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I made this moveset for alakazam....just for fun...so i want you to rate it...no flames...crits appreciated...

Focus Blast/Drain Punch/Ice punch
Shadow Ball
Calm Mind
Power trick

Overview: Use power trick on any physical sweeper to swap attack and defense which makes you less vulnerable and more likely to survive attacks. Also with drain punch/ice punch and your new attack power you can KO others…If the opponent is not a physical sweeper you can always go for calm mind then shadow ball…

So....how abt it???


Team Armageddon
i think its ok, but i'm not that good on movesets but it looks ok

You've made the same post 8 times
This is bad.
Does nobody understand how power trick works?!
Power Trick switches YOUR OWN defense and attack stats!!!!!!!!This attack only really works w/ shuckle, especially as an example.When shuckle uses power trick, its attack stats becomes what its defense stat is and vice-versa. this gives shuckle massive attack and no defense.Alakazam should NEVER use this move because its physical stats suck!

Understand an attack description before you post something like this please.


Grr.....why dont you understand...this is to be used against a special sweeper silly....alakazams's attack and defense sucks...a physical sweppers attack ROX!!! If alakazam could get his hands on that attack it could use drain punch with ease...also not many physical sweepers suck at defense so alakzam could do with good defense....read the overwiew again..:mad:

And i know....somehting went wrong!!! *wails* i made the smae thread 8 ntimes...i hope i dont get infractions..
Did you understand anything i just said?.....Power Trick switches Alakazam's attack stat number w/ ITS OWN defense stat number, making its defense now 50, ands its attack now 45(base). so this set is horribly hindering especially since Alakazam is never physical.