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Losmia Horizon (The Role-play Thread)


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“…with that said, officials are not yet sure of the whereabouts of the missing Absol, however they warn everyone to remain vigilant and contact the authorities if they find anything.”

There was a brief pause from the news reporter, until he looked down at his papers before speaking once more. “And for the final report of the morning, police are still following up with the missing Pokémon from Brighton City Research Lab. Head researcher, Mr. Pom states that he is certain it was the criminal organization referring to themselves as Team Lotus. Although the exact individuals involved could not be identified, the police are hard at work tracking down the Pokéballs associated with the Pokémon. Mr. Pom and his team have installed a tracking serial to each Pokéball and - ”

Cedric pressed the button on his remote, and with a flick, his old and rustic, yet reliable television set turned off. He threw the remote on his bed, before walking towards his desk, flinging two Pokéballs, a snack and a water bottle into his bag that slung around the chair of his desk. “Oh, are you headed out so soon?” A voice spoke as the door to his room creaked. Cedric finished getting his bag ready and slung his arms through the straps to put it on.

“Earlier start means I get to go home early too.” Cedric responded, staring at his older brother who stood by the door. “I’m taking the Pokémon with me too, so I guess you’ll be home by yourself today.” Cedric smiled as he walked past his brother, giving him a little pat on the shoulder. Not waiting for a response, He hurried down the stairs and shot out the door, opening up to the pleasant warmth of the sun’s rays. It was the perfect season in Losmia at the moment, and Cedric intended to take full advantage of it when he was off work, before the rainy season kicked in.

“Hey! Cedric!” A little boy suddenly came running towards him, who he immediately recognized as Benny. Everyone knew Benny as the boy who knows all the latest gossip and rumours around town, and was generally a good source of knowledge whenever you needed to know something. If he didn’t know something, he could most likely find it for you - for a price that is, depending on how well he knew the person. Luckily, Cedric was on good terms with Benny, and that was evident in the way they interacted with one another.

“Hey Benny, what’s up?” Cedric asked, as he began to walk away from his house and proceeded to go towards the town.

“Cedric, can I see your Pokémon?” Benny excitedly asked. “I am trying to do a research project for school, and I need to do something for Water types!” Benny walked alongside Cedric, pulling at his shirt, trying to nudge him into opening his bag.

“For school? I would love to Benny, but I am sort of on my way to work.” Cedric chuckled half-heartedly and scratched his head.

“Oh c’mon Cedric! It’ll only take a minute! I promise!” Benny pleaded, clasping his hands together almost as if he were begging.

“Okay, okay. Only a minute though. You’re lucky It’s still a bit early before work.” Cedric stopped in his tracks, taking off his bag, rummaging around in his backpack. He unzipped a compartment inside and pulled out a small Pokéball. He pressed the button to enlarge it, and gave it a toss in the air, shooting out a beam of light. Benny whipped out his mini notebook and pen form his pocket, and looked in awe as the beam of light took to the form of Cedric’s Marshtomp. The Pokémon stood there, making an odd sound, as it curiously looked around at Cedric and then at Benny.

“Wow! Your Marshtomp is huge!” Benny stared at Marshtomp, scribbling down notes while periodically looking at the Marshtomp. “I imagine it’s because generally Pokémon get larger while in captivity of a trainer, due to their food. And possibly the amount of training they go through if they are going to be battling.” Benny stuck out his tongue, continuing to write down notes.

“Well, I imagine it’s because of the food. Marshtomp doesn’t battle much, to be honest.” Cedric chuckled again, petting his Marshtomp on the head. “How much longer is this going to take?” He asked.

“Pretty much done. I am going to make my water-type project about Marshtomp, so I have almost everything I need. But now I need to see it in action!” Benny exclaimed.

“In action…?” Cedric looked confusingly.

“Yes. Action. As in, a battle! I’m going to record the battle, so I can watch it over and over again and present it in my class!” Benny went to pat Marshtomp on the head, who just growled playfully in return.

“Whoa, hold on Benny, you never mentioned anything about a battle.” Cedric jolted his head in response to hearing Benny’s idea, not amused at the thought of it. “Besides, I don’t have much experience with battling, let alone Marshtomp. I don’t think I’m too comfortable with that idea.” He pressed the button on his Pokéball, and returned Marshtomp before putting it back into his bag.

“What? Seriously? Cedric, why not? I’ll even find an opponent for you, it won’t take long I promise! We can do it right after your work!” Benny pleaded. Cedric nodded, continuing to walk away, and back towards the town to his work. “Cedric! Please! Nobody else in this town has a Marshtomp, I need this to get a good mark for my assignment!” Benny stopped walking, as he began to shout at Cedric who kept walking further and further away, until he was completely out of sight from Benny.


“Here you go, ma’am.” The smell of freshly picked fruit and berries filled the marketplace air, luring in both old and new customers of the like. Cedric tied the top of the bag, and handed it to the elderly lady across the fruit display, who smiled in return before walking away. Despite having worked at the fruit stand for quite a while, the smell of berries was something that never got dull with him, for whatever reason. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had to sell them, he’d probably munch away at them while he worked.

“Cedric! I need you to do something for me.” A voice shouted. Cedric turned to his right and saw his boss, Gordo. The short, older man approached Cedric with a small, brown sack filled with Berries. Although he was bald, something that made him stand out was his gray, almost silver-like scruffy beard. That was usually his distinguishable feature that people recognized him by. “These are for Carol. You know her right? The elderly lady that lives in the small white house, just on the outside of town.” He said, handing Cedric the bag. “She’s sick, so I told her you’d deliver her berries to her. today” Gordo said, pointing at the bag. Cedric nodded, untying his white work apron. “Keep that on, you’re still on the clock. Plus, it’ll look good for me with people seeing how good our customer service is.” The boss laughed, although somewhat sinisterly. He had always been the penny pinching type, so this came no surprise to Cedric that he’d be eventually delivering berries at this point in his job.

He grabbed the bag, and began to walk through the bustling marketplace. Kids playing, people mingling, bartering and other day to day activities filled the market air, which gave Cedric a lot of satisfaction. The sense of community was one of the reasons why he couldn’t think of living anywhere else, and that in itself was an underrated treasure in his opinion.

“The Whispin Post! Get your weekly copy of The Whispin Post!” A man shouted, standing on a wooden crate by the corner of the street. He was waving around the local newspaper, distributing it to people who were walking by. Cedric looked at him, until he locked eyes with him. “You there! Boy!” The man shouted excitedly, and jumped down from the crate to approach Cedric. “Would you like your copy of The Whispin Post? With everything that’s going on, it’s good to arm yourself with knowledge.” Cedric looked at the man and nodded. The man smiled, handing Cedric the paper. He held the bag of berries in one hand, while holding the paper out in front of him with the other.

“I can already guess what’s going to be on the front page.” Cedric laughed half-heartedly, looking at the front page of the newspaper. It showed a blurry picture of the suspects involved in the laboratory incident in Brighton City, who were supposedly Team Lotus according to everyone and the media outlets. "You know, you'd think the laboratory would have better security measures." Cedric said, skimming through the front page.

"Well, I'm sure they did. Maybe these criminals are just smart?" The man responded, as he handed out a few papers to passing townsfolk. " I mean I am sure these aren't regular burglars we are talking about." The man then turned to face Cedric. "But like I said, it doesn't hurt to learn a bit more about what's going on". He smiled, as he began to shout once more, advertising the paper.


Stefan Blue
Cycling his way downtown, cycling fast.

Cycling my way downtown, cycling fast, going past and i'm early. ♪ Stefan hummed for himself as he was riding his bike out of the small village in order to get his delivery to the customer on time. While he normally disliked being sent on errands like this, he had grown to get quite used to it, as it was easier than being scolded at by Gramps and his Grapploct. "You have to get this delivery out to the customer, boy! Our business trademark of locally harvested goods means nothin unless it's shipped out to the customers directly!" He'd say, while Grapploct would just stand there, arms folded and nod accordingly. It had become somewhat of a habit at this point, even though Stefan would be awake and early long before the stores daily deliveries would require being sent out. Besides, the entire ride wouldn't take him more than 30 minutes, give or take, depending on if he met any hinderances along the way. The radio had said something about Team Lotus being out and about lately, causing Stefan to keep his Pokemon close to him at all times, especially when he was out and about. Gramps would be fine. Lotus grunts had tried taking over the shop before, but had been brutally mauled by Grapploct before beign sent away, causing the team of misfits to leave the store alone. That didn't mean they hadn't tried picking off Stefan when he was on a ride though, as he had had a few encounters. Though Dhelmise's general prescence was often enough to send them packing, unless his Anchor Shot didn't do it first.

The day was a pleasant one, and while it was nearing noon by now, Stefan had already been to the beach outside of the town for his regular morning swims. While he hadn't trekked out too far this time due to his schedule, he had found a few neat items along the beachfront, ranging from pearls to beached wailmers, the beachfront was never boring.

