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i just wanted to know if i am a nerd for liking pokemon, im almost 16 and i like pokemon alot, i mean if i have to go somewere on saturdays and i miss pokemon i get really ticked off, i think im normal and my friends have no idea that i like pokemon so, am i a LOSER?


you are not a "nerd" or a "loser" for liking something like pokemon...

however, asking if you are one does make you one...

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
one word no!

I am 18 and I like pokemon so does that make me a loser I don't think so.

And if your friend stop being your friend just because you like pokemon then you are a loser for picking friend who don't like you just for liking pokemon.


There is nothing wrong with liking Pokémon. If your friends don't like you because you like Pokémon, they are the losers for being so shallow.


That's society.
Anything that doesn't flow is for losers.
Don't pay attention.

Now, I don't like pokemon anymore, and maybe because I hang with people who hates it, doesn't make me one of those people.
Just had to clear that up =D


Nothing to be done
Welcome to "Is it alright to like Pokemon?" topic #8,735.

Yeah, of course its alright, as long as you don't obsess or anything.

however, asking if you are one does make you one...
No, just self-conscious, and possibly unstable.

Burrut, you want some ketchup with your attention?
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no way,

dood, your not a loser just for liking pokemon. if someone things your a loser for that, then they werent a good friend anyway. people who hate people for simple things like that are dumb.


also people who say stuff like that are posers, its ok for someone to not like pokemon, but to not like it in risk of being a loser is dumb. im not saying u do thaT.


Well-Known Member
NO. You aren't a loser. You just happen to be a person interested in Pokemon. There is nothing wrong with that. People think I'm "weird" for liking it, but oh well. I like what I like, and you should be able to like what you like, too, regardless of it being categorized into "lame" and "childish." >_>

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
What makes you a loser is actually doing this topic, not liking pokemon. :)

pokemon master:Stranger

Surprise buttsecks!
ok heres what i think the GAMES RULE!,cards,amie SUCK! i know im going to get some bad feedback for what i just typed but oh well.
what i like about the games is there intresting to play and watch and there advanced much more advanced then any other RPG at the moment.


Kill your heroes
There are peope twice your age who like Pokemon. I'm diez y cuatro and like Pokemon.


Insert Coin(s)
Look pal you're not a looser. I like pokemon and i'm...20 years old!!
If you think that you are a looser, what would you think of me??!!


Contaminated KFC
...if nobody even knows you like it anyway, why the hell do you even care?

I really don't understand people like you.

intergalactic platypus

Only rescues maidens
no. im 16 and i like pokemon, but im very popular and respected at school. i dont tell anyone i follow the anime to be brutally honest (since the only way to watch it would be in the dorm, i follow through ep guides) but i do tell people i like the games. hel, i keep my emerald VIP card that i got for preordering right underneath my key card to my room in the card slot of my wallet. people know i play it and theyre fine with that


Liking Pokemon at that age doesn't make you a nerd. Pokemon is for all ages, and if you feel embarrassed about it, then I feel sorry for you. If somebody makes fun of you, you got to realized that their just insecure jacka**s that yern for attention.


Sandslash+Lugia fan
I've sometimes asked myself the same question. My best friend likes pokemon, and I bet that, in honesty, many of the other guys I hang out with also like it. The thing is that no one in my area will publicly admit liking pokemon. You are coertainly not a loser. But teens call people nerds in the same instance that Bush calls people terrorists: when they think differently from conventional norms. So, you might be a nerd, but I don't think even liking pokemon is uncommon, considering game sales and such.
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