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Lost Horizon: An MMO Isekai RPG


sleep researcher
... Welcome To ...

You sat back in your chair as the PC glowed with a familiar wash of blue and green hues. The intro music--a placid piece--wafted out of your speakers with an air of familiarity. You hadn't been playing Lost Horizon for long--in fact, anyone would still consider you a noob--but it was already a welcome escape from the hassle of everyday life. You settled in for at least a couple hours of adventuring.

Lost Horizon was a fantasy MMORPG that you'd recently gotten hooked on, after a friend recommended it. It wasn't the biggest game on the market, but it boasted a respectable player base of roughly two million, and a very active community. In the game, you created an avatar character and went on seafaring adventures to unknown islands, fighting monsters and obtaining loot. It wasn't all that different from your typical Final Fantasy, but with a refreshing nautical theme and a sense of genuine adventure. In fact, despite the game's popularity, many secrets persisted, and the developers had hinted more than once that nobody had yet managed to reach the world's endgame zones, where the final bosses presumably reside.

After a minute or so of loading, you found yourself staring at your avatar character on the harbor of Sanctuary Island, the place where all new adventurers start out on your server. Sanctuary Island was a monster-free zone where players could rest, relax, and trade stories. There were shops, blacksmiths, virtual eateries, and all sorts of digital entertainment. It was also where people posted notices to join Guilds, which were groups of players that banded together to go on adventures. Once you registered as a Guild, you were given a ship of your own, and could sail to neighboring islands in search of danger and treasure. Of course, all the surrounding islands were relatively easy zones, but the farther you sailed, the darker the waters got, and the more mysterious as well... there were many "urban legends" of vanishing islands, giant sea monsters, and wandering dragons effortlessly wiping out even high-level parties. No one really knew what lay at the very edges of Lost Horizon, and the game's unfinished world map reflected this.

But you didn't need to worry about that just yet. In fact, you hadn't even bothered to join a Guild yet. You wondered if you should check other players' postings, or make one of your own instead. But who would want to join a total noob's adventuring party? As you turned these questions over in your mind, you wandered aimlessly around the plaza, where dozens of players had already congregated, allowing the game's soothing sounds and visuals to relax you. And then, you began to feel strangely tired. Sleepy, even. Which was weird. It wasn't that late, after all. You considered the possibility of logging off for the evening, but before you could, all you can hazily remember was dozing off in your chair, with the sounds of Lost Horizon still drifting out of the monitor...

... That was the last thing you remember of the world as you knew it. And that was a few days ago.

After you fell asleep in your chair, you woke up in an entirely different place. The first thing you noticed was the smell of the sea: the salty wind biting at your face. After that, you felt the hot sun on your brow, and heard a series of murmurs around you. As your eyes adjusted to your new surroundings, you realized that you were somewhere outdoors, surrounded by people. All of you seemed to have just woken up from a deep sleep, and were sitting or lying on the cobblestone ground. You looked up and saw an impossibly blue sky, almost unclouded, but the glare of the sun forced you to cover your eyes.

And that's when you realized that the hand you were using to cover your eyes... wasn't your hand. You lifted your palms and stared at them, dumbfounded. You used them to feel your face, your body, your clothes. An ice-cold wave of dread came over you. This wasn't your body. This wasn't your body at all!

As you looked around in disbelief, you realized that everyone else seemed to be going through the same shocking realization. And, even more terrifying, you realized that not everyone around you was human. Some had fur and tails poking out of their trousers. Some were small and pudgy, almost child-like in size. Even more alarming, some had horns and scarlet skin, bearing the appearance of devils. You wanted to scream, run, escape, but where? You weren't you. But then it hit you, all at once. You knew who you were. You knew whose body this was. And you knew exactly where this place was located.

Somehow, you had been transported into the world of Lost Horizon, and you were inhabiting the body of your in-game character. You even recognized your surroundings: this was the plaza of Sanctuary Island, the starting area. The familiar background music was gone, but everything else was there.

In the next few hours, there was a storm of emotions among the players: panic, alarm and confusion; but also elation, excitement, and disbelief. Everyone began to explore their new situation. It was clear that everyone who had been playing Lost Horizon on that fateful night--including you--had been somehow transported into the game. Some people wondered if this was some kind of VR update; though if it was, the developers hadn't bothered promoting it. Moreover, whatever this was, it was way more realistic than any VR technology you'd heard of: you were literally in the body of your character. You could move, talk, eat, and sleep. You experienced hunger, heat, cold, pleasure and even pain. For all intents and purposes, this felt utterly and completely real.

Some people took this as cause for celebration: after all, what could be more exciting than your favorite video game becoming reality? You could go on adventures now! Real adventures, with your friends! You could be whoever you wanted! Players had found themselves transported into the bodies of their characters, which in some cases were of a different gender, or a totally different species. The experience was impossible to describe. Some people wanted to drink, party, be merry, and test the limits of their new existence.

But this celebratory atmosphere only lasted a few hours, as the true nature of their predicament became clear. There was no "log out" option to be found. In fact, you couldn't really bring up the game menu, because the game was the world now. Some of the game's mechanics--such as equipment, items, stats, and skills--could still be accessed and modified, but you couldn't exit your session. People began to try all sorts of things: voice commands, elaborate hand motions, talking to NPCs. But the game's NPCs--the shopkeeps, blacksmiths, and tavern maids of Sanctuary Island--simply repeated their pre-programmed game dialogue. They were highly realistic pieces of A.I., nothing more. If you implored them to log you out, or if you told them you were trapped in the game, they looked at you as if you were crazy. They only responded properly to standard game commands.

And this is when the real panic started setting in. People wanted out; they had lives and responsibilities in the real world. Nobody was sure of how much time had passed, though it seemed to be equal to the real world, as high noon became dusk on Sanctuary Island. There was screaming, threats, and desperation. And then there was a certain, looming question: could you die in this version of Lost Horizon? And what happened if you did? Some speculated that maybe dying was the way of "logging off," but most didn't dare to try. Dying was painful, after all, and pain felt real now. Fortunately Sanctuary Island was a monster-free zone, where PvP wasn't allowed. Perhaps the answer to this mystery could be found in the surrounding islands, but who dared sail there and risk injury or death?

However, this mystery was soon solved for everyone when a particularly desperate player, overcome by panic, flung herself off the pier and into the ocean, where she drowned. Other players rescued her and attempted to revive her, but it was too late. As soon as her health bar hit zero, her body vanished into thin air. People became distraught. Was death equal to erasure? Or had that player managed to boot herself back into the real world? There was no way of knowing, until a pair of clever players visited the Sanctuary Island Church, the place where dead characters were taken to be revived. There they found the drowned girl, who had "respawned" on the Church altar. She said she remembered nothing after drowing; she simply woke up in the Church, completely fine, though missing her equipment.

