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Losmia Horizon (The Discussion Thread)


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“Welcome to Orion Grocers! YOUR all-in-one destination for everything and anything! Looking for groceries? We got it! Looking for appliances? We got those too! Looking for Pokémon supplies? Look no further! We have weekly deals and promotions for just about anything you can think of! And if you think our competitors have better deals than us, we’ll price match it! Remember, if it’s got a price, then we can beat it! So c’mon down to your nearest Orion today!”

- Orion Commercial


The Region of Losmia, is often a forgotten gem. Located somewhat far from other regions, it’s no surprise why many people overlook this Region filled with scenery that could rival its counterparts. Lush forests, grasslands, and mountains cover this land, and one could even say that it has been lucky in the sense that it has not succumbed to business moguls wanting to create large cities, skyscrapers, factories, highways, or otherwise turn this Region into a polluted mess. Life for the most part is tame here, and because of that, this Region is not recognized by the Pokémon League, nor does it have one of its own. This reason could also be a large contributing factor to the forgotten existence of this Region, however that has not stopped the residents of Losmia from making the best of their situation. Several clubs exist throughout the region, with each club having a leader, formally known as Club Directors.These directors are not recognized officially by any sort of League or governing body, but instead operate individually. This means that Club Directors are free to do whatever they want with their Club, without consulting any sort of higher up. They do however, consult with each other on a regular basis, similar to a union of sorts. Unlike the traditional Pokémon League, there is no limit as to how many Clubs can be in Losmia. Despite the lack of said League, Losmia is still a place abundant with trainers, friendly people and Pokémon alike.

Orion Industries

Orion Industries is a corporation that is exclusive to the Losmia. They pride themselves in making life easier for all residents by providing them with ease of access to Pokémon supplies (Pokéballs, Potions, etc), food, electronics, homeware, and much more through their chain of grocery stores known as Orion Grocers. Littered throughout the Region, Orion Industries strategically puts their grocery store in many towns and cities, so a majority of people have access to them. Although some people are against the corporation, many people find themselves at the doors of this grocery store more often than not, as they have competitive pricing, and offer jobs to the communities of the Region. Because of this however, many smaller independently owned shops are not able to compete, and thus are seeing a decline in their business.

The CEO Carlyle, is known to be a rather enthusiastic, and ‘progressive’ leader. He honestly believes that his stores do more good for Losmia than bad. A lot of the money his company generates is donated to charities, and/or put into Pokémon research as well as the preservation of certain rarer or endangered species. His vice president, Quinn is more notorious for being the iron fist of the organization. While Carlyle has more of a lenient personality, Quinn would be considered to be more enforcement oriented. It is often said that without Quinn, Carlyle’s company would have been in the red, long ago. Although there is no proof of that, it can be said that Quinn is a very cautious person, who gets caught up in the numbers.


Despite the seemingly calm atmosphere that surrounds the Region, there has been a bit of trouble brewing upon the land. Known as Team Lotus, this criminal organization surfaced a short while ago after an incident in a nearby town, which involved numerous Lotus Grunts stealing Pokémon from a research lab. However, their crime isn’t just limited to Pokémon theft; robbery, extortion, and even fraud top this organization’s list of dastardly deeds. Their motive is still yet unknown, however, the Losmia Police have stated that there does seem to be a reason as to why they are stealing Pokémon, and warn residents to stay vigilant if suspicious people try to approach or make contact. Recent reports state, that Lotus Grunts seem to be distinguishable through their black seaters with yellow vests, and brown pants with black boots. There is also an apparent stylized ‘L’ shaped marking on the middle of their sweater. Although the outfit alone is not enough to consider someone an apparent member, citizens should be diligent in making sure they take proper precautions no matter what.


Your character currently resides in the quaint community that is known as Whispin Town. Whether they were born there, or moved there from another region or town/city, is completely up to you, as is their day to day life. Whispin is known for its friendly people, and peaceful lifestyle, and is often referred to as “The town that never changes”. Reason being, a lot of people that grow up here, tend to stay here, not wanting to leave their peaceful lifestyle. The people that do leave or travel, somehow end up back at this pleasant town once their adventures are done. That’s not to say there’s nothing to do in this town!

Although the town has the usual necessities such as a Pokemon Centre, there are other points of attraction as well:

Town Square: Here is the heart of the town, and where a lot of businesses and other buildings reside. Although Whispin isn’t the biggest town around, chances are that travellers will find everything they need in this district.

Battle Corral: This is a grassy hill area, located on just the outside of town. The town’s river flows through this area and is the most popular spot for people to have battles or just hang out. Although no official, designated battlefield exists, it is a generally well-known rule that the entire grass area around this river can be used for battling. As such, many people will be walking alongside the trail to spectate, or more often than not, bring their kids to play in this area as well.

