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Looking for some pokemon!


Hello, I can trade on Pokemon home or UsUm since these pokemon are not in the game yet.

Unown A
Unown B
Unown E
Unown F
Unown G
Unown H
Unown J
Unown K
Unown L
Unown M
Unown N
Unown O
Unown P
Unown Q
Unown S
Unown T
Unown U
Unown W
Unown X
Unown Z
Unown ?

Any pokemon that isn't legendary or mythical, I cannot do Gen 8 right now since I just started it.
(Vivllions are out because I am collecting them right now.)
(I will breed the pokemon on my own since I have a 6 IV ditto, just tell me what nature and etc you want. I can also try to get 6 IV. *Not shiny though*)

I know I could of did All unowns but I will cross them off as I get them! :)

My IGN is Nicolas and code is 1177 - 8539 - 3769, Pokemon bank will be another story though.

Hope you all are safe rn!
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