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Lost In the Chamber Of Love (Contestshipping, with a little Advanceshipping) RatedR

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Amazingkiss, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Amazingkiss

    Amazingkiss llX~Star Jewel~Xll

    Hi~ Well, here's a CS fic, which I juz start writing..heh anyway here' it.

    Summary- During an accident, May and Drew exchanged their first kiss by accident, which both of them kept arguing with each other to return it. When their realtion started to grow, a necklace changed everything.
    Plz enjoy, and if there's any mistake, let me know>x<

    Lost In the Chamber Of Love
    , and I forget about the time. Have you been waiting here for a while?”

    “It’s ok, just ten minutes,” She replied, taking a sip from her ice tea..

    Ten minutes, was actually not short...

    Lena had long golden hair. Her topaz color eyes hid under her brown eye cons. She had met May met in a contest before, and she’s pretty strong. She had also won a ribbon cup before. And for today, Lena asked May out to have a reunion.

    May’s Pokegrear let out a ‘Beep”again. May took out the Pokegrear, and say that there was a message. After see the message, May blushed.

    “Everything ok?” Lena asked.

    “Everything’s fine, nothing’s wrong…”

    The afternoon news on the television was just over, and now they were talking about the contest in Muji Region.

    “Come on, let’s order,” She smiled to May.

    May opened the menu, and the prices for the food weren’t too expensive. When she’s looking at the lunch sets, the voice coming from the televisions mention ‘coordinator’, which caught May’s attention.

    “If you’re a coordinator, looking forward to participate in the Grand Festival of Muji Region, please go to the nearest Contest Hall or Pokemon Center, and get your Contest Pass renew…”

    Seeing May looking at the television, Lena asked, “You still haven’t get your new pass here, right?”

    “Yeah,” May smiled, then continued looking at the menu, at last she ordered a bowl of noodles. She took out the Contest Pass she has used for five years- this pass would be a sign of history soon, it had printed her photo from five years before.

    It’s already five years? May smiled. How times flew so fast. This year, she was 16 years old.

    “Kiki from Dewford Town, please go to counter four.”

    “Janice, Lily, Kelly from Azalea Town, please go to counter ten.”

    May sat at the waiting seats, listening to the informer, thinking about the photo she just took for the Contest Pass, whether would it look ugly. She piled up all the copies of birth certificate etc, which was exactly not needed.

    “May for Petalburg City, please go to counter one.”

    “Drew from La Rousse Town, please go to counter eleven.”

    At last, it’s her turn, so May walked fastly to the counter, but one of the copies dropped onto the floor, May turned quickly and pick it up, but she lost balance and in front of her was a boy… before anyone could moved, the both of them, their lips touched each others.

    The boy quickly jumped back from the accident, covering his mouth.

    May stood up and she wiped her mouth with a tissue, while the boy wiped his with the sleeve of his purple jacket.

    "May...?" the boy said, his voice was familiar.


    "So, you forget me, huh? No wonder! Since you kept losing to me!"

    "I didn't lose to you always, DREW!"

    "You still remember."

    "Anyway..." At the thought of what just happen, both of them blushed.

    She didn’t know what to do, because his old and first rival just stole her first kiss. And unfortunately, she knew she would never get it back.

    “Sor…Sorry,” they said together.

    May then pulled him up. She looked at him, and he looked at her, and said together, “I’m ok.”

    They both found that all the people were looking at them, some were screaming, and some were mumbling about it.

    “May for Petalburg City, please go to counter one.”

    May then quickly walk to counter one, at the same time, trying to escape from the staring people’s eyes.

    She heard him shouting to her, “May!” She didn’t turn back, she picked up the Contest Pass.

    Not within ten seconds, the green-haired boy walked up to her at the counter, “Not so fast, Miss.”

    “No, and you're going to be in trouble!” May shouted.

    "Even if I don't mind," May added it to herself.

    “Tonight, at the park,” the boy grinned.

    “Fine with me,” May replied, “I’m not afraid of anything.”

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  2. scrapbook

    scrapbook My Emo Friend

    oh i guess i am the first to reply, well this is getting good, i cant wait for Drew to show

    Pm me when you write more
  3. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Don't know who the guy is but hey, good start!
  4. Flame-lord#01

    Flame-lord#01 <- fear my Raichu!

