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Littleroot High (Franticshipping - hoennshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by HyperCyber, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. HyperCyber


    Being a new high school student is a dreaded experience. But for ruby, high school will mean precious memories as he overcomes defeat and sorrow, and finds joy and love in Littleroot High (franticshipping, specialshipping, mangaquestshipping). Rated - 13+

    Prologue - awaken memories

    The clock supposes to, and did, ring at 8:00 a.m. The crimson eyed boy slammed the clock with his fist; however, an impact that strong did not stop the clock from fulfilling its purpose. Cursing, he took the sphere-shaped object beside his bed and pressed the button on the ball. Suddenly, a red beam emerged from the ball as it illumines the dark room, and that beam turn into a huge creature with two piercing eyes and a pair of ridiculous looking wings that somehow helped the blue dragon levitates from the ground.

    “Damn it… Latios, luster purge…”

    Suddenly, the whole room was ignited by a wave of energy that seems materialized from the blue dragon’s eyes. After a few seconds, the room turned back into its normal state, except a bunch of plastic and wire lying in the space that was previously occupied by a fully functioning clock, as faint beeping sounds coming from its core…

    “Why the hell would mom and dad move to this stupid town…”

    Johto, being the boy’s home region, seems far more diverse and open than Littleroot town of Hoenn region. Much to his displeasure, his dad has being offered a job as the gym leader of Petersburg City and his whole family has to move from his “beloved” home region, to this devil’s land.

    He hated the smell that the wind carries here, he hated the fact that he is not able to see or hear the sea; he even hated the colour of his bedroom. The wall was painted with red and black paint, even his bed is red and black. Perhaps the designer’s original scheme is to make the room looks cozy and welcoming, but in reality, it looked like a dark room covered with blood.

    “Damn, it’s my second day here and I have to go to school... What the hell are my parents thinking…” the silver haired boy moaned. He returned the gigantic dragon to the sphere in his palm, and went to his bathroom. The mirror shows a thin boy. His usually piercing crimson eyes looked dim and do not burn passionately as did a year before, probably caused by the two huge scars on his forehead. “Speaking of bad choices…”

    It is still the silver haired boy, but with not scar on his forehead. He is not the sarcastic Ruby that was known two years after. His voice did not hold the sharp edge it does right now. There was no headband to cover his forehead. The Johto sun sends its ray onto the boy’s hair humbly, making it looks like sparkling snow in a middle of summer.
    He was sitting under an oak tree, staring into the blue sky as the wind blew his hair. The wind today, indeed, seems different… As if it was bursting to tell something. Something that is gravely important.

    Suddenly, he saw a girl; a girl with such features that makes it hard for him to forget her. Her brown hair was neatly done so that they become two ponytails, covering both of her ears. She had blue eyes, so blue that it resembles the sky. So blue, that it seemed like the endless ocean. So blue, that it makes the crimson eyed boy blush.

    “You must be Mr. Norman’s son.” The girl asked.

    Ruby was too mesmerized by the girl’s eye that he failed to answer the question, except to nod in response.

    “Your dad said I should battle you. But I think my pokemons are way too weak. Anyways, what’s your name?”

    “Perhaps you should try telling me yours first? It’s rude to ask someone’s name without telling his (her) first.” Ruby did not care whether how the girl felt, he was definitely not the friendly type.

    “Sorry,” the girl said sheepishly, “my name is Sapphire.”

    “Ruby…” Umm, guess she’s not like the other annoying girls here. At least she didn’t get mad from my comment. He thought.

    After that, there was a long silence, a long and uncomfortable silence.

    “So… you want to battle me?”

    The girl hesitated, and then agreed upon his request.

    “Alright, I choose my Combusken.”

    This is gonna be an easy one. Ruby thought “Go… Kingdra.” he commanded, lazily.