He zoomed down a small hill, oblivious to the hassle it would be getting back up later, as he closed in on his destination: Old Frau DeSnoot. She was a regular customer, living in a quaint one-man apartment by a different beach front further away from where Stefan usually went himself. She was an older woman, likely in her 70's, giving off a more posh and authoritative aura than her modest abode suggested, hinting at some sort of grandiose life before settling near the village. There were many people like Frau DeSnoot in Whispin; People who had left their lives behind to live a smaller, more meaningful life. Most of these people were elderly people, and while nobody really talked about it, it was always sad when a regular stopped ordering, or if you suddenly stopped seeing someone walk the same route they had been going at the same time every day for gods knows how many years. For DeSnoot, however, she used to order in freshly caught fish twice or thrice a week. She seemed to enjoy the company, but her strange Plant Pokemon didn't. Shying away in such a snobby way one could only assume it was used to a lifetime in the spotlight.

As he pulled into the small driveway, he rang the bell on his bike. The bike was an old one. The kind of bike with a basket in front, and a metal plate with his gramps' store logo on it, covering one of the sides on the back wheel. As always, Frau DeSnoot responded from the backyard. "Come on back here, boy.". IT was all too familiar, and while it was nice to be appreciated by the locals the way Stefan wa,s he was beyond bored of the repetetiveness of his life. Like a robot, he unhinged the basket and walked around the house to the back. The back of the house was very very different than the front would suggest; while the front was relatively free of decorations, or anything with a hint of personality, the back was like some sort of strange garden. Flowers of every shape, color and size coiled around each other to create a small forest over the grassy yard stretching out to the cliff over the beach, and as Stefan walked the small path to the back, one of the bigger flowers suddenly rose as a Venusaur stood up from napping in the sun. It looked at Stefan with a wary gaze before Frau DeSnoot emerged from a lounging chair on the generously decorated patio. "Calm down, Venusaur, it's only Stefan." she said, before even making sure it was actually him. "I've been so anxious for todays catch, Stefan. Did you get everything i ordered?" The strikingly tall, lanky woman said as she stood up. She was skinny, almost sickly so, with a nice holiday-esque tan. She was clad in a bikini and a long see-through skirt, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, leaving too little to the imagination, much to Stefans agony.

"Yes i did, Frau DeSnoot", he said, putting the basket down on an ornate table in the garden as Venusaur walked up next to him and began sniffing it.

"Oh, please my boy, how many times must i ask you to just call me Magnolia." she said in a warm and kind, yet strict tone.

"As many times as necessary", Stefan said with a dry laugh. He gave her a genuine smile as he unpacked the basket to reveal an assortment of fishes, most of which he caught himself that very morning. Frau DeSnoot was fond of seafood, and often gave him fish-based pastries to go after his deliveries. While he disliked the attention, he secretly loved her cooking.

"Excellent." She said as she looked into the basket, making sure everything was in there. "I have your payment right over here, and i made you a little something to go as well." she said as she gracefully turned around to fetch an envelope and a small paper bag from another table. Yesss! Stefan thought while doing a subtle victorious fist clench, earning a scoff from the Venusaur next to him.

"I know you must be busy, so i made you a few deep-fried fish buns for the road." she said, giving him the bag. Opening it released a heavenly smell, making him grin in anticipation. Quickly regaining his posture, he continued. "Thank you so much, Frau DeSnoot, I'm very much looking forward to these.".

Frau DeSnoot sat down in an ornate chair with some grotesquely patterned pillows. "Oh, no need to be so stiff and serious, boy.". She gave him a warm smile, and Venusaur let out a sound reminiscence of a laugh. "Now, off you go. I'm sure you're very busy today. make sure to say hello to Pepe from me.", she waved him off with a hand gesture and a smile. She was the only one to ever address Gramps with his actual name, something Gramps himself was very.... aware of. It was kind of cute.

Heeding her hints, Stefan thanked her again, before bowing politely to Venusaur, who bowed in return, and went back to his bike. He picked out one of the buns and held onto it in his mouth as he saddled up and went on his way. Before going though, he picked out one of his Lure Balls and called out Corsola.

The Coral Pokemon emerged with a cry. Not a battle-ready roar of champions, but more... She stubbed her toe and is going to cry about it-kinda way. He gently lifted her and placed her in the now empty basket in front of the bike. He knew she enjoyed the bike rides, and while he would love to bring all his pokemon out for an experience like this, a 12'11" Dhelmise was an ill fit for a bicycle basket. He did try to tie a noose around one of Jellicents tentacles once, and while she seemed to enjoy being tagged along the bike like some sort of balloon, it looked weird for the people around him, making Stefan only do it occasionally, in very remote places, alone, where nobody would see. Jellicent was weird that way.

"Hey there girl, you need to try this." Stefan said as he bit off a piece of the bun and gave the other half to Corsola. She quietly nibbled on it for a few seconds before starting vailing like a bride whose family got killed on her wedding day in a tragic elevator-related accident at the hotel mere 20 minutes before the ceremony. This was a cry of happiness, believe it or not. For Corsola, not the bride in the example oh my god. She chomped down on the bun and made a neutrally sounding cry, which is as happy a Galarian Corsola is capable of sounding, in Stefans experience.

"You liked it? It's so good right? We got to make Gramps learn to make these" Stefan said as he kicked off, heading towards that ghastly upward hill he raced down from earlier.


Spending more time on his way back than he did on the way to Frau DeSnoot, he eventually made it home, where his grandpa was waiting.

"So, son? Did she enjoy the goods?" he asked, looking like a child who just sent a love letter, except the love letter was a fish... Several fish, actually. Ew.

"Yes, Gramps. Frau DeSnoot was delighted by the deliveries and sends her regards. I think her Venusaur is warming up to me as well, it bowed to me today." Stefan said, as surprised by what he said as what he said didn't really make sense out of context. "Oh, and she also gave me these.", he said as he picked out two buns from the bag, and handed them to Gramps. Gramps' eyes lit up like he just witnessed a christmas miracle, and he tasted them gently before chomping down on the one, while fiddling around for his notepad and a pen. Huh, he was invested in learning to make these after all..

"Are there any other deliveries set for today?" Stefan asked carefully. If he sounded too eager, Gramps would just haul him in for some other duty, thinking he was finally accepting his lifestyle.

"No, no.. Son you did good today, i'll take it from here, you go out and have fun" Gramps said, as if Stefan was 12 years old. "Oh yay" Stefan said in a deadpan voice, giving Gramps a smirk. Somewhere outside, Corsola started crying.

So.. What does one do when your life purpose is put on hold for the rest of the day? Well that's an easy answer. Throwing off his apron in his room, Stefan jumped out of his pants to reveal his jammers underneath. He grabbed his track top as he raced out of his window. Yup. He often took the backdoor out, just in case Gramps would change his mind and ask him to stay. That meant a small jump from the third floor, landing on the roof of the next-door building, which then led a few meters over to where he could safely descend onto a big trashbin, and safely land on the ground. Corsola was following him, staying silent until they wereo n the ground, where she started humming something. Walking over to the street corner, he grabbed his other bike, which he kept partially hidden behind a Gardevoir cardboard cutout standing in a side alley to a comic book store.

His plan was simple: Go to the towns market and pick up some fresh fruit, get the newspaper to catch up on the daily happenings, and then bike down to the beach to continue to explore the trench he had discovered last week. Whispin was a very local town, so getting from A to B rarely took more than 5 to 10 minutes, and he found himself in the town square in no time at all.

The town square was bustling with life, from street vendors to street artists, to pokemon pretending to be human. (Looking at you, Dahlia's Jynx, with your weird creepy victorian-style hat and purse)

“The Whispin Post! Get your weekly copy of The Whispin Post!” a man on a woodden crate shouted as he was handing out newspapers. Ah, the local lovely sens of community. Every time Stefan saw this man, he yearned even more for the internet. Stefan held Corsola in his arms, and walked over t the man, only for him to randomly point out some other guy and running towards him, leaving his jar of cash unattended. A safe business practice if Stefan ever knew one. The poor hoodwinked man, who Stefan vaguelly knew as Cedric, accepted the newspaper. Stefan had delivered to Cedrics family before, and knew the general layout of his familiar situation. That being said, he by no means knew the guy, even though they were aproximately the same age.

LEtting the two finish their conversation, Stefan joined the frey. "I'd like a newspaper too, please." he told the salesman, who looked at him, first in suspicion, then in joy. "Ah, Stefan! Here you go!" he said, handing him a newspaper. It seemed he was about to say something, but Stefan had already turned away, positioning himself behind Cedric. While the salesman tried making contact, it was difficult hearing him over Corsolas screams of agony.

"Hmm. Team Lotus, eh." Stefan said as he skimmed the paper. He did notice that the article was written by Jackie Silver, who he knew well-ish. While he had met the woman maybe twice ever, she had written a good review on Gramps store, which brought in a healthy amount of customers on the daily. As such, Gramps was always certain to remind Stefan that, if he ever met Jackie, he would be polite, and let her know how grateful they both were for her kind review. This is the one thing Stefan and Gramps agreed on.