This answered the first, and most pressing question for all. It seems like dying wasn't an escape from the world of Lost Horizon, but it wasn't permanent, either. Dead players simply respawned in the nearest Church, albeit having lost their equipment. It stands to reason that this would also happen if players died while fighting monsters on other islands. And at this point, players began to feel a little more adventurous. Perhaps the answer to finding a way out of Lost Horizon was in the mysterious "endgame," the frontier islands. Perhaps you had to win the game in order to escape it.

And thus, after a couple days of uncertainty and exasperation, the hustle and bustle of Sanctuary Island returned to something approaching normality. Players began to organize themselves into guilds, register for ship licenses, and venture out into the world. Since there was no apparent way out of the game to be found on this island, there must be an exit in the far reaches of the ocean. Unfortunately, every trapped player's character had been kicked back down to level 1, with nothing but the most basic equipment to boot, so everyone was more-or-less starting from scratch.

Some players couldn't handle the terrifying reality of their predicament, and chose to remain on Sanctuary Island, hoping that somebody else would find the answer. Others are still hoping to find a glitch or bug in the code, or a way of contacting the outside world. But the vast majority of players, even in the face of this great uncertainty, have decided to do what they do best: adventure.

And that leaves you. You're still shaken and confused by your new situation, but a couple days have passed since then. You're beginning to wonder what you should do. Should you wait it out in the safety of Sanctuary Island? Or should you form a Guild, and venture out into the world to find the answers yourself? After all, it seems you have all the time in the world...


You are a regular person who's somehow found themselves trapped in the world of Lost Horizon, a fantasy MMORPG. Moreover, you are in the body of your in-game character. There doesn't seem to be a way out of this situation. Here's what you know so far:
  • Currently you are located on Sanctuary Island, a monster-free zone for beginners. There are roughly 5,000 other players on the island with you, all of whom were playing on the night of "the event." Players do not seem to be entering or exiting the game at this time. Attempts to contact players on other servers of the game have so far been unsuccessful.
  • You are at level 1, and have only basic equipment. You have no money, but Sanctuary Island offers free meals and accomodations for all players.
  • You seem to have all the physical features and capabilities of your in-game character.
  • Time seems to pass normally in-game: days turn into nights, and nights into days, at a normal rate. It's too early to tell, but it doesn't seem like anyone's body is aging.
  • Dying in-game causes you to respawn in the nearest Church. However, you lose all your equipment.
  • If you want to leave Sanctuary Island and explore other locations, you'll have to form a Guild with other players and apply for a ship license. Then, you can use your ship to visit other islands, and return to Sanctuary whenever you like.
Over the first few beats of the RPG, the player characters will come together on Sanctuary Island to form a Guild. This will give them access to a ship, allowing them to sail and explore other islands, which will be teeming with monsters, dungeons and treasure. By defeating monsters and earning loot, the players will grow stronger and inch closer to uncovering the mystery of why they are trapped in Lost Horizon. However, it won't be easy: not only will fearsome monsters and traps stand in their way, but other players may also compete with them for treasure and glory.


If you want to participate in the RPG, you'll have to complete two sign-up templates: one for your real-world (IRL) self, and one for your in-game self, which you are currently trapped in.

Real-World Character Sign-up

It's worth mentioning that you currently don't know what is happening to your body in the real world. You presume you are in some kind of deep sleep IRL.

A short description of what your character looks like IRL. Remember that your real-world appearance is not the same as your in-game self, which you are currently trapped in.
Personality: A general description of what you act like IRL. This may be similar, identical, or totally different to how you act in-game.
Background: A short description of who you are IRL, and what you'd been doing with your life before getting trapped in this situation.

In-Game Avatar Sign-up

You are currently trapped in the body of your in-game Lost Horizon avatar, which may be similar or totally different from your real-world self.

Name: This may be the same as your IRL name, but it probably isn't.
Age: Again, this may be totally different from your real age.
Gender: Your character's gender may not be the same as your real-world gender. A lot of players have found themselves in a different-gender body.
Race: Your real-world self may be human, but your in-game self may be one of Lost Horizon's fantasy races. Scroll down for a description of the playable races.
Weapon Type: Your character's weapon type determines which weapons they can equip, and which skills they can use. Scroll down for a description of the available weapon types.
Appearance: You can use a website like Picrew or DMHeroes to create a portrait for your character, but you must also describe their appearance in writing.
In-Game Persona: Most people don't act the same way in MMOs as they do IRL. Here you can describe how your character's in-game behavior differs from their real-world personality, if at all. You may also want to write about how your character feels regarding their current situation: are they scared, confused, excited, or all of the above? Are they in a hurry to get out, or willing to take their time?


There are four playable character races in Lost Horizon. Each race has a special trait or bonus ability inherent to them. Though there are shops on Sanctuary Island where you can change your character's hairstyle and minor details, you cannot change your character's in-game gender or race.

Example Images
: Male | Female
Humans in Lost Horizon are very similar to real-world humans, but may have unnatural hair and/or eye colors. According to the in-game lore, they are the most common and enterprising race, capable of excelling in almost every profession.
Human players are by far the most common in Lost Horizon. They're stereotyped as "vanilla" or "boring" by other races, but few can deny their resourcefulness.
Bonus Trait: Handy: Humans can carry up to 8 items with them. Other races can only carry 5.

Example Images
: Male | Female
Beastkin are humanoids with animal traits, such as fur, fangs, claws, and tails. They come in many different colors and fur patterns. According to the in-game lore, they are a proud, physically dominant, and agile race.
Beastkin are a fairly common player race, and enjoy a reputation of competence and self-sufficiency. However, some refuse to work with players of the other races.
Bonus Trait: Sensory: Beastkin have a superior sense of smell and hearing, which allows them to detect traps and hidden monsters.

Example Images
: Male | Female
Liliputs are short, cute humanoids with round faces and button noses. Beginner players tend to confuse them with human children. Don't be fooled by their appearance, though; they are physically as strong as the average human, and often have a surprisingly mature personality.
Liliputs are a somewhat uncommon sight, but enjoy the best reputation among all players of Lost Horizon. They're typically helpful, reasonable, and seasoned adventurers.
Bonus Trait: Truesight: Liluputs can see clearly in the dark. They can also see through magical illusions and concealments.

Example Image
: Male | Female
Ogres are muscular humanoids with horns and tails. They come in various colorful skin tones, including bright red, forest green, sky blue, and royal purple. According to in-game lore, they are the physically strongest, most warlike race.
Ogres are the least-played race in Lost Horizon, perhaps due to their monstrous appearance. Some NPCs will react with special dialogue when approached by an ogre player.
Bonus Trait: Hardy: Ogres are immune to the status ailments Poison and Paralysis.

Weapon Types

While other RPGs use classes or job systems, Lost Horizon makes you choose a weapon type for your character, out of a possible ten. Your character's chosen weapon type cannot be changed. Characters can only equip weapons of their chosen type; any other weapons will uselessly slip out of their hands.

