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Lord of the Dumbs : Rise of Cretisium

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by LordoftheDumbs, May 14, 2014.

  1. LordoftheDumbs

    LordoftheDumbs New Member

    Hello everyone!

    We are looking for beta testers for our new TCG, Lord of the Dumbs: Rise of Cretisium. The goal is to help us improve the game experience that has already been developed, produce the best game possible for the coming versions, and develop a community of motivated players to follow the project along with us.

    Planned for 2014, Lord of the Dumbs takes place in the completely whacky universe of Cretisium, where the population has been completely stupid since the day the terrible Drack Garnomor stole the Intelligence. Your mission? To restore said Intelligence to the three Cretisium societies: the Frumunders, the Middlers and the Upperites. But this mission is far from simple, as the storyline will take you through many twists and turns.

    In this version of the beta you will test the Adventure Mode (PvE). In this mode you will discover the premises of the story and collect and manage your first Dumbs by enhancing and evolving them. Eventually, we will integrate a PvP and World Boss mode containing social functionalities that will let you interact, exchange, bargain and create your own circle of friends.

    All the essential information to install the beta is located on our official website in this article: www.lordofthedumbs.com/the-beta-is-here/

    We hope to see many of you soon in the Lord of the Dumbs beta!

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