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'Lo thar.

(I'm never too good with these introductions. x3)

So uh,hello there.The name's ShadowP. Been a long-time visitor to both the main website and the forums but was always kind of hesitant to join the forums,for whatever the reason might be.

I've been a long-time fan of the Pokemon games and only recently have I begun to play them more thoroughly and fully and also taking into account more "in-depth" stuff, if you will. As a result I've been using the site quite a bit recently so I thought it would be a good idea to join the forums. I'm a regular person at joining forums, so this definitely isn't my first and as such have familiarized myself with the rules and whatnot.

And so here I am. Hope to welcomed and I look forward to being a member of the forums. n_n
*wanders off*


Glitch Hunting Freak
Hi there if you need help PM me :)
just be sure to read the rules.... we don't want people banned for little mistakes. the biggest one is double posting.
anyway feel free to PM me for help or to chat. I have great knolege of in game glitches especialy R/B/Y games:)
I started out just like you. reading the forums and main site then desided to join!
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Yo guy. How it be?

Welcome to serebii. Check out the rules to get more familiar with the site. And if you decided to use a larger sig, (I know you will. We all know.) then check out the new sig rules in the announcment forum.

lol. Your from Canada you noob. *Hey wait. Don't I live in Canada?*


< This guy Rocks
Name Robotwind
Welcome to the Forums Shadow:p
Have fun
pm me for help or, a friend


Golden Kid
Well hello there. Welcome to the brotherhood. Try to follow the great rules that make this a better place...

Trooper Guy

Lost in history...
Why helo thar!

Seriously, welcome to the forums. Read and follow the rules and have a nice time here. :D