Finishing Jackie's article, he turned to face Cedric, who was still there for some reason. "Catch a Dhelmise. Team Lotus hates those." he said in a deadpan voice. Corsola started a crying contest with a toddler some feet away.
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Sohkee “Key” Anala
Vanessa's Bakery

Sohkee hustled from the back to the front, carrying heavily loaded trays of baked goods. People in the kitchen shouted to each other about ingredients they needed and what dishes needed cleaning while the front was busy with patrons and the workers running the register or wiping down tables. Though they were mainly a bakery where people bought their goods and left, they also served some drinks and had seating for those who enjoyed simply sitting in the store. On slower days, Sohkee likes to chit-chat with the regulars, but today was no such day. They had lots of business this mid-morning and no time for casual conversation.

“Hey Key!” She jerked to a halt when her name was called and saw her friend Shelby waving enthusiastically. She sighed, and held up a finger to have her wait a minute. Putting the tray down, she quickly sorted the pastries into their proper places. Then she pulled grandma aside and said she’d be taking a quick break to wipe down tables.

“Alright Shelby, what’s up? You feeling any better?” Sohkee knew she had been sick the past few days, her boyfriend taking care of her.

“Oh much better, but that’s not important. Have you read the news lately?” Shelby excitedly tapped her hands on the table where she had a newspaper.

Sohkee raised an eyebrow and shook her head. “Can’t say I have, but I presume I already know what it’s about?”

Yes, the Lotus people broke into the lab, which means we are getting extra loaded down with work,” she said and let out a short laugh. “I mean, you should’ve seen it. Boss was practically fuming when he came in the other day.” Shelby worked with a security agency who in fact sold products to the Brighton Lab, target of the latest Team Lotus thievery according to the news article.

“I see,” Key said after skimming through the written piece. “That’s unfortunate for the lab, and technically for your company, but if it makes your boss angry…”

“Exactly. Oh Key, I am filled with life for every day that man is even slightly inconvenienced.” Key rolled her eyes. “What? Is it wrong to find joy in other people’s suffering.”

“Eh, depends on the person. Your boss seems like a jerk, so I guess it’s ok, but I’m not one to judge. Anyway, that’s great but I really do need to get back to work. I’ll text you later?”

“Sure enough, take it easy!” Shelby called after her as Sohkee hurried back to the kitchen. Though she’d only heard whispers of the group, it already had her feeling somewhat anxious. She had no reason to be, but hearing some group was stealing Pokemon reminded her of the Team Rocket group in Johto. Though she never encountered them, there was always the looming fear that someone could come after her Pokemon and she was not ok with that. She glanced at Quilby who was currently napping in the firepit. She smiled and tossed a piece of spare bread towards her partner before heading back to work, he would find it when he woke up.


Fire and Ice Combo
Beau Belrose
Out and About

It was a bright and sunny morning in Whispin Town. Beau had only been living in the town for a couple of days, but he found the place quite quaint and calming. Everyone seemed quite friendly even to a newcomer like himself. They seem very interested in him due to him not being a face they recognized. The curly-haired blond relish in the attention he received from the townspeople. Strolling through a slightly bustling area with his little Ciel the Espurr in his arms and Sebastian the Indeedee walking beside him, he carefreely threw a friendly smile and waved to people he passed.

Eventually, he arrived at a berry stand on his walking route. The younger man who was worked there, Cedric, appeared to be out at the moment as the older bearded owner came out to service him. The tall man made some small talk and picked out some berries, while Sebastian quietly scanned his surroundings. Unlike his carefree master, the pokemon was alert.

After probably holding up the berry stand owner for too long, he was off once again. Beau was still getting used to the homely town. Its atmosphere was different in comparison to the more luxurious Lumiose City. It didn't have tons after large buildings and lights, but the people here were friendlier. The blond reached his next destination, Vanessa's Bakery. The pastries here were delicious. It was considerably busy at this time which was great for him. While he was waiting in line, he used this time to chat with the older lady in front of him. The woman was very flattered and praised him as a very charming young man. Reaching the front, he glanced around behind the display case for a moment. Beau spotted what he was looking for.

"Bonjour, Mademoiselle Sohkee," Beau greeted the bakery girl with a wide smile. Having made a few trips to this bakery he had become somewhat acquainted with the shorter girl. She appeared busy so he left it was just a greeting. The man didn't want to disrupt her work. Giving the purple pokemon he was holding a pat on the head, he pointed his face towards the pastries. "Would you like anything Ciel, Sebastian?"

Silently the Espurr scanned the displayed wide-eyed before his stare settled on the far corner of the room. After letting out a disapproving purr, the little pokemon didn't make not a single sound or movement. Beau just smiles as he turned his head down to the Indeedee who stood straight pointed at some croissants in the display. With that, a pair of heterochromia eyes stared right at the male employee at the register.

"I'll take two Berry Danishes, a croissant and a Roserade Tea," Beau order with a brilliant smile and charming expression. The guy at the getting down the order was blushing a bit at the charismatic young man wearing a violet crop top tank that showed and well-built arms and abdomen.

With his purchase goods in hand, the wavy blond-haired man found a table in the bakery. Ciel sat on his lap with a berry in paws while Sebastion stood nearby waiting patiently. Once he received the bread, the Indeedee took the time to examine it. Staring at it for quite a while before splitting the croissant in half to taking a bite of it. Beau happily enjoyed the atmosphere of the busy foodery as he slowly sipped his tea and ate the pastry.
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Fairy type Trainer
Stella Gold
Vanessa's Bakery

Stella left her mansion relatively early this morning. As per usual, her parents weren't home, but that was normal. They were busy with their work. Stella strolled through the small town riding on top of Fantasia, her Galarian Rapidash. Regina, her Bounsweet, sat on her shoulder looking cute. She enjoyed riding on top of her Pokemon. It was the best way to travel, besides being chauffeured in a luxurious car. It was also a nice way to show off the rare Galarian Rapidash she had.

Even through she was born here, Stella was honestly glad she would soon be leaving this town. She preferred bigger, more glamorous cities. Where they actually had fun things to do, and way more boutiques to purchase the latest designer fashions. Stella had to do most of her shopping online more often than not. The farmers market here was nice but... her father was the owner of the largest grocery chain in this region, was it really necessary? For Xerneas sake, there was a man selling newspapers. Newspapers! In a day and age where people have smartphones, and the entire internet in their pocket.

She eventually made her way to Vanessa's bakery. It was one of the places she enjoyed visiting. They did have good pastries there... Even if there wasn't much to compare it to in this small town...

When she got there, she returned Fantasia to her Pokeball, and walked inside. Then she looked at her phone and read the news while waiting in line for her turn. She read the latest news, and saw something about some incident involving the laboratory in Brighton City, and a Criminal Organization called Team Lotus. She skimmed through it quickly before moving on to the next article.

Eventually, it was her turn to order. She looked up from her phone. "Yes, I'll have two berry danishes, and a cup of hot chocolate please." After receiving her purchases, she handed one of the berry danishes to Regina, then looked around to find some place to sit. She was shocked to see a familiar face inside the bakery. She immediately ran up to his table to greet him. "Oh my gosh, I know you! You're Beau Belrose. I've seen your face in every magazine! Hello, my name is Stella Gold." She pulled up a chair, and sat at his table. She knew a lot of wealthy people courtesy of her father, but she never had the opportunity to meet a celebrity before. This was the opportunity of a lifetime! "You're a supermodel. You could be walking the runways in Lumiose City right now. What brings a celebrity like you to a backwater town like this?"

Regina, now sitting on Stella's lap, happily gobbled up the snack her trainer had given her.
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Jackie Silver
Whispin Town

Jackie woke as she usually did; three hours later than she'd intended, and in desperate need for coffee. It was a blessing she'd found her calling as an author, really - she doubted most jobs out there would've allowed her to sleep in every other day.

"Murkyyy," she whined, reaching for her phone to silence it. Her alarm no longer let her hit snooze - a definite sign that she should actually get up. But first, she had to know, "Is coffee ready?"

Murky the Toxtricity waved a three-fingered hand from the kitchen. He was wearing an apron again; beige, with a floral print. Jackie had told him it was unnecessary for just brewing some coffee, but Murky was adamant about being dressed for the part.

Jackie waved back and yawned. "Thanks, love you."

Charlie bounced onto the bed just then, wagging her tail so quickly her little bum wiggled with it. Jackie blinked in surprise, then burst into laughter. "Well good morning to you too."

She picked the Yamper up, slid her feet into her fluffy slippers and, with a deep inhale, stepped out of bed.


Two hours later, Jackie was a different person. Her face was made, she was donning her usual stylish jacket and matching skirt, and her hair was tied into an elaborate sidebun. Gone was the sleep from her eyes, replaced by her signature gaze.

She was making her way to the town center on her trusty old bike. Sure, it was neither as fast nor glamorous as the cars she'd gotten used to back home, but somehow it would've felt wrong to drive a motored vehicle through Losmia's scenic landscape. Not to mention its idyllic streets.

