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Little Kings Story

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Handy?, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    Little Kings Story

    An RP created by Handymankg2

    The World
    Character Classes
    Sign Up Sheet


    Legends are curious things. Small stories invented by the men of the past, going down through generations down to the people of today. The stories are always creative, and wonderful, yet always seemingly warped so much that they couldn’t possibly exist. Well, not here, here the legends were real, in this world of dreams. Kings and Queens, Ladies and Lords, Knights and Peasants, all exist within this world of peace. This world of hope. This world of Legends. The most famous legend is called the fable of Kings…

    The Legend Begins:
    A long time ago, in the magical world of Alpoko, lived a young child by the name of Corobo. The boy was a lonely boy, who never seemed to truly feel a part of the world he lived in. You see, Corobo was the son of a Peasant and a Maid, in a time when nobility was the way you lived your life. Corobo lived in one of the smallest houses in his town. It had all the food and water he wanted, but something was still missing from the society he lived in. If you were a servant in this society, you’d stay a servant, you’d never rise above your status, and never even think of it, but then again, people could still have dreams. Corobo was no different. He dreamed of a world where there would be only peace. Peace, and equal living, where the King would be no more noble than the peasents, and the knights no nobler than the grunts. Corobo retained this dream up until age eight, the age he was legally allowed to be recruited into the army.

    On his eight birthday, Corobo was sitting alone in his bedroom, dreaming of the world he wished to create. That was when he noticed a pair of rats sitting on his bedroom floor behind him. Corobo loved animals, but the rats of the village had always been trouble to the children and adults alike. Grabbing his prized toy staff, Corobo attempted to slay the foul rats that sat on the floor, simply staring at him with confused eyes. Slamming it down towards a rat, the rodents finally deduced what was going on, and fled out of a hole in the wall. Determined to get rid of them once and for all, Corobo managed to squeeze himself into the rats hole, crawling through the insides of his bedroom wall until he reached the exit. Leaping out of the wall, he turned briefly and examined the wall from which he had come. Examining it more slowly, he saw it to be the size of a rat. Corobo couldn’t have possibly fit through there, yet somehow, here he was. Shrugging, the boy turned once more and ran in pursuit of the rats through the village.

    Running through the village, chasing after the small animals, he didn’t really pay attention to what houses or people he was passing. After a while of pursuit, he got tired, and sat down on a park bench. When he decided to look around himself, he found he was in an area he had never been too before, and the rats had gone completely out of sight. This part of town was for the lowest of the lowest, thugs and thieves stalking the street day and night to look for different victims. Corobo was scared, and began to cry while huddling on the bench. He stayed like this for almost an hour, giving up hope completely. It was then he saw a familiar face, one of the rats from before. Deciding that the rats probably knew their way around the town a lot better than he did, Corobo ran after the rats into the area beyond the city, just wanting to get home.

    Following the rats through the woods, Corobo began to get even more scared than before. It was early morning now, and people were sure to be looking for him, worried. But then again, in the current society, he’d be lucky if one search was sent for him. In a year. He kept following the rats through various sections of the forest, past trees and animals alike. Yet strangely, none of the animals attempted to attack him, as he simply kept going forwards towards the rats home, or wherever they were actually going. Eventually, Corobo noticed a small shift in temperature, as the climate began to increase to quite a high level, almost burning him in certain moments. He attempted to shrug the heat off as he kept running, saying it was just a fever. Then he noticed how high up he was. Looking up at the sky, he could see the sun looked only miles above, and directly overhead him; no wonder he felt so hot, he must have been extremely high in the sky.

    Turning round a corner, he found the rats had finally stopped in front of a huge boulder. Staring at it, the boy noticed that four large cracks ran across the rock, with a small, staff sized hole in the center. Corobo decided to take a chance, and began to climb up the large rock, the rats chirping him on as he did so. Reaching for the staff on his back, he slowly began to stable himself on the sloped surface of the rock. He made his way up to the top carefully, as if he fell off he would have been injured in the middle of nowhere. He stared at the hole for a few seconds, before slamming his staff into the hole, the ground around him shaking rapidly as he did. The area around him shook as the rock began to split, rapidly removing chunks of itself into tiny fragments blown into the wind. As the dust cleared, the boy found himself standing on a small platform, at the very edge. In the center of the platform in front of him was his staff, and another object, not identifiable from afar.

    Walking into the center, he stared at the staff for a few seconds, amazed at the changes that had occurred. The staff was now made of a solid gold, and was a lot taller than before. On its end, a large blue crystal sat, glowing every few seconds. He stared at the staff, amazed by its wonders, and then turned to the other object besides him, a small golden crown. The crown was a dark golden color, with several crystals darted in a pretty pattern around the edge. The crown looked brilliant. The crown looked wonderful. The crown…was a kings. Picking up the crown, the boy put it on his head, smiling as the crystals began to glow wondrous colors. Suddenly, he heard the cries of people around him, and turning around rapidly, he saw a bunch of people standing behind him.

    “KING!” The tallest of the group shouted. This man was tall, thin, and had a large white moustaches on his face, as well as a silver knights armour. Besides him, two younger people stood. One was a fat man, looking roughly in his twenties, wearing a blue outfit with various items attached to his back. The other was a short, ginger women who looked within her twenties. She carried a quill and pad in her hand, and on her back several scrolls were hanging out. Behind them, a bull stood, very cute for its species, wearing a pink saddle on its back. Next to the cow, the rats stood, along with several other woodland animals. At once, all of them bowed, the knight starting to cry as they did so, worshipping the boy. Corobo was mighty pleased with himself. With the help of the rats, he now had the power to make his dream a reality, to make his legend real. He had the power. He was noblest of the noble. He was king.

    The Start of his Kingdom:

    King Corobo had only a small kingdom at its start. Based on a small island, Corobo was a long way from home. He didn’t mind though, he had everything a boys needs. A kingdom, a castle, and several minions willing to do your every whim. Life was perfect, but Howser, the moustached man mentioned before, wanted more. He had waited 35 years for the true king to arrive (as he often mentions), and refuses to wait any longer for the King to settle in. Although it’s only been a couple of hours, the King has been sent off on his first task already; earning 100,000 of the currency at the time. The King was shocked at what he was asked to do, but nonetheless, he obliged, and walked out into his currently small village. When outside, he went to the few houses there were and recruited some carefree adults to work with him, and they did so, digging up treasure until the King had the money needed.

    The money seemed to have gone a long way, as a few days later two buildings had been constructed with the money. A soldiers hut and a farmers hut had both been constructed, allowing the carefree villagers to be trained and transformed into soldiers and farmers alike. The next day, he set out with his army of few, and went towards a nearby area of ground. This area was inhabited, much like the rest of the world, by UMA. Unidentified Mysterious Animals are the creatures that inhabit the world, and none of them are particularly kind to those entering their territory. Regardless, the king managed to fight his way through the creatures earning money from their hide, and returning to his castle.

    It was at this point Howser decided to make what was known as a ‘Suggestion Box’, a place where villagers could ask for help, or put ‘quests’. The people soon flooded to this box, and soon the King was swamped with various requests. Being as ambitious as he was, the King chose a quest that looked like it could help achieve world piece. He was told to defeat the ‘Guardian’ of a nearby graveyard. This ‘Guardian’ was a creature tasked with controlling that area, using his strength to defeat any who ventured in. The King, however, still risked it, and fought against the creature with much skill, defeating the creature and claiming the graveyard for himself. This seemed to make all the area around suddenly uninhabitable by the UMA, therefore bringing peace to the small area. The King was pleased with the outcome, and had a day of rest. There was a kingdom wide celebration, and in the midst the king was approached by a vicar.

    This vicar, named Kampbell, is part of a group called the Soup Sect. He seemed to worship Ramen a lot more than god, but regardless, the king permitted his church to be built. This was when lovelife started to come through the town, many people getting married and having young children in rather short periods of time. This saddened the King, as he wanted to experience a love like theirs for himself. As such, he promised himself he would eventually find love, however long it took, and whatever measures he had to go to. He then gathered an army and defeated another nearby guardian, making his empire slightly bigger. It was at this point he discovered a land beyond the river, and using his new troops, Engineers, he went across the river and defeated the group that laid there, achieving what was known as world domination!

