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Looking for some help with my team

Discussion in '6th Gen RMT' started by Fate_, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Fate_

    Fate_ Member

    So this is my first competitive team. I feel naturally good at this though, all I do is study. I'm trying to make my team well balanced with synergy with each other. What do you think?

    Timid w/ Magic Bounce
    Item: Light Clay

    Light Screen
    Psyshock (not sure if better than psychic for my team)
    Baton pass

    Basically the strategy is to set up the appropriate screens with Espeon, then baton pass to whatever benefits from them at the moment. It's nice to be able to use Espeon towards the beginning of the game as well as mid/late game to support something stronger, but psyshock is pretty sweet too. Light clay works wonders with Espeon. Her magic guard ability is really cool to get rid of entry hazards and chuck back problems to the Pokemon creating them.

    Timid w/ Volt Absorb
    Item: Life Orb

    Baton Pass
    Hidden Power Ice

    Jolteon gives my team a nice thunderbolt stab and is capable of passing substitutes. Hidden power ice helps with it's coverage and he's also good to be passed in a second time when my opponent is about use an electric type move since it's ability will heal 25% of it's health.

    Calm w/ Swift Swim
    Item: White Herb

    Shell Smash
    Baton Pass
    Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam

    Gorebyss is meant to have a screen or two up from Espeon before it's summoned, then given the right circumstances I can use shell smash, with white herb negating the adverse effects, and pass that off to either Salamence or Tyranitar. It's ice beam and hydro pump have saved me a few times too, surprisingly well. If im lucky, (or need to) I can smashpass a second time, my speedier pokemon shouldn't mind the drops in defense too much.

    Adamant w/ Sand Stream
    Item: Choice Band

    Stone Edge
    Fire Blast

    Choice Band Tyanitar is just meant to be a tank. I tried to make him a threat to as many different types I could. His sand stream ability helps quite a lot sometimes, and it's an added bonus that it doesn't effect Espeon, Alakazam or Scizor (if I do decide to pick Scizor over Alakazam, advice on that would be greatly appreciated.) It hinders Multiscale Dragonite, so I would try to avoid sending out Dragonite during a sandstorm. (again, if I pick Dragonite over Salamence. Advice on that would also be appreciated.) Fire Blast is there for coverage. I've read all over the place that Tyranitar should have Pursuit. Unfortunately I didn't know that before I finished breeding and EV training him. Is it worth it to put the extra work in or is his moveset okay?

    Modest w/ Magic Guard/Trace
    Item: Alakazamite

    Dazzling Gleam
    Energy Ball
    Shadow Ball

    Mega Alakazam is really cool as well. He helps even out the coverage I feel I was lacking. Magic guard is nice to have when switching on an entry hazard but trace is the more interesting ability, it can make Mega Alakazam even more powerful, depending on what it's against. I'm considering Mega Scizor as my Mega instead as it's able to use Baton Pass more effectively with it's bulk and priority move.

    Adamant w/ Moxie
    Item: Leftovers

    Dragon Dance
    Hydro Pump


    Adamant w/ Multiscale
    Item: Leftovers

    Dragon Dance
    Fire Punch

    Moxie Salamence can be a beast sometimes. He loves the screens, and leftovers help him survive longer too, and the longer he lives and destroys other Pokemon the more powerful he becomes. I tried to give him good coverage but if there's something I should change I'm open to suggestions.

    An alternative to Moxie Salamence is Multiscale Dragonite, he can take hits better and roost lets him take full advantage of his effect. Not sure if he's a better choice over Salamence or not for my team.

    So yeah, first competitive team. I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Do you think it's good? Can anything cripple me? Thanks in advance!
  2. Fate_

    Fate_ Member

    Anyone? Lol
  3. Zorupix

    Zorupix Master of Illusions

    Light Screen and Reflect stay active even when you switch out, so using Baton Pass isn't going to do anything since the effects will stay in place regardless for x amount of turns. I think perhaps something you might want to try out on Jolteon is Charge Beam. You're looking at a 50% chance to increase your Sp. Attack each time you use it, and that you can Baton Pass off to your Gorebyss or Alakazam to give them a nice power boost.
  4. Fate_

    Fate_ Member

    Baton Pass on Espeon is to dodge Pursuits from pokemon such as Tyranitar. I've replaced Psyshock with Substitute so I can pass that as well. If there's a better option for these 2 move slots I'd love to hear it :p
  5. If you want defensive boosts as you set up, you might want to consider adding Iron Defense and Amnesia passers to this team. Salamence/Dragonite doesn't completely add much to this team, so maybe put a Scolipede onto the team. This provides some more much-needed Speed boosts, while still being able to provide a perfectly useful Defense boost. Jolteon is also useless on this team. If you want an Electric sweeper, consider adding Thundurus-T to give yourself a recipient, Ground immunity, and Electric immunity in one.

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