    Well i never really read contestshipping fanfics but for this one I'll make an exeption a rather interesting first chapter lets just see how the fic progresses in time.
  5. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Nice story! ^_^

    And I liked what the SMS they recieved XD Who send it to them? Can't wait for next chapter! ^_^
  6. Amazingkiss

    Amazingkiss llX~Star Jewel~Xll

    Here is the next chappie, but at first I wanted to post after I got ten ppl 's reviews . Anyway Here's it:

    The sun was still similiar, still so warm. The time between the deal of Drew and May was still ten hours later, so May bought a bottle of grape juice, looking out at the sea, the bottle of grape juice was finished by May in a few seconds.

    She sighed. The things were bothering her, and the only thing for her to do was to relax and forget about it first, but she couldn't.


    “So what’s the deal?” May asked with her mad tone, pointing at Drew.

    “You’ll know soon,” Drew said with a grin filled with confident.

    Seeing Drew that confident, May started to feel uneasy.

    “If I win, you’ll have to do two things I say,” May said, smirking.

    “Why?" Drew asked.

    "Because of yesterday! If you didn't get in my way, it won't be happening!"

    "Fine, Miss!" Drew started walking,“Now follow me!”

    Both have them started walking down a slope, without any warning, Drew started pulling May.

    May was about to make him let her hand go, but it seemed pointless, so she kept her mouth closed. She shrugged, she didn’t know why was she following this jerk, this…this BIG JERK!

    May hadn't been arguing with Drew like before for a while, still it didn't look like an arguement to her now...

    Just then, Drew pulled to a hault.

    "What the heck do you stop?" May asked, standing and pushing some grass away from her, which got stuck to her clothes.


    May's anger was rising now, but to her surprise, in front of them was a pond.

    “Why do you take me to a pond?” May asked Drew, looking at him with her hand on her hip, also thinking that Drew was tricking her.

    “What do you mean by POND?” Drew asked back with a glare.

    May looked once again at the pond, this time more careful. It’s not only a pond, but a maze! She then blushed in embarrassment.

    “How could I not know it’s a maze upon pond,” she mumbled to herself.

    There are some crystal-clear circle stones, high and low, large and small, worked as the path to go through the maze, which May thought would be fun to play on it.

    “This is the Crystal Maze,” Drew introduced it to May, “The Crystal Maze is a maze build upon a pond, it’s walls are made with crystal glasses.”

    "I know," May replied, which May acctually didn't know. She stared at the maze, it’s the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

    “It’s gorgeous!” she said to Drew, but then her expression changed, “Does this maze have anything to do with our deal thingy?” she asked.

    “Yup,” Drew replied.

    May didn’t heard Drew’s reply, she didn’t care about the deal for this instant, the only thing she cared now was the beautiful Crystal Maze in front of her.

    Her minds were still driffing away, until she heard an ‘Ahem!’, which startled her and caught her attention.

    “If you missed any detail of the about this, it’s none of my problem,” Drew mumbled, as he flicked his hair.

    “What do you mean? I was listening all the time!” May lied, while her anger raised again.

    “Oh yeah! Whatever,” Drew said with a smile, “Have you heard about the legend about this Crystal Maze?” he asked.

    "Who cares about the legend?" May ignored him, and jumped onto one of the stepping stones.

    This time, May looked at Drew carefully, and at that moment she thought he was kinda cute, and she blushed when he smiled at her.

    “Can you please wait till I'm finish?” Drew asked May with an irritated voice.

    May stuck out her tongue.

    Seeing her careless face, Drew pulled her arm, and asked, “Just as I think, you don't know any thing about legend of the Crystal Maze?” as he dragged her down from the rock.

    “I do not care about these legends!” May then swung Drew’s hand off hers, and jumped back onto the stones.

    “The Crystal Maze is a maze to test couples. One of them will go through the maze, while the other can wait at the other end, or go into the maze at the other side. If they're able to meet each other...”

    Drew looked up, and found May already gone. "That idoit!"


    May chuckled, “I can’t believe he knew things like these.” Then May showed an evil grin, “Don’t tell me he had tried it before with your girlfriend?”

    May stood in the middle of the maze, "This sure is fun." She contiuned jumpping to stones from stones.


    Drew sweat dropped, sighed, and then said, "Guess, I'll have to find her at the end.”

    He then saw water, raining through the air. The water was coming from inside the maze.

    Drew shrugged, May was already 16-as he told him so, and she was still playing with water at this age?

    Drew yelled at the maze, “Don’t play with the water, if you fall into the water, I’m not responsible for it!”

    But then, there's a reply from inside the maze.“Hey! Drew! Don’t just stand there! Go to the exit and wait for me!” The voice shouted.

