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Looking for Shiny Mewtwo


PMD Master
Please help me. I had spent hours on Leaf Green getting a Shiny Mewtwo. I got one. And then my GCN ate it, after I had transfered it over to XD and my Memory Card Corrupted. I do not care if it is cloned, as long as this forum has no rule against cloning. I just want my Loki back! *That is what my Shiny Mewtwo was called* I don't have Shinies to trade, as that had been my only one.

I do have every non Event Legend, female Combees, male Ralts and all starters. Please someone, help me! ;munchlax;
Sorry, friend. Around here, and on most forums, you'll find everyone only wanting shinies for other shinies. I'm not posting to spam, but it seems like Loki meant a lot to you and I don't want you getting your hopes up...


PMD Master
One last plea. Does anyone have a Shiny Mewtwo to spare? And will trade tomorrow, for non Shiny PKMN.