When you begin your adventure in-game, you will be assigned some basic starting equipment, including a basic weapon of your chosen type. As you level up and progress, you will obtain better weapons of the same type, with additional skills and bonuses.

Each weapon type has a unique bonus trait that distinguishes it from the others. These traits remain constant across all weapons of that type. Choose your weapon type wisely.

Though I will not forbid multiple players from choosing the same weapon type, it would be better if everyone picked a different one, for variety's sake.

Sword and Shield
This weapon type allows you to wield a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. It's a balanced choice, popular among beginners.
Bonus Trait: Deflect: You can use this weapon's shield to block projectile attacks, such as arrows.

Heavy Blade
This weapon type allows you to wield large, two-handed weapons, such as greatswords and battle axes. It's a fearsome and imposing weapon type.
Bonus Trait: Resolve: These weapons' attacks cannot be blocked, parried, or interrupted by enemies.

This weapon type allows you to wield long, two-handed blades, such as sabers and katana. It's a stylish and flashy weapon type.
Bonus Trait: Sharpness: These weapons' attacks can cut through enemies with tough or scaly hides.

Dual Blades
This weapon type allows you to dual-wield a pair of daggers, short swords or claws. It's a fast-paced and lightweight weapon type.
Bonus Trait: Freeclimb: These weapons can be used to climb vertical surfaces, or the backs of giant monsters.

Dual Fists
This weapon type allows you to dual-wield a pair of gauntlets or braces that fit over the hands, and enhance your punching attacks.
Bonus Trait: Powerlift: These weapons enhance your physical strength, allowing you to lift and throw heavy objects such as boulders.

This weapon type allows you to wield two-handed polearms, such as lances, halberds, and scythes.
Bonus Trait: Polevault: You can use these weapons to pole-vault over chasms, or into the air to hit flying enemies.

This weapon type allows you to wield grappling weapons, such as whips and chains. It's a popular choice among female players.
Bonus Trait: Snatch: These weapons can be used to steal held items from enemies, as well as deprive them of their weapons.

This weapon type allows you to wield heavy, two-handed bludgeoning weapons, such as hammers, maces, and clubs.
Bonus Trait: Breaker: These weapons can be used to destroy certain obstacles, and shatter enemy armor.

This weapon type allows you to attack at a distance by shooting arrows. It's the only long-range weapon type.
Bonus Trait: Quiver: You can equip and switch between different arrow types with special effects, such as Fire Arrows, Bomb Arrows, etc.

This weapon type allows you to cast magic spells. It's the only weapon type that allows your character to use magic.
Bonus Trait: Spellcaster: By equipping spells onto your staff, you can cast them as many times as you like.

Accessories and Items

Aside from weapons, characters can use Accessories and Items. Accessories are equippable pieces of gear, which provide various skills and bonuses. Items are single-use consumables, such as potions, bombs, keys, and traps. Once the RPG has begun, your character will be assigned some starting equipment, which will include accessories and items, but you don't need to worry about those for now.


I'm looking for around ~8-10 players for this RPG, but I'm willing to expand that number later down the road if one of the (more experienced) players is willing to co-GM with me. For now, sign-ups are still open.

Approved Players

1. Monster Guy / Stella Gold / GoldStar (Liliput Staff)
2. Skillfulness / Quinn Mazrin / MazzieQ (Liliput Bow)
3. InnerFlame / Alexander Nathaniel Thornton / QT-Pi (Beastkin Dual Fists)
4. VampirateMace / Declan / DemonBoi_67 (Ogre Spear)
5. Sketchie / Camilla Cartwright / Stardew Butterfly (Liliput Hammer)
6. Schade / Rachel Seo-Yeon / CatBoy08 (Beastkin Dual Blades)
7. Tangeh / Wesley King / Shiori Queen (Orc Heavy Blade)
8. Dragalge / Priscilla Seinford / Madamt Quixoticle (Human Staff)
9. GoldenHouou / Bradshaw "Brad" Tanner / Hotbabe69 (Beastkin Whip)
10. NPC / Santiago Cisneros / Santi_99 (Human Bow)
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sleep researcher
Cool! I'll await your sign-up. Feel free to ask any questions here or via DM.


Fire and Ice Combo
My interest is perked so I’ll ask for reservation and I’ll get a character together

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Real-World Character Sign-up

Stella Gold
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: Stella's height is at 5'10". Despite being taller than most young women, she unapologetically wears heels, and often appears taller. She doesn't go into the sun all to often, claiming it's bad for your skin, so her skin is fair as a result. She has a slender build, but still has a feminine figure. She has silky, straight, golden blond hair that falls to her waist, with short blunt cut bangs that go to her eyebrows. She often wears some sort of hair accessory to keep her hair tidy. Her eyes are almond shaped, and are a light shade of blue. She wears as much makeup as she thinks is necessary. Usually just some pink eyeshadow, lipstick, and a subtle amount of blush. Her nails are perfectly manicured and painted with gold polish. She puts a lot of effort into maintaining her appearance, and she makes sure to keep her face clear of any blemishes, and to maintain a good weight.

Her outfits tend to vary, but her wardrobe can be described as being, "girly." It mostly contains a lot of pastels, and bright colors in general, especially pink, her favorite color. She has very expensive tastes, and has the money to afford it, or rather her parents do. All the clothes in her closet were either made by her using rare and/or expensive materials, or by a big name designer (who likely also used rare and/or expensive materials.) Knockoffs and cheap things make her skin crawl. (By cheap, she means low quality, it's possible for something to be inexpensive and still good.) She also accessorize with gold and pink jewelry to flaunt her wealth. Made with real gold and pink diamonds, which are also rare and expensive. She also carries a pink designer handbag to carry her things in.

Her usual outfit is a short sleeved pink blouse, with a frilly knee length skirt thats a darker shade of pink than the blouse is. On her feet are pink flats decorated with little bows. Her ears are pierced, and she wears hanging gold earrings on her ears, a fancy gold necklace around her neck, and a set of gold bracelets around her right wrist, as well as a pink diamond ring on a gold band on her right ring finger. On top of her head she wears a pink headband with a bow attached to it.

Personality: Stella is a proud, confident young woman. She can come off as arrogant sometimes, often overestimating herself, while underestimating others, but she does have a kind caring side somewhere deep down, someone just has to be willing to look for it. She is not shy in the slightest, and if given the opportunity, she will say exactly what she thinks, which often gets her into trouble, and offends people. She usually acts very serious and proper, and appears to have no tolerance for low-class behavior, but it's just an act, and she knows how to have fun if the circumstances are right. She is a strong willed individual, and once she's decided on something, it is very difficult to change her mind. Due to her wealthy upbringing, and being given whatever she wanted whenever she asked, she is spoiled, and has very high standards, and she gets upset if things do not meet those standards. She is very frivolous, and she's known for spending money like it grows on trees. Especially if it's someone else's money.