    “Combusken! Use ember against that kingdra.” Sapphire ordered. Fool… My pokemon is water typed and it is way stronger. What makes she think that she can beat me with one weak fire attack. However, the red flame did not flow toward the huge dragon. It went for the tree behind. After a split second, Ruby knew what she was planning. Ummm, burning the trees down by using ember so it would fall on top of kingdra, while I’m dodging the wood, she would use flamethrower or fireblast which takes a long time to prepare. Could have fooled me for a moment, but it takes way more than that too beat me. “All right kingdra, use dragondance.” The seahorse like creature starts to move in a mystical pattern, increasing it’s agility and power. If I use dragondance, it will boost Kingdra’s speed by a lot. It takes 2 second to do dragondance, and it takes 3 second for the tree to burn down, 2 second for it to fall on top of Kingdra. So it gives me 3 seconds to use an attack that will knock it out. Just as he planned, the tree start to fall on the blue dragon. “Ignore that, and use hydro pump on Combusken.” Ruby orderd.

    Suddenly, a great stream of water came out from its mouth. The pressure of the water seems so high that it destroyed a bunch of trees in its way. And the devastating effect was shown by the knocked-out Combusken on the ground. Just when the tree was about to hit Kingdra, it dodges it with incredible speed that it only appeared as a blur to human eyes.

    “Guess I win.” Ruby said to the shocked girl. “Don’t be disappointed. That idea of yours almost fooled me. A trainer is suppose to use the environment to his or her advantage so the victory is assured.”

    The girl said nothing, except nods in agreement.

    “So… what do you want to do n…BOOM!” Their conversation was interrupted by a huge explosion caused by a colossal pokemon that had small head, long neck and dorsal fins. A pokemon that is known as a Tyranitar.

    “Wow… What a fearsome looking pokemon,” the girl exclaimed stupidly, “maybe I should catch it.”

    “RUN! EVEN I CAN’T EVEN CATCH ONE, AND I’M THE JOHTO CHAMPION.” Ruby shouted. It’s true, Tyranitars are among the fiercest of pokemons and they are even harder to catch and raise. There had being plenty of report of Tyranitars attacking trainers.

    “No, I will prove it to you! I’ll prove it to you that I’m not just a weak little girl everyone think I am. I will prove it that I’m stronger than I look!” Sapphire suddenly yelled, as she throw a pokeball at it. However, the Tyranitar destroyed it simply by hitting it with its hard armour. Then it seemed to be provoked and launch itself against Sapphire.

    No! Ruby thought, as he threw an ultraball from his pocket. “Latios, use psychic! Kingdra, use ice beam.” Both dragons start to attack the armour pokemon. It appears that it’s too weak to continue its rampage.

    “Phew… That was close. WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU LISTEN TOO ME?!” Ruby shouted at the girl angrily.

    Suddenly, the Tyranitar sprung back to life as it launched itself to Sapphire.

    “Watch out!!” Ruby cried, as he pushed Sapphire away from the sharp claws of Tyranitar. However, the claw still hit him on the forehead, and it instantly started to bleed.

    Ruby suddenly feels dizzy because of loss of blood, however, he still manages to get a ball from his pocket out. Just the pokeball I need. He thought as he throws the masterball at the gigantic beast. Having lost too much blood, he fainted, and the last thing he saw, was the girl’s teary face.

    Ruby woke up in his house, but only finds his anxious mother and angry father. Despite the yelling and complains from his parents. The only thing on his mind was what happened to the girl.

    Apparently, she carried him all the way to his house, and left without saying goodbye.

    That, was the last time he saw her.


    Ruby moaned at his mom’s yelling, and adjust the headband so that it covers his forehead.

    No one knew that the headband was covered with tears.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2006
  2. Dan Indigo

    Dan Indigo Guest

    Very good story! I like it.

    There are a few gramatical mistakes scattered throughout the story, but nothing too bad to worry about. Everyone makes mistakes occasionally.
  3. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    I like this story so far. I saw a few errors; however. Nothing really big but you should take these into consideration to help improve your writing.
    When you are writing, it should be all in past tense. Also try to combine run on sentences. It makes reading a lot easier. So maybe instead write instead "Suddenly, a red beam emerged from the ball as it illuminated the room. The beam transformed into a huge creature with two piercing eyes and a pair of ridiculous looking wings that somehow helped the blue dragon levitate from the ground."
    Well your idea looks great so far and I can't wait for the next chapter!
  4. WEll, this story has the potential to go far! But one thing the mods look for is a rating, G, PG, PG13, R, NC17, etc. Your fic doesn't have a rating, so you might want to go back and add one. Your description's good, but you're having trouble putting it in past tense. And there's this mistake, very minor,

    Pokemon is a weird word that has Pokemon as its plural too. So no s at the end. (No big deal, just thought I'd point that out.)