    Well. He thought, as did his advisors, that it was world domination, but it seemed it was indeed not, as a letter of challenge was then sent to the King on his world domination party day. Studying it, he found that it was a challenge by another King, who called his kingdom ‘Aljerko’. This King was known as the Onii King. The Onii were creatures that lived in hordes across the river, and Corobo hadn’t counted on their kingdom being larger than the area he had currently claimed, so he gathered his forces, and went to the bridge that connected the two lands. Sighing, he crossed over the river, going to fight against the enemy which seemed to be the ultimate warrior.

    Once he arrived, however, Corobo was disappointed quite a lot. He was hoping for a decent battle before peace was established, but this large black blob was no fight at all. He just threw pots at Corobo while his troops walked all over him, making him run for his life and allowing Corobo to claim his kingdom for his own. Pleased with the result, Corobo began to do what every young boy loves. Destroying valuable items. He began to send his soldiers to destroy the Oniis pots, and claim all their riches. One pot, however, contained something a lot more important that gold. It contained a princess. Corobo was astounded, he had never seen such a beauty in his life, with her great looks, and cheery personality. Corobo was instantly sure that she would be his queen, and he took her away to his castle, making her his bride as soon as physically possible.

    Little is known of the Kings exports after that, other than he is expected to have been responsible for the destruction of six other empires that existed around the time, and many believed he truly did achieve world domination. This is not known for certain, though, as through the generations information was lost, until only this small segment of information was remaining.

    Unfortunately, the reason this has become naught but a legend is simple. The Kingdom vanished. One day, in the middle of Autumn, a traveller returned to Alpoko from a foreign land, only to find every building, every structure, and every person had completely vanished. The entire nation, wiped of the face of the planet. He was shocked; the only thing that remained of the kingdom was a ruined city in the northern area of their region. The man was upset to say the least. His family, friends, king, everyone was completely gone, and he had nothing to do about it. As such, the man went into a state of depression for many months, until deciding to finally tell others about what had happened. That might have been a mistake. Once others were informed, they instantly flocked into the region, hoping to make settlements there. All nations had a claim to the area, but the Soup Sect had the greatest claim to the area, their former ‘leader’ being great friends with the king. Soon, the Soup Sect had used an enchantment created by ‘god’ on the area, meaning only the Soup Sect would be able to build their. And it worked, well, for one hundred years at least.

    In one hundred years, we find the setting for today, as Kings have begun to flood into Alpoko, each wanting a claim for its heritage and land. You are one of these Kings, setting up your empire on the continent, and wanting to put its name on the map. All of you have different reasons, different ideals, and different characters, but all of you generally want to achieve the same thing. A huge kingdom which rivals those of legends, with its wealth, power and glory. And thousands of minions on your side, as well as the united support of the people. Are you a glorious battler? A brilliant scientist? A Evil Warlock? You decide. Welcome to Little Kings Story.

    The World​

    The World in which we live is truly a wondrous place. Regardless of the fables of the past, the world has now been rearranged completely, into three separate islands. For simplicity sake, all of the islands were named depending on their location. The Southern Island is called Southern Island. The Western Island is called well, Western Island. And the Eastern Island is…you get the point. Even though the islands are named with simplicity in mind, the actual landmarks are not so. With roughly fifteen areas overall on the island, nobody can complain the islands are too simple. Read on, and use this section as a guide to the area around.

    Southern Island

    Southern island has the least landmarks, seeing as it is the smallest of the trio of islands. As such, this islands inhabitants will be a lot more crowded together than if they were on one of the larger islands. Wildlife flourishes amongst the beautiful rainforest like habitat of the Southern Island, ripe and ready to be used. This island is not connected to the other two islands by any means, and is extremely isolated from society. A perfect place to start a completely new empire. UMA also flourish in the area, however, so you better keep your eyes out all the time for various assaults. This island is also the location of the wondrous Resurrection Beach.

    Crazy Coral
    Borders: Small Beaches (not an actual area name, just referring to the small surrounding beaches.), Tropica Forest.

    The coral to the Southeast end of the island is thick, and completely swarming with aquatic animals. While you can’t actually build on the coral itself, the beach nearby is beautiful and spacious, allowing buildings to be developed. Also, the materials from the Coral may be useful for further development. Then again, it might be completely useless, you’ll never know unless you try to inhabit this area. Food supplies are practically endless here. The weather is always scorching hot, however, and the sea itself also has many dangerous animals in its corals, lurking and waiting to strike.

    Resurrection Beach
    Borders: Tropica Forest

    An area to the north of the island, which although continents have shifted, still keeps its holy and sacred grounds intact. No UMA can come here, and no buildings can be built on the shifting sands of the area, meaning moving into this place is a no-go. If someone is killed in battle, there is a likely chance that they will wash up here, on a foreign beach. It may take the people several days to get home, depending on how close they are to the beach.

    Tropica Forest
    Borders: Resurrection Beach, Tropica Maze.

    A tropical forest residing in the center of the Southern island, this forest is so huge it surrounds most of the area. It contains a huge variation in wildlife and UMA, but it is very dangerous to the normal traveller. It isn’t recommended to build a kingdom here, but of course, if it fits your empire go ahead. Ruins of an old kingdom are hidden amongst the forest, proof that another empire really did live in these lands at some point in the past. The trees are extremely tall in this area, and the roots grow rather thick indeed. The weather is generally rain in this area, but sometimes droughts occur after a long period of rain.

    Tropica Maze
    Borders: Tropica Forest

    An ancient mystery that resides in the center of the forest is this; the Tropic Maze. This maze is so large, that each of its corridors are large enough to fit a huge fortress, let alone a small town. Nobody has even attempted to reach the center of the maze, and since air travel hasn’t been developed by most nations, nobody is really quite sure what is residing in the center. UMA swarm this area, living in small packs that move around the Maze regularly to hunt for prey within the maze. No UMA in the maze will ever leave the maze, as some sort of mental barrier stops such a thing.

    Western Island

    The western Island is situated to the West of the region where the climate seems to be a lot cooler than the rest of the region. So cool in fact, that snow even falls heavily in certain parts of the region. The nations here may have to adapt to the location, but generally, there are some great flat areas here for a kingdom to build on. UMA tend to stay less around the East of the Kingdom, and live in the far West, although reasons for this have not yet been figured out. A large land bridge connects this and the Eastern area of the continent. The Western Island is the second largest of the three, being behind the Eastern Island.

    Wilderness Plains
    Borders: Bogger Swamp, Ghoulish Grave, Frosted Forest

    The Wilderness Plains are simply put it, plains. They are a huge flat field hundreds of miles in perimeter, boring, and free of danger for the most part, excluding the roaming UMA in the area. It seems to be a perfect place to build, right? Wrong. If you build in the center of these plains, you won’t have any resources whatsoever. You’d find it nigh on impossible to find other towns, and you wouldn’t get particularly far in world domination if your tiny town is stuck in the middle of nowhere. Also, since most of the plains look the same, you may find it hard to find the small town all the way across this huge expense. Build here if you wish too, as the land is very flat and solid to build on.

    Bogger Swamp
    Borders: Wilderness Plains, Frosted Forest

    This area of the land is a small expense located on the northern area of the island. This place is very unstable to build on, because of the huge muddy ditches located close to each other. Quite a few UMA live in this area, because of the fact nobody else will. Because of this, the area has been left untouched by man for quite a long time. This means that treasure is actually abundant in this area, if you are willing to search through layers of gunk to find it, you may be a very rich man indeed. Of course, you may search through a lot of gunk and end up finding an angry UMA, but that’s the fun of risk taking.

    Frosted Forest
    Borders: Bogger Swamp, Wilderness Plains, Subzero Lake.

    This part of the island is fairly large, yet not the size of the Wilderness. This is towards the west of the island, and is covered by thick, snow covered trees, with the occasional clearing. The UMA found here are generally unique to the area, or at least unique to the island, as the cold temperatures mean that this is the only area that they can live in for now. This area is hard to build in due to the harsh conditions, but it’s possible. So don’t be put off.

    Subzero Lake
    Borders: Frosted Forest, Deep Under.

    The Subzero lake is basically what the name says it is, a large frozen lake. Building on this lake is possible, as the cold conditions mean that whatever pressure is put on the lake, it won’t burst into water. This is mainly because of the fact the lake was never really a lake at all, but a group of shallow pools. As the climate shifted, the pools were frozen over. And then, eventually, more and more layers of Ice were added on top of the ice, until it was a solid landscape without a way to destroy it. You could, however, use a very hot machine to melt away some of the ice to get a small amount of water. UMA do live here, but not in huge amounts.

