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Little Cup Tournament

Discussion in 'Completed Tournaments' started by #chelloressurection, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. #chelloressurection

    #chelloressurection Back...kinda

    Welcome ALL to this wonderful Little Cup Tournament! I am Chellochello, and I will be the host for all things tourney. There are some basic rules to both the tourney and the little cup


    Little Cup Rules

    Tourney Rules

    Respect the LC rules
    Get your battles done
    Post your battle results with this form:

    Did you Aesoft it?

    Follow all tourney rules and make sure to join the tourney as well!

    We Will Also have a xat, where you can meet your partners. You will not be allowed if you are not in the tourney, and I can only member you when I am on.

    Xat Link


    The Deadline for joining this tournament is December 31st, so make sure to grab those spots ;) there will be no accpeting after, and no its ands or buts about it, sorry guys, tourney rules. If you want to sign up SO bad, post this signup right here!

    Time Zone:
    Experience in LC Tier:

    Post your apps HERE. Once you have joined the Tourney, you are officially a challenger, If you quit during the tourney your opponent automatically wins.

    Also, if you are a challenger, you have the right to flaunt these banners and userbars in your siggeh :3



    A special Thanks to:
    The Tourney Mods for approving the tourney

    Novan_Hero for All artwork in the xat and on this thread (give credit to him if you use his work!)

    Chuck$$$ For being awesome :p and offering to help, but word was being mean >:

    Microsoft Word 2003 For letting me write a draft of this thread :p
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2012
  2. TM0verlord

    TM0verlord PSN ID is on sig

    Username: TheMetalOverlord
    Time Zone: GMT -5
    Experience in LC Tier: I've played LC for about 2 months competetively now. I at least know what i'm doing in this tier.
  3. EmeraldGoblin

    EmeraldGoblin Rehab, no. Dead.

    Username: EmeraldGoblin
    Time Zone: GMT -5
    Experience in LC Tier: None
  4. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    Username: dragonuser
    Time Zone: GMT -5
    Experience in LC Tier: i was taught by the almighty novan hero
  5. #chelloressurection

    #chelloressurection Back...kinda

    All Accepted!
  6. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    Basically the same as EG
  7. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    I have what I am questioning bolded; either we have a tourney happening in 11 months... Or all applications had to be in before you posted. Of course it could be what I actually think and it was just a typo
  8. #chelloressurection

    #chelloressurection Back...kinda

    Oh, I made the post a while ago, a few days before thanksgiving. Thank you for pointing that out.

    EDIT: Also accepted Terra
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  9. Novan_Hero

    Novan_Hero omnomnomnom

    Username: *Points to username*
    Time Zone: +13GMT
    Experience in LC Tier: Peaked Top 7 on Smogon LC, 14 on Beta (Beta's one is dead >.>) And I had the privilege of having a major Crash course LC lesson with people in my Clan, DU being one of them :J.
  10. #chelloressurection

    #chelloressurection Back...kinda

    Accepted! Good luck in the tourney ;)
  11. Username: TheMaster
    Time Zone: -7. Viva Mexico cabrones xD
    Experience in LC Tier: None ;)
  12. #chelloressurection

    #chelloressurection Back...kinda


    Also, the 31st EST time in the morning will be when I draw. My serebii clock is set there, so its just easier.
  13. Asbestospoison

    Asbestospoison Excellent Driver

    Time Zone:GMT -5
    Experience in LC Tier: Usually pretty good, but I'm kinda in a slump right now, which I hope to come out of soon. I'll also be running the LC facility for my clan's frontier, when it opens.
  14. zerofield

    zerofield i miss miror

    Username: i don't understand the question
    Time Zone: GMT-8
    Experience in LC Tier: between none and enough...
  15. Romeo32

    Romeo32 Rock n' Roll Rebel

    Username: Romeo32
    LC experience: none
  16. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune Miku Well-Known Member

    Time Zone:EDT
    Experience in LC Tier:Some(1 day worth)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2011
  17. #chelloressurection

    #chelloressurection Back...kinda

    All accepted, thank you for joining!
  18. Tyson9182

    Tyson9182 What?

    Time Zone:GMT+1
    Experience in LC Tier:I say average
  19. #chelloressurection

    #chelloressurection Back...kinda

    Accepted thanks for joining
  20. Romeo32

    Romeo32 Rock n' Roll Rebel

    So ferroseed isn't banned?
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