Stella values cuteness and beauty in all areas in her life. From her taste in clothes, to the people she associates with. If your one of those people that do not meet her expectations. Depending on the person, she will avoid you, try to give you a makeover, or be needlessly cruel to you. As one would imagine, looks mean everything to Stella. She can often be seen studying her reflection in any reflective surface available. She despises dirt and ugliness with a passion. She hates sports, physical labor, camping, or anything that could possibly get her dirty and ruin her image. If forced to do them, she will complain. Something else she can't stand, bugs She's fine with butterflies, it's the creepy crawly bugs like spiders, and cockroaches she doesn't like.

She can be a nice person once you get to know her. This is noticeable when she's speaking to someone she finds to be cute, has taken a liking to, is also wealthy or a celebrity she’s interested in. She will act friendly towards them, and if they are younger than her, act like a sister to them. Stella dotes on the people she cares for. She's also quite generous to her friends. She’s willing to spend money on others too. One thing that may surprise you, is that despite being a girly girl, she actually enjoys playing video games, and she has an extensive collection of games at home. It’s not something most people expect from her, and she keeps that aspect of her personality to herself. No one would take her seriously if they knew. She also has other stereotypically geeky interests as well, like superhero comics, and even collects fandom merchandise. She is also much smarter than she looks. One thing her parents did teach her was how to think like a business person. She doesn't find stupidity attractive either.

Background: Stella was born in the upper east side of New York City, and has lived there for as long as she can remember. She lives in a large mansion with her family and their various employees. She was born the only child of one of the richest and most famous families. Her father is the CEO of a major corporation, and her mother is also the CEO of her own company. Due to their busy work schedules, they weren't able to be around as often as they would have liked. The only times she got to see both parents together, were at formal functions.

Feeling guilty about this, they spoiled their daughter, and gave her whatever she asked for, often in excess. If she wanted a Pony, she got a Pony imported, riding lessons, and people to care for them. If she wanted a toy, the whole store was closed down so she could go on her own personal shopping spree to get anything she wanted. The latest electronic gadget, she got the next model before it was available to the public, and it was custom made just for her. As one can imagine, this made her very spoiled, and gave her a superiority complex. She often flaunted her wealth, and had little regard for people she felt were beneath her. Her parents were usually busy, and they never noticed.

For awhile, Stella was homeschooled by scholars and tutors that were handpicked by her parents. She received etiquette lessons, and was taught how to be a lady, as well as other things in order to groom her to inherit the family fortune. When she was thirteen, she was enrolled into an elite Private School. She was able to ace the entrance exams and earn admission. She did very well in her classes, and maintained fantastic grades her entire time there. However, because of her condescending attitude, most of the other kids treated her with indifference. Most of the friends she did have only hung out with her because of her money. Despite being a social butterfly, Stella had no real friends. She acts like it doesn't bother her, but deep down, it does.

Now, having completed her schooling, Stella wants to follow in her family’s footsteps, and start her own business. Preferably, becoming a clothing designer and being an influential figure in the fashion industry. She currently attends a major fashion design school in New York. She of course got her hands on a copy of Lost Horizons. All the major gaming Youtubers were playing it, so of course she had to play this game herself. She designed an adorable avatar, and went on an adventure. She wasn’t at all prepared for what was in store for her.

In-Game Avatar Sign-up

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Liliput
Weapon Type: Staff

Stella designed her avatar to be as cute possible. For that purpose, she chose a Lilliput. Her avatar has the small stature, round face, big eyes, and small button nose the race is known for. GoldStar shares her real life fair complexion, blue eyes, and blonde hair. The avatar’s hair is short and messy. Goldstar has pointed elven like ears

The avatar also retains Stella’s preference for the color pink. GoldStar wears what can only be described as a pink mages outfit. It consists of a pink robe with a gold trim. Under it, he wears a pink top with a bow on it, a pink belt with a bow buckle, and a shear skirt attached it, pink pants, and pink shoes. He also wears a pink pointy wizard hat with a gold bow tied around it. His arms are covered with pink elbow length gloves.

In-Game Persona: Stella maintains most of her personality in the game. She often gets away with being a little bratty sometimes due to having the appearance of a cute innocent boy. As opposed to her real self, where such behavior is looked down upon. In game she is a much more openly friendly, even affectionate, than she would be in real life. She pulls off the innocent boy act rather well. She chose a male avatar because most people don’t know about her gaming hobby, and wants to keep that to herself. Most people don’t expect a girl playing as a boy. It’s usually the other way around.
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sleep researcher
Monster Guy: Approved, welcome!

Since we have one character and one almost-finished WIP, I think I'll post my character tomorrow. I'll also get an OOC thread going soon.


it's about the CUBES
Can I take a reserve? I'm right in the throes of the end of semester and I have another SU that's a tiny bit more pressing as its RP thread just went up, but I have the perfect character for this one and I'm super interested in the premise.

Also, this RP wouldn't have possibly been influence by Log Horizon, would it? ;D


Internet Overlord
Would like to reserve with a WIP:

Real-World Character Sign-up:

Name: Declan
Age: 19
Gender: Male, straight


Declan is a short (around 5'6”), pale guy, splashed with freckles, and not particularly well built. He compensates for this with layers of clothing, heeled boots, and an edgy attitude. His round, boyish face, sports attentive green eyes, a narrow pointed nose, and a thin lipped mouth with spider-bite piercings. Soft cheek bones and a weak chin lend to the childish look. His naturally ginger hair is dyed a combo of unnaturally bright red and pitch black. His hair is generally short all around, with longer bangs that hide his eyes and eyebrows a bit.

For clothes he tends to wear a punk-goth meets nostalgia fashion. This usually features heavily torn jeans (often black) that sometimes show the boxers under them, and a black graphic t-shirts under a bomber jacket. On his feet are heeled combat-style boots, which make his seem a bit taller. There's usually black socks and maybe a black long-sleeve undershirt if it's cold too. Other than his piercings, he tends not to wear much for jewelry, not even a watch (but who needs one when everyone has a phone in their pocket, right).

Declan is something of an want to be edgelord. He'll think about saying the sort of dark edgy things that get a lot of attention, but he doesn't believe them and often ends up worrying that they won't come across the way he intends anyways. Instead a lot of his real life dialog is kind of mellow and forgettable. There's the occasional joke and the passion for artistic pursuits that really distinguish him, but otherwise he seems like a pretty average guy, even if he is dressed in mostly black. His failure to get much reaction in social situations leaves him with a feeling of being nearly invisible sometimes.

While Declan can easily get lost in his art for hours (to the point of forgetting to eat), otherwise he's considered fairly lazy. He might play video games or binge netflix all day if he doesn't have classwork or a personal art project(s), so he's not likely to do the dishes or his laundry until he has to. Logically he knows his lack of muscles is directly proportional to his lack of exercise, but sports and working out are just so boring to him. Maybe it'd be different if like was like the SIMs where you could work out for three hours and suddenly be buff. But not seeing any results after a grueling amount of work is just discouraging.