    Ghoulish Grave
    Borders: Wilderness Plains

    The Ghoulish Grave is a burial ground to the east of the Plains. It is quite small, and is almost completely full by massive amounts of graveyards. And of course, the structures built by the continents current ‘owners’, the Soup Sect. The Soup Sect have based their home here completely, with a city that grows every day living in the graveyard. They, however, have no military soldiers, so the area is free to enter; they won’t attack you unless you attack them. UMA are very sparse in this area, as they have mostly been ‘cleansed’ by the Soup Sects wild exports.

    Deep Under
    Borders: Subzero Lake

    The Deep Under is actually the layer of land underneath the huge frozen lake. It is completely underground, with practically no light coming down. However, lots and lots of treasure and jewels can be earned from exploring down here. The place is swarming with monstrous UMA, though, so when exploring make sure you bring your army. Within the area, some huge halls exist, large enough to fit an entire civilisation. Unfortunately, these are generally the areas UMA live, and aren’t safe until they are cleared out. This would be a good place for a back up area, however.

    Eastern Island

    The Eastern Island is well…the Eastern Island, and is the largest of all of the islands. It has an extremely hot climate compared to the other continents, and has the sun shining over it for most of the year. The blazing sun can kill in certain places, yet in others can be just right for civilisation to thrive. The climate isn’t varied here, and the island isn’t varied too much either, except for the strange landmark that is the Forest of Stone. A layer of soot hovers above the island, which stays there constantly, forming the islands shape perfectly.

    Mount Infe
    Borders: The Lava Plains

    Mount Infe is the major landmark of the island. A huge volcano that stands so tall that it can be seen from any point in the island. It is currently dormant, but has been predicted to come alive at any year know, although the likeliness of it happening are little to none. A large smoke mushroom always sits at the top of the volcano, regardless of the weather, the ash is always there. Even though it is dormant, there is still lava active inside the volcano, so it wouldn’t be suitable for building until some sort of protection suit. (Before someone attempted it.) Every once in a while, the volcano lets of a bit of cooled rock down its side, causing a small landslide on those at its base.

    Deserts of Yore
    Borders: Varies

    The Deserts of the Yore are frankly small compared to what one would call a ‘desert’, being only a few miles wide. Even though this is the case, there is something that sets this ‘land’ apart from the rest of the world. It’s sands. The sands literally move around the island , covering a lot of empty land around the edges of the island. The Deserts are always moving, regardless of the speed that they are going. Nobody has yet charted the direction in which the Deserts move, nor the time scale. Several predictions have been spread around about this. Some people claim it’s alive, something most reject.

    The Lava Plains
    Borders: Mount Infe, Forest of Stone.

    The Lava plains are basically what their title suggest. Large heated plains that surround the volcano, with numerous magma leeks, and many hot springs. UMA love this area, although stay clear of the base of the volcano for an unknown region. The climate here is bearable, but still extremely hot compared to most, and will burn your skin if you were to stand out in it for a decent part of the day without any protection on. Rain rarely falls here.

    Forest of Stone
    Borders: The Lava Plains.

    To the West of the Lava Plains, the Forest of Stone rests. It is a peculiar site indeed, the entire forest is made of complete stone. Every tree, every plant, every piece of ground, everything, all made of stone. Clever craftsman could probably use this stone to build should they wish. UMA stay clear of this area completely, and animals are rarely found. The only thing that moves in the forest is the river, clean and running through the middle, the hot water oozes from the Lava Plain, perfect hot spring water. It is said a certain type of UMA live here capable of turning objects to stone with their gaze, although the rumours are not proven.


    Battle Systems:

    The battle system is something I’ve spent many sleepless nights thinking about. My current suggestion is that the games idea is followed for the most part. For those that don’t play the game it’s this. Basically, you recruit your troops, depending on how much population you have, and how many can fit in your army, and then set off along your way. If you happen to see an enemy along the way, you send whatever troops you currently have in to fight it. You send troops in either one at a time or class at a time, and they will slowly dispatch the enemy. Something we have to discuss about is injury. If there’s ten of you in a battle, teaming up on one small creature, you’re not likely to get hurt. However, if a huge creature attacks your whole village, someone has to take damage and most likely die. I’ll let you decide for the most part, but if you’re not fair about the damage you should receive, I will be. Also, once you’ve sent your troops into battle, there are four options you can do. One, retreat them when the time comes. Two, use the guard option to get your soldiers in a outward circle around yourself. Three, cause all your troops to follow you in a line, or four, get them into the normal position; a triple file line.

    This system is still for a majority up for debate. I’m not really sure how I’ll implement it into the RP, but I’ll try. I’m thinking of making a more RTS style system, but I don’t know.

    Calendar Systems:

    The Date works in a weird way. As everyone in the RP needs to generally be on the same day, the calendar will move along as follows. Ten Posts = One day. Now, I personally believe this is a good system, as it gives plenty of time for someone to make sure they get a post in for the day, but it also means that we won’t have to wait forever for everything to be built/trained. This system is still up to debate, however. We would start on August 23rd, the day which is exactly One Hundred and Ten years since the disappearance of the King and his country. This will be one of the annual events, but there will also be several other events that occur over the course of the RP, dates which induced past events, celebrations and legends. Occasionally, myself as well as any GMs or members may decide to skip a month in a season, as otherwise it would take forever for the season to change. How we would go about skipping a month, I’ve yet to figure out, but it should be a fun puzzle to work out.

    Recruitment and Population Systems:

    Population is something that I haven’t really focussed on yet, but for now I see it as one of two options. Option one, every day three more people are added to your population total, two childs and one adult, as well as whatever people you recruit with houses. Option two, population is added only depending on houses and other things bought, so you won’t have an endless amount of people coming in. This is something I haven’t figured out yet, and need to discuss with you guys, but I think both options could work fairly well in the RP. But, I will allow you guys to sway me either way, as I’m not really sure.

    Recruitment is something different. As well as the people you get from buying houses, you can also recruit travelling people, or people from other peoples towns. Travelling people don’t generally need anything other than a house to live in, so simply asking them should do, as long as it fits with your population limit. (One travelling person max per day). Recruitment from other towns may be a bit more difficult, or pricey. There are three options for recruiting others. Option one, if they hate their king you could give them a subtle persuasion by talking to them. Two, you could give them a little…thing to gain from going to your town. Option three, Brute force is always an option, but they may well resent you for some strange reason, and may even try to escape!

    Churches, Marriage and Funerals:

    Churches are places within your town where you can go for a nice quiet worship…usually. Depending on your city type, you may choose to have churches, you may not, but if you do, there are a few things to consider. What religion are they? While it’s simple to be boring Christian, this is a roleplay, and as such you may want a bit of variety! Take the Soup Sect, for example. They take Christianity, and put an amazing twist on it, with food related worship and changing the word ‘Amen’ for ‘Ramen’. Your church doesn’t have to be a church at all. It could simply be a tribal worship ground, if you’re into that kind of town. Or, it could be a worship building to their mighty king, you! This is all up to you, choose wisely. Also, you may have more than one conflicting religions in your town if you feel like taking the risk of civil war.

    Marriage, although different in different cultures, is the only way to have children in this roleplay. I’m sorry, but in this roleplay all marriage is same sex, and they have to have known each other for at least say, two or three weeks. (Time is strange in this roleplay). Once they are married, a child will be born three days later from the female (just to stop and loopholes). Just a point of note, your king himself can be married should he find the right kind of girl. You may marry to a normal maid, but it is more common for you to go and rescue a princess from a large UMA, who you then marry and have a large amount of children to sell marry off to newer players. Royal Weddings are generally huge, and make all your citizens love you a lot more for it.

    Funerals are more depressing than the other events of the year. Taking place after someone has died, and has not been resurrected, they will be very solemn affairs regardless of culture. Well, I say that… Anyway, if the King attends, the community will feel more pride and moral will increase. Not much else to say about Funerals.

    Livestock and Crops:

    While strictly speaking, your characters in this game don’t need food to survive, it would be nice if you had some sort of livestock in place to explain why your characters haven’t starved. Practically any wild animal can be tamed (depending on your area), and then added to your city. Soon enough, in-depth bios will come for each animal and how to get food from it. For now, use your imagination. Also, you can also domesticate UMA if you’re good enough, by sending in an Animal Hunter to tame it. After that’s done, you may need quite a pen to hold it down. If you’re brave enough, you could capture mass UMA and sell them to other nations for research or livestock.

