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Losing Its Lustrous (564)

Mrs. Oreo

Wow so Saturn managed to steal the Adamant Orb and Mars blew up Celestic town's ruins. Croagunk anticipating Toxicroak was cool, but too bad he lost. I liked seeing Cyrus finally debut in Dp however.
My favorite scene was when we saw Cyrus and how he was all dressed up in his nice suit and acting innocent, but also passionate about the myths.
This Team Galactic themed episode surprised me pleasantly, seeing that the scriptwriters finally allowed for some violence and PUSA didn't cut it out. TR were doing their part very well.


So Satoshi's group was still in Kannagi Town, which gave us a chance to meet Shirona's grandmother and Akagi. Akagi looked bizarre in his suit, and I was amazed by Gureggru and how he could sense Dokurog. I liked how Hikari and Satoshi remembered glimpsing Emrit and Agnome as well, and the anime debut of Mars got me excited for part two.


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Croagunk wasn't acting like his usual itself, no matter what Brock did. Cyrus smiling with a cheery face is creepy. Dawn and Ash being reminded of Azelf and Mesprit was cool.


In hindsight, I wasn't exactly fond of how Kannagi Town resembled an ordinary city in the anime compared to its rustic and homely appearance in the Shinou games.


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This episode was awesome. I love episodes that dive deep into the lore and history of the Pokemon world. Things are really spicing up and I'm interested to see what happens next.

It was sad to see some of the ruins blown up as thye are an area of cultural and historical significance.

It was interesting having Cyrus acting like he is innocent and it was cool seeing Cynthia and her Grandmother.

I'm intrigued to see what will happen next.


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Yeah I knew this Cyrus was a bad guy since I played the games to know he was the leader of Team Galactic.