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Lost in translation


You will be missed:(
I was playing around with a language translater, translating stuff to a diffrent language, then back to English. And the results are usually very humunerous.

I did it with some of my stories, and I had to laugh at how they came out. I was wondering if posting some of the humerous translations would be allowed, since they're basically copies of stuff I already put up here, just badly translated from another language.


Just me
Well, people have done it on other forums with downright hilarious results, so I say go for it.

Long ago, I Babelfished chapter six of The Quest for the Legends in its entirety (an old version of it, of course) through Spanish and back again. Some of the most interesting things in that included that when hit by an Electric attack, Gyarados is "obtained fried to a potato to the English", May warns Mark to beware of the "aerodynamic interceptors" (I might note that in the real thing, she never even finished the sentence), a pile of rocks turned into a battery, a gym leader becomes a "computer room manager of gymnastics" and (which makes a scary amount of sense despite being total nonsense) Jolteon can avoid an Earthquake because it has "fatigue for above" which can be interpreted as air fatigue. Ho-oh turned into "Ho-ho-oh" for some bizarre reason, Pokémon "break their legs" when they use Earthquake, Mew floated in "half-full the of-air", and Babelfish also decided to insert a prisoner into the gym despite there being no such thing in the original. Celebi is a "Pokémon of fairies green". An innocent Scratch attack turns into "radically reducing" something to extinction. Articuno turns into a "swimming pool of pens" upon fainting. The sun suddenly exploded. And, of course, Mark shouts "Cattle! Win! Gain!" when he wins a battle...

Oh, and when I took that and babelfished it again through French, "Yeah, I guess" turned into "Yeah, I thus conjecture."

I did that with a paragraph of the old version of The Type Chart, too, except using a site which translates through many languages at once. The most notable thing in that was the fact that after being put through Chinese, the paragraph contained the word "***" even when there was no mention of anything near to that in the actual paragraph.

Hmm, I tried a paragraph of chapter four of The Quest for the Legends, version IALCOTN:

Rainwater trickled down his face and into his eyes. It washed the tears away, but his vision remained blurred. Not that it mattered. He was just running in a straight line anyway, and where it was taking him was the last thing he was worrying about.

Translated through all the languages, it becomes this:

And under her the water of rain in this surface with observed this,
ecceduto he. Then they are to her lauderings of the damages, but, in
the distance of the version that becomes dirty still. It is not
important. In relative the expert step in the air line of the chain
the interest in the program in each possible situation is equal
paginations of the approach, he he he one more a greater part of the
things after the inoperative women of being given the form that it

Not quite as dramatic...

And a paragraph of Chains:

“Cute?” asked the man strangely, looking at the creature through the glass. He couldn’t see anything cute about it – in fact, he found it very unattractive. The skeletal look of the starved body, the bulgy fingers and toes, the ghostly gray, bloodstained color of the skin – it was hideous.

When translated to everything, that becomes this nonsense:

"Of Neckt tastes also?" The foreigner had asked that one
personnel, you you have the similar step of the crystal of these
creator. The relative, that one that is applicable, sees couldn't them
in this pleasant subject with - he does not have the enchantment, the
very common one, that he will not be observed until you. The
organization of verhungerte, that the switch of the emergency of
embankments of the structure with earth flied quickly those that he
observes in excess - of that the ash and the alcohol, which they more
come from barretta of backupcomputer bulgy, the color and the
extremity and the skin, is escorbuto.

I'm having a hard time understanding how just one word like "Cute" can turn into "Of Neckt tastes also".

EDIT: Translated the Curse chant from my one-shot Curse (which I don't think I posted here; I'm going to revise it).

Dark One, curse me
Take my life
Bit by bit
Take my soul
Take my offer now

Give me power
Give me strength
I'll give you my soul

Give me glory
Give me fame
I will give you me

I can't help wondering which is creepier, that or the result:

The leasing of the gift that 1 nerezza interests, my duration mine,
from the morning to the necessity to be extracted label of the age of
I the condemned in the morning with my aquisizione of the brains for
because that one I worries eats gradually the elasticity my brains for
the resistance for the purity of I'll, of the way that occurs for the
reputation for the reputation in me
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Smile Guy

Keep Smiling...
I done the thing with Google Translate, but never with whole stories. What do you use?

