the side of his face. If only he had known what he had gotten himself into. This conspiracy went far deeper than he could have ever imagined, and now his life was ending. Whatever happened to his partner, it couldn’t have been good. They had been found out. Now it was his turn to die.

    “I think you know,” the armored man said, a crooked smile forming. Mr. Misoto stared at the armored man confusedly for a moment and then his face turned to one of shock.

    “Wait! There must be some mistake! You’re-“

    He never finished his sentence, because the armored man pulled the trigger and Mr. Misoto took a shot to the head. The man lowered his weapon and the smile ebbed from his face.

    “Things could have been different, Yashi Misoto. You could have been immortal, but you chose death instead. Pity. We could have used your brains. The Eju probably wouldn’t accept you anyway,” he said, and turned to leave the room.


    It is the distant future, and the world of Pokemon is a very different place. Technology has improved vastly. There are low-flying hoverboards, high-speed vehicles run by an advanced self-operating system, and robots run most of the low-end facilities. Human labor is almost unheard of unless you’re a scientist or a business man. Pokemon battling has become more advanced, where trainers can provide their partners with different power-ups to make them stronger or to change the tide of battle. Even human weaponry has been revamped. Thanks to the research of hard-working teams, the world has become a much better place… or at least, that’s what everyone thought.

    The five regions of Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova are all ruled by a single empire: the Empire of Yoshotiro. Most people view their current monarch to be just and wise, but in recent times he has made less and less public appearances. It’s almost as if he disappeared from the world, and the citizens of Yoshotiro (that is, all the regions) are becoming worried.

    On top of that, there have been many Pokemon disappearances in recent times. Even though the crime rate has stayed the same, there has been a strange increase in amnesia. Many people have been showing up at hospitals, sometimes only forgetting the last two weeks of their lives where others have forgotten who they are entirely.

    There have been rumors of strange men clad in black armor that glows with different patterns seen lurking in the alleyways of the cities, but no one can confirm their existence. No one knows who they are, or where they came from, but they can only assume the worst. One man testified that he got “this kind of chill” when he saw one of them. No one can say for sure.

    To make matters worse, Yashi Misoto, a world-renowned research scientist and personal friend of the Emperor, was assassinated in his office late last Thursday night. The culprit left no clues about his or her identity. Even the autopsy revealed nothing. He had been shot, but the weapon was unidentifiable. The only thing the public knows is that he was killed and the killer is yet to be found. The government is aware that right before he died, he had been working on a research project involving Pokemon and his attempts to harness their abilities to create advanced weaponry. His previous research on Pokemon Biology and the development of the latest weapon model, the Lethal Crest (named so because it is considered the most advanced gun in the world, thus making it the pinnacle of weaponry), made him famous initially.

    The legendary Pokemon of the world are also aware of the current situation happening on the Earth, and it’s not something they’re taking lightly. Their brethren are going missing, disappearing off the radar completely and undetectable to their godly senses. It’s like they’ve totally vanished into nonexistence. While the police attempt to find Misoto’s murderer, Arceus and Ho-oh, the leaders of the Pokemon species, are attempting to find their fellow Pokemon.

    Regular trainer Pokemon were not the only ones to vanish. Some of the less powerful legends have suddenly gone. Manaphy, the three Regi golems, and Shaymin have all disappeared completely, gone without a trace. In all the chaos and confusion of their loss, the remaining legendary Pokemon have begun fighting over leadership and tactics to find their brethren. Darkrai, for example, suggested killing every human until they found the one responsible, while Celebi begged for peace.

    All of them have seen the black armored humans prowling the streets, but as soon as they get close enough to study them, they seem to disappear. Giratina, the ruler of distortion has been detecting several breaches in his zone, but cannot pinpoint exactly where they are happening and when. The mysterious humans remain just that: a mystery. Mesprit recently picked up a distress signal from someone, though she couldn’t tell whether it was Pokemon or Human. When she tried to follow the voice, it vanished before she could find out who it was. As the being of emotion, she is troubled by this.

    What was once a peaceful time is slowly becoming a time of darkness. People are starting to live in fear, shutting themselves indoors as if afraid they will catch this strange bout of amnesia from others. The intentions of these black armored people is unknown, and the emperor is doing nothing to abate their fears. Where do people turn? Can anything be done to solve this mystery or will it just be another passing phenomenon?


    Like I said before, the world is all futuristic and stuff. For the most part I’ll let you be creative with how advanced the techonology is, but I will say that there are no flying cars or people (unless you have a giant bird Pokemon or something). Think more along the lines of moving sidewalks, robots, high-speed cars, flashy billboards etc.

    There aren’t very many rural towns left in the world. I would say, out of all the towns only Mahogany, Azalea, Verdanturf, Lavaridge, One-Three island, Twinleaf, and Celestic are probably still rural.

    The world is run by a single empire, called the Yoshitoro empire. Even though people still refer to the regions they live in by name, everyone you go will be considered Yoshitoro. People have free speech for now, and while the empire is run by one man and his council of advisors, the economy is capitalistic.

    Kids are still expected to go to school, so if you choose a younger character that’s where they’ll be for a while until they’re… uprooted.

    Pokemon are still kept in Pokeballs, though the variety of Pokeballs has changed since then. There are many different kinds, but I will leave it up to you what those kinds are. In the current battle system, you send out as many Pokemon as you want into the arena. There are currently these items called orbs, that are basically small glowing spheres that Pokemon absorb into their bodies. They give the Pokemon a temporary boost of whatever the orb contains (sort of like X attack and X defence in the Pokemon games), but they can also alter a Pokemon’s appearance. For example, a Pikachu cannot normally learn water attacks, but if you happened to have a special kind of orb, you could give that to your Pikachu and during the course of the battle it would take on a more water-type Pokemon appearance and adapt its body in order to use those kinds of attacks. Again, I’ll let everyone be creative with the orbs (so long as you don’t get god-moding or anything). The technology is still relatively new but has been embraced by almost everyone.

    I’ll add more as I think of it, but for now I think this is sufficient information.