    Well, keep up the good work! I'll be keeping an eye on this fic.

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  5. HyperCyber


    thanks to all who reviewed!! you guys rock

    Chapter 1
    Standing in front of the magnificent building, Ruby was totally amused and scared at the fact that Littleroot town, a small village that cannot contain more than 100 residents, included this gigantic high school that seemed able to contain at least 1000 Steelix together, who are among the biggest of pokemons.

    “Great, there must be at least 5000 people go to his stupid school. Why the hell do I have to go here when I’m already the champion in Kanto and Joto…” his thoughts were interrupted by the deafening sound of the bell. Ruby quickly adjusted his headband to make sure his scars aren’t showing, and then ran into the building.

    He was greeted by the vice-principle, who seems to be an annoying and moronic man.

    “Hi, you must be Ruby, the son of Leader Norman. I am the vice principle of this school, and you need to know that it is necessary to complete this school so you can be successful as a pokemon trainer or co-ordinator. First, let me give you a brief summary of this school’s rich summary…”

    (Five minutes later)

    “And that’s how leader Drake helped us to build the cafeteria by using its Flygon…Now, allow me to give you a tour around this beautiful campus. But first, you must take that headband off. Bandannas, hats and headbands are strictly prohibited in this school.”

    “Umm, sir…” Ruby hesitated at the vice principle’s suggestion (command), “I am not sure that would be a good suggestion…”

    “I beg your pardon?” The V.P said, clearly displeased.

    “I said that I do not think taking my bandanna off would be a good thing to do.” Urgh, why would I wear them when there is a huge sign in front that says no headbands in the campus area. Ruby moaned.

    “Well, young man, it is important for you to listen to your teacher, and apparently, I am a teacher. So…” The V.P yelled, finally losing his patience.

    “Yes sir, I will do whatever you say.” Even if it’s going to scare the hell out of you. Ruby said the last part to himself, as he begins to take of his headband. Ruby was impressed that the two eyeballs of the V.P are getting bigger and bigger as if they were stunned by a bunch of beedrills.

    “So, may I assume the rest of the tour isn’t necessary anymore? Sir?” Ruby smirked, emphasizing the last part playfully.

    The V.P let out a high pitched scream that sounds even higher than those from Explouds, then ran for his life, dropping a piece of paper while doing so.

    “Ahh, let’s see,” Ruby picked up the piece of paper as he reads the information it contained, “my timetable… Perfect…”
    This day just keeps getting better and better…
  6. Rider

    Rider . . S K Y L I G H T

    Franticshipping!!! *glomps* This is written...okay, though I shalt give you the criticism I got as well.

    It needs a little more description. =_=;; And you're first chapter is...slightly short. Okay, that's a lie, it's less then a page on word, so you'll need to legnthen them out. (I spelled lengthen wrong over there didn't I?) Otherwise, this'll get closed in a heartbeat. The rating Kitteh pointed out helps as well, because if it's not there, it'll get closed. Yes, many reasons for this thread to get closed, but you can fix all of them, just go go go before Ama gets here!


    I'm slightly peeved that Ruby has a Latios so early in the story, and also, well, such powerful pokemon, but your story. Knock yourself out and give him 5 groudons and I suppose nobody could hold it against you...


    P.S.- Franticshipper fic writers unite! XDXDXD

    My Rating= 6/10 <---Needs work, and the legendary thing was -2 points on my behalf. -1 for length, and -1 for description. (I'm such a pretty little hypocrite aren't I?)
  7. HyperCyber


    working on chapter 2

    thanks for the suggestion Bell, well, chapter 1 is kinda short because it links the prologue and chapter 2 together.