    Crops are pretty much exactly what you expect. You get a plot of land, send some farmers there, and in a week or so you have some vegetables grown and ready to sell or eat. Beware though, certain types of UMA love to live in the areas of plantlife, waiting until humans come near and then leaping out and feasting on them. Just be careful, ‘kay?

    Death Systems:

    Death is an unfortunate thing that we have to come to terms with during our life as a king. People die of old age, illness, or of course, in battle. Once a population member is killed, their population slot then becomes free, allowing a new villager to move in, or a new child to be born, it’s up to you. Sometimes, however, when a character dies, they will appear on a place known as ‘Resurrection Beach’. If they are found on Resurrection Beach, I shall PM you, and they will then return in a set number of days depending on how far you live from the beach. Of course, they might be recruited into someone elses town along the way. This is only if they’ve died in battle. If not, they’re gone forever, I’m afraid.

    There is also something called a spontaneous death. It won’t happen often, but possibly once every week or so, a GM (myself or another I appoint if I appoint) may suddenly PM you saying your character has died in a certain way. If you don’t include it in your next post, you will loose a set amount of money, but get to keep your character. Spontaneous deaths really are what they say. They are meant to be humorous, so just keep that in mind when you go into a rage that one of your villagers died of ‘Rabid Llama Disease’. When they don’t own any llamas. Yes, I can be evil sometimes.

    Vassal Systems:

    If you happen to be defeated by another roleplayer during the course of the roleplay. (When I say defeated, I mean your nation has been invaded and unable to hold off), then you can either choose to leave the RP (Something that is frowned upon, but still okay) or become a Vassal of their empire. Vassals basically mean that you still exist, you still work, you still conquer, but you all do it in the other empires name. All cash and treasure is sent to them, and they basically rule over all of your people, having the ability to overrule most of the decisions you make. If you were an unpopular King, you may find many of your former citizens joining the other empires side permanently, which would mean no chance of fighting back against your oppressors. Rebellion is possible. But remember, if you’re a vassal, and they are the owners, generally, you’ll be a weaker nation. You can’t become a Vassal straight away when the RP starts, as hopefully the Rpers will be spread around far enough so that won’t happen. Even if you do start near to each other, neither of you will have the resources to start off to send a full fledged army into next doors city, so, yeah.

    I though I’d just mention alliances in this section. Of course, alliances are possible if both members agree to it, but just make sure your alliance is in character. A powerful, army based nation isn’t likely to ally with a small, flower planting nation unless presented with a significant gift, or other reason to join. Also, you can share items and money with each other if you wish, even your buildings. But come on, not everyone will ally. What fun would that be if everyone was on the same side?
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  2. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    Job Classes:​

    Within the roleplay, job classes are vital to your attempt at world domination. These classes show your normal people, villagers, soldiers, warriors, all of them working for you to secure your position. Each job class has a certain building that they need construction in, and a certain time period until their training is complete. Make sure to have a variety of these classes in your party, as otherwise, you may quickly find yourself outsmarted by the opponent who has gone for a varied approach. Check the ‘System’ section to find out how they will be used.

    Carefree Adults:
    Building of Construction: School
    Cost to buy: Free
    Recruitment Time: Instant
    Abilities: Nothing at all really.
    Class Description and Appearance: A group of normal citizens of your town, the Carefree adults are people yet to have been assigned a job. Assign them one by sending them into a job building, or just allow them to live normally for now in the village. They can wear whatever guise you wish.

    Carefree Child:
    Building of Construction: Villagers Home
    Cost to buy: Free
    Recruitment Time: Three days from marriage.
    Abilities: Can climb trees.
    Class Description and Appearance: Carefree children are actually more useful than their parents. They can climb up trees for scouting, or finding certain items, and can crawl into small holes to find items underground. They generally have the same appearance as carefree adults, except smaller and cuter.

    Building of Construction: Barracks
    Cost to buy: Free
    Recruitment Time: One Day
    Abilities: Can cut small pieces of wood, break small rocks, pull up small bushes, and fight well in battle.
    Class Description and Appearance: The most dispensable and suicidal class you will find, the Grunts have a way with wars. They love nothing more than to fight…and die in battle for their king, something that their king generally allows. The Grunts usually weak a large, armoured helmet with a spike on the top, and chainmail on their body, although you have the decision for your grunts as you are king.

    Building of Construction: Farmers Hut
    Cost to buy: Free
    Recruitment Time: One Day
    Abilities: Can dig holes, open pots, and attempt to cut wood. They’re okay in battle, but not the best.
    Class Description: Old Macdonald had a farm, but who did he have to run it? The Farmers of course, normal citizens just forced to work for a living rather than sit around carefree. Farmers love nothing more than to dig, and find treasure in cracks and holes. If, however, you decide to leave them behind, I recommend leaving them in a small patch of land. They will then turn that land into a area of farming, good old farmers.

    General Appearance, Can change if you want to.

    Building of Construction: Carpenters
    Cost to buy: 5,000
    Recruitment Time: Two Days
    Abilities: Can increase building speed, as well as build bridges, stairs, or anything else you may need.
    Class Description: Engineers are the builders of your army, as well as the breakers. They love nothing more than to work all day fixing buildings, or building various items for the king himself. They generally work better in groups of two or more, and are great team players, loving to work alongside soldiers to destroy enemies structures. They hate water as a general thing, and refuse to swim regardless of what empire they are in.

    General Appearance, can change if you want to.

    Animal Hunters:
    Building of Construction: Tavern
    Cost to buy: 20,000
    Recruitment Time: Two Days
    Abilities: Use bow and arrow attacks to snipe enemies from afar. Can also tame wild animals.
    Class Description: The Animal Hunters are good with animals. They can tame them, kill them, trap them, and eventually eat them. They are survivalists; hard to hit with attacks, yet easier to kill than most. They are the only class to make use of a bow and arrow, and can hit enemies and items that you would not normally be able to hit with your characters. They are great at hitting weapons out of enemies hands.

    General Appearance, Can change if you want to.

    Building of Construction: Woodcutters Lounge
    Cost to buy: 50,000
    Recruitment Time: Three Days
    Abilities: Can cut wood, as well as smash enemies in battle.
    Class Description and Appearance: Lumberjacks are buff men wearing brown fur coats and a lumberjack hat. Generally. They wield huge axes to chop things, such as wood, wood, wood or you guessed it, wood. They love wood, and love nothing more than to cut it as much as possible, and then give it to the kingdom. If there’s some wood blocking your way, you know who to call. They are also strangely powerful in battle, their axes dealing heavy damage.

    Building of Construction: Shopping Arcade
    Cost to buy: 100,000
    Recruitment Time: Three Days
    Abilities: They can detect hidden treasure, as well as open huuuuge peruses.
    Class Description and Appearance: Merchants are generally turban wearing wealthymen from far away countries, loving nothing more than the sweet, sweet smell of treasure. Along your journey, you may discover some large, purple peruses (It shall be PMed to you), which can only be opened by this guys. Inside is unimaginable treasures for you to claim. They are also great businessmen for negotiating with trade partners, so can be a good asset. They can also find hidden holes for farmers to dig. However, they are useless in battle, and no good at digging themselves, meaning they are a bit of a one trick pony.

    Building of Construction: Café
    Cost to buy: 100,000
    Recruitment Time: Three Days
    Abilities: Can cook food. And can also cook chickens. Hurrah.
    Class Description: Chefs are handy to keep on your party when going on large journeys, as there are a certain type of enemy that happen to be very, very powerful indeed. Chefs, however, can kill these enemies instantly. The thing is, that’s all they can do. Everything. Nothing else at all. Nada. Take one of these on board if you think it’s worth it. They generally look like the average chef, wearing a white apron and a white chefs hat on their head.

    Building of Construction: Mines
    Cost to buy: 150,000
    Recruitment time: Four Days
    Abilities: Can dig through rocks, and into holes quickly.
    Class Description: Miners love rocks. I can’t blame them. Rocks rock. They love to break through rocks, they love to dig under rock, around rock, through rock, they just can’t get enough. They are much faster at digging holes than farmers, and are a valuable addition to any team. They also have quite stocky armour, so are useful as beefs in battles. They generally wear miners helmets with flashlights on them, and always carry a pickaxe. Always.


