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LOL at Movie 10 Workprint

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Brain Damage
Anyones else watched it yet? Let's all give #PM.net a big hand for their awesome subbing =P.


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Brain Damage
This shot made it all worthwhile to watch it:


Though, those ads were very cheesy.


Brain Damage
Meh, it's still pretty nice to have the characters talk about them being blatant marketing wh*res.


You guys get all the fun. =/

*Doesn't use torrents*

Looks hilarious though =P


Thank you, SPPf! :)
This year's parody sub, I'm assuming? Yippee.
*runs off to download*
Here's hoping the characterizations are as good as God and his minion Politoed, Lilian the hooker, and Sukizo the drug addict.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
I didn't care for the Price is Hikari stuff, but everything else was damn funny.

"Mother says women have no place in the workplace."
"Hikari, your mother is ****ed in the head. Sinnoh has changed a lot in the last couple decades."
"Mom says you're a capitalist pig!"
"To hell with what she says."
"Screw you!"

And of course..."God damn immigrants!"

Can't wait for next years's. :p


Back here. >.<
some pictures are funny but I'm not gonna download the torrent..


Aura Trainer
I thought the movie actually got leaked...

Yeah, me too. Annoying, because I was too busy agonising over Pidgeot to check whether or not the movie was actually out.

Is it funny enough to redownload? I've already deleted my first copy.
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