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Looking for some help with trade evos and version exclusives

Discussion in 'Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee' started by Blood Red, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Blood Red

    Blood Red ...

    EDIT: I've already managed to find all the 'mons I was looking for, but I'm still willing to help anyone looking to complete their Dex! If you're looking for any of the Pokémon I'm offering, hmu

    Hi, I need trade evolutions and version exclusives to complete my Dex. Anyone willing to trade?


    (got everything I needed already, but I still have these 'mons available if you're looking for a complete Dex)

    For trade:

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  2. Shellybean

    Shellybean New Member

    I am in need of Mankey, if you would be so kind. What would you like in return?
  3. te0001lm

    te0001lm Well-Known Member

    Shellybean, I can give you one. Sent you a PM.
  4. broncohawk1988

    broncohawk1988 New Member

    I can help I need some trades too!
  5. te0001lm

    te0001lm Well-Known Member

    I can help you. Sent you a PM.
  6. Shmayken

    Shmayken New Member

    I would rlly love a 3 star male scyther >.< if ne1 could help id lub u 4ever
  7. randonbrandom

    randonbrandom New Member

    i’m looking for a sandshrew to complete my exclusives/trade mon. any help? im on eevee and am willing to go catch exclusives if needed
  8. te0001lm

    te0001lm Well-Known Member

    I can help you. Just sent you a PM.
  9. Junesage

    Junesage New Member

    Hey, I need help with trading my kadabra and haunter if anyone can help
  10. A normal human name

    A normal human name New Member

    Hey there. I’m looking for anyone who can help me with all the trade evolutions and version exclusives. I’m willing to trade just about anything I have besides legendarys
  11. Enerdgency

    Enerdgency New Member

    Hey, if no one has helped you yet, I could definitely help you with the evolutions because I need them as well, also which version do you have? lg Eevee or Pikachu? Because I could help you with the exclusives too if you have Eevee edition.
  12. te0001lm

    te0001lm Well-Known Member

    I can help all of you. Drop me a PM to fix a time.

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