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Looking for Diancie/ shiny Diancie in Ultra moon/Sun.


♥Shiny Lover♥
Hiya I'm looking for a legit Diancie/ shiny Diancie for my ultra moon game.

I don't have a lot to offer except a extra shiny US Poipole code, Kyogre/Groudon code and a Extra Shiny Xerneas or Yveltal I received during that event.

If it is a legit shiny Diancie I will gladly give 2 for 1 of your pick. If regular legit Diancie then a normal 1 for 1.

Thank you in advance and I really hope someone can possibly help me out♥.


Omega Ruby Base on Route 18, Right Side Beach
Maybe, you'll find someone in the Wi-Fi section of gen. 7. This is a gen. 7 post but, this forum is "not" posted in the correct place.