A familiar caw sounded from above, prompting Jackie to glance up at the skies. Warden had made a friend it seemed. The Corvisquire was flying circles around a Fletchinder, the two engaged in some sort of a mock-fight. Jackie shook her head, adjusted her sunglasses and focused back on the road. She couldn't wait for Warden to evolve so she could ride on his back. The bird loved to follow her in the skies wherever she went, and she had to admit she was a little envious of it at times. She couldn't imagine what it felt like to be able to soar through the skies. Flying types were so lucky. They could see the entire world at once.

She parked her bike near the marketplace and locked it more out of habit than necessity. Losmians were good people - and unlike most of her possessions, the bike she rode was not expensive. She'd bought it off a small local bike sale. It was probably not worth the theft. Jackie stretched her arms, enjoying the smell of fresh produce wafting from the stalls. She loved marketplaces, so, so much. All the sounds and colours - all the people. Shopping malls had nothing on places like this.

"Yam! Per, per!"

"Ah, right! Sorry, love." Jackie whirled around to pick Charlie out of the bike basket. The puppy loved cycling, and insisted on being let out of her pokéball to enjoy the wind against her face. She loved the marketplace, too; the second Jackie put the Yamper on the ground, the little rascal bounced towards the stalls.

"Oh no, wait! You'll get lost!" Jackie called, rushing after the pup. Above them, Warden followed.

It was difficult to shop with an overly excited Yamper constantly trying to run off every which way, but Jackie managed. In no time at all, Murky was already carrying bags full of bread, fruit and vegetables for her. Warden was pitching in too; he was carrying a bag of handpicked tea leaves. The only thing he didn't try to eat.

With her shopping done, Jackie headed for her next target; a man at the far end of the stalls, advertising the Whispin Post. As she drew closer, Jackie could barely contain her excitement. This was the issue with the article about Team Lotus. She'd worked hard on it, and was quite proud of it making front page.

She greeted the man by name, exchanged a few pleasantries, then took a copy of her own. Though she knew exactly what the article said, it was different to read your words in a published paper.

Before she could get far in the article however, Charlie bounced off again. She was barking happily, her little legs taking her towards two boys a little further along the road. Jackie recognized them, as she did most of the townsfolk; Cedric from the fruit stands, and Stefan from the fish shop. Sweet boys, the both of them.

... And about to be tackled, from the looks of it.

"Charlie, no, bad! Come back here!" Jackie tried, running after the puppy - but to no avail. Charlie had smelled fish and was determined to get to the source of the smell. She practically launched herself at Stefan, colliding with him with quite a bit of force.

"Down girl! Goodness, I'm so sorry," Jackie apologized as she reached them, prying Charlie off the poor boy. "Are you alright?"
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Whispin Town

"Catch a Dhelmise. Team Lotus hates those." A young man said to Cedric, sparking up a conversation. He immediately recognized the young man from the local Seafood Restaurant, presumably a family business. Cedric enjoyed the intimacy and close-knit community of Whispin, as it made interactions like this much smoother, with the least amount of awkwardness.

"Haha do they?" Cedric laughed politely, looking at the black-haired man. "I don't think I could catch one even if I wanted to." Cedric said, shrugging, referring to his lack of skill involving catching and battling Pokémon. Cedric was just about to extend a handshake toward the young man, until something caught his eye. Scurrying along behind his new peer, was a small, yellowish Pokémon, heading in their direction. It seemed extremely excited for whatever reason, but caught the attention of Cedric as it began to pick up speed. What the...? Cedric thought to himself, awkwardly stopping the interaction between him and other boy. It then became apparent to Cedric that the Pokémon was indeed heading straight for them! Without thinking, Cedric quickly took a step to the side, as the Pokémon ran right into the young boy from behind.

"Down girl! Goodness, I'm so sorry," A woman approached, presumably the Pokémon's owner. She had a genuine look of concern on her face, grabbing her Pokémon off of the young man. "Are you alright?" She asked, concerned. Cedric bent down slightly to grab the young man's hand, helping him up from the collision.

"It's definitely stronger than it looks!" Cedric said, pointing at the Yamper as he helped up the young man. Cedric looked at the black-haired woman, almost eerily, although unintentional. There was something about her that Cedric deemed to be familiar, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. To avoid being rude, he quickly turned his attention back to the subject at hand. "Uhh, yeah...are you okay?" Cedric also asked.


Stefan Blue
Whispin town, Market.

Cedric reacted to Stefans suggestion regarding Dhelmise bodyguards by saying he couldn't catch one even if he wanted to. That was a strange thing to say. He then extended his hand as if to greet him, which Stefan thought he had gotten out of the way just by talking to the guy in the first place. He disliked this form of socializing, especially considering the two were alredy aquaintances. For some reason though, Cedric stopped mid hand-extension, looking at something behind Stefan. Whatever it was, at least it stopped the awkward hand shake situation, it wouldn't be good if... OOF! Something jammed into him from behind, knocking the air out of him as he flew a few feet forward to where Cedric had stepped to the side without him noticing. He fell flat on his stomach and felt a modest weight jumping around on his back. While it was a bad situation, it would be a good massage in any other setting. Regardless, Stefan could hear a voice following.

"Down girl! Goodness, I'm so sorry,", a woman said. Stefan couldn't really see anything, but his assaulter had steped down from him, thus allowing him to sit up. He sat on his bum and looked up at the black-haired woman who was now asking him if he was allright. She seemed familiar, but Stefan couldn't really put his finger on why. She was likely customer at the shop or something. "Yeah, yeah i'm fine." he said with a deadpan tone that suggested that he was, in fact, not fine. "Uhh, yeah...are you okay?", Cedric seconded, and as Stefan was pulled to his feet, he dusted off his apron while repeating that he was fine.

Looking down, he saw the small lightningbolt-shaped tail of something halfway buried into his bag of fish. This kickstarted Stefans retail-soul, and he quickly pulled the bag away from the little thief, just in time before it managed to chomp down on anything. Holding the bag up, he hurridly inspected it, looking for any damage. The client would not be happy to have their fish spoiled by a pokemon. speaking of which, he glared down at his feet where what is now revealed to be a Yamper was begging for scraps. "No." Stefan said, looking down at it. Yamper tilted its head in confusion, with its dumb little tongue sticking out, as if it didn't understand the responce.

"Anyways, i..." Stefan began to say when he was interrupted.

"Er-hem" a woman clad in a cheap summer dress said as she walked over to him, a crying child in her hands. "Is this thing yours?" She then asked. For a second Stefan got very confused. He did not have any children. That he knew of at le.... Oh wait no nevermind there it was.

tugged behind the woman by a rope was Corsola, vailing in equal volume as the child. "This thing started crying then my little Bobby started crying and if they dont stop soon i'm gonna start crying, for crying out loud!" The woman vailed. She had huge dark rings under her eyes, and gave Stefan the other end of the rope. He tugged it, causing Corsola to float over to him, still crying. Loosening up the knot, he picked her up and calmed her down.

"You really have to watch out for your pokemon when you have them out...... Hey.. what are you doing?" the woman started scolding him. Stefan had trained for this day. He held Corsola in his hands, and held her out, right in the space on front of the womans face. Corsola started crying again.

"Hey.. Listen when...."

Corsola cried.

"I'm gonna report th...."

Corsola cried.

"Forget it! I'm leaving! Come, Bobby!

Bobby cried.

"Anyways." Stefan said after the woman had left, turning back to the other two people. "No but i am really fine, thank you. We were just discussing this article in todays newspaper regarding the Team Lotus situation in town". He nodded towards Cedric, and the newspaper in his hands.
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Fire and Ice Combo
Beau Belrose
Vanessa's Bakery

The scent of freshly baked goods in the air and the murmur of chattering customers like himself filled the bakery. The simplistic environment turned out to be very pleasant. Ciel had consumed his berry and snuggled sleepily against Beau's abs. The Espurr wasn't a fan of noisy mornings. Meanwhile, many of the people dining in the bakery turned their eyes to Beau as his style wasn't a usual sight for them. Attracting many of the younger crowd's attention, they were definitely talking about him but didn't dare to approach. Which was really was a shame, the curly-haired blond would have welcome the company.

As soon as that thought crossed his mind, someone strolled up. Beau was in the middle of sipping his tea when a lovely young lady walked over. The blonde girl excitedly introduced herself as Stella Gold. As she took a seat, letting her little grass pokemon sitting her lap, she talks about all the magazines she had seen him in. It has been some time since a fan of his came up to him with such enthusiasm. Here in Whispin Town, not many appeared to recognize him. Was due to how little known this region was? It might just be the town itself, which appeared to be a little behind in the times. Stella's happiness to see him was quite refreshing.

"What a belle dame you are, Mademoiselle Stella," Beau complimented back with a smile. "As for your question, I'm here on vacation. This is my first destination. I'm planning to explore the whole Losmia Region. I'm surexcité to learn some new fashion styles while here." While not the entire truth, he was mostly going to do that until he made his attempt to meet his father face to face. Why not have some fun and explore while he wasn't working? "You're very à la mode and intelligente. Vacation as well?" Beau prompted to keep the conversation going.