For the real version see link in sig

The ties which bind are often solved with the mystery. For you upon that the mystery is a faithful seizing so extremely that none except these very large and noble and wise and large could break. A little boy once that known as at me because I fix on a bed of the straw how pleasant and courageous it would be for those which must remain together. Alas, not also, for tis is the history in the way in which from new monster of pocket lil ' came to be born. And not simply one but two -- and unjustified some believe.
WHY the STAY of PLUSLE AND MINUM TOGETHER for this history to include itself/understand must indicate me to still one. It tells a line of evolution of what was already mentioned in these tales of trouble. There was Pikachu and with the difference of the majority of Pikachus, it did not live in a colony but he only lived -- Nay! Only traversed. For that it was is work. And a day it had risen to the top of a mountain where it found a piece by mysterious turned sour stone chance. The similar one, this Pikachu felt a particular rocket of feeling by him (for it it of you was). And when it after rose downwards in a valley it saw that it is reflexion had first of all changed. Indeed, these spots of red which its ancestors had it maudit with, had turned the yellow. This Pikachu later came into contact with a young teenager, approximately of fifteen. Maintaining this teenager precisely proved to be one of the very first trainers of pokemon in the world. It caught this Pikachu transformed in a nipple and Raichu baptized, (a cross between the pokemon legendary Raikou and Pikachu). Maintaining these trainer and Raichu travelled the world together, having many great adventures, but alas which it was not with the end, but fortunately it was to create the existence of a third pokemon in this line... this Raichu, one day, found another good (IE, female) Pikachu by more female chance. They were in love and not length after had an egg. It is a trainer was horrified (it had developed unhappy in the old age) and was thrown poor Raichu out of its group. The old man who the trainer became wizened and passed the remainder of his days flying of leeks of the brought back part of the attribution of the neighbor. Thus Raichu and desired Pikachu the egg and my, it was a surprise when outside came has completely knew the pokemon. What it Raichu and Pikachu baptized Pichu together. It is this Pichu even which is pivotal with this history. The family of Raichu, Pikachu and Pichu lived in harmony during many years. But when Pichu came from the age, it was so investigatory that it went to far on an adventure. Pichu found a pokemon by mysterious chance which was made magnets. This was called Magnemite. This Pichu, however, because of him is unverifiable electricity was attracted directly on a side of the magnet. For the Pichu poor it was very painful. And Magnemite found pretty painful too. It was particular at this time by which Plusle went. I currently try to find how this Plusle inherited the existence but I do not know. Some indicate that they were very same Raichu which had made throw one a-night with Magnemite but -- I gesticule just. This Plusle saw the pain which Pichu and was inside said, "do not worry!" I will save you!" But unfortunately, this unhappy Plusle obtained sucked at the other side of also unhappy Magnemite that unhappy Pichu was wedged above. Pichu had been on Magnemite for so much a long time that it turned white and started to become negative -- even until the degree to have to appear negative blue on sides. Plusle decided to employ all it is energy to shock Pichu transformed with far. And that functioned. Pichu came flying to far and struck a tree. Burst Magnemite. And Plusle fell to the ground. And then something very strange produced. Since although Plusle and Pichu were pokemon of seperate they felt attracted between them. Even until the degree to be able not to leave. It was not love or care or affection which kept them together. It was magnetic force. What is why this history is so terrible. Imagine that while having to pass to the remainder of your days close to somebody you not even necessary as but if you will change yourselves plan to the source of electricity nearest. Ouch. Pichu became notorious like Minum. And Plusle and Minum grew fortunately never after, but being hated.
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Just me

It's made specifically for this purpose, so you don't actually need to translate back and forth. Very useful.

I just translated the IALCOTN version of the Quest for the Legends prologue. "its pupils widen with fear" turned into "their pupils are high and mighty with fear." o_O

Smile Guy

Keep Smiling...
Pichu became notorious like Minum. And Plusle and Minum grew fortunately never after, but being hated.

Got to love that, the original was...

Pichu became red opposite to Minum. And Plusle and Minum grew unhappily for ever after, but hating each other.

