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look at my new sprites

what do you like better articuno/dragonite mix or syther/kabutops mix

  • articuno/dragonite/dragonaire

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • syther/kabutops

    Votes: 2 66.7%

  • Total voters


Not bad. But delete the white space and save 'em seperately and small, please!

3 things, I'm in a rush.
-Dragcunair (or whatever its name is) needs the outlines on its belly recoloured.
-The foot on the left is rather thin.. I'm aware it's Articuno's, but did you size it down? If not, did you recolour the outlines to the same colour as the inside?
-On Scybutops (or again, whatever its name is) you need to note to colour outlines separately. See how there are gaps in the wings' outlines because the outlines were coloured in?