Beau took a bite of the danish, he quite enjoyed the sweet and tangy mix of the berries flavors. His heterochromia eyes look straight into hers firmly as he waited for Stella's answers.


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Sohkee “Key” Anala
Vanessa's Bakery

Key spent the morning attending tables and thanked the chefs as she took out a new load of orders. Today had been fairly busy; perhaps it was the warm weather bringing everyone out for some baked goods. Her grandmother sure wasn’t complaining. Key stopped by her tables to make sure everyone was set. One of their regulars, Beau, came up to order while she was busing so she only offered a brief smile then, but now that things had settled for a moment, she made her way to the modeler who was sat with a young woman.

“Hello you two, need anything? Any dishes I can take away?” She gave her best service smile and gestured towards the table. Glancing at the Bonsweet in the girls lap she resisted the urge to ask if she could pet it or give it a free treat. Key had to stay professional here, no matter how cute the patrons' companions were.

"Mademoiselle Sohkee, aren’t you a diligent worker, oui?” Beau was pleasant as always and Sohkee blushed slightly at the praise. “Je vais bien. I’m fine. The pastries are délicieuse." She nodded and his Pokemon, an Indeedee, also expressed his contentment.

“Oh good. The help is here.” The woman held out dirty dishes that a stunned Sohkee took from her. This was also followed by a small stack of bills. “You can get rid of these for me. Thank you! Now, you were saying?” Her Pokemon equally expressed its happiness and a stunned Sohkee turned away.

“Happy to be of service,” she said and smiled over her shoulder. Key tried to keep her expression neutral until she got into the back and then the confusion really set in. The help? Who even says that anymore? Like I should be upset, but she tipped me immediately and… looking at the bills it wasn’t a negligible amount. The girl was probably some rich snob in the same circle as Beau. Her dad probably owned some shady corporation like that Orion Industries. Certainly not someone Key would be hitting it off with right away. Regardless, she would withhold judgement for now, heck she may never see the girl again, and it wasn’t something worth getting hung up on. For now, she would go back to worrying about her work and looking forward to the end of the day. Her fingers were just itching to get painting and she had a few ideas for stuff to create.


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Whispin Town
Cedric, Jackie & Stefan

The young man stood up from his fall, seemingly okay from it. However, the look on his face was clear that he found the ordeal to be a bit annoying if anything. "Yeah, yeah i'm fine." He said, standing up and dusting off his apron. Cedric chuckled a bit at the situation, watching the Yamper giving his attention towards young man's bag. "No." He responded, pulling the bag way from Yamper's range. "Anyways, I..." He turned his attention back at Cedric and woman, before he was interrupted yet again.

"Er-hem" A woman in a dress, holding a child walked over. "Is this thing yours?" She asked, directing her question at seafood man. Cedric looked behind the woman, and noticed a peculiar, pale white Pokémon tugging along behind her, crying. It had protrusions coming from its body, and Cedric would even go as far as to say it looked ‘cute’.

"This thing started crying, then my little Bobby started crying, and if they don't stop soon I'm gonna start crying, for crying out loud!" The woman shouted, giving the young seafood man the other end of the rope and tugged it, to get his Pokémon to come over. still crying. He then picked her up to calm her down. "You really have to watch out for your pokemon when you have them out...... Hey.. what are you doing?" Just as the woman was lecturing him, he held out Corsola in his hands right in the personal space of the woman, until Corsola started to cry again. "Hey.. Listen when...." It was no use. The woman was interrupted by Corsola, so much so, she finally ended up getting fed up. Cedric once again chuckled at the situation at hand. It certainly was a weird situation, but found it odd that he somehow ended up losing his Corsola.

"Forget it! I'm leaving! Come, Bobby!" She shouted, as her kid Bobby started to cry as well.

"Anyways." The man began once again, turning his attention back to Cedric and the woman. "No, but I am really fine, thank you. We were just discussing this article in todays newspaper regarding the Team Lotus situation in town". He nodded towards Cedric, and the newspaper in his hands.

"Right." Cedric nodded in agreement. "Seafood was just trying to tell me how a Dhelmise could defeat Team Lotus, isn't that right?" Cedric said to the woman and laughed a bit, poking a bit of fun at the seafood man. "But I think your Pokémon could do the job just as well." He said, pointing at the Yamper who was not only quick but rather strong as evident in its tussle with the seafood man.


Battle Corral
“Gloom!” A young boy scurried over to his fallen Pokémon, kneeling down the ground to hug it and give it comfort. He cried upon seeing the injured Pokémon, turning his gaze upon his opponent. “Why’d you do that?!” He cried.

“You’re the one that challenged me, kid.” His opponent responded. The young boy took a good look at the man that defeated him, memorizing his appearance. It was a man in his 30s, jet black hair slicked back with a tight black t-shirt. He had light brown cargo pants with black boots, but his most noticeable feature was the belt that surrounded his waist. It had 3 Pokéballs on it, however, the young boy knew it was no ordinary belt. It was the kind that collectors would often wear that could hold many Pokémon and their respective Pokéballs as well.

“Just wait until I tell my brother and father! You’re a cheater! Look what you did to my Gloom!” The young boy used up his strength to lift up Gloom, holding it to his body before standing up to confront the man. He was visibly upset at losing the battle, however, more so at the fact that he went overboard when battling him.

“Well, when you do, tell them to bring something stronger than whatever…that was that you battled with. For a lot of talk, that was a poor performance.” The man smirked, as various people around the Corral whispered and murmured among themselves. Wiping away his tears, the young boy ran off, leaving the man standing there idly, until he began to slowly walk off too, towards town.
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Fairy type Trainer
Stella Gold
Vanessa's Bakery

Beau complimented her, and explained that he was here on vacation. Stella giggled to herself. It was nice to talk to someone with a sense of style, and even better to be complimented by a celebrity. She did not understand why someone would come here, of all places. Maybe it was because she lived here, but she just did not see the appeal. There was very little to do here that made it worth travelling to on vacation. She would have gone to Unova, or Alola, or even Kalos. They were certainly more glamorous places to visit then hicksville over here.

Before Stella could respond, the waitress came by and offered to take their plates. “Oh good. The help is here.” Stella replied as she handed her the dirty plates. Normally these types of places didn't have employees come to your table. This was a welcome change. “You can get rid of these for me. Thank you!" Stella figured she should tip the waitress for her service, and handed her a large stack of bills. She turned her attention back to Beau. "Now, you were saying?” In case he had anything else to say.

Regina was also quite pleased, and bounced up and down on Stella's lap. "Bounsweet."

Finally, Stella replied to Beau's comments. "Merci beaucoup! And no, unfortunately I am not on vacation. I live here. My father is the CEO of the largest company in this region, and he chooses to have a home here." Stella shrugged her shoulders. "Quite frankly, I don't understand it. Fortunately, I intend to leave this small town very soon. I am going to explore the rest of the region with my Pokemon, and then I am going to go far away from here to study fashion design. Who knows darling, maybe someday you'll be wearing my clothes when I make it as a designer." Stella laughed out loud at the thought.

Now that she had finished her drink and danishes, Stella decided to make her leave. "Well Beau, it was absolutely fabulous meeting you." She said as she got out of her seat, and put Regina on her shoulder. "But I must be off. I hope to see you again soon. Ta-ta." With that, she went out of the door.

Battle Corral

After her time in the Cafe, Stella got on top of Fantasia, and rode her way to the battle corral. Besides the Bakery, this was one of the other few good features of this town. A place just for the few residents of this town that liked battling. Stella had battled here a number of times, but it was always the same people over and over. She couldn't wait to leave, and challenge some different trainers.

When she got there, she saw a man who was older than herself and wearing mostly black standing there idly. He had a belt with three Pokeballs clipped to it. The spectators in corral were murmuring and gossiping about him. Stella had never seen him before, but that was a good thing. Someone new to battle against, and a potential challenge. This guy looked like he knew what he was doing. He was about to leave the corral, but Stella approached him first. "I beg your pardon sir. I would like to challenge you to a battle myself."

Regina, still sitting on Stella's shoulder, looked at Stella nervously. "Bounsweet?!"

"One on one I'm afraid. Fantasia here is my only proper battling Pokemon." She said as she stepped off of her Galarian Rapidash, and petted her mane. "Regina is still new and inexperienced."
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Jackie Silver
Whispin Town

While Jackie was trying to hold her misbehaving puppy in place, Cedric took initiative to help Stefan up from the ground. Jackie was happy to see it, and gave the boy a quick bow as a way to thank him for the help.

"It's definitely stronger than it looks!" the boy said.

"You can say that again," Jackie laughed sheepishly, struggling to get a proper grip on the canine's round body. "I can't wait for her to evolve and get even stronger," she couldn't have sounded more sarcastic if she tried, though she never stopped smiling.