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
Lol, I've tried this before. ^^

Here is a single line from my fic:
I had seen this creature before, yet only in books. She was Suicune, the Legendary Johto Beast of the North Wind.
Spanish said:
It had seen this creature before, yet only in of books. It was Suicune, the legendary beast of Johto of the wind of the north.
(I’m an it?!!! And Suicune's an it too??! *Cough* okay, moving on…)
French said:
I had seen this front creature, however only in books. It was Suicune, the legendary animal of Johto of the wind of north.
(So it’s a front creature now? At least there weren't any random gender removals. >>)
Dutch said:
I this creature had still only seen voordien, in books. She was Suicune, the legendary animal Johto of the wind of the north.
(Suicune sees voordien in books?)
Korean said:
I on the front of the book, saw this creature but in the stemma. She was the Johto legendary brute of the north wind of the Suicune.
(Oh, so Suicune’s ON the book now. And what’s a stemma? Suicune is not a brute!)
Japanese said:
Perhaps I before the book, however did not meet to this creative ones. She was the animal of the legend of Johto of the north wind of Suicune.
(I didn’t meet the creative ones? )
Random Languages one after another said:
The danger of the book, was not with creativement probably in these people. Continuement it is an animal of the legend of Johto of the wind of the north of Suicune.
(So the people are probably creative, but aren’t with the dangerous book? And Suicune is officially a continuement.)

Here I took the first few paragraphs of a one-shot of mine and Babelfished them from English to Spanish and back, then to French, Italian, Portuguese, and German, returning to English after each one. The original piece was about Lugia ranting that humans were ruining the earth and nothing could be done about it. Here are the key points:

- The order had the age of Lugia of everything, but always a border.
- With one thought, they could pay attention to him to put around fires of the fire Lugia’s wilder energy.
- The wilder energy gives calm showers
- Lugia was observed to eat the befouled planet.
- Lugia demolished the miracles of the normal school.
- A teacher-forming institute is observed.
- The legend approximately had the following lawyer with the other. (I'm haviing a hard time figuring out where this came from.)
- Always, Lugia’s requirement takes not with disappear
- The world dies because Lugia indicated the abundance at the complete number. (That’s funny, I thought Lugia already ate the world.)
- The clouds worked the end, completely under the skies occurred the country.
- Lugia’s rough form can be swum.
- Human ships are built in order to clean in control the sea.
- Lugia’s wing sent back butterfass of the end the article in family member.
- Lugia burns the increase and the return of the point of one the art.

See that little fic-description in my sig? This is what happened when it's babelized:
With the representative of the age, when for the war nevertheless
Johto and Kanto, the protection 8 that finishes to the fight he it
ends, were the covers that had been arrested in each possible
situation the war. The hour after 1000, red-establishes the
opposition, but the chain in the pagination of the ways is very well,
spinnt directs them of the degeneration in Legendaries that the
instruction... inside dies until avançé of the payment the process in
the constant war possibly to the cause, these comes hope_or to the
stirrups before Earth_s
Not so much hilarious as just downright weird. XP

This is the motto of my fic Babelized (Though none may prevail, what is set into motion shall be much greater indeed):
Exactly if no can govern, this one is puttinges in the movement, is efficiently very greater.

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Night was the darkest of the dark in this forest. It didn't matter whether Sayuri closed her eyes or opened them- all figures, colors, and light were drenched in black, hidden from her eyes. Warm sunshine washed the black down into the shadows- where even there they gathered and died with the night. A beautiful blue sky chased the indigo pool and the moon and stars to the end of the Earth. Even there they fell, not to be seen again until evening. The warm sunshine wrapped herself onto the trees, leaves, and the cabin. There her great arms faded to leave behind a gentle, wavy heat that made everything tingle with life.
turned into:
The night the darkness of this forest was darkest. As for that Sayuri
closed her eye and, or all figures, the び did with the black where
the color opening, and the light/write hide from her eye and became
the ょ getting wet how it was not important. You washed black in the
shadow where as for the warm sunlight they the night get together
there, die. The pool and month of the indigo and the star it traced
the beautiful blue sky to the edge of the earth. There as for those,
to evening it fell because it is not seen for the second time. The
warm sunlight wrapped her herself in the tree, the leaf, and the shed.
The arm where she is large there calm the eddy coming of life is done
entirely, atrophied in order to go away with rear of heat of rolling.
when done with Japanese.

It makes a bit more sense than I thought it would, but still...


Team Rocket's rockin
I've never tried it before, but I'll try now. ^^ Here's the first paragraph from my current fic:

Doppelganger said:
Once upon a time, there lived a rather peaceful village known as Telakon. The people of this village lived together with Pokémon, and many trained them, also, as many others in this world did. Telakon was a secret village, but if the world had knowledge of it, it would have mostly been known for being a race of psychics. The people grew up with psychic powers, inherited through generations that went back many years.

