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~++**Little Kasumi & Pokemon**++~

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Kaiviti, May 5, 2006.

  1. Kaiviti

    Kaiviti Polynesian*

    Hello everyone...long time no seee. Hope everyone is okay also happy late easter everyone!!!

    Well i created this piccy of Kasumi for a contest on Deviant art for the Misty-Club!!
    I started it this afternoon and just finished now....
    Hope you guys like...

    Created in Microsoft Paint ^___^


    Cheers Kaiviti​
  2. Aaron Highest


    aww...how cute....i have a cavatie but yeah very good 9/10 (hey nothing can be perfect but this is close)

    Your friend
  3. EmberGryphon

    EmberGryphon Meowth Fanatic <3

    ...In MS Paint? =o

    That's really impressive. All over adorable, I don't really have any useful critisism. :3
  4. POKErUsAm

    POKErUsAm Macho man!

    In paint!?
    That is really good for paint. Very good. Keep it up.
  5. Megg Lavender

    Megg Lavender Inactive

    Very good! The shadings look great at always. I'll give it a 9/10... her expression sort of scares me... ^^; The Pokemon look so cute, and I personally think that Luvdisc looks the best... ^^;;;
  6. John Ray

    John Ray England Rules!!!

    Great art. Really cute. :)
  7. Kaiviti

    Kaiviti Polynesian*

    THank you everyone for the comments.
    Still...i draw it in my own style and not exactly like the anime!!

    Thanks again
  8. ^^ Yeah, Kaiviti! Nice to see you back : )

    Another one of your delicacies! : )

    Really sharp, nice layout and selection of Pokemon and colours : )
    I think the eyes abit out this time though...

    Anyways, Love your style : )
  9. Kaiviti

    Kaiviti Polynesian*

    THank you IGP: Net Wanderer ^^
  10. Celeste

    Celeste Yuffentine Squee!!!!

    That is sooo cute and I love the pokemon around her.
  11. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member


    Kasumi looks ADORABLE! *_* I love her outfit, it's SO cute! <3 Keep up the awesome work! :D

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