No sooner had those words left her than the Yamper yanked herself free. Tail wagging, she practically burrowed herself into Stefan's fish bag, letting out a series of happy barks as if she'd just uncovered treasure.

Stefan yanked the bag away with incredible speed, reprimanding the puppy for what it did. Jackie used the opportunity to seize Charlie once more.


Jackie turned to find a disheveled woman in a summer dress. She was holding a crying child - and pulling a wailing Corsola on a leash behind her. Apparently the crying Pokémon had made her child cry in turn, and neither showed signs of stopping anytime soon. Jackie couldn't help but offer the woman a sympathetic smile. The dark circles under her eyes were unmistakable; she must've not gotten a lot of sleep as of late. Children did that to you, regardless of how much you loved them. Hopefully, she was not a single parent and at the very least had a good circle of support around her.

Stefan quieted the wailing Corsola well enough, but his approach to the situation as a whole was nothing short of immature. Instead of apologizing to the woman or thanking her for taking the time to bring his Pokémon back, he ignored her valid concerns, taunted her with the Corsola's cry and, by doing so, also made his Pokémon miserable all over again. Cedric seemed to find the situation funny.

They really were still little boys.

Jackie shook her head.

The two shared some playful banter, and Cedric gave the Yamper a compliment - which the puppy replied to with an excited bark. Jackie smiled faintly. She could tell they weren't bad kids - just a little thoughtless.

"Reading the article, huh? I rather liked it, myself! And Charlie here would love to take on Team Lotus, wouldn't you girl?" she asked, smirking down at the puppy as she played with its ears. By now, Murk and Warden had caught up as well, settling to wait behind their trainer. Jackie greeted them with a happy nod - then turned back to the boys. Her smile faltered a little.

After a moment of contemplation, she decided she should talk to the boys about what happened. It was her duty as the adult here. How else would they know they did something wrong?

"It's not good to laugh at others' misfortune, you know," she begun in a more somber, if still warm, tone. "One day you might find yourself parenting a little child too. And while Pokémon might be difficult sometimes," she gave the Yamper in her arms a knowing look, "they don't compare to raising a human child. Especially if you need to do it alone."

She glanced at the Corsola, brows knitting lightly in worry. "But you should think of Pokémon as family too. If you wouldn't let a family member get lost or make them cry on purpose, you shouldn't do it to a Pokémon either. Otherwise, how are you different from those Lotus goons?"

Warden descended atop Murk's head, ignoring the surprised groan from the toxic type. It spread its wings and cawed in agreement.


it's about the CUBES
Joshua Hoffman
Whispin Town > Vanessa's Bakery

"Kiss. Kiss kiss kiss, togekiss." Isaac lectured as Joshua leaned on the railing. The seas and skies were a matching set of sparkling blue, and new beginnings hung in the air beside the Wingull, here to welcome the ship into Losmia ports. "Toooogeh?"

"Yes, Isaac, I'm listening," Joshua sighed, giving Isaac a playful look back, "and no, you won't be flying from here to port."


"Yes, it's 'right there,' I have eyes, I can see it. You're not going."


"Yes, I trust you."


"Still no."

Isaac pouted, flattening himself. Joshua laughed, giving his bird a big hug. "Sulk all you like, you're staying here." He took a deep breath, nuzzling Isaac's downy feathers. "I'm getting cold feet, what if, what if we just..."


"Yeah. I know. I, I know you know I know. I'm just..."


"Nervous, yeah. I don't know anyone, there aren't any contests here, I'm just going in without a plan. And that's just--"

The ship's horn blared, cutting through their conversation and causing Joshua to flinch. He held his breath for a moment... then exhaled deeply. "Nervewracking," he mumbled. He looked out to port, and watched as the lush new region got closer and closer. He rolled his shoulders, shaking his head. "Well, come on, Isaac. Let's go see what there is to see, huh?"


"Good to be on land again," Joshua muttered as he walked off the port. "I don't get seasick, but, still. Something nice and solid about it."

Isaac yawned, shaking his head as he floated next to his trainer. "Tooge."

"Well, it doesn't have to apply to you, silly. You have wings. I don't," Joshua said, giving Isaac a pat. He scanned the horizon, looking for anything that might catch his eye. Whispin Town was small, quaint. There had to be some jewel hidden behind the back roads to make this place special, he just had to figure out what it was. Maybe he should visit the Pokemon center first, just to regroup, or maybe...

"Togekiss!" Isaac shouted. And sped off.

"Hey, w-wait!" Joshua ran after his pokemon, counting his lucky stars that they weren't in a crowd as he pushed aside the few people in his way. "Isaac, get back here!" He hoped he wasn't too much of a sight, but the truth is, a remarkably tall man chasing after a large white bird in a small town is something to turn heads at. He bit his tongue and tried not to think about it. /Does my prosthetic make a weird noise when I run? Can people tell? I hope it's not too loud... Oh-wait-no-stop thinking about that. Not important!/ "Isaac!--Oof!"

Joshua had run headfirst into an abruptly stopped Isaac. "Isaac," he said, flatly into feathers, "Don't. Run. Off. Like. That. I am begging you. This isn't Ecruteak." Deep breath. He pushed his bird away, looking around. "Vanessa's bakery? Why did you bring us..." he started, but was cut off by his stomach. Isaac whined and pouted, staring at Joshua with big, watery eyes. Joshua sighed. "Yeah... alright, bud. You got me. I'm pretty hungry too."

"Kiiiiss!" Isaac somersaulted excitedly, rushing towards the door.

"Hold up!" Joshua threw his arms around Isaac, "You're not going in there."

"Kiiiiiiiiiissssssss?" Cue big watery eyes, whining, and pouting, bigger and poutier than before.

Joshua squeezed Issac. "No. You're too big! Look at how small that space is. I'm going to go in, get us our snack, and then I'll be out. I won't be long." Quickly, he spotted an open table just outside of the bakery and pointed to it. "Go wait over there, okay? Save us a spot."

Isaac thought about it for a moment, but after a moment dropped the act. "Togekiss..." he mumbled, before floating over to the table, gently perching on one of the chairs.

Joshua took one last look at Isaac (still a little miffed) before heading into the bakery. He was hit with all sorts of delicious smells off freshly baked baked goods. It was busy that morning, but that was okay. He patiently waited in line, scanning the menu. Good, they had croissants. Isaac's favorite. And maybe this for himself... that for Glimmer... Rehearse your lines, be ready... "Hi," he said, his voice squeaking a little as it came out, "O-oh, sorry. Hi, um, can I get a, um, a strawberry lemonade, um, one of your gouda, egg, and bacon sandwiches, um, two of those berry danishes, and, like, five croissants, with, like, those in a separate bag. Please." Joshua held his breath as the cashier took down his order and his money, and only exhaled after he was able to step away and wait.

/Nailed it./


Fire and Ice Combo
Beau Belrose
Vanessa's Bakery

"Mademoiselle Sohkee, aren't you a diligent worker, oui?" Beau complimented the young lady first when she came over to ask them if it was anything she could do. "Ja vais bien, I'm fine. The pastries are déliceuse." He was still eating his food, so he let her know she didn't need to do anything for him. Sebastian added his satisfaction with his food as well. Her cheeks reddened a bit, which was a natural but cute reaction. It quickly vanished as Stella abruptly shove her dirty dishes and a stack of money at the woman.

"Happy to be of service." The brunette stiffly called back after turning and walking back to her working quarters. This wasn't something Beau had never seen before, many of the upper-class people treated the ordinary working people this way. The curly-haired man didn't really understand, they are happier and work harder when you treat them kindly. Stella didn't skip out on tipping her for the service, so it was a little balance out.

Stella began to answer him, daughter of the owner of the largest company in this region and residence of the Whispin Town. Vocalizing her dreams of traveling around before eventually going off to study fashion design. The girl even added a smug comment about maybe making his clothes someday. He smiled at her adorable declaration. Then Stella did something unusual, she just left after one quick exchange. Beau assumed she had something incredibly important to do as most of his fans try their best to hang around for as long as possible. What an interesting girl, Beau thought as he was left to himself again.

"Design clothes for moi, you say," Beau mused at her declaring statement. A huge smile appeared on the man's face as he remembered the confidence in her words. "Guess we'll see if you give maman a run for her money, Mademoiselle Stella Gold." He sipped more of the tea before continuing to eat the food in front of him.

Beau finished his food but hung around the bakery for a while longer. He was greeted by a few that pass by as well as stared at by quite a lot. Even though he quite enjoyed the lively atmosphere, the male model decided it was time to leave. Setting a generous tip on the table, the man lifted his Espurr into his arms before standing up. As he turned toward the exit, his eyes were drawn to a tall and blond man. A very tall, blond man at that, who was more than a head taller than most the people nearby. He stood off to the side alone. Beau studied the man's soft features and freckled face as he was passing by. The curly-haired man suddenly recognized the guy. He boldly strolled right up to him.