Orion Grocers: Orion Industries of course has a branch out here, located smack dab in the heart of the town, near the Pokemon Centre. There are no Marts in Losmia, and as such, are replaced by Orion Grocers. This place has everything, from food to Pokemon supplies.

Professor Pine’s Lab: A Research lab located on the far end of town. Slightly isolated, Pine loves her personal space, as it allows her to conduct proper research without the hassle of people constantly coming and going. She occasionally also takes in people for assistance, to help her out around the lab. She doesn’t have too much of an input or opinion for that matter, in political affairs, however, the town does seek her help when it calls for it.

The Role-play will start in the Town of Whispin, and will build further on out from there. I do have a plot in mind, however, the ‘in-between’ stuff is where I will let you guys have some creative freedom. The Role-play will play in 'Chapters', where each Chapter has its own plot.


Ahh yes, the rules section. This is going to be a long one, so bear with me. I have combined the World/In-Game Rules, and General Role-play rules since I didn’t find the need to separate them with their own sections. They are as follows:

1 All forum rules, and RPG forum rules apply. This includes bunnying without permission, godmodding, excessive swearing, etc. Be respectful to others, and help out where need be.

2 This role-play will be rated PG to possibly PG-13. I’m not going to make a Pokemon RP way more mature than it needs to be. You can definitely make things a bit darker than usual, however refrain from swearing or gore and whatnot. Also, if something has been shown in the franchise before, then that's a good indicator that it's allowed (e.g - Marowak dying from Team Rocket, the infamous Charmeleon slicing Arbok scene, etc).

3 Not really a rule, but it counts as being apart of the role-play world so I am putting it in here: I am giving you guys a bit more creative freedom here, as mentioned before. You guys are free to create your own Lotus Admin (if you wish to), as well as your own towns and cities and plot lines/chapters. If you choose to do so, make sure you run it by me to approve of it, and we can work something out.

4 This is NOT a journey roleplay, in the sense where the point of the role-play is to collect badges. I feel like this should be stated, in case anyone interested in this role-play is thinking that. Although yes, you can do the same stuff in any old Pokémon RP such as battle, catch, challenge gyms/clubs, etc, that is not the overarching plot.

5 Speaking of catching and battling: You can only catch Pokémon with my permission. I don’t have real rules on catching (as in, the type of Pokémon found), however I do ask that you make it a sensible catch. For example, it does not make sense finding a Dragonair or something of the like right at the start of the roleplay. Same goes for evolving: You must ask for my permission first.

6 Pokémon Centers in this role-play also act as Inns. They will offer you lodging, food and a bed as long as you have Pokémon with you.


This part is in its own section, because I have to go more in-depth with the mechanics of battling in this RP. The following rules apply to mostly Player VS Player battles in the roleplay, but are also the basis for NPC battles as well. This section will be updated accordingly.

1. Dodging: You cannot infinitely dodge attacks. This counts as god-modding. Likewise, not all of your attacks will hit their target 100% of the time. Use dodging at your own discretion, and be sensible about it. I will allows players to utilize 3 dodges (with 100% succession rate) per battle. This does not count per Pokemon, but rather the battle as a whole. Otherwise, all attacks will hit their target as intended. The only exceptions to this rule, is utilizing attacks such as Sand-Attack or accuracy reducing moves that would cause an opponent’s Pokémon’s attack to miss. If an opponent’s attack misses, it does not count towards your Dodge Ammo.

2. Only 4 moves per Pokémon just like the games. Egg moves and Abilities are also allowed, however only one egg move per Pokémon. No egg moves for any Pokémon caught in the wild. However, Egg moves are allowed If your character receives a Pokémon through an NPC.

3. No Mega Evolutions or G/Dynamax Pokémon in this roleplay. This may change later, but for now, no.

4. For the most part, there is no real levelling system in this roleplay. Just play, and let your Pokémon grow accordingly. You don't need permission to learn moves, but again, make it sensible. TMs also exist, but again, let me know before finding one.

5. Most battles in this role-play will generally be in this format: 1vs1, 2vs2 (double battle), or 3vs3. Double battles can be done by yourself, or you can team up with another player if you wish (if you are battling against NPCs). Battling among players is also allowed.

6. When it comes to players battling other players, I will leave the battle outcome up to the players involved. For example, let you guys ref your own battles. I will only chime in, if something is going against the battle rules or if there is a dispute of the sorts. I don’t imagine that will be too much of an issue however.