    And I dont really know why the fact that Ruby got a latio makes you angry. XD Well, note that this is not really an adventure fanfic, so they wouldn't be battling a lot... so pokemon doesnt really matter (in other words, i suk at writting adventure fics unlike you -_-")

    anyways, thanks for the review!
  8. Rider

    Rider . . S K Y L I G H T

    Ah, I wasn't angry, I was peeved. *shrugs* That means that I was just annoyed because legendaries being controlled by people has always been my biggest pokemon pet peeve. Don't worry about it.

    Anyway, I laff at you, the one who believes I am good at writing adventures fics. Notice the last thing I said in parentheses? Yesh. I R the biggest hypocrite on SPPF.
  9. Dan Indigo

    Dan Indigo Guest

    A little short, but overall, good.

    I don't particularly like the idea of the Legendaries being controlled by people, but I could imagine that the people and them worked out a deal of some sort for which the Legendary had to be caught... but that's only my idea.

    Just a little something I noticed, not really important but you said “And that’s how leader Drake helped us to build the cafeteria by using its Flygon". It should probably say "using his Flygon". Just a small gramatical error.

    I'd give it another 4/5!
  10. You did it again!!

    Urg. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people make words that are plural without an s at the end have an s at the end. Pokemon, like said in my earlier post, is a word where you don't need the s at the end.

    WEllz, peace and crackers.

    ~Kitteh ;258;

    PS. Length is kinda a problem... but practice makes perfect!
  11. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Even if I'm a Contestshipper...I can find myself reading some Franticshipping fic or two...since I'm like, reading the Manga. Anyway, Um, I like the story! And I found it funny that the vice-principle ran away from Ruby after seeing his scar...xD Great job!
  12. Rider

    Rider . . S K Y L I G H T

    Franticshipping is SapphirexRuby, not May. Sapphire and May are entirely different beings. =_=;; Which is what confuzzles me, because Hoennshipping isn't entirely the same thing as Franticshipping. *points to title*

    Anyway, I'm not sure a school that could fit 1000 steelix could...well...FIT in the limited space that is Littleroot. XDXD I doubt even 500 steelix could fit in Littleroot. But anyway,

    Now that was teh PWNage! The word 'Moronic' rules! XDXD
  13. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    -shrugs- Brendan and May, Ruby and Sapphire look...the same. When I first read the Manga, I thought May was Sapphire and Ruby was Brendan, I realized that they were two different persons after...a while ^^;; Anyhow, people get mixed up by their appearences...
  14. Very PWnage. I have to agree with you... yeeeeeaaaaahhhh....... I'm just gonna go disappear now... (and be weird somewhere else)

    WEllz, peace and crackers,

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  15. HyperCyber


    Thank you all for reviewing.
    Currently im working on chapter 2/3
    I want to post them together becuaes they are close related and i do not wish to make you guys wait :D
    Sorry about the gramictical errors, i will work on them.
    Just for those who are curious:

    Ruby will fight Sapphire again.
    Gold/Crystal will appear in chapter 2 (small mangaquestshipping hint)
    Red/Yellow will appear in chapter 3(Major Specialshipping hint)

    I think chapter 2 will be posted around Tomorrow/Wedsday

    Thank you
  16. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Ooh! OOh! Is Green/Blue appearing? (I support their ship) Are they? Are they?
    I support Red/Yellow and Gold/Crystal too! xD

    I can't wait for next day! Which means I get to read your next chapter! xD
  17. Rider

    Rider . . S K Y L I G H T

    Ahahaha, looks like I'm not the ONLY hypocrite around here! Look who's adding a whole bunch of characters to the story now! XD It's okay, maybe it's just me, but I have this knack for keeping track of a billion million characters all at once, so I don't think that'll bother me.

    Actually, on that legendary thing, I probably wouldn't have minded it if there was someway that you told us how Ruby attained it, other then friendship (<-Which I think is the lamest way possible) because then I wouldn't feel like Latios is just there being a regular pokemon. (Legendaries RULE) So yeah, that's the deal with that.

    Just to let you know, I'ma gonna warn you right here and now, most people don't like it when you start going off onto other ships, like Green/Blue, Yellow/Red, and Crystal/Gold, like I did. They all started saying, 'It's not really Franticshipping anymore'. So, in the end, that's what made me all messed up, because I had to find a way to kick them all out that would still fit the story. Maybe that won't be an issue for you, but it'd be best if they only play minor parts as opposed to Ruby and Saph. <-- If this doesn't apply to you, you can ignore it.

