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I'm Aniya, and GrassTrainerKenta knows who I am. :B I've been on a few other messageboards, and most of the rules are the same: No spamming or being an annoyance. Annd, that's it. I'll prolly make a few mitsakes here and there(that last one was on purpose, hah), but I'll be good. :3

...Ee! Pokemon smilies! x3 ;142;


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Hiya. Welcome from the biggest fan of Magikarp! And Meowth too.

Have fun, stay active, and follow the rules.

PM me to be friends, or to annoy me.


Crack the Skye
'ello. Welcome to SPPf. Looks like you have the jest of the rules and such but make sure to read them anyways. If you have comments, questions, or just need a friend, I'm only a PM away....

Chaotic Houndoom

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Welcome to Sppf, hope you read the rules. Need anything or help? PM me! Or you can PM to be friends, have fun! x3