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Little Pokemon Drawings

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by le pamplemousse, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Hi, so I'm trying a new drawing style where I'm drawing pokemon small and not adding shading. So far I have done shuckle, poliwhirl, and bonsly. Next up: Buoysel


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sorry about the jagged outline at places. Thats the price for making things transparent :/

    People can make suggestions of what pokemon I should do next, and you are also welcome to use these in your signatures if you want to. Just give credit.

    I'll update this thread when I make more pictures ^_^
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2006
  2. Hi le pamplemousse... where were you?

    I love your work. Keep it up. The Shuckle is cute ^..^
  3. Kimori

    Kimori Feel my soul

    Those are cute! I like your new style. <3 The outling is really good, and I don't think the lines look very jagged! (Just a little bit on the Poliwhirl)

    For a suggestion on what you should draw next, I'd really like to see a Sktty! XD
  4. Angle-san

    Angle-san Designer of Love

    wow i really like them very much
    on a rateing scale 10/10
  5. MidnightScott

    MidnightScott Super Gamer

    Make a Houndoom one *shot*

    Nice job though :D

  6. Eevee_Master

    Eevee_Master ♥Eevee♥

    Nice job! Those are realy cool!! I would like to see you do an Eevee ^.^
  7. Bay


    Hehe, these are really cute! ^^ I actually liked this style. Good work!

    I would liked to see you do a Seadra, if you can of course.

    ;134;~Good night, and good luck~
  8. kuro mizu

    kuro mizu .//SPPF's Emo Ninja+

    So how do you really do these? Draw them out, then edit them on a paint program?...id like to know how because they are REALLY GOOD and they look awesome even without shading.........*gyarados is a good suggestion*

  9. Spookz

    Spookz Lumos

    Interesting style, I really like it. ^^ The pale colors are easy on the eyes, so they're pleasant to look at. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Clockworkz


    Let's see a Gardevoir. I love Garde, so I'd like to see your version of her.
    Make sure she's looking coy and smexy >_>
    What? I have issues.
  11. HakuBlue

    HakuBlue Up and away

    I like this kind of style, it's not fancy, but it still has a lot of quality. The soft colors really make them more cute-looking. I'd suggest a pokemon, but I think there are enough suggestions from everybody else that has posted in here ^^.
  12. Omega Pirate

    Omega Pirate shove it up ya bum!

    Very nice work. I'd love to see how you accomplish a Lucario.

    The Poliwhirl is very nice indeed. Very unique.
  13. Magical Leaf

    Magical Leaf Mega derp

    That Poliwhirl has to be the cutest thing i've ever seen in my life :3

    *steals and flees*
  14. Thank you for all of the comments ^_^ I drew a skitty this morning as suggested by lil skitty, and updated my first post with it. I had trouble with the tan parts, especially trying to get the outline to be dark enough to stand out, but not too dark. I'll probably do a seadra next as suggested by Bay.

    I draw them completely from scratch in paint shop pro 9 using the pen tool. Yeah, a gyarados would be cool to draw. I'll probably try drawing one after I do seadra.

    Again thank you for all the commenbts,a nd I'm glad people like the style ^_^
  15. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    I really like the coloring on them. Nice and soft. You should try some 4th gen pokemon like Perap and Buoysel
  16. Moonlight.

    Moonlight. Well-Known Member


    The style is nice, and pleasing to the eye. They remind me of plushies in a way, lifeless yet cute at the same time.

    I can't believe you haven't done Pikachu yet! :O

    Still, brilliant. Keep it up. You could make a whole collection of these, or start a shop.
  17. Chaotic Houndoom

    Chaotic Houndoom Dark Trainer

    Aw, very cute, good job. =D
  18. Rufinito18

    Rufinito18 mE Entertainment

    Very nice. Shading would be better, but they look good without it.
  19. Thanks for all the comments ^_^

    So, instead of doing seadra, I did Bonsly because I liked intergalactic platypus's suggestion of doing some fourth generation pokemon. I've edited my first post with Bonsly.

    Also, I took out Skitty because I wasn't pleased with how it turned out. I'm going to go back and fix the tan parts because the outlining was too light. Expect that done, and also a picture of Bouysel done sometime tomorrow ^_^
  20. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    Cute! I like these!

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