    You play the part of a human, suddenly blessed with unusual abilities. Whether they are linked with the Pokemon disappearances in unknown, but all that matters is that suddenly you got a lot cooler (or maybe your character thinks it’s weird). The abilities you possess are almost exact copies of what a Pokemon might possess, though with your human mind you can develop any sort of attack depending on how strong you are and what type you’ve been gifted with.

    What you don’t know: why you’ve been given these powers, or where they came from.

    What you do know: in your area there have been sightings of these people in black armor, and Pokemon have been disappearing (maybe yours did too). People are getting amnesia a lot and it’s kind of creepy. Mr. Misoto was murdered last Thursday and the culprit is yet to be identified. The emperor has been quiet lately.

    You’ve only had your powers for about three weeks or less (or at least that’s where the roleplay starts) so you haven’t had that much time to develop your control over it, but you’re starting to get the hang of it. Chances are, you haven’t told anyone (but maybe you have?) but from what you can tell you’re the only one with these powers.

    Of course, that’s about to change.


    1. All forum rules (duh)
    2. This is rated PG-13, but occasional blood and mild swears are ok. Keep the romance to a minimum
    3. You are allowed one character to start. When the roleplay really gets started I will allow more
    4. Respect your fellow players. No flaming or godmoding or anything like that (minor bunnying is ok though)
    5. Any character age is ok, but I have the right to decline a character if I think it’s unrealistic
    6. Your character is allowed to have up to 6 Pokemon if you want, though I’d suggest maybe having less. It’s up to you.
    7. Sign-ups are open indefinitely. No need to reserve anything since I am allowing more than one person to have a certain type
    8. Have Fun!


    Character Name: first and last please

    Gender: self-explanatory

    Age: Self-explanatory

    Location: Where is your character right now? Where do they live normally? (I’ll bring you all together eventually, but it’s nice to know)

    Pokemon Type: What powers does your character possess? Are they an electric user, water-type, fire aligned?

    Attacks: Your character is allowed three signature moves. I’d like at least one of them to be an actual Pokemon move. They have to be the same type that your character is (so, if you’re fire type, then you can’t use water or electric moves). The other two can be made-up but they have to make sense and not be of godly strength. Please describe what each attack does, even if it is an already existing one. You are free to be creative with how you interpret attacks from the game because obviously certain attacks would not function the same in the real world as they would in a game.

    Appearance: What does your character look like? Describe things like hair color, eye color, and clothing. Go into detail. I want at least two paragraphs.

    Personality: How does your character act? What do they like, what do they dislike? How to do they react in certain social situations? Again, go into detail. Two paragraphs for this one as well.

    History: How has life been for your character so far? Detail. Detail. Detail. Two paragraphs please.

    Other: Anything else we should know about so-and-so?

    Pokemon: What Pokemon does your character have? Please list of them in following format for each…

    Name: (regular species name and nickname if applicable)
    Appearance: (if different from normal appearance)
    Attacks: (up to four)

    My sign-up will be in my next post.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2011
  2. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    Character Name: Anji Sakimari

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Location: Jubilife city (grew up in Canalave)

    Pokemon Type: Psychic

    Healing Wish- Anji faints. In return, the one who takes her place, or the person she was aiming for, will be completely healed. This applies to both Humans and Pokemon.
    Light Screen- A wondrous wall of light is put up to suppress damage from special attacks. It lasts only as long as Anji can concentrate (which isn’t very long at the moment).
    Location- A move where Anji meditates in order to locate a specific person’s brainwaves (AKA, a people locator). She can lock in on anyone’s location so long as she’s mapped their brainwaves previously; She can’t locate someone she doesn’t know or hasn’t met.

    Appearance: Anji is a thin and sprightly young lady. Her skin is a deep chocolate brown while her hair is a silvery blue. Her cheekbones are high on her face and she has very thick eyelashes. Her eyebrows slant a little, making her appear either angry or fierce most of the time. She usually has lip gloss on, and lays it on heavily so that her lips look puffy and shiny. Her parents never bothered with braces so even though her teeth are pearly white, they are slightly uneven and crooked. Her eyes are a light hazel color. Her chest is somewhat small. Her light blue hair is long and straight, coming to her waist when she wears it down. Most of the time she has it tied into a long braid. She has bangs that cover her forehead and two long strands of hair on the sides of her head that she leaves apart from her braid.

    Anji stands about 5’ 9” which is above average for most women. Her back is very curvy so that when she’s standing she looks hunched over. Her butt is kind of small and her hands look freakishly large; like, man-hands. She wears a silver watch around her left wrist. Anji likes to dress in white a lot. It’s her favorite color so she wears it at every opportunity. Her favorite outfit is her white tank-top and red miniskirt with her pale pink leggings. Over that she wears a pale green knit sweater that she leaves unbuttoned. The sleeves come past her hands. Around her neck she wears a locket given to her by her older brother, Truman. On her feet she usually wears a pair of flip flops or a pair of brown pointed boots.

    Personality: Anji tends to be a serious person. She knows how to have a good time and how to laugh, but in most scenarios she would rather sit back and analyze everything that’s happening. She views life like a cell under a microscope and is detached from a lot of the social aspects of life. Whenever she is by herself she gets this brooding expression on her face, like she is deep in thought; usually, she is. In general, Anji is a caring person. She is willing to sacrifice her time and energy for other people, even complete strangers. While she may not be all that good at interacting with people, she knows how to make a person smile.

    Anji is very devoted to everything she does. From washing dishes to simply reading a book or playing a video game she puts her heart and soul into the task. This can make her a bit dramatic. Everything is a life or death situation to her. In school, she got straight A’s because if she didn’t out her all into something she knew she would only be disappointed in herself. Her parents were proud of her, but even they got tired of her crying when she got a ‘B’ instead of an ‘A’ on that chemistry exam. She’s not very good at being half-hearted. Everything is to the extreme. If she’s going to be upset, she’s going to be upset. If she’s going to be tired, she’s going to pass out on the floor before she reaches her bed.

