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Looking for you guys' opinions regarding contests!


Mud in my veins
I remember the good old days when we had one every week, people were posting all day every day, there were a lot of people here. All the time.

Now it's a ghost town.

I say go for it! I agree with Raiga. Better someone just start it up as soon as possible instead of waiting.

Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
I'd be interested in entering sprite contests; I want to keep spriting but never really find the motivation to do it, which a frequent contest should help with. I can't offer to run it, since I'm coming up to my exams and terrible running such things anyway, but I'm interested.
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Well guys, how about this, I'll give Reaper until Sunday to respond and see if he wants to run the thing. If he doesn't respond or doesn't want to do it, then-

On Monday around 6:00a.m.(central), I'll post the first week's competition thread.

As I mentioned before, other sites like Pokecommunity are in the same situation we are, so I'm going to try and get a WSC thread in any formerly major spriting hub to try and generate one large scale success. If anyone knows of any sites that fit this bill, please v.m. or p.m. me, thanks!


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Kay guys, I know it hasn't even been two weeks, but I'm already kind of bored of the GWSC XD So uhhh, I'll continue it for the time being, but if anyone wants to take it over for me I'd be more than gracious!