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List of Games you Own (DS)- Love or Hate


Jade Star Trainer
What does everybody Own (DS) And say for Each one if you you like, love, or hate the game! (I hope there isn't a thread like this, if so delete it)
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gee that's swell
Pokemon Dash-Love
Supermario 64-Like

Well that's all I own for now but I wanna get Lost in Blue


Meteor Trainer
Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt > Love
Lost In Blue > Don't love or hate.
Super Mario 64 DS > Loved (past tense cuz I got 100%)
Kirby: Canvas Curse > Hate
Meteos > Hate
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow > Love
Bomberman DS > Hate
Yoshi Touch and Go > Don't love or hate.
Yu-Gi-Oh: Nightmare Troubadour > Love
Pac 'n Roll > LOVE
Ridge Racer DS > Love
Wario Ware: Touched! > Don't love or hate.

Yeah, 3 hates and 3 neutrals out of 12 games...

Meteos isn't my type of game, Kirby I just suck at. It's me, seriously. It easily takes me over 12 times to get to the checkpoint in a level.

As for Bomberman, it's the same game we've been playing since on the NES, with just a few new items and multiplayer added. Not to mention the single player music is THE MOST ANNOYING NOISE TO COME OUT OF MY DS!

Pac 'n Roll, Ridge Racer, and Yu-Gi-Oh were all very pleasant surprises.


Monkey Dragon
Spiderman 2= Hate

Super Mario 64 DS= Love

Kirby: Canvas Curse= Love

Nintendogs= Love

Lost in Blue= Love

RockMan.exe 5: Double Team= Love

Medical Meccanica

give me the booty
Warioware: Touched- Okay
Super Mario 64 DS- Okay
Pokemon Dash- Hate
Trace Memory- Like
Trauma Center: Under the Knife- Lurve

I'm thinking of getting that attorney game. Really.

Haunter Hunter Sohrab

Johto Champion
Rayman DS- Love it. I can never get tired of this game for some odd reason.

Pokemon Dash- DIE!!!!! Where's my hammer? I totally hate this game.


< My first Shiny!!!!
Asphalt Urban GT Racing- My fave game!

Mario 64 DS- Very Good

Nintendogs- Very Good(crosses fingers)

Spiderman 2- So bad i am selling it to my friend(it s****)

Lost in Blue- Fun but mega hard

Warioware Touched- Good

Poke'mon Dash- I puke in the face of danger ha ha ha!!!!!(in other words it s****)

Goldeneye Rouge Agent- ummmm semi i guess

Retro Atari- Good

Star Wars Episode 3- Very Good

ummm that is all for now. i have reserved Animal Crossing, other than that i don't know
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Well-Known Member
Eh, why not...

Super Mario 64 DS - Love
Nintendogs - Love
Zoo Tycoon DS - Like (the PC version is better, but I still think it's decent)
Kirby: Canvas Curse - Love
Bomberman DS - Like
Lost in Blue - Like
WarioWare Touched - Semi-love
Yoshi Touch & Go - Like

I really don't quite hate any of them. ^^;

ViNe WhIp

Johto Champion
I never keep any bad games I trade em in but so far I havent had any because I always go to ign and read the reviews so just loves for me. I'm just waiting for animal crossing.

Castlevania: dawn of sorrow-LOVE
Advance wars: duel strike-LOVE

Hao Kaiser

Aww... Crap.
I'll list my bros games too...

Mario 64: Love
Poke'mon Dash: Hate it with a passion
Wario Ware Touched: Meh
Yoshi, Touch and Go: Meh
Kirby: Canvas Curse: Loved, it bores me now
Nintendogs: Meh...like.
Bomberman: Like
Meteos: Like
Yu-Gi-Oh!: LOVE
Mr. Driller: Like.

I think thats all...my DS collection has gotten away from me.
At the moment, my Ds is just being used as a oversized Gameboy. I Need more games for it, but the only ones I plan on getting are the Mario ones/Advanced Wars/Pokemon/Any other good nintendo titles.


Twilight of Aquarius
Super Mario 64: Like
Polarium: Don't like or hate (quite hard)
Meteos: Like
Metroid Prime Pinball: Love
Megaman Battle Network 5: Haven't played enough, but I'm sure I'll love it.


Normal Coordinator
Wow...you guys all have like 10 games...I have 3 1/2 >_<

-Metroid Prime Demo - Don't Play It
-Super Mario 64 DS - Love-Such a good game
-The Urbz:Sims In the City - Eh, got old very fast
-WarioWare:Touched - Eh, same as above


Flannigan's Ball
Super Mario 64 DS-Like
Feel the Magic-Like
Meteos-Words cannont express the love...
Kirby Canvas Curse-Love
Wario Ware Touched-Like
Advance Wars Dual Strike-Love
Lost in Blue-Like
Trauma Center-Love
Castlevania DoS-Love
Phoenix Wright-Love


Metroid Prime: First Hunt = love
Super Mario 64 DS = love
Polarium = love
Another Code = love
Nintendogs = sex
Advance Wars: Dual Strike = sex


Nintendogs Lab and friends - Like, the microphone and dog understanding could be better, my dogs don't respond to me!

Pokémon Dash - Love. But the difficulty gets a bit ridiculous at about Expert Yellow Cup, and that's where I'm stuck.