    Drew signed, and started heading to the other side of the maze through the forest...

    It's ok la I think.
    And here's the Pm lists^^
    ~!Mudkip Kitteh!~
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2006
  7. May I be on the PM list? I've been closet reading this *is shot* and I think it's really good. This part's cute:

    By the way, the bolded thing, you have to take the ed off of finished. XD

    Over and out,

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  8. Amazingkiss

    Amazingkiss llX~Star Jewel~Xll

    I've added u on the PM list la
  9. scrapbook

    scrapbook My Emo Friend

    Oh yes more suspense here, i just hope they make it out of the maze so they can tell there feelings.
  10. Amazingkiss

    Amazingkiss llX~Star Jewel~Xll

    Chapter 2 is done~ *munches sugar* Ceci~ I got ur sugars^^

    XxxxChapter0002 With YouxxxX

    Seeing May chose the stepping-stones carefully, one step and one step toward where Drew was standing.

    Standing there, Drew had a weird feeling inside his heart, he understand, the girl walking into the maze, thought this might just be an adventure. As Drew saw May’s smile approaching,

    May get to the exit of the maze without making any mistakes, ready to feel the ground again. Drew let out his hand, and pulled May out. At that moment, both of them looked at each other, Drew felt some mysterious feelings.

    But it’s good that May broke this charmed feeling, “Drew! You know, it's fun in there!”

    Drew let out a grin, “And you total forgot about the deal!”

    “What?” May asked bewildered.

    “I guess you’re mostly daydreaming when I’m talking,” Drew replied, “Cause you forgot about it, I win.” He grinned again.

    “You know, why don’t you say loudly next time!” May yelled.

    “So I see you have temper problem,” Drew pointed out, smirking as he put his finger onto May’s lip, to make her quiet.

    “I do not have any temper problem!” May yelled again, and glared at him.

    “Anyway, you lose,” Drew said with a smile, then he flicked his hair.

    “Do we really have to do this deal stuff? May asked, much calm now.

    “Yes!” Drew replied, as he cross his hand around his chest.


    That night, the street was silent. May was wandering in the park, waiting for Lena, who promised to show her some of her moves.

    May sat down a bench. She signed, this afternoon I was late, and now Lena was late.

    May signed, after what happened today...

    “Roselia use Petal Dance!”

    May looked around, she then turned around. The sound was coming from some bushes and trees behind. As May pushes her ways through, Lena, who had just arrived looked at her from behind.

    May looked, petals of roses was falling from the sky, and in the middle were Drew and his Roselia.

    “Hey, Drew! What are you doing here?” May asked Drew.

    Drew was startled at that moment, he looked around and saw May, “Oh, hello, May.”

    May jumped down from the bench, and walked towards him, “What are you doing here?”

    “Practicing,” he answered back.

    “Mind if I watch?” May asked, walking much closer.

    “As long as you don’t stand in my way,” Drew replied, showing a smile.



    Lena wondered, looking at them silently, "What's she doing with Drew?".

    All kinds of thoughts came to Lena herself, but there's only one solution.

    “I guess May gets herself a boyfriend,” she muttered to herself, giggling, “ Guess I'll remain silent, or I'll just leave. But I want to watch.Anyway, I am not going to be a light bulb!”

    She hid herself behind a bush, and watch closely.


    “May, have you got yourself a team?” Drew asked suddenly.

    “Em… what team?” May blinked twice and stared at him, confused.

    “ I should have known, someone like you won't know..." Drew chuckled, wondering if she even read the rules for the contest. “The team for competing in the contest.”

    “Oh! I got Blaziken, Skitty…” May counted.

    “No, not the pokemons” Drew interrupted, “Have you get yourself teammates yet?”

    “Disasters!” May screamed.

    “I take that as a ‘no’ ” Drew said, then he took out a Pokeball, “Roselia return!”

    As Drew’s pokemon returned to it’s pokeball. May asked him, "Fill me in, will ya?"

    "To enter any competition in this Region, you'll need to have group into about three to five people a group. As always, there'll be three rounds. For more information, I suggest you buy the booklet at the contest hall."

    “What do I do know?”May headache, "Maybe Lena... or ..."

    “You mean Lena Miyasaki? ” Drew asked, confused.

    “Yup! She’s my friend!” May said, smiling.


    “May! You're so...” Lena murmured to herself, behind the bushes, "I should've mention to you before that I already promised Kaito and Reto..."