    History: Anji grew up in Canalave and lived there her entire life. She had two younger brothers and one older brother, making her the only girl in the family. Even though she loved those little brats, they really annoyed her growing up, which may have been the cause for her dramatic personality. Either way, her parents were just average loving parents who wanted her to be successful. After Truman graduated high school and went on to become a research scientist, Anji promised to do the same. Anji really looks up to her brother Truman and has always idolized him.

    Her two younger brothers, Francis and Paul, became Pokemon enthusiasts. Anji never really cared much for the sport, in fact she definitely didn’t care about it all. But then she saw little Franny looking at pictures of cute little creatures and she couldn’t help but be amused by them. Eventually she got a hold of a Pokemon of her own, but she never made Kumu, her Vulpix, battle because she was too cute for that. Francis and Paul teased her for it but she didn’t put up with it for very long. The first time she battled them she won, and after that she swore never to make Kumu battle again.

    After Anji graduated she went to school in Jubilife to become a scientist just like Truman, putting everything she had into her work (her devotion to her projects was something to be admired by professors). Now, Anji is beginning her Junior year of college education. She bought an apartment in Jubilife so that she can work while at school and start living more independently. Only she and Kumu live in the apartment; she had had enough with roommates. She doesn’t drive a car but she did receive a hoverboard from her parents last Christmas that she uses to get around. It’s one of the cheaper older models, but it still works just fine. She affectionately refers to it as “Ol’ Betsy.”

    Anji really dislikes lemonade.


    Name: Kumu the Vulpix
    Appearance: Kumu looks just like a regular Vulpix except that her fur on her tails is slightly darker. The only way you could really tell is if you put her next to another Vulpix though.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2011
  3. Monochromatic

    Monochromatic A.k.a: Nemo

    This still going, right? Seems like no-one else is making Pokemon RPGs :(


    Character Name: Cynthia Thorn

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Location: Currently resides in Blackthorn City. Born in Celestic Town.

    Pokemon Type: Dragon


    - Dragon Claw: Cynthia's hands transform into a dragon's claw which she uses to attack. Its strength increases with experience. It is currently not very powerful.
    - Dragon Dance: Cynthia channels her energy and performs an ancient ritual that slightly increases her attack and speed.
    -Intimidate: Cynthia emits a draconic growl that intimidates weaker foes, causing them to flee or cower.

    Appearance: Cynthia's appearance is a graceful yet intimidating. She is exceptionally tall, standing at 6'5''. A few burn-marks and scars can be seen on her skin, all as a result of her attempts at capturing Dragon-Pokemon and her training with Dratini. She also possesses a mysterious birthmark on her left arm. Her long hair is crimson red and comes down to her waist. Her teeth are sharp and white, giving her an intimidating look. Her eyes are naturally red and glow fiercely when she is angry. She does not use makeup at all. She usually has a hardened look in her eyes.

    Cynthia wears plain black trousers and a plain black shirt. Over that, she dons her crimson cloak. She occasionally wears the cloak's hood over her head. All of her clothes were made by her Grandmother before she departed her home town. She also wears charm bracelets and necklaces made from dragon fangs and teeth she had found herself during her childhood. She wears long, crimson boots, and crimson gloves that protect her hands and feet while she is working with dragons. Her final accessory is a tool-belt around her waist that contains basic supplies for her trips into the Dragon Den. It contains basics such as Burn Heals, a few PokéOrbs (or whatever you want to call them), Rope, and other such tools.

    Personality: Being an only child, Cynthia was lonely to start. She also found it very difficult to make new friends. One would befriend her or even approach her, most likely because of her intimidating personality. In addition, she could not find anyone worthy of respect, so she settled to working along. Cynthia is independent. She spends more time with her Pokemon than she does with people. Therefore, she cannot communicate with people well. She prefers getting things done by herself. The way she sees it, working alone eliminates the competency of others. She believes that she can do anything she needs to do by herself, and that she doesn't need to rely on anyone else.

    Cynthia is determined and slightly stubborn. She doesn't often take advice from others, except from her elders, whom she respects. She's not very friendly, and she doesn't trust many people, either. Cynthia uses her size and intimidating demeanor to her advantage. She doesn't back down from a fight, and will keep fighting to preserve her reputation and image. She likes to utilize brain and brawn, but when enraged, she will stop at nothing to destroy her foes. She can be quite reckless at times. Her biggest fear is appearing weak and inferior to her enemies, which can really bring her spirits down.

    History: Cynthia was born in Celestic Town, an small town famed for the ancient cave that holds mysterious symbols of legendaries Pokemon. She was home-schooled by her grandmother, whom she respects very much. Cynthia was an only child. Her parents ran the Herb Shop in Celestic Town. She, however, had no interest in herbs and medicine. Her parents were understanding, and allowed her to study any subject that she wanted. She studied history and mythology under her elderly Grandmother, the oldest woman in the Sinnoh Region.

    Her interest in Dragons sparked when she saw a Salamance take flight over her small town. Since then, she has been captivated by these magical beings. She was warned that Dragons were very dangerous and were the hardest pokemon to raise, but she was up for the challange. Cynthia caught her first pokemon, Draco, at age 9. Since then, he has been her sole companion, but he has yet to evolve.

    Cynthia recently left her hometown, where she had lived for her whole life, to seek a life on adventure and glory. She set her eyes on the Dragon Den, a cave near Blackthorn City that is rumored to be the home of all kinds of Dragons. She has settled temporarily in Blackthorn City. She visits the Dragon Den daily, in search of rare Pokemon...

    Other: Cynthia collects dragon fangs, scales, and teeth.


    Name: Draco - Dratini
    Appearance: Draco's skin is different from other Dratini. It is in a shade of deep red.
    Attacks: Leer - Thunder Wave - Twister.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2011
  4. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    is it okay for my character, who is a Dark-type, to have wings? Cuz it's based off a Honchkrow. =P

    Also, can they have abilities that are different than normal pokemon attacks? for example, a dark-type person make a sword out of darkness?
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2011
  5. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    @Monochromatic- Yeah, I don't know why no one else has signed up. I was just asking myself if maybe my RPG is just a bad idea.... Anyway, right now, I'd say your sign-up is pending. Your appearance and personality sections are a little too short and don't go into too much detail about Cynthia. Maybe you can talk more about why she mistrusts people or isn't very social. It wasn't directly addressed so it seems slightly odd to me. In general, I'd just say expand on some already made points in your sign-up. Otherwise it's good.