"Bonjour, you're that contest guy, Monsieur Joshua, oui? On regarde, we watch you compete many times in our free time, right Ciel, Sebastian?" Beau smiled brightly as his heterochromia eyes looked up at him. "Pardon moi, my name is Beau Belrose." As introduced himself, he felt a slight squirming from his pokemon. The wide of eyes the Espurr stared unblinkingly into Joshua's face for a solid ten seconds before they dropped to the floor. Taking notice of the actions of Ciel, an idea suddenly popped into Beau's head.

"En fait, can tell me about contests, Ciel is intéressé," Beau mentioned as he held up the tiny feline pokemon. The pokemon remain motionless just stared blankly at the floor without a sound. This made Beau chuckled to himself as he returned to hugged the pokemon to his chest. "You want to know as well, Sebastian, oui? ...So it's settled, let's learn about contests!" The curly-haired man immediately went from asking to deciding this without Joshua's consent. He didn't believe for a millisecond that Joshua would deny his demands. His blue and purple eyes eagerly stared at the taller man.


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Battle Corral
"I beg your pardon sir. I would like to challenge you to a battle myself." A girl riding a Rapidash suddenly approached the Battle Corral, and specifically the man in question. The man raised a brow, upon seeing her and a small Pokémon perched on her shoulder, unable to tell if she was being serious. "One on one I'm afraid. Fantasia here is my only proper battling Pokemon." The girl said, jumping down from her colourful Rapidash. "Regina is still new and inexperienced." She ended, referring to the Pokémon on her shoulder.

"No thanks. I didn't come to this town to even battle in the first place. That first kid was just an exception." The man shrugged, smirking and letting out a laugh. People suddenly gathered around once more, however, it had seemed a majority of them were anticipating yet another battle with the man. He then looked around, upon seeing the crowd that drew, and clenched his teeth. "Ugh...I've drawn too much attention to myself now...I'm wasting time." He muttered under his breath, trying to think of a solution. He was regretting the battle with the kid, and now he had another challenger right in front of him. "I don't have time for this." The man gestured to the girl, turning around to began walking away, until people started to shout.

"Show him who's boss!" A voice yelled.

"He's a cheater!" Another shouted.

Voices began shouting from all around, striking a nerve with the man. A cheater? Do they think I'm scared? He then turned back around to face in the direction of the girl. "Fine. I'm going to do the same thing to your Rapidash, that I did to that other kid's Pokémon!" He suddenly grabbed and unclipped one of the Pokeballs attached to his belt, and threw it in the air. It shot out a bright light, revealing a large, monstrously sized blue Pokémon. It's body was wide with a grey 'X' on its face, and had four arms protruding from its body. It let out a low growl, staring intently at the girl and her Rapidash. "Meet Metagross." The man smirked, pausing a few moments. "Bullet Punch!" Without warning, and seemingly even any sort of confirmation that the battle was starting, the man commanded his Metagross to immediately attack with the speedy Bullet Punch.


Whispin Town
Cedric, Jackie & Stefan​

"Reading the article, huh? I rather liked it, myself! And Charlie here would love to take on Team Lotus, wouldn't you girl?" the woman smiled, looking down at her Electric Pokémon. She then turned to the boys again, her smile fading and going somewhat serious. "It's not good to laugh at others' misfortune, you know," she began. "One day you might find yourself parenting a little child too. And while Pokémon might be difficult sometimes, they don't compare to raising a human child. Especially if you need to do it alone." She said. Cedric was slightly taken aback a bit upon hearing that. He couldn't imagine himself becoming a father, especially since he sort of agreed with what the woman was saying. He was already weary of having a Pokémon, let alone a child. "But you should think of Pokémon as family too. If you wouldn't let a family member get lost or make them cry on purpose, you shouldn't do it to a Pokémon either. Otherwise, how are you different from those Lotus goons?" She ended.

"I guess we got caught up in the moment, sorry." Cedric responded, giving a half-hearted laugh as he scratched his head. He stood in there in silence for a few moments. He definitely did not want to seem like he was ignorant abut Pokémon or their feelings, or even a rude person overall for that matter, and hoped he didn't come off that way. "The name is Cedric by the way. Also known as the guy who works at the fruit stand." He laughed half-heartedly once again, holding up the bag he had with him that we was supposed to deliver. "If you guys are interested, you're welcome to come by the booth later if you're not busy, and I'll give you and your Pokémon a little something. On the house!" He remarked. Cedric figured if there was any sort of hope for damage control and leaving a lasting impression on the two, an act of good gesture for not only them, but their Pokémon as well would bode well for his image.

Suddenly, Cedric's attention was averted to the sound of running, behind him. He turned around, and suddenly felt someone bump into him, this time knocking Cedric down. "Hey!" Cedric shouted, falling to the ground just as Stefan did before him earlier. Cedric stayed on the ground briefly, upon seeing a young boy also on the ground, presuming to be the one that bumped into him. However, there was a Pokémon on the ground in front of him, seeming to be a Gloom.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" The young boy shouted, tears running down his face. He got up, trying to pick his Gloom up from the ground, wiping away his tears. Cedric looked at him puzzled, clear as day that something was wrong with his Gloom.

"Hey, is everything okay?" Cedric asked worryingly, jumping right up from the ground.

"No! I was battling this really weird guy at the Corral, and..." The boy paused. "And look what he did to my Pokémon! I need to take Gloom to a nurse!" He said, Picking up Gloom once again in his arms, holding the hefty Pokémon. Without saying much more, the boy ran off once again with his Gloom in his arms. Cedric looked at the others.

"Weird guy? Who would do such a thing in a battle?" Cedric asked his peers, concerned.



Stefan Blue
Whispin town, Market.

Carrying on the conversation as if nothing had happened, Cedric proceeded to compliment the woman's pokemon, comparing it with Dhelmise in terms of strength when handeling team Lotus goons. While that was debatable, the pokemon seemed to like it, and waggled its tail adorably at the compliment. Heh, it really was cute now that it wasn't all up in his grill. "Reading the article, huh? I rather liked it, myself! And Charlie here would love to take on Team Lotus, wouldn't you girl?", continuing to build up the pokemon's confidence. She was then accompanied by two more Pokemon that Stefan didn't recognize, and her face toned down to a more serious, albeit lecturing frown.

"It's not good to laugh at others' misfortune, you know. One day you might find yourself parenting a little child too. And while Pokémon might be difficult sometimes," She talked in a lecturing, yet warm tone, giving Stefan the impression of a mother scolding her child, even though he didn't really know what that was like. she gave the pokemon in her arms a knowing look, "they don't compare to raising a human child. Especially if you need to do it alone.". Stefan was washed over by a sense of guilt; a feeling that Cedric also seemed to get.

"But you should think of Pokémon as family too. If you wouldn't let a family member get lost or make them cry on purpose, you shouldn't do it to a Pokémon either. Otherwise, how are you different from those Lotus goons?" the woman said again. Honestly, it was Corsola's nature to cry, like, she cried all the time. He didn't say this out loud though, as he knew he was in the wrong here. Corsola looked appologetic as well, and started crying... again.

"I guess we got caught up in the moment, sorry." Cedric said as he gave a half-hearted laugh to try and lighten the mood. As he said this, Stefan gave a deep appologetic bow without saying anything; a gesture Corsola mimicked to her best ability.

"The name is Cedric by the way. Also known as the guy who works at the fruit stand." he then said in a lighter tone, holding out a bag of groceries from his stand. Stefan followed. "I'm Stefan.. Uhm.. Here." he said, holding out the bag he was carrying, which now smelled like lukewarm fish on a sunny day. "If you guys are interested, you're welcome to come by the booth later if you're not busy, and I'll give you and your Pokémon a little something. On the house!" Cedric then said. Cheeky move, selling out your business to smooth things over like that. Bad business model! Stefan said nothing, but nodded in agreement, hoping the woman wouldn't expect the same courtesy from him. Corsola, however, lit up at this gesture.

The happy times were cut short though, as yet another person decided to literally bump into the trio, knocking Cedric over in the process.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!", a young boy said, trying to wipe tears from his eyes but really only smudging them out, making himself look even messier in doing so. He hastily picked up a fainted Gloom that had landed on the ground next to them. Poor thing, it really looked like it was in pain. Unfortunately, Stefan didn't have any healing items on him, not that he knew what kind of items that would be in the first place... Cedric asked if the kid was allright, to which the boy said a guy at the battle corral had done this to his Gloom. So the kid had just lost a pokemon battle? The kid appologized again and lifted up the Gloom before running off towards the nearest pokemon center.

"Weird guy? Who would do such a thing in a battle?" Cedric asked.

"What thing? Isn't fainting in battle part of the game?" Stefan asked in return. He didn' know much about Pokemon Battling, but he knew the basics surrounding fainting a pokemon. He hoped the intelligent lecturing woman could provide a better answer than him though, so he went quiet. Corsola started crying by the change of atmosphere, sounding more confused than sad.


Jackie Silver
Whispin Town

At the sight of the boys being apologetic, Jackie's face softened into a warm smile. Maybe she jumped the gun a little there. These two were definitely not bad kids - just a little thoughtless, perhaps. But who wasn't, at their age? Worse yet, unlike these boys, she would've likely started an argument had she been in their shoes back then. They deserved some slack.

