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Loot From Labyrinth/Dungeon Poké

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Name's Adam.
Loot From Labyrinth/Dungeon Poké

So, I've been having this idea floating around on my mind that when a Mystery Dungeon dwelling Pokémon is killed, their bodies disappear but they drop some kind of loot after they die, like a video game, which can then be collected and used by Explorers. I'm doing this because I want to give Dungeon Pokémon more meaning than just being random encounter canon fodder.

For now, I'm thinking of making different types of emeras to be the loot gotten from them, as having it be other items that look clearly artificial would be kinda ridiculous. Anyway, does anyone here implement something similar in their stories?

JX Valentine

This is ... a bit too ultra-specific for a discussion.

The question here seems to be more about your fic/headcanon than something that can be applied to others’ works. If you’d like advice on a thing you’re doing, that’d be fine, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what you’re asking either. In other words, this isn’t really a general discussion, but it’s not really a thread asking for advice. But if you’re simply posting to chat about elements of your fic (the third possibility here), that would be more appropriate in your story thread.

Or in shorter words, gonna have to close this because it’s not really appropriate for the AC.

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