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Little King's Story


Toon link

Discuss anything related to this game here and put things in spoiler tags if you know it's going to include somthing that will spoil someone.

Appart from that this game is a simulation RPG game and it is simmilar to Pikmin.

So far i'm 3 hours or so into the game and really enjoying it. You basically are a king and you use your citizens from your town to explore new area's and at the same time you are trying to gain world domination. You use your citizens to fight other creatures across the land and you use them to help you kill bosses easier. You don't use the people for fighting all the time there is certain jobs each person can have to do certain things like a carpentar will help you build bridges to gain access to new places while a farmer digs out holes for treasure so you can buy more buildings and increase your land more.

Really good game but it's a shame that the game does look and sound childish but other then that great game.