    “Well, I think she can’t,” Drew chuckled. “She already got herself a team.”

    "How do you know?” May asked.

    “Someone like her would already have a team,” he smiled.

    "Then, I'm so going to be dead..." May sniffed."What about you?"

    "I already got one people," Drew replied.

    May asked with a smile, "Can I?"
    "Can you what?"



    "I know you know."

    "I don't..."

    "Can I come with you?"

    Drew looked at May...

    "It isn't like you..." Drew down his hair flip.

    "So is that a yes or a no?" May asked, crossing her arms around her chest.

    "Looks like somebody changes a lot," Drew whistled.

    "I take that as a yes."




    "Thanks!" May tackled Drew. They fell to the ground and landed onto on of the bushes around.

    "May..." Drew choked, blushing a little.

    "What?" May asked.

    "Can you get off me?" Drew replied, "You're heavy..."

    "What do you mean!!"

    "I mean you're fat."

    "How dare you!" May started pinching Drew's face.
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  11. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    AHH!!! My sugar!!! *grabs sugar and munches on it* :D You stole my sugar! :p

    Anyway, Kawaii Chapter, Amazingkiss! ;D Be on of Shuu's teammates? xD Haruka is going to get angry now...*drum rolls* xD

    I wonder what could happen between them...TEAM MATES? xD

  12. Amazingkiss

    Amazingkiss llX~Star Jewel~Xll

    My sugars!! *grab it back and runs away*
    about the story, I'm getting... juz let me concentrate... and... Sugars* munching sugars*
  13. *~Espeon~*

    *~Espeon~* ^__^ - Hurrah!

    Nice Fanfiction! And it's nice to know that you're using colorful colors to your story (ex:HI!) It's nice to blend in!
  14. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Andrea, I didn't notice you added the smilies until now...=_=;;

    It makes the story um, what to say...

    Nevermind. I thought when you asked me to double check your chapter for Grammer Mistakes I REMOVED the smilies? =_=;;

    Next time, don't add in the smilies...Just add more descriptions on how they are feeling, for example if you put in ^_^ then, you can write like,

    "Shuu put on a happy face and smiled, before saying "Blahblahblahblah"

    Get it? ^_^;;

    Oh and before I Ta-Ta, *steals back sugar* YAY!

    Ta-Ta for now! ^_^

  15. Amazingkiss

    Amazingkiss llX~Star Jewel~Xll

    Sha-la! At last I finished chapter3, I dunt hv much time *sigh* *munches sugar* Anyway, who sent me these sugars??

    XxxxChapter0003~Let's Begin!~xxxX

    May sighed as she flipped through the rulebook of the Pokemon Contest in Muji Region.
    Sitting on the Ferry, May leaned against the window.

    How would this Drew guy find someone to be in the team?
    How is this mess going to end?
    And how am I going to remember all this rules??

    These questions been ringing through her head for an hour already, she wasn’t even sure if there’s some Beedrills buzzing in her head, interrupting her to think.

    The ferry let out a long ‘Hoot-----“, and stopped by the quay, May looked out of the window, the city was liked what she had seen on televisions and magazines.

    Just then, Drew walked to her, “When will you stop daydreaming??”

    “What do you mean by ‘daydreaming’ Mr.?”

    “Anyway, we got to go now.” Then he walked away.

    “Wait for me!!” May shouted from behind, then she quickly packed her things, and followed him.

    After they had settled down, they went out to have an afternoon tea. The café was decorated with seashells and ivies. In the middle, a man was playing violin to entertain people who were eating in the café.

    “Three please,” Drew said to a waitress.

    May asked, “Why three? There are only you and I.”

    “You’ll know soon.”

    They sat down, and looked into the menu. The food on the menu was all sushi. May stared at the menu, sushi was something May had never heard of before.

    “Waiter.” May looked up from the menu, Drew had already called for a waiter to order.

    “May I help you?” the waiter walked to them.

    “Two Kappa (Cucumber) and two Tekka (Tuna) maki (Roll).”

    “Any drink?”

    Drew turned to May, and said, “Your pick.”

    “Hm… Two milkshake,” May said to the waiter.

    But both Drew and the waiter stared at her, which cost May’s face turning all red.

    Drew sighed, then said, “Green tea will do.”

    The waiter confirmed what they had ordered, and left.

    “Why were you and the waiter staring at me just now?” May asked in a soft voice.

    “Nobody orders milkshake in a sushi café, and do you see milkshake on the menu? No, get it” Drew replied.