    • No Swearing shall be allowed in this roleplay, except for the occasional *erd out word. This RP is for all ages, remember.
    • Always type in third person.
    • Follow Serebii.net Rules.
    • Follow instructions given by Game Master (me) or any appointed Game Masters.
    • I may appoint other Game Masters if they think they’re up for the job.
    • While I don’t accept reservations, as this is endless until I see how much interest I get, I’d like people who know they’ll join to post something like ‘I’ll join this, Sign up shall come soon’. This is because I want to see the amount of interest, and I know the sign up sheet is long.
    • Doing the bare minimum for the sign ups may still get you denied. I want sign ups to be detailed, and as such, I’m not accepting any soon.
    • Although your King is considered Invincible, this does not mean they can go around and kill everything instantly, or challenge a huge monster by themselves. Your King can’t be killed, but they can be cut and bruised until nothing is left but a skeleton with a beating heart and brain. I’m not joking.
    • I may request a RP sample depending on the quality of your sign up.
    • Although the system may currently seem confusing, it shall be cleared up before the main RP is posted. Feel free to ask any questions.
    • When posting, please post your Location, Kingdom name and King at the top of the post. Then please post your Current party, Money, and items in inventory at the bottom.
    • Posts need to be above the seven line minimum.
    • Please be active. This roleplay thrives on activity. If there is no activity, there is no roleplay.
    • More rules will certainly be added when things are worked out.


    Missing Sections:
    You may be slightly confused as to why two sections, Enemies and Buildings, are missing. Well, this is simple. They are in depth guides that need a lot of time to complete, and as such, I will work on them but I want to know if enough people will have interest to make it needed. Of course, I’ll finish the sections either way, but it’s nice to have some encouraging knowledge that people will actually read what you make. Also, I know that the system may seem very confusing to people. It shall be cleared up completely by the time the RP is made, and I’m currently looking for a slightly simpler alternative, (for battling) and will take suggestions. Sign ups are open forever, so don’t feel rushed.

    Sign Up Sheet​

    Finally, the part you’ve all been waiting for. Now, the sign up sheet may seem longer than most, but please please do not be put off by the extra work. I won’t be accepting reservations, as I think the 15 slots currently available are an apt amount of spaces. If, however, more space is needed, I am willing to increase the amount of spaces to 25 at the most, but I somewhat doubt they’ll be that much interest in a poorly made roleplay like this. I guarentee taking part in this will be worth the effort if you guys choose to contribute as much as I will. Anyway, here it is. Please don’t be put off.

    Classes are hidden throughout the game, and as well as your own custom classes, they are just waiting to be discovered by the roleplayer.

    [noparse]Kingdom Name:
    Kingdom Location:
    Kingdom History/Origin/idea behind:
    Kingdoms Society:
    Signature Unit:

    King Name:
    Kings Age:
    Kings Personality:
    Kings History:
    Kings Appearance:
    Kings Ideals:
    Kings Weapon:

    Current Status:[/noparse]

    Time to go through the sections step by step:

    Well, this bit is probably the most important of all the sections. Deciding the concept of your Kingdom. Now, although it may not feel like it by the way I’ve laid things out, this should be something humorous, yet within your ability to roleplay them. Basically, I want people to RP things their not used to, and I want the cities to be wacky and wild just like the game. Although you may go for the boring stereotypical Medieval Setting, I don’t believe you’ll get as much out of the RP as others will. Of course, if you find a way to put a good twist on the Medieval setting, then that’s okay. If you’re not sure if your kingdom is ‘crossing the line’ or not, then you can PM me the concept before making the sign up to check if it would work or not. I’d much rather be surprised by an interesting sign up, though.

    Kingdom location should be checked on ‘The world’ section. This may affect the way you expand and develop in the roleplay. Kingdom History/Origin/Idea behind is basically what’s listed above. The name, however, is just going to be something that sums up your kingdom in a word. For example, if I had an extreme stereotypical Scottish Kingdom, I may name it the ‘Kilt Kingdom’ or something of the sort. (I don’t, in case anyone is wondering).

    How is your kingdom living. Do you have an extra extreme police force? Is your national anthem ‘Burn Baby Burn’? List all the aspects of the society you wish. There is no limit, as this is basically describing your whole society. I will expect at least two decent paragraphs, though, as this section is important to those you’ll RP with.

    Your castle needs a five line description about its current appearance. It will start off small, don’t forget, and grow bigger over a time period and eventually be quite large indeed, if you wish it so. Don’t forget do describe yours and your ministers chambers. Outside and inside described please.

    Signature unit needs to be one that fits in with the empire you have chosen. For example, if your empire is a Ballerina empire, I wouldn’t expect a manly super soldier to be their signature unit. Your unit needs to follow the template for classes above, and has to be on the same sort of level as they are. Meaning, not overpowered, and good all round. Or, overpowered in one section, but not any good in any other section other than that. Make them interesting please.

    Pretty much a normal Roleplay sign up. Only thing you should have issues with is history. Basically, just describe the land they came from (completely made up) and their motive for starting a Kingdom and coming over to Alpoko. So yeah, this part is fairly easy. Personality = One good paragraph. History = One good paragraph. Appearance = Two good paragraphs.

    Basically, Kings Ideals is what they are aiming to achieve in the future by various means. Do they want to achieve World Domination to create a super biological bomb? Or spread love and happiness through the land? It’s completely up to you. One good paragraph please.

    The Kings Weapon is basically their symbol. Their icon. Something that shows strength to their people. Good suggestions for this are things like sceptres, spears, swords or other powerful weapons. Of course, you could have a flower wielding girl if you want.

    Ministers are your prized chieftains. You start off with one to three of these, all of which must live in your castle somewhere. What they actually do is up to you, as long as they can’t actually leave the confinements of your territory. (Meaning you can’t recruit them into your army.) Be as wacky as you like, and make the sign ups as detailed as you like. A good paragraph is expected at the bare minimum.

    Citizens is just a list of your current people by name, and what career they currently are. All start off as carefree adults.

    Current Status is basically the place you update all your current process. You list treasure, territory, money, buildings and anything else that you can think off. Currently, all you need to put is your treasury (100,000) and the buildings you currently own. (Just list 1x Castle, 2xBasic House for now until the buildings guide is worked out.).

    Good luck everyone, and more will be added in the next few days.

    Who will be King, only you decide.​
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  3. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Whoah... making this sign-ups gonna take a while.
    So anything I can do to reserve a spot mate?
    Op, just read the no resevations thing.
    But I will get mine up in a day or two, once I work out the kinks in my idea.
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  4. .:Lemon Tea:.

    .:Lemon Tea:. Crystallized decay

    I agree with Zincspider, this will take awhile, may I reserve also?
  5. Son_of_Shadows

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    I'm with Lemon and Zinc. I LOVE Little King's Story, it is possibly one of the funniest, and most utterly charming games on the Wii. I will definitely get it in ASAP. Right now, I have to go look for a job...
  6. Parasite

    Parasite ブラック☆スタ

    Do you mind if I reserve a place?
  7. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    Yes, all of you are reserved, don't worry, I know it's a long sign up.
  8. I want to sign up for this, reserve me please!

    MY problem is i need to read it through thoroughly. So, once I have finished reading it, I'll start the sign up!

    EDIT: So I'll start now.
    Just to let you know, I work on a system when i sign up for RPGs. I write a bit, then come off it, then the next day I'll carry on the sign up. I will tell you in a separate post when I have finished the sign up, unti then I'll just have a big indication in bold letters that I haven't finished.

    Kingdom Name: Kingdom of FIRE (and a little bit of greenery) (Or Green Fire)

    Kingdom Location: The Lava Plains, Eastern Island

    Kingdom History/Origin/idea behind: The Kingdom of FIRE (and a little bit of greenery) has its name because of its location: on the Lava Plains. The King and his closest advisers felt that the kingdom wasn't green and plant-inhabited enough for them, so they decided to plonk a lot of seeds in it, which grew and made big trees.

    Kingdoms Society: The Green Fire Kingdom has a very wide range of cultural interests to suit basically everyone. It's run very lazilly by the king, and he doesn't really do much in his kingdom. The logo is a simple green flame in a circular blue background, and it's pretty much printed everywhere in the kingdom. The people love their parties in the Kingdom of Green Fire, and there a lot of trash left around after the parties, so there is a huge binmen need. There's also lots of jobs in the farming industry, as the kingdom want to make sure that they can live well, obviously.