    @lxdarknessxl- I'd rather keep humans looking like humans in this RPG so I'm going to say no horns/wings/claws/fangs etc. As long as your character is utilizing his/her new abilities to generate an attack they can do pretty much anything (such as summoning a sword). So yeah, a sword made of darkness for a dark-type character would be fine.
  6. Aura Wolfe

    Aura Wolfe Well-Known Member

    Character Name: Chad Arian

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Location: Rustboro City, Hoenn

    Pokemon Type: Ghost

    Shadow Ball: Chad summons forth shadows into his hand, and hurls its energy at his opponent. It may also make them more vulnerable to special attacks.
    Curse: A move that causes damage to both the user and the victim. Chad slashes open his wrist, doing a lot of damage to himself, while chanting a curse. From then on, the victim will become severely weaker every turn.
    Form Change: Chad concentrates, then his body turns from a solid to an unearthly substance, capable of passing through other substances without harm. However, this is extremely difficult to do, and Chad can currently only do this for a matter of a few seconds.

    Appearance: When the people at the hospital first saw Chad, they thought he was dead. Their confusion is understandable. Chad isn’t massively tall, but he looks like he is, due to him being pretty much a sheet of skin pulled over a skeleton. Just skin and bones. And if that wasn’t skeleton like enough, he’s also incredibly pale, only slightly tanned to a normal human skin colour on the top of his arms, the tip on his nose and on the front of the bottom of his legs. There are dark rings around his eyes, as if he suffers from insomnia. His eyes are a grey/blue in colour, and only add to this haunted look of his. His hair is jet black and long, normally held in a loose ponytail that flows down a little way past his shoulders.

    His clothing choices are black, black, black, and more black. Seriously, Chad can’t get enough of it. He normally wears loose black jeans, black converses and a black tee shirt on it, usually with skull or strange pattern in white covering it. He also wears a little silver cross around his neck, and his left ear is pieced with a small silver stud. When he gets cold, he adds a black hoodie.

    Personality: Chad is a quiet soul, but not because he’s a jerkass loner, because that’s just the way he is. Being an only child and not being on that great a standing with his parents, he never really had much of a reason to talk to anyone. As a result, he is quite lacking in the social skills, and can be quite alarmed when he is thrown into a conversation, causing him to start mumbling, making no sense and then probably fleeing from the chatter with an excuse such as “Oh I need to go to the toilet.” And “Ahhh I think I left the oven on. Please excuse me.”

    Despite his questionable people skills, he is a kind person and does care for people whom he deems to be his friends. To his memory, he only has one such friend, a girl a little younger than he is. He cannot remember her name, but desperately wants to find her. This is his motive for everything he’s been doing recently. He can be very determined when he wants to; once he decided to do something, next to nothing can sway him from attempting it.

    To most people, Chad always appears to be calm and unruffled, even cold, in every situation. This isn’t the case. He just doesn’t give out massive signals of what is happening. If he is shocked out of his mind, the most that will happen is that his eyes will widen a little. Depressed, his forehead will crease. Joyous, the corners of his mouth will curve up. This mask like talent of his is due to the fact that it does take him a while to begin to trust people.

    He is a bit ‘lost’ due to recent events, and is struggling to find his way in life.

    History: The first thing that Chad can remember fully would be about three and a half weeks ago, waking up in a hospital bed under the bright lights. The nurse there saw that he was awake, and cheerfully leapt over to the bed, saying: “Ah Chad Arian isn’t it? It’s good that you’re finally awake. Now we can find out exactly what happened to you.” Chad’s only reply was a confused look, before he quietly asked “Who is Chad?”

    Chad is one of the victims of this strange Amnesia that has been sweeping the world, and is one of the more unfortunate people, having lost just about every memory he ever had. The only way he even knows what his and his Pokemon names are is because his was on the tag on his jacket, and his Pokémon’s names were engraved on the Pokeballs. These next paragraphs are the only memories he has left.


    He reached forwards and picked the small, gift wrapped box up and quickly tore off the paper that covered it. Within was a small brown box with a lid, so he removed that too. Inside was a Flare Ball, a kind of Pokeball that a newbie trainer could use to capture Pokemon without having one themselves. It released a flash of light, not unlike the move flash which stunned the Pokemon long enough for them to be caught. He smiled…


    His feet ached from being continuously pounded into the ground, and his breath came in short bursts, yet he knew he could not stop, lest he would be imprisoned, and probably have to pay a fine that he knew he could not afford to pay. He turned his head to look at the metre long bird of prey flying along side him. For a fleeting moment, he regretted that Eternal was not a larger Pokemon, maybe a Salamence or something like that. But he instantly dismissed it. She, after all, was pretty much his whole life.

    “Dragon Tail.” He panted.

    Eternal spun around in mid air, screaming a battle cry of the ancients, her tail glowing with purple and yellow flames as she flew towards the three who were pursuing them…


    The girl stood before him, one hand on her hip, the other pointing to him accusingly. That arm had a huge cut across it, and was surrounded by a burn. He felt a massive pang of guilt upon seeing it. He really regretted telling Eternal to attack her.

    Her eyes were dark, and angry. She flicked her long white hair over one shoulder and glared at him.

    “You ran off without me again!” She exclaimed angrily. “God, would you stop doing that? Please? It’s really annoying.”

    He smiled apologetically and she rolled her eyes. Walking forwards, she grabbed his hand. “Come on, let’s go to the theme park!” She exclaimed, and pulled him towards the rollercoaster…


    After a few days of examining his remaining memories, Chad decided that the best idea would be to go and find the girl he could remember, and see if she could tell him about his past. But, because of his amnesia, the hospital wasn’t prepared to let him go out wandering on his own, and refused to let him leave. So he remained in the hospital for more than two weeks. During this time, he became aware of his powers, one of which allowed him to walk through walls. So he practised with it, until he could hold it for about 5 seconds. Then, he made his escape in the middle of the night, using his strange ability to pass through locked doors and walls. From there, he started to head towards Rustboro City in the hope of catching a plane to Unova, because after searching the internet, he found that the best theme park in the Empire was in Raimon City, which is where he wants to start his search. That an the fact that two of his Pokemon are only found in Unova, makes it a logical place to start.

