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List your shinies here

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by help, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. help

    help Wi-fi name is Spice

    Mine are diglett, tentacruel, duskull, plusle, jirachi, entei, lugia, celebii, and ho-oh
  2. starterlover1

    starterlover1 Emperor Coordinator

    Look at my signature. I am currently soft reseting in front of birch's bag for a shiny treecko.
  3. Psydaquil

    Psydaquil Psyduck + Cyndaquil

    I would if i had any.
  4. Gaaradon Of The Dessert

    Gaaradon Of The Dessert <Salamence is green!

    i rarely ever get any but when i do, i get the luck oh yeah, i got a shiny groudon, dont ask me how or why butr i got a shiny groudon, i got a shiny celebi from my friend, i caught a shiny electrike on my previous file actualy i was using shiny codes and i stoped usign the code nad palyed normally, but a `shiny electrike popoed up i looked at my gameboy and noticed my the codes were of...oi was amazed i othugh it was the code at first lol.
    i highly doubt u have all those legendary shinyns ur cheated if u do.
  5. Shiny_Milotic

    Shiny_Milotic Well-Known Member

    You don't know if he cheated or not. You got Groudon and Celebi, maybe he got some and traded for the others. It is possible.

    I used to have : Wailord, Claydol, Nidoqueen

    Now I have : Spinda, Sharpedo
  6. Tyranitarphantom

    Tyranitarphantom seems so familiar...

    I have shiny umbreon, tentacruel, pelliper, mightyena, bellosom, gengar, and flygon
  7. Cain

    Cain RAWR

    I have Linoone and Hypno. I was looking for a Manectric on Route 118 when a shiny Linoone popped up. I was so excited :p This happened like two years ago. And then in March or something, I was in Berry Forest and I ran into a Shiny Hypno. Its pretty cool.
  8. there are shiny threads in RSE and FRLG. post in there
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