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Looking For Shiny Tapu Fini and Other Events and Trading Events, Shinies, and Apri-Balls in Exchange


waiting for Cilan, day 2006
Someone traded me an Akala shiny Tapu Lele, and someone else traded the Poni Tapu Fini. I’d love the shiny LuGia, shiny Jirachi, and shiny Reshiram in exchange.


Hey everyone! I have a big Update in the Shiny Section of the For Trade list. Added Tepig, Pignite, Eevee, Grapploct, Milotic, Cubchoo, Weedle, Vaporeon, Beartic, Mienfoo, Galarian Ponyta, Politoed, Gabite, Abomasnow, Tangela, Rhydon, Relicanth (Korean), Sigilyph (German), and Lucario (English).

I also added a few more breedable Pokemon:
Beast Ball: Dhelmise
Dream Ball: Pumpkaboo, Drampa
Fast Ball: Dhelmise
Heavy Ball: Scyther, Swinub, Dedenne
Love Ball: Scyther, Bounsweet, Fomantis, Togedemaru
Moon Ball: Pinsir, Golett, Aerodactyl, Dedenne
Safari Ball: Dedenne
Sport Ball: Scyther, Dhelmise

As always, message me here or in DMs and I will get back to you at some point.