    Other: He is terrified of bugs.


    Name: Eternal (Archeos)

    Appearance: Eternal looks almost completely like a normal Archeos, save for two things: She is slightly smaller than most, and on the top of her head she has two tiny horns, adding to her more prehistoric appearance.

    - Dragon Tail
    - Stone Edge
    - Hone Claws
    - Fast Guard

    Name: Cole (Lepardasu)

    Appearance: Being male, Cole built more robustly than his female counterpart, but other than that, he looks like your normal Lepardasu.

    - Sucker Punch
    - Nasty Plot
    - Toxic
    - Grass Note

    Name: Tyson (Typhlosion)

    Appearance: Normal Typhlosion.

    - Flamethrower
    - Sunny Day
    - Solarbeam
    - Double Team
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2011
  7. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    @Aura Wolfe- Accepted. Chad's character is really well thought out, and I particularly like the way you incorporated the amnesia problem. That should make things interesting later. The way you described his appearance was chilling, really. In short, well done!
  8. Monochromatic

    Monochromatic A.k.a: Nemo

    I re-edited my Sign Up to include more detail.

    Is it accepted now? Or do I need to improve on it a little more?
  9. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    @Monochromatic- Much better! Accepted!
  10. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    Ok, still waiting on a few more sign-ups. I've accepted two so far. Once we get up to five I think we can get started. So three more people need to get interested in this RPG!
  11. Aura Wolfe

    Aura Wolfe Well-Known Member

    If we're having trouble getting more people, I don't mind playing two people (if you're okay with that). I don't have any huge idea of what to do, but I'm sure I could come up with something...
  12. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Character Name: Savil Kuon

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Location: At the edge of Twinleaf Town

    Pokemon Type: Fire

    Attacks: Flamethrower: She collects energy in her mouth and converts it into flames, if she is not quick enough to shoot it out, it may burn her mouth. She cannot aim worth beans when using this.
    Flare Blitz: She can hurt herself more than the enemy using this, as she coats herself in flames and charges at the enemy. It is easily dodge-able and leaves her completely tired out.
    Ember: This is her most reliable attack, as it is only a big enough flame to light up a little dried wood. Same process for generating the flame a with her 'Flamethrower' attack.

    Appearance: Savil has emerald-green eyes and black hair which is so black it sometimes looks blue, that reaches down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her hair has only been cut with a knife for the past 3 years, so it is rough at the bottom and uneven. She is 5'6, and weighs 112 pounds, and has been working since she could work, so she is quite strong, though the way she looks does not show it. She has a highly acute sense of hearing and smell for a human, and extraordinarily sharp canines, though they are only moderately long, that is part of the reason her nickname is "Beast". She has to wear glasses, because of her sub-par sight, though the only pair she has are stolen and not to her exact prescription, and keep falling off her face at the most crucial of moments, but even with those on, she still has a hard time seeing things far away clearly(she is near-sighted). Her glasses are blue, edging on pink towards the middle, stolen, as she could never, not in a million years afford an eye exam, let alone glasses.

    She normally wears whatever she can steal from people, but currently she wears a pair of black, but faded, loose, jeans, with pockets on the from and buttons over the pockets to keep the contents of the pocket from spilling out. For a shirt she wears a sapphire-colored t-shirt, which gets nastily cold at night, though it is made of fair quality Mareep wool. Her shoes are worn down to the soles, and maybe farther than that, as Savil could swear she could walk barefoot and it would be the same thing, and though quite dirty and faded, you can still see that they are black, with a 'Rapidash' logo on them. She has a jacket which has more holes than jacket, but she still keeps it around, possibly for the sake of starting a fire.

    Her skin tone is perpetual creamy white, no matter how much time she spends in the sun, her eyebrows are thin and her mouth is almost always pressed into a hard, thin line, except when she laughs at the people she steals from stupidity, that and at Loony. She is always as clean as she can get, except when the stream in the forest freezes up and she can't take a bath, or the water is too cold. Her nails, after being trimmed only with a knife, have grown super sharp, despite Savil's attempts to keep them trimmed neatly. She still hasn't grown into her feet, which are bigger than most girls's feet, of her age, meaning she still had some to grow. Her ribs show threw her t-shirt, as she was malnourished all her life, getting only enough food to stay alive in the forest. She has no fat on her, all of her places fat should be on a healthy 15 year-old girl are filled with hard, wiry muscles, though not the kind you see on bodybuilders', but the kind you see on people who have lived a hard life, as they are "hidden". She also has a knife which she stole that she uses to cut her hair and nails, and prepare meat. Her body heat has risen since she got her abilities, but that doesn't really affect anything.

    Personality: She is the most beast-like human you will ever meet. When she feels threatened, except when she is stealing stuff, she utters a low growl, if she is surprised, she hisses, and if you annoy her too much she snaps at you with her teeth. When you threaten her she turns her face into a snarl and growls a low growl. Instead of punching in a fight, she lashes out with her hand and extraordinarily sharp nails to give the opponent cuts, she also bites and kicks. She has volatile personality, as even if you befriend her she may attack you, and then apologize half-heartedly. She likes to fight and will get involved in a street fight for fun, taking no sides, just fighting for the fun of it, even though she should spend the time gathering food or stealing. Even though she likes to fight, she doesn't want her Pokemon hurt, so she never battles with them in a situation in which they could be hurt. She will fight and probably die for her Pokemon, literally fighting with tooth and nail. She has a knife, but has no idea what so ever that it is even a weapon, much less use it as a weapon, in fact she thinks that it is only for personal hygiene and preparing food, and never thinks of it as dangerous, so she doesn't use it in fights. She is quite hotheaded and takes jokes and teasing more literally than intended, resulting in a fight, most of the time.