This isn't to say he doesn't at least try to take care of himself. He showers regularly, brushes his teeth, and thinks about what he's eating (when he remembers to eat, of course). When he has class he plans for the next day, making sure he plans enough time to sleep and still get up early enough to make it to class. He's not perfect, but he's trying to get it together at least.

Declan's circle of friends isn't terribly big. It's sort of shrunk over the years and he's kind of at a loss about what to do about it, or if he should do anything. People say you'll never be as close to anyone as you were in high school. Honestly he's kind of lonely. But, maybe that's just life. Romantically he's into 'bad' girls, and has had quite a few crushes over the years, but they've never really worked out. He knows getting out there is the way to meet people, but mentally he usually just blames his social awkwardness for his failure to increase his social circle.

Declan is a college student, majoring in graphic design. As such his life experience so far is pretty limited; home life, clubs, and school. He went out for sports a couple times in junior high, but he's not really built for it and didn't enjoy it that terribly much. By high school he'd pretty much fallen into an edgy almost goth persona reflected in his clothes and hair style choices. The aesthetic carried through into his college career, though he doesn't act all that edgy.

Declan was handed a fairly ideal childhood really. Born into a middle class family, descended mostly from Irish immigrants, he lived in a good neighborhood and went to public school. Grade School passed without much incident. He got fairly good grades and made lots of friends. He had to deal with bullies of course, due to his short stature and unusually heavy freckles, but he did his best to avoid them and make the best of things. And since there were plenty of kids willing to he his friends, he stuck with them, after all, there is safety in numbers.

Junior high is when things started to become cliché-y and that was a bit of a challenge for a kid that didn't really have a thing. His large friend group had broken up into several smaller groups all interested in specific things that he really wasn't. He tried to hang with the jocks, thinking they were cool, but he struggled to enjoy sports and failed to make any teams he went out for.

And as if that wasn't distraction enough, he found he had an interest in girls. You've probably heard this story before, boy meets girl, boy's grades fall. And that girl was Monica. She was one of the goths, so he tried to blend in with them. It seemed like a good match at first, as much as he had a similar aesthetic to them, but something was missing. They tolerated him, but he didn't really get the music or literature they were into. At best they appreciated his macabre little doodles, but it was all surface, there was no angst under them to explain to the group.

So when high school rolled around, he moved on, to the drama kids. Problem was, he was kinda shy and memorizing lines was a lot more work than he'd realized. The drama instructor was blunt with him about it, which was hurtful, but helpful. Saying that maybe he'd do better by working behind the scenes. There were actually a lot of non-acting jobs to be done, and he didn't like most of them, but among them he found one he felt good about, painting sets. Finally it fell into place, he knew what he was about. He was an artist.

He poured his soul into the sets and signed up for an art elective the following term. Then he worked up the nerve to ask Monica to come see their play, and she agreed. It was good. The sets were good by high school standards. The costumes were good by high school standards. The acting was good by high school standards. There was just one problem, during the play, she confessed something to Declan. She had a crush on the lead actor.

He was crushed, but what could he do? He told her she should probably confess it to him before he found someone else. And that kind of set the tone for his love life. After a few more failed attempts at getting a girlfriend, Declan decided to throw himself into his art and preparing for college (his grades still weren't that great after all). He decided he'd go in for a graphic arts program. Maybe if he was lucky he'd become a famous artist, though his art teacher told him it was more likely he'd end up a cog in an ad agency. Of course the man seemed to think a lot of people ended up as cogs, so maybe he was just bitter about ending up a teacher.

As a college student Declan has been more studious, but also more reclusive in his spare time. He knows he should probably get out there, but it's gotten kind of hard. Then one of the few people hangs out with, other than his roommate, recommended Lost Horizon. It was a social game that he could enjoy from the comfort of his room. . .

In-Game Avatar Sign-up:

Name: DemonBoi_67
Age: 25-ish
Gender: Male
Race: Ogre
Weapon Type: Spear


In creating his avatar, Declan went with the most edgy looking race in the most edgy color he could think of. This naturally gave him a gaudy red ogre. This gave him the basic tall and muscular ogre body with a mostly decorative tail. He customized this with some long backward sweeping black horns, long blood red dreadlocks, a single orange eye, and ribcage tattoos.

For clothes he chose some red and gold pants, with an generic Asian art inspired cloud design. This was accessorized with some gold and black boots with white heels, and golden shoulder armor. He left the avatar's chest bare to show of the edgy tattoo and ogre abs (which is something of wish fulfillment if we're being honest).

In-Game Persona:
In game, Declan felt free to be rowdy, barbaric, and generally bad***. . . and some flirting wouldn’t hurt either. Pretty much anything an edgy teen wanted to do but couldn’t, since no one knew who he was and he could always make a new profile and character if everything suddenly went pear-shaped. But really, what was there to worry about? He enjoyed the idea of showing off his ogre strength and bravery, though there wasn't a lot of strength showing off to be done in the sanctuary of the starter island. However, he at least enjoyed seeing his large intimidating avatar cutting through the crowd of smaller characters as he browsed the shops and got used to the controls.

As of the morning of the incident, Declan's true personality has leaked through. He's concerned about getting back to his real life. What's happening to his body, and how much of his college classes has he missed? It feels like it's going to be impossible to recover from this absence, and he's sure his parents and roommate are worried sick. Getting out of here sounds like a lot of work too, but it's not like he can stay either. And at least he has this buff ogre build to help him.
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Sketchie: Reserved! No worries. And yes, it totally is inspired by Log Horizon haha!

VampirateMace: Great! I await the completed sign-up.

I'll post my character later today.


it's about the CUBES
Real-World Character Sign-up

Camilla Cartwright
Age: 21
Gender: cisgender female
Theme Song: Applause . Lady Gaga // Awaken . League of Legends ft Valerie Broussard // Gourmet Race . Remix by ColBreakz

Camilla Cartwright is a right beautiful young lady. Sorta. Most people just call her hot. She's at an average height, around 5'7, and has a fairly slim build to her. She has smooth, pretty curves, wider hips and a defined waist, and small, perky breasts. She doesn't have much cleavage, but she is a proud member of the tiny titty committee, and won't let you forget it. Cami's white, even more so since she's not really a sunshine person, but she has a soft and nigh perfect complexion. Her silky blonde hair cascades down just past her butt in the back and right side, but the left side has been buzzed short for the aesthetic. (If she needs it up, she'll tie it back into a messy bun, but that doesn't happen much.) She has big, bright, expressive eyes that look nearly violet in the right light, but she promises, they're blue, and also pretty bad. She wears grey rectangular glasses to help her out. She also has very blonde eyebrows, she promises they're there but it looks weird if she makes them darker. Her nose is small and sweet, and she has soft, plush lips to match. Her ears are pierced, only her lobes, and she almost always has some cute earrings in. She has several tattoos. From top to bottom:

- Red "!" from Metal Gear Solid, behind her right ear. (She has this one behind her right ear because that’s where all her hair is—so when you see it, it’s a surprise!)
- Jinx's Star Guardian emblem and outline of ribbon from League of Legends, underneath her right collarbone.
- Cursive "heroes never die" from Overwatch, along the thumb side of her right forearms. (She has it in that place so when she looks down at her mouse, she sees the “heroes never die.”)
- Lace design on sternum underneath breasts. (It’s the same one that Lady Gaga and a few other women who are sexual abuse/rape survivors have, it’s her first)
- Triforce, Pokeball, Animal Crossing Leaf, and Power Star in a vertical line on the outside of her right thigh.
- Flying strawberry from Celeste, on the inside of her right ankle. (My best friend has this tattoo, so this is a callback to her.)