    May was getting angry, but she calm down, in order to prevent him from saying she had temper problem. “Anyway, thanks for ordering for me too.”

    “It’s nothing.”

    Just then, a teenage with orange hair walked over to them.

    “Hi, Drew!” she greeted them.

    “Hi!” Drew greeted back, “Take a seat.”

    The girl sat down, and asked May, “You’re May, right?”

    “…Yeah…” May replied with a smile.

    “My name is Saori, nice to meet cha.” She smiled, and then she picked up the menu. She ordered Anago (Sea Eel) and Ebi (Shrimp) Maki.

    “Saori, have you ever been in any Pokemon Contest before?” May asked.

    “She had won Ribbon Cups before, so what do you think?” Drew interrupted.

    “I’m not asking you, Drew. I’m asking her,” May pointed out.

    Drew just let out a grin.

    How could I be stuck with him? She asked herself. He’s just like a… a… Jerk.

    “So you always argue like that?” Saori asked them.

    “Yeah,” both of them replied at the same time. They looked at each other.

    “Don’t copy me!” They yelled at each other at the same time again.

    Saori earned herself a sweat drop.

    If the waiter hadn’t brought their ordered sushi and drinks, they would have put up a World War. He placed the food and drinks on the table, and left after saying ‘Please enjoy!’ .

    “Just in time,” Saori murmured to herself.

    The three of them then started eating their sushi.

    After they had finished their afternoon tea. The three of them decided to walked to the Registration Hall together.

    While they’re walking, May asked, “Saori, are you going to enter the contest in Virgasian Town?”

    “Sure,” she replied, “And I think you and Drew are going to enter too, right?”

    “Yeah,” Drew replied, as he flicked his hair.

    They walked into the Registration Hall once it appeared in front of them.

    “We want to register for contest in this town tomorrow,” Drew said to a man sitting at the registration counter.

    “Could you show me the three Contest Passes?” he asked.

    May dug into her bag, and took out her Contest Pass, as she handed hers to the man with Drew’s.

    But then, she wondered. “Three??”

    Drew didn’t reply, he just a grin.

    “Ok, what do we do now?” May wondered.

    Just then, May saw Saori handing the man her Contest Pass.

    “Oh! I get it now.” May exclaimed. She understood now, Saori would be participating in the Contest with them as a team. Drew, Saori and May as a team.
  16. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    =O SOARI???!!! *goes berserk* GOSSIPSHIPPING, FTW! xD Don't worry, I still support Shuu and Haruka...

    But Saori? Saori...Saori...Saori...*shakes head* Haruka is so like, going to be jealous of Shuu and Saori interaction. XDDD;; *shot*

    And you have to have three people to enter the contest? Wow. o_O

    Can't wait for more chapters! ^_^

    Ps: *snatches sugars away* :p
  17. Wonderful

    Well, that was a great story and I can't wait for more, but (not trying to be mean) I think a good grammer and spelling check would do. I hope that helps!~ Oh, and by the way, I don't always like people calling me by my usernames, so please call me Connie. And I just wanted to tell you that you had a great plot so far and I would like you to please keeps it up, the only part was just that a little spelling/grammer check would do, (soory if I'm repeating things) but just so you know, I'm not a great writer at all, so maybe I shouldn't be talking... -_-" And I'm not good at spelling one bit... Maybe I should say, a fraction of a bit... T^T W/e...

    ~~I Love Eevee Evolutions~~
    ;197; ;133; ;136; ;134; ;135; ;196;

    All the Best,
    Connie Lee
  18. Amazingkiss

    Amazingkiss llX~Star Jewel~Xll

    Ok Chapter 4 done. *munches sugar* Reviews plz, or I'll haunt see XD

    XxxxChapter0004~Time to Begin~xxxX

    Drew was walking back to the Pokemon Center on his own. He was thinking about tomorrow, the day his first Contest in Muji Region.

    “You over there…” Drew turned around, and he saw a merchant, which was covered by a cloak.

    “Ok, I am busy. So what do you want?” Drew asked him.

    The merchant held up two small boxes, one sky blue and one pink, without a word.

    “Now let’s hear it for May, from Team Number 8!” Lilian announced.

    May took a deep breath. It’s her turn now.

    “Relax May, you can do it,” Saori said to May.

    May nodded and started walking out to the stage.

    The contest in Virgasian Town had started already. May would be going for the first round, the Appeal Round. If they could go through the first round, Drew and Saori would be taking care of the battles coming up.

