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Lost forest (Mega latios)


Kanto Region Champ
The original engine ran something like 3-3 and 2 latias, but you could always switch out a 1-1 m latios for 2 latias, anyways another fun deck out of the factory.

4-4 mega latios
2 absol ROS
2 shaymin EX (setup)

4 double dragon energy
4 water
4 psychic

4 ultra ball
4 VS seeker
3 battle compressor
2 prof sycamore
1 shauna
1 cyclone scoop up
1 AZ
1 super scoop up
4 trainers mail
(---end of engine---)
3 shrine of memories
1 profs letter
1 lysandre
1 lysandre's trump card
3 spirit link
4 mega turbo
1 switch

And if there's any questions about this engine please leave a message.
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