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Lost Club V2

Metal Force

Since the last thread had been locked and I'm a big fan of Lost. I've decided to make this second version.

Here are the rules:
All SPPf rules apply.
To become a member just post here saying so*.
Don't make a topic while a topic is still running.
Have fun.

*Please share with us your favorite character in Lost while asking to be a member (it'll be mentioned along side with your name in the members list).

Starting another topic
Not talking about Lost

(1-2 strikes) Warning/1 week ban if repeated
(3-4 strikes) 3 week ban
(Repeating strikes after being banned) 1-3 months.

Metal Force (Owner) - John Locke


The digital warrior
hey, i would love to join this, so can i?
my favorite character is Michael.
btw, can i be co-owner?
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Watch me burn..
Oooo I love LOST may I please join the club? Also my favorite character is Claire because I'm a massive fan of the actress who portrays Claire, Emilie De Ravin I've seen her in Roswell, Beastmaster among things also being a Australian I like to support fellow Australian Actress/Actors.