- Simplified YXAB buttons, behind her left ear.
- The Imperial symbol from The Elder Scrolls, on her left shoulder blade.
- The Vault-Tec logo from Fallout, on her left bicep.
- The number 117, with a halo around it, worked into the logo for the UNSC from Halo, on her left side. (She designed this one herself)
- Chibi heads of a Chocobo, Moogle, and a Cactaur from Final Fantasy, on the inside of her left forearm.
- Companion cube from Portal, underneath her left knee.

Camilla's style is loose and revealing. You can almost always see her bra straps, if not more. On a normal day you can find her in a loose fitting sweater falling off her shoulder and torn jeans, or if she's going out on the town you might see some meme-ish crop top and denim booty shorts. She has plenty of shoes to choose from, but she usually opts for a pair of colorful converse. She loves accessorizing, be it with fashion headphones or big bows or what have you. She's not a fan of bracelets, however, and prefers to keep her wrists and hands free. As for her persona Yellow Butterfly's outfit, Butterfly has a custom made headset with a yellow butterfly wing on the headphone, as well as a short, sleeveless dress, banded at the waist. The dress is yellow and (of course) looks like two butterfly wings coming together, with a short pastel rainbow chiffon skirt where the wings split at her waist. She even has butterfly shoes, dammit. When Camilla decides it's going to be a lazy day, she usually just wears an old bra and sweatpants. We can't look perfect all the time.

Personality: Camilla Cartwright is a white hot bomb of personality! She is trendy and hip, and loves keeping up with the times... and by this I mean memes. She loves memes and the internet and whatever's popular on the internet. She's a YouTube video game star, people know her signature yellow.butterfly handle, and she's extremely good at them. She's a bit of a snark, and built up her personality on being sarcastic and witty. She's very proud of where she's gotten, especially as a female in the industry. Firey and hot-headed, she won't let anyone get in her way in where she wants to go!

The thing that usually shocks people about Cami, something she kind of hides, is how incredibly intelligent she is. Not only is she book and people smart, but she knows how to use it. Extremely cunning, she's good at getting what she wants and needs through any means necessary. She is a good kid, though, and her plans would never involve hurting or taking advantage of someone, unless said someone isn't a good kid. Her intelligence and good planning skills are some of the reasons why she is so good at video games, especially team games. She loves to learn. She sometimes feels like she's a dragon hoarding treasure, except her treasure is any information she can get her hands on. The more Cami knows, the better.

Cami loves video games. She's especially skilled at Overwatch and League of Legends, but she'll play anything. She's gotten a good rep on YouTube for her skills, and she enjoys running her let's play channel and letting others request what she plays. Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, Halo, Skyrim, various flash games, there isn't anything she won't play. There isn't anything she isn't good at, or anything she won't get good at. She prides herself on being good, and on being a girl. She'll raise the banner for female gamers everywhere. She loves social media and has a strong following on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram as well. Her phone is simply a part of her now. She loves fashion and looking her absolute best, her style leaning towards trendy YouTube hipster, almost like that's what she is. She also loooves cute things, especially cute pokemon! Even though she won't call her style cute, she will absolutely fawn over any cute thing you hand her. She's a good singer, and loves making silly parodies for her fans. She also loves reading, but it's something she kind of keeps hidden. Books are something sacred to her, she doesn't like sharing them for fear of ruining them.

Despite what you might think, Cami isn't actually too arrogant and cocky. She can be, and she definitely recognizes her prowess, but since her goal is to always be getting better, knowing there is always someone who is better, it keeps her humble. She does, however, get aggressive. Especially when someone tells her she can't do something. She won't physically lash out, but she has a sharp tongue and isn't afraid to use it as a knife. She hates exercise and hates sports, she finds it all soooooo so boring. She also typically doesn't like those who are into that sort of thing, since in the past, they've made fun of her. She's easily frustrated when her carefully constructed plans go awry, and she's not exactly the most flexible at fixing them when they do.

Camilla truly is a good kid at heart. She loves fun and friends and laughter. She wants to make people happy and forget about trouble for a while, which is one of the reasons she loves YouTube. She's tenacious, and even when she's frustrated, she'll calm down and keep going. She understands the meaning of teamwork -- gaming and family life requires it. She loves all nine siblings and is ecstatic for the tenth. She's likes to be silly and carefree, since she believes in a world of good people. She believes in a future, and that future can be bright and better. Things can always get better. She isn't a fan of dystopian novels because it goes directly against her belief that our future won't, can't get worse. Some tell her she's weak because of her idealism and her optimism. She feels the exact opposite -- it makes her strong.

Content Warning in Effect for sexual assault. Section will be spoilered.
Background: Katrina and Kenneth Cartwright got married young, and at the tender age of twenty had their first daughter: Camilla was born into loving arms and a small house in Orem, Utah. Kenneth, though young, was a gifted computer engineer, and his skills were highly sought after and well compensated. This brought great comfort to Katrina, who wanted nothing more but to stay at home and care for her child. Ever since she was brought into this world, Cami felt loved, important, cared for. She learned to walk and talk quickly, and the little girl grew up bright eyed and curious. "Why" became her favorite word, followed by "What is that" as close seconds. She started reading early too, climbing to chapter books at age three. Also at age three came another surprise: the triplets Caleb, Chelsey, and Caty were born a few months after she turned three.

School was a blessing for Camilla. She was over the moon to start kindergarten at age five, shorty after little brother Chance was born. It was all so new and exciting, and she was encouraged to read as much as she could. She was a little bit of a teacher's pet, smart and gifted and perfect, but she didn't care, as long as it meant she could read whenever she wanted. She didn't have a favorite subject -- she loved everything! And she loved people, too. A little awkward and overly excitable, it was a little tough, but she eventually figured out how the friendship thing worked. Her home life helped. Her dad would invite her up into the den to play video games with him, and that's where her love for gaming sparked. She loved how interactive it was, she'd press a button and something would happen, something would change. There were puzzles to solve and bad guys to vanquish. Her dad bought Cami her very own GBA that Christmas, and it's still one of her most prized possessions.

