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Looking for takers for Underused Pokemon Challange


Safari Gym Leader
Heyo! This is GumbyX, leader of the Underused Pokemon Project. Now that I have (almost) finally beaten Pearl (before you say anything, I am stuck in a summer semester of college and working 20+ hours a week inbetween), I am looking forward to getting online with my old Project team and taking on some trainers. I am a lv 50 trainer, meaning I do not battle above lv 50, so that is what I am looking for in return. I think that you can auto-level your Pokemon to lv 100 for battle-purposes, so I guess I can take on challengers at that lv also.

I am currently working on an "updated" version of the team with new moves and evolutions, and maybe a totally new team or two. So if you are up for an unusual battle, here I am. Hope to see you online soon! ;)