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Little Big Horn! (127)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Little Big Horn!

When a town keeps getting attacked by a herd of Stantlers, Brock thinks there is something awry. Standing up against them, he finds it is an illusion made by one baby Stantler which is injured. Can Brock nurse this Stantler back to health?

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I'm just glad they finaly had an episode with stantler! :)


Yeah he should of caught him!

Why not catch a cute baby stantler?


Team Awesome
This is my top favorite Brock episode, mostly because we really see how good he is at understanding and taking care of pokemon. It was hard watching the scene where he insisted on the little stantler leaving, but otherwise he was really great in this episode. Plus, at least the scene where he was pretending to be a stantler was less disturbing than his scene with the sudowoodo in "Type Casting". :p I also liked Team Rocket's motto in this episode, when they're saying it after they were running for their lives.
I think the only episode to show Stantler in it, and Brock was great at taking of care of the little Stantler


Well-Known Member
A good episode focusing on Brock and his goal of becoming a top notch Pokemon Breeder. I got a little miffed at the Pokedex when it kept referring to Stantler as having Horns instead of Antlers though I guess that might be a common mistake for people that don't know the difference. I got a laugh out of Brock trying to act like a Stantler though it looked more like he was imitating a dog or cat than a deer. Also laughed at Ash and Misty's expressions when Brock was hitting on Jenny, and does TR really need a gigantic robot to capture one baby Stantler i'm sure just a simple net gun would of worked better and saved them some money. Lastly it was nice seeing Stantler reunited with it's heard at the end.


Staff member
does TR really need a gigantic robot to capture one baby Stantler

Yes. Yes, they do.

Other than that, eh. Takeshi reminding us that he exists is always nice, and Odoshishi is cute and all, but the plot isn't really enough to carry the entire episode. It's not a bad episode, but it's not a particularly good one either.
Aw, I remember watching this episode...I nearly cried when Brock had to let the Stantler go. :[
This is probably one of my favorite episodes.


kiss my greens
Aww, that baby Stantler was so cute! I kinda wish Brock had caught it, but it's better this way. (Even though I teared up a little when they parted ways). I loved him displaying his awesome breeder talents ^^ An excellent episode, I'd say!

pokemon fan 132

Well-Known Member
An excellent episode in which we have meet Stantler.I liked how this episode focused on Brock showing his skills and taking care of little Stantler and his trying to pretend he is Stantler was really funny.It was sad to see Broick and Stantler saying goodbye to each other.I wish he could have keep it but this was the best way to do it.

Same all ofligate Team Rocket,using giant robot to try to capture little Stantler,nbo wonder why they are always having problems with money.

This episode was one of the Johto gems for sure.


In my nightmares
A great episode. It was a little disturbing the way called Stantler an "it". I know they call Pokemon that all the time but at that particular moment, it didn't seem right. Stantler was awesome, btw. ^^


Grass Pokemon Expert
It was a great episode. I really enjoyed seeing Brock use his breeding skills in taking care of the young, injured Stantler. I also thought that Stantler would end up staying with Brock, and I was extremely sad seeing Brock forcing Stantler to go back into the wild. I also thought that Brock's imitation of a Stantler was more like a cat. And I don't think that a huge robot was neccessary to capture a baby Stantler. But it was great when Stantler became reunited with its herd.


Great episode. i loved how Brock took care of Stantler, it was great. and i also loved to see the united with it's mother.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
At the outset, this seems like it's going to be just another boring filler episode, and based on my memories of it prior to rewatching it, I thought that's all it was. After all, how do you make an interesting episode out of a Pokémon as boring as Odoshishi?

Well, color me surprised, 'cause this was actually a pretty decent Takeshi episode. The writers actually remembered that he's a Pokémon breeder, and thus understands the living habits of Pokémon - that scene at the beginning where he's trying to present himself as a Pokémon to Odoshishi is hilarious, and gave me the biggest laugh of the episode. And this episode isn't really big on laughs, but it's not supposed to be. It's more of a focus on Takeshi's relationship with Pokémon, and how he's devoted to helping them.

It's not a brilliant episode, but it's not terrible either. And as always, Musashi-tachi are guaranteed to be good for a giggle. (I love alliteration.) Nyasu flip-flopping on wanting to capture Odoshishi and finding him too cute to steal is a very nicely timed bit.

This episode has a more leisurely, wide-open feel to it. There's no characters of the day, there's virtually no Pokémon battles (aside from Iwaku and Fushigidane at the end, Odoshishi is the only Pokémon we see for most of the episode, not counting Pikachu, Togepi, and Nyasu, obviously). And even though it's a textbook case of the writers just showcasing one Pokémon for 24 minutes, at least they took the opportunity to put Takeshi to good use. That, if nothing else, makes this episode worthwhile.