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Looking for jolly Tauros with refresh


Grass/bug trainer
Must be from distant land
I'm offering 4 shinys for it
shinys are:
lv100 modest starmie
lv16 shiny kricketune
lv35 shiny manetric
lv30 shiny tentacool
And if you want I'll give also a 10ANNIV Lugia.

Also looking for other pokemon with moves that you can only get from colosseum/XD

Darkrai Dream

Currently Training
i dotn have a taurus but i do have a zapdos (with hp electric) modest and a lugia calm form xd untrianed with there special moves


Grass/bug trainer
I'm not really looking for the legends,sorry.


Grass/bug trainer
No I want jolly because I'm looking for a pokemon with good speed and somewhat good defences


Grass/bug trainer
What do you want for hitmonlee?
I'm not giving the shinys for it but I have lots of legends that I'll give you for it.


Grass/bug trainer
10ANNIV Lugia
Wishmaker Jirachi
All legends from before d/p but others have to be pal parked
oh wait I don't have raikou and most of the event legends are touched