    The cities that you will walk through in these areas are always full of life and enjoyment, there's people spread all across the kingdom. The main city, Cinders, where the king's palace is, is particularly garnd and made to impress. The architechtrure is lovely, made mainly from marble buildings. There are some big monuments such as the Flaming one (a statue) and Heiki's Long Sprint (A racing track). TRhere are many great things in the kingdom.

    But these suggestions are only what it might be in the future. At the moment the Kingdom's pretty barren, and there's not much going on.

    Signature Unit:
    Fire Soldiers who have firey sword and fiery shields:
    Building of Construction: Flame HQ Barracks (Also need a barracks
    Cost to buy: 25,000
    Recruitment Time: 1 and one half days
    Abilities: Can burn large quantities of wood, are excellent in battle, are great as defence as well as in attack, can use a wide range of weapons, not just swords and shields.
    Class Description and Appearance: The guys don't think twice before decimating the opposition's army. They're brutal, strong, and VERY careless. But since they are so good in defence, it's hard to kill them. They traditionally wear fire-like colours on their uniform, and these are different depending on their rank. They often spray their hair in fire-like colours also. Othe than that they're just normal guys.

    A made up Unit:
    Building of Construction: Catle towers
    Cost to buy: 10,000
    Recruitment Time: Instant
    Abilities: Are some of the hardiest man you will ever meet, and are extremely loyal. Good at stalking for some reason.
    Class Description and Appearance: They are often very subdued, quiet but loyal men, who want to help their town. Can be upgraded to bodyguard for an extra 5,000. They wear little armour, and often have hardened faces with eyes that look like they've seen too much. Often they are retired soldiers.

    King Name: Alex Lochalle

    Kings Age: 13

    Kings Personality: Alex is a very clam and quiet person, and he is extremely shy around others. He's been like this ever since he was young. He is very antisocial, preferring to spend time alone rather than with anyone. His clamness is such that he can lead easilly in tough situations. As well as this he is very, very determined. He will absolutely complete any task he's given himself. But these states are only half of Alex' personality. The other half, the one that is most seen side of Alex, the one that he shows the most, is a lazy, and funny side of him, with a great sense of humour that sometimes gets him into trouble. He doesn't work when he is in this side of his personality, and is very laid back.

    Kings History: Alex orginally was born into a small household in the Majestic empire, an empire that streched on for ages and was very kind to its people. But Alex never got to know this empire. he was kidnapped, when he was very young, basically when he was a baby. This is why Alex is so shy and quiet at times, because he never really knew his parents, and because his kidnappers were very mean and cruel to him. The first seven years of Alex' life were as pretty much a slave, doing errands for his kidnapper, who was called Mr. Podge. His name might not sound scary, but he was terrifying. But during this time Alex leanred a lot of useful skills.

    It was using these skills that, when he was eight, he esaped. He by this time knew Mr.Podge and the people who worked for him off by heart, so did exactly what they wouldn't expect him to do. He made it obvious that he had escaped them. He was too fast for the people sent out to kill him or fetch him again, and ran away. He settled in to his own treehouse and life in the forest very easilly, and made friemds with a few people who also luved near to his treehouse. These friends became very loyal friends, and are right now with him today, building the very first foundation stones of the kingdom. They are Thomas, James and Matthew, and are all high positions in the court.

    But soon the gang of four got bored simply living in the forest. They went in search of greater things, for they all had ambitious minds. By then alex had learnt how to be joyful and kind, so all of his friends got on like a house on fire. Soon they found Alpoko, and thought that this was where they would build an empire, a fun place to be. So that is what they've been doing for the past week or so. Starting to build their empire.

    Kings Appearance: Alex is slim, and quite short, but is still the tallest of the gang, as the other three are all a little younger than he is, especially Matthew. He is also quite light. He has light borwon hair, that he gels up into spikes and sprays orange all the time, and greeny-blue eyes. He has a few freckles on his face, but nothing much else that is really different about him.

    Alex likes wearing camouflage trousers, generally desrt or normal camo colours. He wears sonic the hedgehog t-shirts which are often orange in colour. He wears a dark red cape, and a crown with orange gems in them. Alex is also very skilled, and is able to do many things such as be a great spy, lead a team brilliantly, wield a vast range of weapons, and run faster than anyone so far in his kingdom.

    Kings Ideals: Alex wants to do many "good" things for his kingdom. He wants to make all the great landmarks an great architectural features mentioned in the kingdom society, he wants to be a great powerful leader with lots of great allies and foes to defeat. He wants a vast kingdom. But mostly, most of all Alex wants to be able to have a kingdom at peace, he wants hildren to grow up in a great time, not kidnapped by him. So he will set down firm strong laws with big punishements.

    Kings Weapon: As said, Alex can wield many weaons. Mostly though, he carries around a weird weapon, forged by himself, that is a mix between an axe, a scythe and a pike, which is a long poled weapon.

    Ministers: Alex' ministers are his gang.

    First of all, Matthew. Matthew is small, very small, and a year younger than Alex. He is very loud and still quite young compared to the rest of the kingdom. He has quite bushy, medium length brown hair, and green eyes. He likes wearing blue camouflage tops, and trousers. He is quite strict and he calls himself "realistic" compared to his friends, who he believes can be a little too weird. He is in charge of health and safety, and the law force, so the police head.

    Next is Thomas, who is about medium height, and who has a similar haistyle to Matthew, only he has blond hair instead of brown. He has brown eyes. He is a very kind person, particulalry to the people of the kingdom, and will stop when he's riding on his loyal steed KK to help a memeber of the kingdom who is in trouble. He is in charge of general public welfare, and the hospital system.

    Finally, James, who while his looks are not the prettiest, is very key to the kingdom. He is also quite loud, and is what you would call a "party animal". He's taller than Alex, and as said, very ugly, having a sort of pug face that is full of spots. He has short blond hair, and blue eyes. He controls all relations with other kingdoms, and will have many scouts at his command, until then he just has a personal bodyguard to do the messages and such things.

    The gang
    King Alex Lochalle
    Sir Matthew Oliver
    Sir Thomas Palmer
    Sir James Courtney

    Blaze Makkan (King Alex)
    Nitarr Makkan (King Alex)
    Lackle Zzot (Sir Matthew)
    Ben Lisle (Sir Thomas)
    Ursus Toughus (Sir James)

    Carefree adults
    Max Diddle
    Jane Diddle
    Godfrey Tion (Deceased)
    Ella Tion

    Carefree children
    Lucas Diddle
    Marcus Tion.

    Current Status:
    1x Castle/Palace
    2x Basic house
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  9. Son_of_Shadows

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    Quick question: Is it possible to set up a kingdom in the desert, since it's continually moving around?
  10. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    It is possible, but bear in mind you may be drained of resources occassionally.

    Just to mention, I can add more areas to the islands if needed, as the ones currently had seem a bit...mehish to me.
  11. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    Excellent... Expect my SU either today or tomorrow. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  12. I have finished my sign up... hope it stands up to expectations.
  13. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Hey, Handy, can the stone in the forest of stone be white, like acctual pertrified wood?
    (And if I can reserve the forest of stone as my area, that would be great)
  14. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    Yes, it is a white colour, I probably should have put that in the description.

    Just thought I'd note, my Kingdom is going to be on the Crazy Coral. The Soup Sect shall be NPCs.


    I'll run through it step by step.

    Kingdom Name Fine.
    Kingdom Location Fine.
    Kingdom Origin Fine, if a little iffy.
    Kingdom Society Fine.
    Signature Unit: May I direct you to the following quote: 'Your unit needs to follow the template for classes above'. That means, copy the current templates used for job classes, and copy it into your own sign up, editting it with your personal details.

    King Fine up to Weapons. Generally, he needs to just weild one weapon, as the weapon has to be a symbol of power, and if it's spread out into many weapons, the power and your authority is weakened. So one weapon please.

    Ministers I'd appreciate a bit more information, as I did say One Good Paragraph as the Bare Minimum. I wouldn't call that a good paragraph, I'm afraid.

    I should've probably put a limit of people, I'll add it to the first post now. Do you mind lowering it to ten people (Not including King and his Ministers). Bodyguard isn't a class, so just put ten carefree people.

    And that's it. Pending
  15. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    Kingdom Name: Babali

    Kingdom Location: Deserts of Yore

    Kingdom History/Origin/idea behind: Babali was originally founded by a group of bandits. They had been terrorising and pillaging various other kingdoms for several months, and with various kings in talks about how to vanquish them once and for all, they figured it was time to go into hiding. Several other kings launched an attack on the bandits' stronghold, but they had already left, and taken refuge in the deserts. They believed it was the best option, given that they was constantly on the move.