  18. HyperCyber


    Chapter 2

    Pokemon battling technique class.

    Such an easy class to find, right?


    “Urgh… History of Pokemon, no… Breeding, no… Potion making, no… Berry blending, no… Great, I’m lost… Again…” The silver haired boy moaned, large beads of sweat can be seen on his face. Much to his surprise, the high school is even bigger in the inside. Nearly all of the halls are painted red and black, Hoenn region’s color, making the them look slightly gloomy and dark.

    Perhaps scaring your Vice Principle away with a gruesome scar on the first day of school isn’t a bright idea after all. Ruby had at least wondered through 20 different wings. Ofthen attracting shrieks and gasps from girls, and looks of hatred and envy from guys.

    “That stupid Principle ever gave me a map… Only if I actually listened to him…


    “That’s how Leader Drake fixed our cafeteria with his Flygon. And, did you know Leader Wattson actually used his Manectric to fix our power supply…? Did you know one of the workers was stuck while building the roof and Leader Wionna had to use her Altaria to get him down?”

    (Flashback ends)

    Heh… Maybe not…Ruby thought, as he starts another hopeless attempt trying to find his class, which is suppose to be an easily distinguished one… However, the evidence so far suggests that this statement is optimistic to a point of foolishness.

    “Geography of Hoenn… Emergency treatment of evil status… AHHH!” Ruby’s thought was interrupted by two hands, which was strangling his neck, along with poor imitations of a Groudon’s battle cry. Those pathetic sounds can only come from one person. One of the strongest trainers in whole Johto region, one that owns a Typhlosion that is able to use Flamewheel, one that was the previous Champion of Johto just before Ruby, and most importantly, one of the most hopelessly pathetic individuals that lived in this world…

    “Hiya, Ruby- kun! I didn’t know you moved here too… OUCH!” A boy with dark hair and golden eyes acknowledged him warmly while smiling idiotically, until he received a smack on his forehead.

    “Gold, BAKA! Let go of his neck!” A girl said with a tone that left no room for arguments. A girl with semi-transparent eyes and dark hair that was arranged neatly into two ponytails. A girl that was acknowledged by her skills in catching pokemon. A girl, according to rumours, had caught all the non-legendary pokemon.

    “Hey Gold, Crystal,” Ruby nodded, grateful of their presence, “Do you two have any idea where the hell this Pokemon battling technique class is?”

    “Lost, I assume? Don’t worry about it, buddy. I couldn’t even find the washroom on the first day… Here, let me see your timetable…” Gold laughed, taking Ruby’s timetable. “Lets see, Pokemon battling… You have that with me… Evil Status Treatment… I think you are with Red and Yellow… Lunch… Geography of Hoenn…Potion making... Ahh, nice subjects…”

    “Whatever… Now, would you please show me where this class is?”

    “Sure thing… Let’s go. See you later Crys!”

    “Bye, Gol, Ruby-Kun, have a great day.”

    Ruby did nothing other than nod in response, and then he asked Gold.

    “CRYS? GOL? Oh my… I did not know that you guys are on first-name basis already… So you finally decided to settle down instead of being the sick little pervert I knew for so long…”

    Gold murmured something that sounded like shut up, then ignored him.

    Ruby said nothing, right now, he has to worry about the whole year in this dreaded campus before his adventure.

    He did not know that he was about to encounter an old friend, a girl that would turn the next year of his high school life upside down…


    Whoa… Ruby exclaimed, as he entered the dome. It is a stage that looked like the ones in Indigo Plateaus. It consists of neon lights and three huge stages in the center. There are different posters on the hall of gym leaders and Elite Trainers. Much to his disappointment, one of them shows his Dad, with his fearsome Slaking, engaged in battle.

