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Looking for Wish Chansey/Lickitung


I'm looking for legit NYPC Wish Chansey/Lickitung, preferably with a beneficial nature (not too fussy, so long as it's not + attack on Chansey or + Sp. Att on Lickitung). The following is a list of things that I am able to trade for such Pokémon:

Azelf - Untouched
Celebi - 10 Aniv - untouched
Cresselia - various - untouched - one with 31 HP IV
Deoxys - any form - Naughty Nature - untouched - Japanese
Groudon - Untouched
Ho-oh - MATTLE - Untouched
Lugia - XD - Slightly Touched, knows Featherdance and Psycho Boost
Manaphy - Untouched, Bold Nature
Mew - MYSTRY - Modest Nature - 31 IV Sp. Att
Rayquaza - Brave Nature (+ Att), untouched
Suicune - Lv. 53, Calm Nature, no EVs, Colosseum
Suicune - Lv. 50, Kanto
Uxie - Untouched
Zapdos - Untouched (Kanto)
Zapdos - Slightly Touched (XD - knows Baton Pass and Metal Sound)

Gabite (Timid)
Dragonair (Sassy)
Slakoth (Impish)
Rayquaza (Adamant)

EV Trained Lv. 100s:
Ho-oh, MATTLE, Serious Nature, 31 IV sp. Def, 252 Att, 252 Speed, lowest IV is Defence at 15
Sceptile, knows Leech Seed, Modest, 31 IV Sp. Att, 29 IV Speed, 252 Sp. Att, 252 Speed, all IVs > 20
Heracross, Adamant, 31 IV Att, 22 IV Speed
Rhydon, Adamant, 31 IV Att, 31 IV Speed, Defences between 14 and 19, 252 Att, 252 HP
Kyogre, Timid, 252 Sp. Att, 128 Sp. Def, 128 HP
Suicune, Mild, Colosseum

Other Pokémon:
Togepi knowing Wish, Nasty Plot, Baton Pass, Thunder Wave with 31 IV Sp. Att or Speed, Bold Nature
Elekid knowing Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Fire Punch with 31 IVs Att or Speed, Lonely Nature
Smoochum with 31 IV Sp. Att, 31 IV Speed
Beldum with 31 IV Att, 31 IV Speed

Master Ball

Please could you post the stats when you offer? It's not as important as with Jirachi, but I'd like to see them anyway.


You can't breed them, they came from NYPC in eggs in about 2004. If I could breed one, I'd do it myself, as I have OCD about pokémon having different OTs to me.