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Looking for a Female Kanto Meowth/Persian

Nature does not matter to me, IVs do not matter, nothing matters other than it being a Kanto Meowth/Persian that is Female. Been having terrible luck in Omega Ruby in trying to find one. As long as you are not looking for any legendary/mythical pokemon (Phione is an exception), or specific IVs/shinies, I can basically breed any pokemon you'd want.
No, not in UM/US. Unless the meowth/persian is a female kanto, it will always breed an alolan meowth. I have, sadly, experienced this first hand. I have a male kanto persian, breed it with a ditto, got alolan meowths. But, the other kanto variants, because I already had their female versions, I was able to breed kanto pokemon with them.

In short, to get a kanto pokemon that has an alolan variant through breeding, you have to use a female kanto pokemon.
I did do that, forgot to add that part in my previous message. But, I made sure to have it hold the Everstone, just like I did with Sandslash, Ninetales, and Golem (just to name a few) when I breed them. The only difference was, instead of the kanto persian being female like the others were, it was male. That was literally the ONLY difference, yet, I got an alolan Meowth...20 times.