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Littleman3's first ever sprite thread



The other day I decided to start making pokemon sprites. Tell me please if my sprites are good, and I will do requests for revamps/devamps (from RSEFRLG to GSC and vice versa only) and fusions for just two pokemon. However, if I think they're too much of a challenge, please don't be offended if I don't do them.
Anyways, these are the sprites I have so far:

That was the first sprite I ever did, Growlithe with Zigzagoon colors.

Fusion of Igglybuff and Natu - Igglytu

My Pikachu/Whismur - Pismur

Ho-row - Fearow and Ho-oh

Linoone and Quilava - Liliva

Sanslash and Raichu - Sandchu (sounds rather like Sandshrew)

Chinchou and Paras - Chinras (Not too proud of it)

Revamped Suicune from Gold

Revamped Crystal Lugia (I know some-one else made one but I DID NOT STEAL IT)

Revamped Gold Slugma

Revamped Gold Lapras (has some blue on its ear - might redo that later)

Devamped FRLG Hitmonlee

So those are my sprites. If you have a request, explain it if it's revamp/devamp and fill out this form if it's a fusion:
Pokemon 1
Pokemon 2
So that's it. Request and rate!

Oh, and don't forget the flashing Suicune:
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. . .
The Igglytu's beak looks a bit miss placed. The Crystal Lugia needs some darker colors. What am I saying?! Their great that's all.


Thanks people. Does anyone have requests? I'm short of ideas.


I'm afraid it didn't really work, Connor. Here is the sprite:

It looks like it's just thrown together with paint because it is. I'll stick with fusions, revamps and devamps for a while. Hope you weren't desperate to get a sprite of that.
Shade the gold Lapras a bit more. I think they're quite good.


gee that's swell
These are pretty good for your first sprites. Can you try a Meowth/Skitty mix? Use Meowth as the base


Okey dokey, Torchic23. I'm working on it. But hadn't someone else already done one of those before?

Edit: Okay, here it is.

Looks a bit like it's been sunbathing a bit too long!

Keep on requesting, and I'd also like a sprite something to do with Growlithe.(You probably guessed Growlithe's my favourite pokemon)

Edit again:
I've devamped a FRLG Growlithe!

Is it good?
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Okay, but what do you mean by good devamp? What pokemon to what gen?

Btw, I made another sprite. It's a Revamp of Mewtwo from RB.

It's my first revamp from the first gen, and I think it turned out quite good.


Oh, right. But I didn't get the email, can you PM me the message?
Also, do you want me to devamp the sprite I already made, or this new drawing you might draw me? I'm not that clear on it at the moment.


Leave my posts alone
There is a little "foot" under Sandchu's right. Also, there's a little blach area around Pismur left ear.
Other than that, they are all good sprites. May I suggest trying to devamp Jirachi? And if not, get an Octillery/Roselia mix (Octillery as base)


The foot's meant to be there. If you look at the original Raichu sprite you'll see it. What gen do you want Jirachi devamped to?


Advanced Spriter
Here it is: make sprite smaller, Littleman3. http://img455.imageshack.us/my.php?image=image12gn.png Now u can see da details. By the way, I want you to devamp the new sprite. Also, I'll re- email u.

Sorry to double post, but I just wanted to say, "Thanks alot 4 working hard, Littleman3. One of my world wide dreams is to have a sprite of Araza, the drawing I made. If u can make a very good sprite, I promise I will let u see my 37 page cheat book of my own game I worked really, really hard on. I hope you'll like it, though it could take a while to finish, 'cause it is very long. I will give u my website, and how to find the cheat book."
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Ace Trainer
I really like the mixes, especially the Fearow/Ho-oh hybrid. Some parts are out of proportion, you might want to work on that. =|
The revamps are okay but you really need to add more shades and work on the outline. They also look a little sloppy, like the Suicune.
Try to improve on that. Overall, you’re a pretty good spriter as a beginner. Keep up the good work. ;)


Okay. Polursine, I'll try devamping Jirachi to 1st and 2nd gens. But it's probably gonna be hard, 'cause on say the Hitmonlee, I've got a good color set to work with. I'll try just finding another blue pokemon and use those colors. Connor, the Azara's probably going to be just as hard as it was. I'm not good at making sprites from scratch. Is it okay if I base it on yours, Wigu?

Well, Polursine, here's your RB Jirachi.

I used the colors of Seel. I think it turned out OK.

Edit again:
Here's the GSC Jirachi:

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Advanced Spriter
Wigu, it's so cute! I luv it! That is ok, Littleman3. You tried your best. Wigu, u just need a better outline. U don't have 2, though. Nice Jirachi devamp, Littleman3, it's not 2 bad. Hey Wigu, if u want, though I'm not really counting on if u did, could u make mysterious dungeon stuff for my pokemon? If u do, try using the cute version of my pkmn. U don't have 2, but u could do it if u r bored. And if u don't want 2 do that, if you r not busy, can u make a back version of my pkmn?
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I'm not sure about this but shouldn't that sort of message be sent by PM and not in a public thread, going off topic and talking about Wigu's sprites instead of mine, which the topic is about?