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Looking for certain Pokemon, leave what you want

Cool Rafe

Cold & Anti-social
I am looking for some rare Pokemon (no hacks or cloned)... Below is a list of what I am finding... It must be of the nature of what I stated... Please tell me what you want for a trade... I'm willing to trade even legendaries...

My wish-list
Cyndaquil - Mild or Modest nature
Totodile - Naught or Rash nature
Feebas - Mild or Modest nature (urgent)
Larvitar(male) - Adamant or Brave nature (urgent)
Gible(male) - Adamant or Naughty nature (urgent)
Ralts(female) - Modest or Mild nature


Ace Trainer #1
I can give you a totodile and the a cyndaquil tomorrow. Can you give me Giratina in return?
I have Naughty Gible
I Have a lv. 1 Feebas, Modest nature for a Manaphy, Latios, Deoxys, Jirachi, or Celebi. Or a mew. Dont care if cloned, or hacked.

Cool Rafe

Cold & Anti-social
Yup I got a clean Latios... Does your Feebas possess any egg moves? I'm looking for a Modest or Mild Feebas with Hypnosis...

No, it doesnt... It knows splash...and i dont really want latios...I still want all the others
no not ALL of them! Ill give it to you for a Manaphy.

Cool Rafe

Cold & Anti-social
Sorry I don't have an Entei... But I do have 2 Raikou that I am putting up for trade... Btw, is your Ralts a female? And what level?

My legendary list
Articuno - Lv.50
Zapdos - Lv.50
Moltres(2) - Lv.50
Mewtwo - Lv.100
Raikou(2) - Lv.50
Latios - Lv.40
Regirock - Lv.40
Regice - Lv.40
Registeel - Lv.40
Groudon - Lv.70
Kyogre - Lv.70
Palkia - Lv.47
Mesprit - Lv.50
Azelf - Lv.50
Uxie - Lv.50

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Raikou for my Feebas? Modest?
lv.1 Freshly Hatched