    “Wartortle, come on out and take the stage!”

    “So she’s using a Wartortle,” Drew said.

    “It’s a good choice,” Saori said to Drew.

    Not far away from Saori and Drew, there stood a teenage, which dressed like a Cacture., a woman with long red-purple hair, and a man with a miserable look.

    The miserable-looking man sigh, “How come I’m stuck with you two?”

    “Cause I need you to be in the team, get it?” the woman replied.

    And the teenage that dressed like a Cacture ignore his two teammates, he just stared at the television without a sound.

    “Wartotle use Rapid Spin!”
    May’s Wartotle started spinning which managed to keep Wartotle hovering off the ground.

    “Now use Bubble!” May ordered.

    Wartotle followed May’s instruction, and let out lots of bubbles. It caused a spiral of bubbles spinning above Wartotle as it continues Rapid Spin.

    “Wartotle use Bubbles as it continues to do Rapid Spin, what would May and her Wartotle do next?” Lilian announced through her microphone.

    “Now Wartole, finish up with Ice Beam!”

    All the bubbles were cleared from the stadium, with a frozen fountain-look ice sculpture replacing above Wartortle.

    It impressed all the people, even some other coordinators in the waiting room frowned with jealousy, wishing they could be that good.

    “28.7! Now that’s a high scored!” Lilian exclaimed after she saw the scored for May’s appeal.

    “May, you did a good job!” Saori smiled to May, who just came into the waiting room.

    “Thanks, Saori!” May smiled back, as she sat down on a chair. “So what pokemon are you going to use for battle??”

    “Hm…” Saori said, “Maybe my Lapras or Slowbro.”

    “So, where’s Drew?” May then asked when she couldn’t see Drew anywhere.

    “Oh! He’s getting himself ready for the battle,” Saori answered.

    “I see. I have something to talk with him,” then May walked away to look for him.

    Saori sighed, she was worried. “Did May like him?” she asked herself.

    May looked around and around.

    “Where’s Drew?” she asked herself. She then looked into another room.

    Inside was Drew with his Flygon.

    “Hey, Drew.” May walked into the room, waving.
    “Oh! Hi there May!” Drew looked at May, and he smiled.

    “What do you mean by ‘hi there’? You should say something like ‘you did well for the first round’!” May stared at Drew, a little bit angry.

    “So that’s what you came for,” Drew chuckled.

    “No! I was just coming over to see you!”

    “K-------,” Drew sighed as he returned Flygon into his pokeball, “You did well out there, and--- ”

    Before Drew could finished his sentence, May interrupted. “Thanks!” May smiled, then she hugged him.

    Drew blushed, real hard, really hard. “Eh--------------------“

    This continues for five seconds, until May let go.

    Both of them were blushing.

    They looked at each other.

    “Hey Drew!” Saori poped out from behind the door, she then looked at them both, and asked, “Does the air condition has some problem?? You two look …red.”

    “Nothing,” Both of them replied at the same time.

    “Drew, it’s your turn now!” Saori reminded Drew.

    “Well, okay!” Drew walked out of the room.

    After Drew left the room, Saori said to May, “Could we talk for a while?”

    “Let the battle between Drew from Team 8 and Stephy from Team 3 begins!” Lilian said through her microphone.

    “Flygon go!” Drew threw out his pokeball, as Stephy threw hers out, which a Swablu came out.

    “Flygon use Hyper Beam!” Drew ordered.

    Meanwhile back in the room…

    “I see, so you like him,” Saori chuckled.

    “I didn’t mean that!” May blushed.

    Saori didn’t say anything, but she just laughed.
    “Saori,” May started.

    “Yes?” Saori looked at her.

    “Have you ever been in love?” May asked.

    “Why do ask?” Saori stared at May.

    “Just asking,” May replied back.

    “What just asking?” a voice asked.

    May and Saori turned around, and found Drew standing there.

    “How long have you been standing here?” May asked.

    “10 seconds,” Drew replied calmly.

    “So you win, right?” Saori smiled him.

    “Yeah!” Drew grinned, “What do you expect?”

    “I’m going out to get ready myself,” Saori walked to the door, “See ya!” Then she left.

    Drew took out a pink box out, and said, “If you can guess what’s inside the box, you can have it.”

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    Ooooooooooooooh!!! This is good stuff! Write more now, dammit!!!
  20. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    wow, that is a great fic! I love it, and I get the idea that maybe it is Soari that is jealous hehe.
    write more soon please!

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