    When speaking, Savil tends to call items by what they do, instead of their names; like if you or I were to say "Scissors" she would say "The things that you use to cut stuff" instead, though she pronounces Pokemon moves and commands more clearly, though she has an IQ of over 150 but lower than 200. She will never ever trust a human ever again, but with Pokemon she does fine. She never wants to have a friend, except for Pokemon friends. She had once battled with her Pokemon, but after discovering that they would get hurt in battle she stopped battling, except for a few friendly battles within her own "party".

    History: She was dropped off at 'The Blecker's Orphanage for Girls" where they "pampered and took care of" the girls there; when she was a baby. In reality they only fed the girls enough so that they would stay alive and the girls had to work for no pay, serving the owners, until they could leave. The 'soup' if you could call it that, was cabbage 'soup', though it only had enough cabbage to taste bad, but not enough to be nutritious, in other words it was terrible. The only water outside of the soup was dirty or tasted really bad. At the orphanage, there were no Pokemon as Pokemon were considered "dirty and germy", though almost everybody there knew that Mrs.Blecker wouldn't know a germ if it gave her a black eye. The girls there only got one set of decent clothing a year, when the inspectors came, same with the food. There were only 4 girls there, but the owner's house was practically a mansion, with over 50 rooms to clean. Why they didn't use machines to do this was beyond Savil, though it may have had to do with Mrs.Blecker's fear of germs, as Mrs.Blecker may have found machines dirty. Or maybe the owners of the orphanage just like tormenting the girls.

    The owners of the orphanage, complained that they "spent all the money they(the owners of the orphanage) had" and "they(the girls) should be really grateful". Never the less, the owners where getting a large sum of money from people and organizations, but they never spent it on the orphans there, instead they spent it on themselves, buying jewelry and expensive food. They lectured the girls every night at meal time how they should be really grateful and thankful, but they spoiled their daughter to no end. When they wanted more money, they would dress their daughter up as many different people, dye her hair, and show her off as an "orphan", to show that they "cared" for the orphans.

    There was one girl there that bullyed all the rest, and no it wasn't Savil-who always minded her own business-,but rather the girl who gave her the nickname "Beast'. The other girl had been teasing and tormenting Savil, until Savil had had enough, so Savil growled and pounced on her and beat her up. That was when she was 9. The other girl was the orphanage's owner's daughter, so Savil was severely punished, and was given half portions for a month, needless to say after that she began to hate other humans.

    Then, when she was 12, an Aron, looking worse for wear, wandered into the orphanage. The owners of the orphanage had had very bad problems with Pokemon, and they sent everybody including themselves into the attic, except for Savil, who had to report what the Aron did because she had snapped at the owner's daughter once again. The following week, everybody didn't get nearly enough to eat, except for Savil, who could raid the fridge. Savil over that week reported the Aron eating the washing machine, the best and only frying pan, which had so much grease and grime on it the poor Aron had to spend 3 hours getting the dirt off, just to eat it. Then came the last straw; the Aron had started to eat the owner's jewelry. Savil dutifully reported this and the owners exploded with anger(not literally), they grabbed what ever weapons they could find and confronted the Aron, then they started beat it. Savil could not stand it getting hurt, so before they struck to fishing blow, she intervened, rolling, then scooping up the Aron in her arms and dashing towards the forest. After that incident, the owners decided to close the orphanage down, and gave up the rest of the girls to the government, then living in luxury from the money they had saved.

    Her Charmander came from the forest in which she lived, as it had come from a pampered family and had escaped to find some adventure, but hadn't found any food, so Savil rescued it. Her Drifloon came from a family who thought it was a real balloon and kept it tied up without any food, so Savil stole it. Later the Charmander evolved into a Charmeleon in a friendly battle with her Drifloon. It was then Savil found wounded Aaken that had been abandoned by its trainer for losing a battle. She took pity on it and it quickly became attached to her.

    Other: Nothing really.


    Name: Loony(Drifloon)
    Attacks: Gyro Ball, Thunderbolt, Shadowball, Acrobat

    Name: Firestar(Charmeleon)
    Attacks: Dragon Claw, Dig, Crunch, Headbutt

    Name: Ironpaw(Aron)
    Attacks: Iron Head, Return, Shadow Claw, Dragon Rush

    Name: Ancientfeather(Aaken)
    Attacks: Crunch, Dragon Breath, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace.
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  13. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    @wayjun- Accepted. I liked the amount of detail you went into. Savil is an interesting character, though I wonder what the other girls at the "orphanage" thought of her; probably were scared. Haha.

    @Aura Wolfe- I think I'll wait a week and if we still don't have at least 5 sign-ups then I'll just call it good and get it started. I can make up characters if we need them.

    Accepted characters so far:

    Anji Sakimari- Psychic
    Cynthia Thorn- Dragon
    Chad Arian- Ghost
    Savil Kuon- Fire

    So, not counting myself, we have three accepted sign-ups.
  14. SPBro

    SPBro Insert Title Here.

    Going to make a reservation. Seems like a intresting RP
  15. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Character Name: Diego Vendrix

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Location: In Twinleaf Town, currently lives in the The Resort House in Sinnoh

    Pokemon Type: Electric

    Shock Wave- He punches, kicks, headbutts, or any other method of hitting the air, resulting in a electric shockwave that rarely misses. This is his signature move.
    Neuro Boost- He relaxes his body before electricity arcs across his body, increasing one of his stats randomly, like an electric version of Acupressure, though he can also boost the stats of his allies. This costs alot of power to use, though.
    Force Field- He focuses a powerful amount of electricity before he releases it in a controlled explosion, resulting in a electric barrier that can block a good deal of attacks. It can be broken though and the bigger it is, the less time it will remain there.

    Appearance: He is of Mexican origin and around 5'9". However, his limited Spanish blood makes it unnoticeable at first. He has as subtle tan, not dark enough to look Hispanic, but not pale enough to look Caucasian. His hair is jet black like the feathers of a raven. His hair style somewhat resembles a shorter version of Sonic the Hedgehog’s quills. His eyes are a chocolate brown, and they often express his full list of emotions to someone who understands him. He has a rather nice build. He is slightly overweight, but he also has a bit of muscle on him.

