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Looky Look! ....


Up and away
Okay, this is the first coloring I'm proud of:

.... I know I could have added a little bit more of shading on the robes and the shirt, but I think I'd have made it look too stuffed or something ... *shrugs* Ignore the background, t's craptastic, but I'm never really good in backgrounds, it's a small step I guess... Oh, and the eyes seem off a bit, I'll try and fix that as soon as possible.


C&C are always encouraged and welcome, I don't bite, I mean it ^^.


Warning-he DOES bite. Anyway...

The picture overall isn't that bad. You're right about the eyes-how one has more *white* than the other. The background's actually fine; sometimes a good picture doesn't need a glamorous background. Anyone that says so is high-strung or full of themselves. One more thing? I think the robe should be more *closed* in. It looks like he has a bunch of air. And unless your background suggests there's wind, I'm just not seeing this. Otherwise, a great effort and decently made sir.


Up and away
I knew I was missing something... I just forgot what :p. When I did the background I totally forgot about wind depiction, so yeah, I understand where your view's coming from. Thanks for commenting Teehee, I really appreciate it ^^. Now as I always say, please don't just look here and not even post something, you don't have to say something good, any critic will be taken the same way, and I won't hold onto any grudges.
Ok well Haku, I honestly love the drawing :3 The hair and eyes are the best ^^; The robe looks fab, I personally like the rope on it XP It just looks so nice, of course the robe colouring is nice but the rope! THE ROPE :O Well it's clear how much effort has gone into the this picture Haku, and it really paid off :D It's a great picture IMO

The backgrounds nice too >>;​


Up and away
Thanks for posting Stu,I really appreciate your comment a lot. Hopefully more people would be nice enough to comment on my drawings and such *sighs*


that is really good. you know your problems, work on them