    The teacher was not bad. He appears to be a reasonable male who did not question Ruby’s past or the fact that he wears a headband. At least he’s better than that V.P. Ruby chuckled. Perhaps the management of Littleroot High screwed up and hired such brainless teacher. Perhaps all the other teachers are nice and understanding…

    These thoughts remained in his head, until the second that the teacher ordered him to introduce himself to the whole class. Obviously, Ruby disagreed to such a request that might have ruined his dignity, but the teacher ignored all pleads and reasoning from the Johto champion and insisted him to tell his personal hobbies and goals.

    Fine… Ruby grumbled, as he stands awkwardly in front of the class.

    “My name is Ruby… I just moved to here from err… Johto… I assume that you guys do not give a dam about my personal information such as hobbies or pet peeves. And I have no intention of sharing my past or my future ambitions to obnoxious fools like you guys who live in this enclosed turtle shell…Will that do, sir?”

    “Yes… That will do,” the teacher said while giving him death glares, “now, as you guys all know, today is the battling evaluation test. Each of you will be battling your classmates, whoever loses will be eliminated and the winner will advance to the next round. I will judge how you react in the battle and how you correspond with the situation.”

    The test was much easier than Ruby predicted. He had fought 4 trainers so far, 3 of them are so pathetic that Ruby was able to defeat them without using any offensive moves.


    Ruby was standing on one side of the stage; on the other side is a trainer with a weary Makuhita. The match has only begun for 30 seconds, and the Makuhita almost faint of exhaustion because of its thoughtless trainer.

    “All right, let’s give end this match right now! Use headbutt!” The trainer said with confidence.

    “Err, Gengar, ignore it…” Ruby ordered, trying really hard to not laugh at the trainer’s idiocy.

    The Makuhita rushes into the Gengar and attempts to knock it out by hitting it with its head, but it went right through Gengar’s translucent body and crashes right into the wall. Leaving it blurry eyed and lying on the ground.

    (Flashback ends)

    Umm… The students here are indeed… Peculiar…

    “Bored already?” Gold asked.

    Having lost to a girl at first round because he was distracted definitely did not bother him.

    “Yea… Do you actually know anyone who can really battle here, besides Red?”

    Gold did not get a chance to answer his question because the teacher called Ruby for his final battle. Mumbling, Ruby climbed up the stage where he has humiliated many follow students.

    “Alright! This is the final match between Ruby, and Sapphire!”


    It is her…The same eyes, same hair. But…how?

    “Guys… BEGIN THE BATTLE!” The teacher yelled.

    Without any warning, Sapphire threw a Pokeball out, and a grand bird with fluffy feather emerged.

    Ruby chuckled, she’s still a sucker for birds…

    “Alright, you should know this one. Go, Kingdra! Use mist!”

    “Altaria, use aerial ace!”

    Damn, it’s fast… I guess I have to use mist…

    The majestic blue bird soared down and scratches the giant seahorse with its sharp claws, knocking Kingdra out with one hit.

    However, it simply appears to be a copy of the original pokemon. As the real Kingdra was behind the Altaria all the time, however, the bird is much faster than the seahorse, and raised its neck, as strands of flames can be seen coming out from its mouth. The crowd gasped at the Altaria’s agility.

    Guess she got better, I can end this right now, but not after what I did 2 years ago…Sorry Kingdra…Ruby thought, as he waited silently for Sapphire to deliver the finishing move.

    However, the Altaria did not get a chance to finish its attack, because it was restored to its pokeball by its trainer, as the blue-eyed girl ran up to Ruby, and embraced him…

    “I’m sorry…” The auburn-haired girl whispered, sparkling tears can be seen on her face.

    Ruby said nothing, as he brings his arms around the crying girl and looked at every other person in the room right now, glaring at him.

    This is definitely gonna be a long year…

    Cheesy ending XD
    im sorry if the fighting part is a bit short
    but i need this chapter to help estblaish the setting
    no more crappy battles in chapter 3 only pure franticshipping!

    CHAPTER 3 is almost done, and will be published TOMORROW!
  19. Whoaness!! That's... creepy cool!!

    Why did she do that?? XD

    WEllz, peace and crackers,

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  20. Dan Indigo

    Dan Indigo Guest

    Good chapter, much longer, I like that.

    Lots less gramatical mistakes I noticed... I don't know whether its because I'm tired, or there really are less, so whatever...

    Still, good job. I like it.

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