    Diego wears a black T-shirt with a gold yingyang symbol on front and a white silhouette of Quetzalcoatl, portrayed as an Ouroboros with the crescent moon and sun in the center of the loop on the back. He has on some black cargo pants and black tennis shoes with a red spiral on them. This preferred ‘uniform’ was a custom order from one of his younger brother’s talented friends. He has a digital watch on his left arm. He completes the ensemble with a gray fleece "M-44 Jacket".

    Personality: Diego is a complicated character. He acts polite and cheerful around people. He has a short temper and is often annoyed by people. However, he has a deep loyalty to those he cares about. He is also quite eccentric and affectionate, often scaring people away, having to develop a line-wolf persona as a defense mechanism. Deep down, he is lonely and feels misunderstood. He also has a dark, twisted, merciless side to him that is also somewhat crazy. He is also philosophical and occasionally zones out. He is a solid trainer, preferring to use mixed types that balance out as well as giving pokemon 'surprise' attacks.

    He is thoughtful of others, although he often fails at trying to cheer people up. Despite being very intelligent and his method of thinking things out, his curiosity and short temper make him have a compulsive edge to him. He has a bit of gluttonous and slothful side to him. He loves eating, but doesn’t like to exercise often. Despite his lone-wolf attitude sometimes, he really yearns for that group of people he will die for and vice versa.

    History: He is an experienced trainer and breeder. He travels alot. He prefers a quiet life, but also yearns adventure. He has a good amount of fame to his 'trademark' alias, DVB. For most of his life, he lived in America like Lt. Surge. He was a smart, but quiet kid. Despite his good grades and caring personality, he was taunted and teased for being different, causing him to get some subtle resentment at his peers. When he turned 13, he wished he could escape from this world and be adventurer of sorts. During a trip to the beach, he got dragged to sea and was lost in a major storm. When he woke up, he found himself in Pallet Town. He remained in a coma while his mind was elsewhere... He woke up before his 14th birthday. After an explanation of sorts by Lt. Surge, who visited him from curiosity someone else came from America. He then set out out on his journey a week after his 14th birthday with a Pikachu.

    He went through Kanto fighting gym leaders, helped a fellow trainer beat Team Rocket and managed to even make it to the Elite Four. After a tiring and massive battle, he lost honorably. After this loss, he returned to Pallet where he stayed with the same friend he lost and fight alongside. After celebrating his 15th birthday, he left for Jotho and tried to go through it. He went through and helped a pair of new trainers out from time to time. He stopped the remnants of Team Rocket and even encountered some legendaries. After a similar fight with the Elite Four, he went back to Pallet and decided to go to Hoemn. Much like his previous friends, he helped out some new trainers and even took an interest in Pokemon Contests. He fought the Elite Four and got further than before and even fought two evil teams. He headed for Sinnoh and Unova and the journeys were like his previous, though he discovered new things, stopped new teams and such. He is now 18 and currently resides in a villa in Sinnoh. He is in Twinleaf Town visiting Professor Birch.

    Other: Nothing for the moment

    Pokemon: What Pokemon does your character have? Please list of them in following format for each…

    Name: Pikachu- Pikachu
    Appearance: Like a normal Pikachu, but a bit bigger and has a fedora with holes for its ears.
    Attacks: Thunder Bolt, Mimic, Wish, Iron Tail

    Name: Reaper- Dusknoir
    Attacks: Shadow Punch, Destiny Bond, Pain Spilt, Payback
  16. SPBro

    SPBro Insert Title Here.

    Character Name: Loki Shoto

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Location: Castelia City

    Pokemon Type: Electric

    s: Volt Tackle - Creates a magnetic electric field around himself, then dashes at the enemy, throwing a swift and powerful electric punch when close enough too the enemy. Hurts himself depending on how much energy he uses
    Electric Explosion - Charges up electric power in the body, then sends a pulse explosion of electrical power outwards, knocking others away. Can paralyze foes and friends alike.
    Light-beam - When holding something metal or steel, like a metal pole, Loki can charge up his lighting to work with the metal object, which turns the metal object into a light saber look alike. Although it has it's difference, like being wider on the sides, and having a sharp triangle point at the top. The part at which he holds the metal object is not effected, so it looks like a handle. Loki can then use it as a sword, making swift and fierce strikes, cutting threw pretty much everything

    Appearance: At 6'4, he is a tall, white, more or less skinny man. He isn't really bony, but he isn't bulky and strong either, although he is a very fast runner. He isn't fat at all, but he doesn't have any abs because he doesn't go too the gym to work out, and is only skinny because of all the running he has to do for work. He shaves, so his face has no beard or anything like that. Loki's body isn't very smooth and soft like his hair is, which is a surprise to him. Loki has a few cuts here and there, due too things that has happened to him due to his "Bad luck". He face isn't pudgy, and more rugged looking then anything, which he doesn't like because it makes him look all serious and mean to some.

    Starting with body features, He has spiky light blond hair which are spiky in the front, and calm down on the back of his head. His hair is very shiny, and hes used so much hair jell, he doesn't need it anymore to keep the front of his hair up. His hair is also so light, it looks a little white almost. He has green slick and shining eyes which are at a medium, and his expression is a joyful one, his eye brows being curved up a little. He either has a smile on his face, or a plain non-expression mouth. His hands are medium sized, like most guys, and his feet aren't too big.

    He wears a Green t-shirt with white design marks over a long sleeve plain white shirt, which he normally rolls up a bit on his arms. The Green shirt is worn out, it's very dull in color, but it's still good enough to wear. He has darkish blue jeans tucked into blackish gray boots, the boots being white on the bottom and around the rim. His jeans are also quite baggy. Other then his clothing, he has a one strap bag, which he wears for school, and which he mostly uses for holding just about anything hes going to need when he goes out. The backpack is plain gray, which others think is boring, but he doesn't really care. Underneath his green shirt is a black belt, in which he uses to hold his pokeballs.