    The bandits first set up a small settlement, nothing more than a couple of houses, and a larger one for their leader. In time, other thieves and outcasts took refuge in the settlement, and it slowly grew. It is still very small, but even to this day, Babali welcomes outcasts with open arms, as a sort of sanctuary. With the passing of the previous bandit leader, the time has come for his son to take the reins... And he's interested in expansion.

    Kingdoms Society: As mentioned, Babali is a society of mostly thieves and outcasts. Few are actually natives of the kingdom, leading to an eclectic mix of skin tones, personalities, and nationalities. The one thing pretty much everyone has in common is a love of money and treasure. Babali citizens regularly comb the desert, and surrounding areas for anything they can find that might be of value. It is not uncommon for a couple of citizens to enter neighbouring kingdoms to swipe a few random possessions. The king turns a blind eye to this, though he does not necessarily approve. This is symbolic of the society - it is incredibly lax on laws, and the police force is no-existent. There are rules, but mostly, these are just honour codes. Don't steal from a fellow thief, etc. Anyone who breaks these codes is promptly evicted.

    The deserts are hot. Ridiculously hot, as you can expect. There are almost NO farmers whatsoever. The citizens mostly wear thin clothes made of silk. Think Aladdin, but with fewer fezes, no magic carpets or genies, and no talking parrot. Being mostly thieves, the citizens themselves are mostly irreligious. However, a Christian Church was recently built, by order of the king. He was getting tired of performing marriage ceremonies himself. In times gone by, the king/bandit leader had to perform marriages in the desert. The king regularly attends church, but few others do. And, for the record, the national anthem is, of course, that legendary classic, "Horse With No Name".

    Castle: Babali Castle displays its national flag proudly outside, with a large flagpole. The flag itself is bright green, with a purple circle in the middle. Inside this circle are two crossed scimitars. At the bottom of the flag, the words "Honour Among Thieves" are written in bright gold. The castle itself is little more than a small white, stone cabin with three rooms extending from it. This makes it into four square blocks. Not pretty, but functional. There are several windows which allow air in. The cabin's interior is not much to look at. There are a few pictures of previous leaders, and flags, but the main room (the throne room) is practically barren apart from this. The throne itself, however, is made of solid gold, and the seat is crushed velvet, making the king's derriere rather comfortable. The three other rooms are for the king and his ministers to sleep in. Behind the throne and to its left, is the king's room. It contains a soft bed, a flag, and a picture of his father. However, also on the wall is the king's personal scimitar (when he's not carrying it with him), with beautiful gemstones on its hilt. To the left of the throne is Victoria's room, and it's slightly more... girly. She has chosen to paint her walls pink, and has a large mirror, with a silver frame hanging on her wall beside a flag. She, of course, also has a bed, which is even softer than the king's. As for the room to the right of the throne, that belongs to Jeff. His existence is slightly simpler. He has a bed, a staff, and a flag. That's it.

    Signature Unit:
    Building of Construction: Desert Shack
    Cost to buy: 30,000 Bol
    Recruitment Time: 3 Days
    Abilities: Standard grunt soldiers, but stronger and faster, though defensively weaker.
    Class Description: Babali's bandits wear thin waistcoats and trousers, but no armour, making them defensively weaker than other soldiers. However, their years of thievery and living in the desert have toughened them, so they are slightly stronger and faster. They wield scimitars, rather than the traditional short sword. Think desert bandits.


    King's Name: Joshua Colquhoun

    King's Age: 16

    King's Personality: Genius, is how most people would describe Joshua Colquhoun. Joshua is highly intelligent, but short-tempered. It is extremely easy to irritate him. Said temper is quite nasty, too, it makes him very sarcastic, and causes him to yell a lot, although it rarely results in physical violence, but under extreme provocation, it can. However, when at peace, Joshua is rational, logical, and able to reach logical conclusions quickly and easily. He is afraid of blood, and has a strong sense of moral justice. He has a great love of music, and as a king, has several ambitions about what he wants his kingdom to be. Though skilled as a thief, he does not really approve of the profession, and has had a church established in Babali, to try and push his citizens away from it. He himself is quite religious, regularly visiting the church. However, Joshua's greatest weakness is his greatest strength: his youth. As a young king, he is quite idealistic, and will have many years on the throne *touches wood*. However, he is therefore inexperienced, naive, and immature. Some citizens have doubts about his ability to cope with the responsibility.

    King's History: Joshua is a Babali citizen born and bred. He is the son of the last leader, Hoshin, who was the son of the original founder of Babali, Hoshire. However, Joshua was raised as a common Babali citizen, to ensure that he is knowledged in the ways of the society, He knows why people come to Babali, he has some skill in thievery, and he understands the shifting motion of the sands (though not why they occur). It was during this time he met his two soon-to-be ministers, Jeff and Victoria. Both were native Babalians like him, and he found common ground with both. He shared a love of music with Victoria, and as he and Jeff began to discuss possible futures for the kingdom, Joshua began to have ambitions as king (or, as some citizens would call him, "Sultan") or Babali. There were rumours that he went out with Victoria once, but both parties flatly deny these. Soon, the time came. Joshua's father passed after pricking himself on a desert cactus. The wound became infected by the fine sands, and, without much medical care in the desert, he died. Joshua was crowned king, and appointed his Ministers as soon as possible.

    King's Appearance: Joshua does not like distinguishing himself from the people. As such, he dresses rather casually compared to other kings. With white silk trousers, open sandals, a white waistcoat, he looks like a normal citizen. He carries his scimitar in a small black scabbard at his hip, and as such, he really does look like a normal citizen. However, the one thing he has that really distinguishes him, is his turban, which Babali kings wear to signify their kingship. Made of a soft, light blue cloth, it is wrapped into a tight shape around his head. On its front, is a fairly large emerald, with a feather sticking out of it. It almost completely obscures his hair, apart from a few black strands. Joshua detests the thing, finding it gaudy and uncomfortable.

    As for Joshua himself, he is not much. He stands at roughly 5"10, and 60kg, making him tall and slim. He lacks muscle. He has straight black hair down to the nape of his neck, apart from a sole tuft which refuses to stay down and is just behind and above his right ear. There is some peach fuzz on his face, and, like all teenagers, he suffers from slight acne. His skin is quite tanned, a given, since he lives in a freaking desert. His eyes are a piercing pair of blue sapphires, which have been deemed his "most attractive feature" by various female members of the community. Thin lips match his thin nose, and all in all, make up a fairly handsome face, all things considered.

    King's Ideals: Joshua feels that the time has come for Babali to expand out, creating other communities and safe havens for the outcasts of this world. Plus, the shifting nature of the deserts make it hard to stock up on supplies at times. By establishing a number of "satellite states" around the world, Joshua believes he will be able to relieve the burden on the main settlement. Admittedly, this is more Jeff's idea, but the king has no problems whatsoever claiming it as his own. Total world domination is not the king's objective - how can he establish a safe haven for outcasts, when that haven consists of the whole world?

    King's Weapon: Joshua wields a scimitar, like his soldiers. However, his has beautiful, deep blue sapphires on its hilt. It is a family heirloom.


    Ministers: Joshua has only two ministers, Victoria, and Jeff. He chose to appoint his two best friends growing up, knowing them better than anyone, and finding them qualified for the job.. Victoria is a narcissist, in love with herself. As she prizes beauty and music above all, Joshua has appointed her Minister of Culture and Environment. This includes developing the kingdom. Though only seventeen years old, she is an extremely competent Minister, and has drawn up several plans to be put into action. However, with most citizens keeping their treasure haul for themselves, she currently lacks funds. Jeff is a solitary character who desires world domination. He is also a master tactician and obsessed with the economy, and so, he is Joshua's Minister of War and Economics. At eighteen, he is the oldest of Joshua and his ministers, and with his Beard of Justice, Staff of Justice, and Ginger Hair of Justice, he is also responsible for doling out punishment for breaking the various honour codes of Babali.