"It happens!" Jackie laughed, "Gosh, the amount of times I've gotten caught up in the moment..." She shook her head. Those were stories not meant for kids. "It takes strength to apologize. Not that you owe me apologies anyway." Unfortunately the lady had already left. Jackie would make sure to mention the boys felt remorseful the next time she ran into her.

Cedric introduced himself and even went so far as to offer them and their Pokémon a little something the next time they visited. Jackie blinked in surprise, then broke into a grin. "That's thoughtful of you! What do you say, should we accept the offer?" She looked down at her Yamper, who barked happily in response. Jackie nodded, then winked at Cedric. "I'll be sure to write a review of my experience."

All of a sudden, it was Cedric's turn to be thrown on the ground. Something collided with his back forcibly, sending them both tumbling. This time, the culprit was no Pokémon; it was a human child. A distressed boy, holding onto an injured Gloom. Apparently, it had been injured in battle. Jackie was about to kneel next to him to say something, when he already dashed away, hurrying towards the closest Pokémon Center. Cedric was troubled by what had happened, but Stefan didn't seem to share his concerns.

"Fainting can be part of battling, true, but-- to injure a Pokémon to such an extent in a battle against a child..." She shook her head. "That isn't right."

She turned to the two boys, hands on her hips. "At the Corral, was it? I'm going to get to the bottom of this. It's up to you boys whether you want to follow."

Charlie barked from her feet. Murky had already stepped up next to his trainer, with Warden high up in the air above. Jackie gave her Pokémon a firm nod, then turned towards the road that led to the place the boy had mentioned.

"Let's go!"
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it's about the CUBES
Joshua Hoffman
Vanessa's Bakery
Joshua stared at the floor, hands in his pockets, waiting for his order to come out. Deep breaths, he thought, following through, It's been a bit of a rough start, there's nothing wrong with that, and it doesn't seem like anyone really noticed...

Suddenly, a "Bonjour!" pulled him out of his thoughts. He jumped, looking around and finding a shorter blond man looking up at him. "You're that contest guy, Monsieur Joshua, oui? On regarde, we watch you compete many times in our free time, right Ciel, Sebastian? Pardon moi," he said smiling, "My name is Beau Belrose."

Joshua blinked. The name sounded vaguely familiar, but he couldn't quite place it. Also, his cat was eerily staring at him for... some reason, before looking down and away. "I--"

"En fait, can tell me about contests, Ciel is intéressé," Beau said, cutting him off as he held up the weird cat. "You want to know as well, Sebastian, oui? ...So it's settled, let's learn about contests!" Beau looked up at Joshua with his blue and purple (blurple?) eyes, eager and probably not taking no for an answer.

Deep breath. "U-um," he stuttered, finding his voice again, "Sure, um, I suppose I can tell you about contests. But, um, it's been a long journey here from Johto, and I--"

"Order for Joshua!"

Joshua jumped again. He looked behind him to see the barista (bakeryista??) holding two brown paper bags and a lemonade. He quickly grabbed them with a quiet "thank you" and turned back to Beau, exhaling deeply. "Um, sorry about that," he said, "Like, um, like I was saying, I haven't really eaten, but, um, you can come outside and we can talk there?" Fairly certain he wouldn't complain too much, Joshua took another deep breath and moved his way to the door and made his way outside.

"The first thing about contests is," he said, getting more of his voice in as they got outside, "You have to be in perfect sync with your pokemon. For example..." Joshua stopped abruptly, and threw one of the bags in the air. "Isaac!"

At his trainer's shout, Isaac looked up from his pouting on the table and dashed into the air. His snoot hooked perfectly into the bag, before he dove back down to perch on one of the chairs. He shook the bag off onto the table, a croissant proudly in his mouth. Joshua beamed as he looked back over at Beau. "They don't call us coordinators for nothing," he said with a light chuckle, motioning for Beau to come to the table. He walked over and gave Isaac a pat. Isaac purred as he finished his current croissant, until he looked up and saw Beau.

"Kiss!" Isaac darted towards Beau, stopping just inches from his face. "Toooge!!"

"Isaac!" Joshua groaned, pulling a struggling Isaac back. "I, oh God, I'm so sorry, he's, um, friendly. Isaac, cut it out!" Isaac beeped indignantly, still focused on Beau and noticing his weird cat. "Isaac. Stop. Go back to your croissants, bud, it's rude to just go barging into people's faces like that." He gave Isaac a Look. Isaac begrudgingly sighed, sticking his tongue out before going back to the table and sticking his snoot back into his bag.

Joshua sighed, turning red out of embarrassment. "I'm... really sorry about that. Um, coordination sometimes looks like that, too. Um..." he trailed off, setting down his own bag on the table. He took two more pokeballs from his pocket, tossing them up in the air to release them. Out came a fancy Leafeon, and a Galarian Ponyta coated in sparkle. He took out the berry danishes and put them on napkins, setting them down besides the waking pokemon. "Hey you two," he cooed, giving them pats on the head, "Did you survive the trip okay? No seasickness?" The Leafeon yawned, and the Ponyta neighed as he nodded his head. "Good."

He took a seat next to the one Isaac was now perched on. "Come, um, take a seat, if you'd like," he said, smiling softly. He took a sip of his lemonade. "Ask me anything you'd like to know."


Fire and Ice Combo
Beau Belrose
Vanessa's Bakery

Beau appeared to have caught the tall man off guard as he took deep breaths and stuttered a bit. But of course, Joshua was happy and willing to tell him about contests after getting his food. The curly-haired blond followed as Joshua with his couple bags of food exit the building. Beau smile happily, he found the man's more timid nature rather adorable. The taller man began his explanation of contests followed by a demonstration of some human and pokemon cooperation. Beau clapped at Joshua's impressive display, though he wasn't really sure if understood what it meant to be in sync with one's pokemon. The curly-haired man cared about his pokemon a lot and knew them well, but that wasn't really them being in sync.

While he was pondering about it, suddenly, there was white in front of him. From the overly excited cry, Beau figure out it was the Togekiss from the earlier performance. Even though Joshua panicked, apologized, and immediately remove the curious pokemon, Beau wasn't bothered by it in the less. It wasn't the first time something like this has happened with overexcited fans and paparazzi and surely wouldn't be the last. Ciel wasn't enjoying the large pokemon in his personal space and shifted to look off somewhere behind the model to show his disinterest.

"Ne t'inquiéte pas, don't worry about it. Your Togekiss is trés mignon, very cute!" Beau praised the pokemon with a big smile. The male model enjoyed the attention, whether it was human or pokemon. A part of him wanted an affectionate pokemon just like that, though he was worried they end up being neglected when he returned back to work.

Joshua's released his other two pokemon, a Leafeon and a Galarian Ponyta. Before sitting down to eat his breakfast, he encouraged Beau to come over and sit with him. He took him up on it and sat down next to the other blond. Sebastian followed and stood at his side, but his eyes were definitely roaming and watching the other pokemon around him. The Indeedee was interested but remained discipline and stayed by his trainer. Beau was thinking deeply on the whole being in perfect sync with one pokemon comment mentioned earlier.

Maybe perfect sync was like modeling clothes? The model and the photographer have to work together to show off both clothing and model's charm. So both pokemon and coordinator working together to show off a pokemon's appealing side? Beau stared down at his Espurr as he stared blankly off. While he understood Ciel's cuteness, many saw him as creepy... How to show off the pokemon's charming points? Beau reached into a bag as a thought struck him. A quiet jiggle got the Espurr stirred as the sound reached his ears. Though it was a very subtle reaction if one wasn't paying attention. The man held a bell out in his hand and rang it a couple of times. Ciel's wandering stare locked onto the object. His body still remained motionless, and he made not a single sound.

"Ciel," Beau called out as he tossed up the bell, and with much energy, the pokemon leaped out of the arm holding him. Catching the poketoy midair with a flip, the Espurr landed flawlessly on his paws then continue to roll and cutely play with it for a moment after. Realizing there was an audience watching him, the cat pokemon froze in his spot. After a quick glance around, including a stare at Sebastian applauding him, Ciel dropped the bell toy and ran back over to Beau.

"Espurr!" The pokemon hissed as the usually expressionless cat's face was looking very pouty towards Beau. As the curly-haired guy patted him softly on the head and he turned his face away.

"Désolé, Ciel," Beau apologizes as he attempted to calm the pokemon's anger. The man moved to try to look the pokemon in the eyes, but the Espurr simply turned his head away again. He wasn't forgiven so easily. "Supposer Ciel is a little too shy for it. But this is the ideé, idea, showing off a pokemon cute side, oui? How do you do it with pokemon se déplace, moves? Try things until something works?" The man was confused about the concept of showing off the pokemon's move. Since Beau never battles with his pokemon and even rarely sees any pokemon battles, it was puzzling how one turned battle attacks into something gorgeous.