    Personality: Loki is a odd kind of guy. He likes to be social with others, although sometimes he says the wrong things and it just pisses people off. He is very unlucky when it comes to pretty much everything, this is disappointing to him, but he's learned to get over it. He never gives up on trying until he wins, either a fight, or something silly like trying to become friends with someone or forming a bond in groups. He likes to protect his friends, and puts most of his trust in partners and friends. He is very strong willed, only because of his bad luck. Most of the time, even though he's strong willed and never gives up, he curses his bad luck at times. Other then that, he also loves being the leader of pretty much anything, ranging from a group set out on a mission to a group on a online video game, and normally attempts to leader others.

    Loki is also quite reasonable when it comes to things, and doesn't charge head on recklessly into thing. He will listen to other peoples ideas on how to complete something, then give his input. He doesn't really dislike anything or anyone for the most part, unless they're "The bad guys" but even then most of the time he is reasonable and will listen to their side of the story. In social situation, he always likes to be a part of the conversation because he doesn't like to be left out. If there is a problem, he will step up too the challenge and try to solve it, although again, sometimes people just don't like his cheery attempt in friendship and what not. He's quite relaxed, and most of the time, knows when to stay out of a bad situation, and for the most part can be quite focused.

    History: Life for Loki has been.. Exciting, to say the least. He always got average grades, although he always had to study because when he didn't and he just guessed, he ALWAYS got them wrong, even on true and false questions. When he was a young lad, he lived with both parents, his father was part of a large company, and his mother was a stay at home mom. He love spending time with his parents, going to the park and what not. It was going good for him, until lady luck said "No" and everything went down hill. His father left his mother, as behind the scenes they would fight a lot.

    When Loki was 16, he moved to Castelia City and started to go to high school there. To say the least, nobody really liked him. They pushed him around, and nobody talked to him. One of the oldest kids, saw this happening. He was the coolest kid on the block, and when Loki was down one day, he came and told him "Cheer up, and keep on moving forward towards a goal. You need to believe in yourself buddy". Although Loki never met the kid again, he took this to heart, and tried to be friendly every when the kids who didn't like him. He never let his bad luck, or the fact nobody in his school liked him, get em' down. Later in his final year in high school, he moved into his own apartment because his Mom didn't have enough money to support the two of them, due too the fact she hasn't worked in a very long time because Loki's father did the working. She didn't want him too, but he felt bad for her as Loki thought that his mom was working to much, and was only doing it for him. He got a job as a delivery boy, running around the city and giving people their mail and packages, which was just enough money to live on his own.

    Other: Did I mention how BAD his luck was?

    Pokemon: Umbreon

    Name: Ace the Umbreon
    Appearance: The normal appearance of any Umbreon, except a lighter shade of black (Male)
    Iron Tail
    Bark Out

    Pokemon: Espeon

    Name: Spade the Espeon
    Appearance: Normal appearance for a Espeon, except the red gem on it's head is smaller (Male)
    Psycho Shock
    Signal Beam
    Shadow Ball
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  17. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    @DVB- Diego's sign-up has a lot of little issues so I'm going to say rejected because I think that there are a lot of things that need to be changed. For one, you describe him as Spanish/Mexican but that doesn't really work because there is no Spain/Mexico in the Pokemon world. Sonic the hedgehog also does not exist in Pokemon either. Haha, really I think you should just try to think of another way to describe him, like as having tan skin and spiky hair or something like that. Less references to the real world and more general descriptions. I also just want to quickly say that yes, his personality is quite complicated. Could you go into a little more detail about that? I was a little confused by the end of it because you contradicted yourself quite a few times. Then in your History, I just want to point out that there is no "America" in the Pokemon world either, and Lt. Surge, Professor Birch, and Team Rocket are history at this point (I probably should mention again that this is the future so none of the old characters are around anymore). I also find Diego's history to be a little far-fetched and much too general. What was up with him passing out in a storm and then befriending Lt. Surge? Then there was just a massive bunch of sentences that basically went like "And then he did this." You've basically made your character into a Gary-Sue. He helped foil the plans of many evil teams and won lots of badges and beat the elite four and saw lots of legends. I just want to cringe.

    @SPBro- Loki's sign-up is pending. I think you should read through your sign-up again and weed out all the typos. I'm not going to tell you what all of them are because you should have already caught them yourself. Anyway, basically I just need you to go into more detail about his personality because you sort of contradicted yourself a few times and I didn't get a clear picture of who Loki really is. He seems like a practical clear-minded guy so maybe aim for that? Also, I think his physical description needs to be a teensy bit longer. Other than that you're good. Watch the typos! No need to rush.
  18. SPBro

    SPBro Insert Title Here.

    Alright, I won't rush. I always seem to do that, never can get the point out.
    Anyways, I'll change a few things. May take a while cause I'm heading over too the gym for a hour or so.
  19. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    To the GM:
    I agree with you in terms of history ((though I would have changed it had I known that this took place in the kinda sort not sure far future))
    Personality-wise, I may need to examine it to see if there are any flaws. Then again, i based off of my own personality and we all do things that contradict how we sometimes act.
    As for the description, I don't think I should change it, because it provides a good wave of description. Tan skin and spiky hair are too vague to be used as they present a different or more radical image than supposed to.
  20. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    @SPBpro- Really, don't sweat it. I'd rather you take your time and give me something that's been thoroughly well-done than rushed and has to be fixed several times.

    @DVB- I did mention it was the distant future, and considering that technology has vastly improved I think it's safe to assume that original Pokemon characters like gym leaders, teams, professors, etc. are not around anymore. As far as your personality goes, I just think that for the sake of sanity and consistency you should try to model it around a single trait and maybe branch off with a few mannerisms that go with that trait. Like, if he's simple-minded you could branch off of that and say that he prefers to avoid fighting because it's too complex and overwhelming.
    And I was just using tan skin and spiky hair as an example. I didn't actually mean you had to change it to that. Like, rather than saying "his hair is spiky, like sonic the hedgehog" you could say, "His hair was short and spiky and arched from the crown of his head like a wave of black licorice." Again, that's just an example. You don't actually have to use it.
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