The twins Christian and Cody were born three years later when Cami was eight years old, and she was really turning into quite the big sister. She loved her little siblings and being the eldest duckling, and she'd do anything for them. They all looked up to her as the example, and Camilla quickly got used to being copied. They, of course, had their squabbles and stupid sibling fights, but the Cartwright family home kept its reputation as a house of love. It was also getting way too small. On top of that, school had started to get boring. She stopped doing her homework by the end of second grade because it was easy enough that she'd grasp it and just ace the quiz the next day. This worried her parents and her teachers. Not the being really smart part, no, Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright were incredibly proud of their eldest daughter for her academic skills. What they were worried about was Camilla forming bad habits that would be harder to break when it actually mattered. Camilla's second grade teacher suggested skipping third grade and going straight to fourth, and that's exactly what Cami did.

It worked out anyway, since the summer before 4th grade, the Cartwrights moved out of their way small house into a bigger one in Fresno, California. Work called Kenneth, Kenneth moved to work. Camilla loved Fresno. It had a beautiful library, and she could easily spend hours there. They lived in a quaint, older suburb, with lots of beautiful areas to explore and secrets to learn. Fourth grade provided more of a challenge than third grade would, and Cami was eager to dive in. Making friends was a little harder, being in a new place with people older than her, but she found her place with the nerds. Kids who liked to read just as much as she did, people she could play video games with. Baby Charlotte was the newest addition to the Cartwrights, born two years after the twins, when Cami was 10 and finishing sixth grade. Once again, Cami, at the top of her class, started slipping behind with boredom. She needed something more, so her sixth grade teacher suggested that she might skip a second grade, jumping straight into eighth grade. And what better way to jump into a new grade than by moving to an entirely new city?

The Cartwrights moved again to Henderson, Nevada, just before school started up again when Camilla was 11. It was perfect. It was warm, and sunny, and the landscape was so unique, not to mention it was a hop, skip, and a jump from the lights and noise of Las Vegas. Middle school gave Cami a new zest for life, even though making friends got harder again. Camilla had grown a lot. She was very mature for her age, being the oldest child does that to you, as well as skipping two grades. Even though she found her place with the nerds, puberty wasn't kind to her at first, and mixing those two facts in with the two years younger fact means that some people don't agree with you in their lives. Early puberty was mean to Cami, she had terrible breakouts and braces and oily crazy hair. That and her eyesight started to fail, genetics be like that, and she had to start wearing glasses by the end of eighth grade. It was rough, and combined with the onset of bullying, Cami was starting to seriously consider if her love of learning was worth it. She felt lower than dirt more times than she cared to admit. But she did admit it, eventually. Her mom was always right there to comfort her, and the triplets tried to do their very best to help cheer their sister up as best they could. The birth of two new twins, Claire and Colton, really helped to brighten the house just a little bit more. (For those keeping track, Colton is the youngest of ten.)

Cami started ninth grade in high school as a twelve year old. An incredibly bright and intelligent twelve year old who could easily be mistaken as a fourteen year old, especially since most of her growth spurts were done and over with. She still hung with the nerds, and really found her place in her school's Gamers Club. The boys there took her in like a little sister, and Cami loved her big brothers from other mothers. She avoided sporty kids, since most of them made fun of her for the usual: skipped grades, video games, an ugly face, and so on. She avoided all except for one. Senior boy, quarterback, eighteen and perfect, Nathan Perry. He took her under his wing, called her pretty and beautiful, told her how smart and talented she was. From an outsider's perspective, you could physically see all the red flags. Not from Cami's perspective. She was just happy someone seemed to like her. So happy, in fact, that she somehow caught a huge crush on him, and also somehow told him. She was embarrassed for about five seconds before Nathan told her that he felt the same way.

Nathan taught her how to hold hands, to kiss. It started out innocently at first, but it began to escalate and Cami didn't know how to stop it. For once in her life, Cami felt she couldn't tell her parents anything. What would they say? They would be so mad. They couldn't know. She'd lie about where she was going and who she was going with, and her parents trusted her enough to let her go. Nathan knew Cami was scared of saying anything, and he used it to his utmost advantage.

The more Nathan pushed her, the quieter she got. She didn't like what he was doing, what he made her do, but she couldn't say no or he'd get upset. The six year age difference didn't help. One day after school, she left with Nathan to his house as usual. He seemed calm that day. Maybe today would be good. Maybe he wouldn't make her do anything to him. Camilla was, unfortunately, dead wrong. Nathan made her lunch, and the next thing Cami knew, she was home again, tucked in on the couch. Her whole body ached, covered in bruises. She could see the Saturday morning sun streaming through the window. What had happened?

Katrina knew. She had seen it before, done to her best friend, and now to her own daughter. She hadn't slept a wink that night. Her baby girl hadn't come home yet from school, without telling her where on earth she was going. She stayed by the window, watching, hoping, waiting. Then, she saw a truck pull up to their curb. Out walked a strange man, carrying... yes, her daughter! Worried he'd try to take her too, she stayed out of sight behind the curtains, watching with bated breath. She watched him set her daughter down on the doorstep, before looking both ways and running back into his truck. As soon as the truck pulled out, Katrina ran outside, scooping up an unconscious Cami into her arms. Cami's legs were covered with blood, her breathing was shallow and she was completely unresponsive. Mama Bear Mode activated hard. She lovingly cleaned up all the blood, changed her into a new set of clothes, and tucked her in on the couch. She slept on the living room arm chair that night, keeping watch.

Cami burst into tears when her mother told her what happened last night. She couldn't keep hiding where she was going, what had happened to her. Sobbing profusely, she gushed about everything. She begged her mom not to be angry with her. To her surprise, Katrina pulled her into her arms, wiping her tears away and smoothing down her hair. She wasn't mad at all. Well, she was furious with the young man who manipulated her daughter and swore she would do all she could to bring him to justice, but she wasn't angry with Cami. She was manipulated, taken advantage of, there was no way she could have known any better. Katrina took it to the police, and thus trials began.

Cami doesn't remember much of the trials, nor did she care. She just never wanted to see Nathan again, and with a restraining order put in place and Nathan off to prison, she never did. She finished the rest of ninth grade online. Her friends from the Gamers Club visited as often as they could. Cami was traumatized pretty badly, but somehow... they weren't so bad. They knew she loved let's players and helping the club out with their let's play videos, so they suggested she make some videos all on her own. She loved it. She took the username yellow.butterfly -- yellow was a happy and sunny color, something she needed, and butterflies were feminine, something she took pride in. She loved it. Her videos were silly at first and really only the Gamers Club watched them, but they were happy to support their adopted little sister in what made her happy.

By the time tenth grade started to roll around, it began to feel like a far off nightmare. It still plagued her, but she pushed to go back to school, and her parents let her. Nathan would have graduated anyway, and the rest of her friends were excited to have her back in the classroom. She was excited to have friends again. Not only that, but while she was away, puberty finally worked its magic. She got her braces off, and started changing up her wardrobe. She was in all high honors and college credit classes, she took choir and acted in the school musicals and was secretary of the Gamers Club. She pushed herself even father her junior year. Her YouTube channel started gaining traction, as the bright and bubbly blue-eyed girl bounced her way to the top. She became Gamers Club president by her senior year, and graduated top of her class at age sixteen.

