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Lost Horizon: Guild Chat


sleep researcher
As long as you end up leaving that Guild later, and are back on Sanctuary Island, I don't see a problem.


Metallic Wonder
I am legit interested in where my post is going like, will the two people kill me? If so imma fight back doink, but also what happens if i atually somehow manage to befriend them you know? I'm so excited!!


sleep researcher
I'm waiting for the remaining players to make their first post, but if they don't get around to that in the next couple days, I'll reply to further your character's situation, Schade.


Well-Known Member
I’ll post again in the next few days to respond. ^^


Fire and Ice Combo
Let see, there's Yasha's character possibly joining the bad guy group, the's the three (NPC, Tangy, Monster Guy) group that escaped the brawl, Skill has infiltrated the church, and Vamp is trying to get information about what's going on at the church. My character is currently where the brawl was and I might have wandered over to the church as well