    Carefree Adults:
    George Sands
    Maria Sands (NOTE: George and Maria are Victoria's parents)
    Robert Geary
    Alice Geary (NOTE: Robert and Alice are Jeff's parents)
    Grayson Langdom
    Tethys "Feather" Sulis
    John Crane
    Shane Norr
    Alexis Bix
    Rose Thorrst

    Current Status:
    Treasury: 100,000 Bol
    1x Castle
    2x Basic House

    Handy, I can help you sift through these SUs, if you want. There's certainly a lot to look through...
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    Name for land/city = Thule
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    Kingdom Name: The Gnarly Kingdom

    Kingdom Location: Crazy Coral

    Kingdom History/Origin/idea behind: The idea behind the Gnarly kingdom was basically myself wanting to roleplay something out of my personal comfort zone, and these guys seemed to fulfil that perfect role. The basic backstory is that a group of surfers were taking part in one of the largest races ever; the big wave. The group of surfers, about 15 (14 to be precise) went together in a group to take part in the race. Somehow, however, the group got side-tracked and ended up washed ashore on a deserted island. Whereas most wanted to find a way out, one of the surfers, Knuckle, took charge and explained what a brilliant opportunity they would have. Starting a kingdom slowly, the group is now ready for their attempts at island…surfanation?

    Kingdoms Society: The society of the Gnarly Kingdom is simple. I’m boss, and you therefore all belong to me. All your possessions are my possessions. All your children are my children. All your secrets are my secrets, etc. The thing is, the King doesn’t keep anything secret. At all. And as such, everyone in the society knows everything about everyone. Someone having an affair? Everyone knows. Somebody stealing from their boss? Everybody knows. Somebody arrested on suspicion of lying, everyone knows! That’s right, in this brilliant society, lying is illegal, and if you are found out to have been lying, you are sentenced to be bonked round the head with a coconut three times a day for a month. It knocks the lies out of you, I can tell you that.

    The laid back society of the Kingdom is another thing that is slightly worrying. If someone finds out you’re having an affair, what do you do? Question yourself for not being smart enough to ask for that period of time, and continue with your life allowing the affair to continue. To be fair, there are no real ‘affairs’ in this kingdom, as nobody is currently technically called a ‘couple’, as everyone is almost equal in a communist fashion in this state. Even with their laid back state, they still are willing to fight as a nation and claim others land. If other humans are living there, then they may reconsider and just ask to be friends. But any land that is empty is Gnarly land, through and through. They love nature also, every villager having a pet of some sort. Although, their pets are generally turtles. Knuckle likes turtles.

    Signature Unit:
    Building of Construction: Coral Shacks
    Cost to buy: 50,000
    Recruitment Time: Two Days
    Abilities: They use surfboards to protect themselves or kings during battle. Use their surfboards to travel across liquids. Fight by hitting enemy with their surfboards.
    Class Description: Surfers are the typical class of the Gnarly Kingdom, with a lot of the village dedicated to the passion of surfing. They carry their large wooden surfboards wherever they go, and as such, they are fairly slow on land, with little to none armour. However, they can use their surfboards as shields to block incoming arrow volley. They take quite a while to attack, having to lift their heavy surfboards up and smash them slowly, meaning there is a large weak spot for a long period after. On the water, they use their surfboards to move swiftly across the waves at a lightning paced speed. They wear no armour, the males wearing shorts and no top, and the females wearing bikinis of various colours protecting their body from little more than bruises.

    King Name: Knuckle
    Kings Age: 18
    Kings Personality: Knuckle is like, the most gnarly dude you will ever meet. Ever. Fail to see this and you will soon be sent to the world of not awesomeness. That’s right, Knuckle is so awesome that he has convinced himself that he has complete and utter magical powers that control the entire world of reality itself. He just can’t actually use them. He likes the fact he can threaten people with it though, and is surprised that his kingdom actually believes him. You see, Knuckle isn’t the brightest bulb in the lightbulb factory, in fact, he’s the half shattered one which occasionally blinks on, and then explodes in whoever touches its face. He doesn’t believe in anger, or lying, and will answer any question truthfully, which is a bit of an idiot mistake for most of the time. He has once given away his entire house and all his life savings after telling a gang truthfully about where he kept his keys, deed, and all his money. It was a mistake he doesn’t regret, as he prefers living freely amongst the world.

    Kings History: As stated in the above segment, Knuckle lost all of his house and money early on in his life, coming from a kingdom where it was perfectly normal for a child of twelve to own his own house, horse and anything else he required. After he lost his house, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a surfer. He then found that he was great at it, and began to excel in all the different tournaments he entered, becoming one of the Kingdoms finest in a relatively short period of time. He continued to win at these tournaments for the rest of his years until reaching 18, when he decided to do a group race with all of the friends he had gathered up thus far. A group of 14 was gathered in the end, and they began to race in a huge kingdomwide race involving at least twenty different kingdoms. Unfortunately, Knuckles group got lost on the way to the finish line, and ended up here on the island he now inhabits. Not great, I have to say.

    Kings Appearance: Knuckle is a…bizarre sight to say the least. He has perfected the use of shells as cones, and as such has made his hair look…well, exactly like seaweed, excluding the color. His hair is actually a deep blond colour, but it is almost always wet due to the fact he spends much of his time out by the ocean. His eyes are a deep brown colour, and supposedly shine in the sun like two tiny marbles, as he has been told several times by his adoring fans. On his head rests the crown to rule all crowns. A crown…made of fish bones. That’s right, the entire crown is made of tiny little segments of fish bone made into a nice crown like shape, with no jewels, charms or anything attached. This is because it would mean nobody could possibly want to steal it, as it’s made of, well, bones.

    His torso is much alike to any other member of his people, in the fact that he wears no shirt for the majority of his days, showing his ripped muscles which spread throughout the whole upper half. On the lower half of his body, he wears a pair of shorts, weaved perfectly to be baggy enough to last at least ten years and still fit, with the fact they originally were used as trousers a few years ago. The soft material is waterproof, and brown, and is perfect for surfing as it won’t let any water through, and won’t be ruined by water either.

    Kings Ideals: The ideals of King Knuckle are simple. Wash away the competition. Literally. He aims to have a world which contains no large islands, only several small islands in which the small surfing gift shops and communities can grow. Other than that, complete water everywhere meaning everyone would have to either swim, or surf non stop forever. Not seeing how ridiculous his personal ideals are, most are picked out for him by his advisors. He also wants to eliminate all species of animals in the world except for the turtle species. A reasonable request, I’m certain.
    Kings Weapon: The King uses his personally customised Surfboard, which he valiantly uses as a huge shield of power.

    Beaver is the brawn of the group, and leads the department of smash. Basically, he is similar to Knuckle in the fact he has little to none intelligence, but unlike Knuckle, this guy really is stupid. He likes to use his huge bucked teeth to bite into various objects before he touches them with his hands, as a ‘safety precaution’. He also has a huge knack for building things, able to create buildings in little to no time with his hugely muscled hands. As such, he is the kingdoms only builder, and therefore is in charge of city development, as well as Smashing things. He likes to smash things.

    Hawk, named so for her sharp eyed body and her lightning fast brain, Hawk makes most of the decisions relating to the empire. She is officially chief of tactics, and is Knuckles closest advisor, advising about almost everything possible. She loves nothing more than to watch the death of an enemy, a thing that started even before she joined this kingdom. She does, regardless of her killer side, have a party animal side which is waiting to come out, and she has a love for staying out late nights and partying alongside the rest of the kingdom. The worst surfer out of her country, she prefers to practice her mind that her body.


    Chief culinary expert of the kingdom, as he’s the only person that can cook, Bear is in charge of making sure everyone eats the right thing at the right time. He’s an extremely fat man, but seemingly is still one of the best surfers of the group, managing to have broken the title for most weight sustained on a surfboard without it breaking simple by standing on it. He has a great sense of humour, obviously shown by his constant huge bellows of a laugh which echo throughout the country. He likes food a lot, and will not eat anything not considered food.

    Chuck ‘Wolf’ Norris (m)
    Robert ‘Little bird’ Marely (m)
    Sam ‘Doberman’ Tyler (m)
    Bill ‘Dragon’ Baggins (m)
    Fred-o ‘Horse’ Baggins (m) (Son of Bill)
    Mary ‘Pelican’ Baggins (f) (Wife of Bill)
    Sandy ‘Squirrel’ Cheeks (f)
    Daisy ‘Fruitfly’ Peach (f)
    Alexandra ‘Ant-eater’ Drake (f)

    Current Status: 100,000
    1x Castle
    2x Basic Homes
  19. I've done some changes.

    I made Godfrey Tion deceased, which is very likely seeing as he was an army general.

    So that's 10 people.

    And I added a bodyguard class, if that's not allowed then tell me.
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