It was that summer that Camilla became a sensation. She latched onto Overwatch as soon as it came out, which definitely garnered her followers, but what skyrocketed her to success was when Sombra was released. Camilla was a true natural, easily becoming one of the best Sombra mains in the nation. Not long after yellow.butterfly really took off, she found a little yellow creature of her own. She was cleaning in the cellar when she found a tiny ball of fluff. She fell in love with it immediately, and the dirty, abandoned kitten. She named the kitten Olivia, after Sombra's real name, and the two became inseparable. Olivia stayed on Cami's shoulder while she played, rising to internet fame with her. Over the next few years, she participated in eSport Championships across the nation, and later, even the World Overwatch Championships. That was when she first donned her yellow.butterfly outfit, one Katrina made herself. It was a gorgeous little sundress that Cami designed, one she was proud to wear. After winning the championship, she shaved the side of her head and got her signature purple tattoos little by little.

Katrina got pregnant again when Cami was 17, and the Cartwright home was once again up in a buzz about a new baby sister. Cami worked on college courses online on the side, got herself a cute little yellow Jeep, and, when she was 18 the key to a secret lab. It was under Kenneth's name, and Kenneth felt like his eldest was old enough to have her very own space. He had bought the abandoned laboratory out in the Nevadan desert, and while he had planned to use it for his business, it ended up being part storage, part lounge cooldown area. Fully stocked with state of the art computers, it became Cami's getaway resort. Sure, it was a drive, but a drive Cami enjoyed.

Life moved on. Now at 21, she's still going strong with her Let's Play channel. She and Olivia moved from her family home to a nice condo in Las Vegas, but she still comes home Sunday evenings (and sometimes even more frequently) for family dinner. She's enjoyed getting out of the house, although she misses her family it's been freeing to be on her own. Nothing she has to share, no bedtimes she has to be aware of. Life has been easy-breezy, and Cami expects it to stay that way for at least the near future.

- Pansexual.
- Still owns that yellow Jeep.
- In order of age, it goes: Camilla (21), Caleb, Chelsea, Caty (18), Chance (16), Christian, Cody (13), Charlotte (11), Claire, Colton (7), and Cassandra (3).
- yellow.butterfly has roughly 7 million subscribers. (She's about a third a Markiplier. Fairly well known in her own communities, but not so much outside her bubble.)

In-Game Avatar Sign-up
Stardew Butterfly
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Liliput
Weapon Type: Hammer

Appearance: Stardew is a cute little liliput, even a little bit shorter than average. She's very based off of Camilla herself. Her skin is a similar tone to Camilla, and she has large and expressive dark blue eyes. Her ears are pointed and elven, though, and she has a darling button nose. Her hair is soft and puffy, parted on one side with her bangs swooping just above her eyes. The rest of her mid-back length hair is pulled up into two cute and fluffy pigtails. While originally, Camilla was going to make Stardew's hair blonde like hers, she settled on a fun purple color.

Stardew wears a light pink shirt under a simple olive vest, tied at the waist with a belt. She has loose cream pants, stuffed into some brown leather knee-high boots. To top it all off, she wears a star pendant as a cute accessory.

In-Game Persona: As a streamer, Camilla likes being as authentic in her gameplays as she can. Maybe she'll tweak her appearance around a little bit, or go by a fun name, but she tries to balance what she would do in each situation alongside what is the best thing to do. (An example: Camilla decided to romance Curie in her playthrough of Fallout 4 because that's who Camilla herself thought was the best romance-able partner.) Even before becoming a streamer, she grew up playing video games as if she herself was the main character, so it's no surprise she'll do the same thing here. As for being yeeted into this world... she's a little discombobulated and on the inside she's incredibly nervous as this is "way new" and "pretty weird." She won't show that, though, and will respond to it just like she would if she was on camera. She's eager to get started and find a way back home.
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Reserve me, boss. I've finally got a bit of a concept coming together. I'll edit the rest in when I get it done.

Real-World Character Sign-up

Matthew Glassman
Age: 25
Gender: Male

In-Game Avatar Sign-up

Everett Redmane
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Race: Beastkin
Weapon Type: Heavy Blade - his main weapons are mostly battle axe-like, and his preferred weapon looks a bit like half of a typical "admiralty" anchor
Appearance: Oh lawd he big.

Matthew saw what a lot of people were doing and decided to try to be different, making his beastkin character a lot more leonine than the lighter, lithe-er catboys he saw a lot of. So instead, Everett's pretty dang tall for a beastkin and with similarly large body in general; he's got a very strong build, as you might expect from a character who fights mostly with heavy blades. And of course, true to his name, he's got a big mane of red hair that frames his face. [I'll fill more in later.] In keeping with his "grizzled old sailor" look, he's got an eye patch over one eye (though he does change which eye he wears his eye patch on regularly...), and is never seen without a flat cap or corn cob pipe. Whatever the equivalent of glamour plates are in this game, it's a good thing they exist.
In-Game Persona: "Persona" is right. I mentioned the "grizzled old sailor" thing in appearance, right? Well, true to that, Everett is very knowledgeable about the sea and sailing and generally has the air of a veteran sailor. He knows the best way to get places safely if it means going across the ocean. He also knows how to get there fast in a not-so-safe manner, but he'll warn you off of going that way pretty quickly. He's been in some boating accidents, and it's not great. At least, as far as he'll tell you. (Remember: there isn't really a navigational element to the game...)

Despite appearances (you know, being a big pirate sort-of lion man), most of the time he's a little more on the quiet side. Not necessarily a loner, but not talkative; he'll weigh in at the end of the conversation, typically in as straightforward a manner as possible. [fill the rest in here] When it's time for action, he rarely is certain of anything going a specific way, but tends to go ahead with it anyway, taking a sudden turn for the brash -- and the more energetic. It's pretty clear he's not the man with the plan, though -- unless it comes to path-finding.

Also, he spends a lot of time fishing.
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I'm definitely interested, could you put me down for a reserve? I also had a small question regarding the in game persona. Is this how our character will behave in game, or do they retain their real world personality with the option to try and hold up their in game persona?


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Can I put a reserve down as well? I’ll probably put a skeleton WIP down today and then flesh it out later.


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TheAdmiral: You got it, reserved.

Skillfulness: Your character doesn't have to act one way or another, the point is just to describe the ways in which a virtual world might allow them to act differently than in reality. In any case, reserved.

Tangeh: Reserved.

Some things have come up, but I hope to have my character up today and the OOC thread up tomorrow!


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Dragalge: lol yes, go ahead. If everyone with a reserve/WIP ends up joining, you may be our last player for now.


sleep researcher
GoldenHouou: Absolutely. I'll let you know if a reservation/WIP falls through. Otherwise I'll see if I can squeeze you in.