Sign-Up Sheet


(Can be any age you want. From kid, to elderly)

(A detailed paragraph or two on the history of your character)


(A detailed paragraph or two on the history of your character)

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(Your Character's starting Pokémon)

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Current Moveset
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My Sign-Up

Cedric Locke







Cedric is a young man of somewhat athletic build, standing at around 5’10”. Although he doesn’t particularly stand out in a crowd, one thing that people first notice about him is his pleasantly coloured auburn hair. Although he doesn’t take care of it too much, he does tend to keep it on the medium-short side, disliking it when it becomes too long. His eyes are green in colour, which people say compliment his face, which is generally free from any sort of ‘imperfections’ such as acne or scarring. However, in the heat, his light skin tone does have a tendency to tan easily. In terms of a fashion sense, Cedric isn’t one to spend a whole lot of money on what he wears. He generally dislikes anything too extravagant, or anything that’ll make him stand out too much. He opts for more affordable options, and things that will last him a while, while simultaneously not wanting to look homeless. On a day to day basis, he typically wears a simple, thin, zippered black jacket that keeps him from getting cold, but is light enough to wear in warm weather. Underneath his jacket, he tends to once again it keep it simple, by wearing a plain white shirt. For his lower body, he wears fitted brown pants and rocks his trusty red high-top sneakers.


Cedric overall is a person that tends to go by the motions in his day to day life. He isn’t one for planning, however, it should be noted he dislikes going out of his comfort zone too much. He does fall into peer pressure rather easily, which is more-so something he tends to do out of insecurity, not wanting people to think ill of him.

Working at a local fruit stand has let him interact with the townsfolk, as well as develop his social skills. He loves delivering terrific customer service, and overall enjoys making small talk with people. His boss often trusts him to run the stand by himself a lot of the time, because of his willingness to work hard and excel. This however, can also sometimes be a hinderance, as some customers have pointed out that he either talks too much, or cannot take hints.

By nature, Cedric is a caring person, and likes to help out where needed. This can range from helping an elderly lady with her groceries, or by lending someone in need of some money. In terms of his Pokémon, Cedric likes to take care of his two Pokémon by often bringing them to work and letting them out periodically for exercise rather than being cooped up at home. He does not partake in battling too often, for the sole reason that he is not that skilled at it, nor does he practice.


Growing up in Whispin his whole life, Cedric has never really known a home outside of this rustic town. Nor does he have any real desire to move out. His life for the most part has been rather uneventful, not having any sort of real life altering events. His mother is more or less non-existent in his life, and has been since he was born. According to his brother and father, the reasoning behind this was the fact that she somehow fell out of love with Cedric’s father. Although Cedric does believe there’s more to the story than just that. Although his father essentially raised Cedric and his older brother Simon, it wasn’t until Cedric turned 18 that he left for work in another region, as a researcher. Although he periodically does visit Whispin, Cedric and Simon are left on their own for the most part, to take care of each other and help out where needed. It was around this time when he got a job at a local fruit stand in town, where he continued to work for the next few years. Cedric does prefer a life of peace and quiet, and thus, the fruit stand was his home away from home, as he essentially gets to do as he pleases, working without much hassle or much expectations.







Water Gun
Ice Punch
Mud Shot



Sheer Force


Mach Punch
Bulk Up
Low Kick


Current Players

Cedric Locke [AJ2000]
Stella Gold [Monster Guy]
Stefan Blue [Schade]
Isaac Aain Casanova [Hydrangea]
Sohkee “Key” Anala [Skillfulness]

Beau Belrose [Innerflame]
Joshua Hoffman [Sketchie]
Jacqueline Isabella Arianell / Jackie Silver [GoldenHouou]


I'm not entirely sure where i wanted to end my post, but ended up joining Cedric at the marketplace.
A pretty lengthy post, but i had so much fun writing it


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I plan to post soon...ish. I have a bit of a head cold right now so I'm finding it hard to think and focus. I'll try and get back on track by Monday tho. owo|b


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I'm not busy today, so I'll attempt to post sometime today


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Took longer than I wanted it too but there's the post let me know if there any problems in my writing or insistences and I'll get that fix.


That is good to hear, AJ. I am planning on yeeting Stefan into Jackie's jush if you don't do anything soon.


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A shorter post, but I wanted to incorporate both Stefan and Jackie. Feel free to Bunny Cedric if you need to.

Also, does the Seafood Restaurant have a name?


I'm not sure tbh. I know i had one at some point but i think it got lost lol. I'll let you know when i remember.


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Cedric referred to Stefan as 'Seafood', so hopefully he's not peeved by that lol.

Also, that last part in my post that takes place in the Battle Corral is just my way of introducing an antagonist. In a nutshell, he badly defeated a young trainer and went overboard in the battle causing his opponent's Gloom to be injured. If you want to work some rumours/gossip about him in your post, or even have an interaction feel free.


Small note: Corsola is the Ghost-Type white Galarian one, not the Water-Type pink Johtonian one.
I love th nickname, Seafood man though.


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Whoops my bad! Fixed it now! Although, Cedric probably would be clueless enough to think it was water type still, likes its Johto counterpart.