And here's the translated version, with the extra three languages:

Translated Version said:
Before the time __...., of the peace method knows because the village
of Telakon came here to the contact in the phase. This lodging of the
personnel of the village, series of the.great.number.of work of
Pok_mon ulteriorly this world, that is very with different, is
similar. Telakon is the classified village, if this knowledge in the
world has, could do pricipalmente probably, because the free physical
dowry of is aligned of emulazione of one. People receive the
production and the moral resistance, the end to happen, these, that he
suggested during the following one of many years.

And here's one quick line I tried:

Doppelganger said:
One trainer, named Siksensus, became great.

And this is what became of it:

Siksensus modifies the nobody with the disposition, that one that
transmits 1, in a considerable method.
Wow... he's my own character yet somehow I didn't know he does that. XD How did this come out of that simple sentence? o_O

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
HOLY CRAP. They killed my excerpt. I have dead women and tobacco in mine. XDXDXD (This is from my one-shot Transcending Destiny.)

original said:
The smell of ash and smoke choked the cool evening air, fogging up the beautiful orange and violet sunset that lay so close, yet so far into the distance. Yet, this only amplified the melancholy air that pervaded the tense atmosphere -- a kind of beauty that could only be wrought in a situation such as this. A situation of the most dire nature, with death as much a common thing as grass that lay under one’s feet. The screams of anger and pain, and the cries of triumph intertwined together in a song that was almost a palpable thing.

italian said:
The odore of the ash and the smoke has obstructed the air, that it is
fresh from the evening, embrumant to the advanced side of the
beautiful orange however up to now indicates sun and PUR-POLARIZES,
that they expand the narrowness in such way, in the distance. However
this has only reinforced melancholic the person of the air, than the
folded atmosphere -- a type the beauty has been filtered, that digita
could be only processed in one situation this. A situation greater
nature, with which dead women, that this thing is common the grass
therefore a lot, than it is expanded under the feet of the one_s. The
perforation grida of the anger and the pain and grida of the Triumphes
have been put in with in a song, that obvious what was nearly one.

portugese said:
Odore of the ash and the tobacco obstructed air, that one that is cool of the night, embrumant to the advanced side of the pretty orange
however until indicates now the sun and the PUR-POLARIZES, that they
expand narrowness in such way, in the pitch. However this only
strengthened melancholic the person of the air, of that the folded
atmosphere -- a type the beauty was filtered, that it types it could
only be processed in a situation this. A greater nature of the
situation, with that the inoperative women, who this thing is common
the gram consequently very, of that it are expanded under the feet of
one_s. Grida of the hole of the anger and pain and the grida one of
the Triumphes they had been ranks inside with inside a song, this
obvious one what he was almost one.

french said:
The odor of the ash and the smoke blocked the air fresh of evening,
embrumant to the top of beautiful however laying down sun orange and
purple which extend so narrow, up to now in the distance. However,
this amplified only the air melancholic person which infiltrated the
tended atmosphere -- a kind of beauty which could be only worked in a
situation of this type. A situation of the largest nature, with death
as much a common thing that the grass which extends under feet from
one_s. Piercing cries of anger and the pain, and the cries of the
triumph were interlaced together in a song which was almost a palpable


You will be missed:(
(The origanal can be found here.)

A Pikachu worked complete speed through the forest, oyendo the sounds of the Arbok slithering after her. The Arbok has already killed its boy, and now it came after her. It threw a look on her shoulder, and saw the Arbok taking for above.

She splashed in a river that watched low, and was surprised when their feet did not touch the bottom. She began to swim, like the tried current to push it river down. It again threw a look to sees that the Arbok had followed it inside. Perfect.

It loaded for above and loosely left a ray, zapping all the next fish and the Arbok. Thanks to the water of the fact lead the electricity, he were struck KOed in one.

But it was tired of all the operation, and the ray. The current took river down to it, until it could just raise in a rock and a rest. Soon, she was slept.
I wade small of the water woke up it of his slumber. It was on the awares to it to see that it still was on the rock, and that has fallen the night. It swam her way to prop up and walked, head down. Rasgones began to form in her eyes, as she thought about which she is lost that day.

She has known her companion since they were ambo young Pichu, and their parents visited themselves. Friends made fast, and they were almost developed in the same time. Companions a year ago did. But to a amaestrador soon she took it after his son plotted, and she had to only educate it.

And his boy... she closed the eyes firmly, playing again his last shout whereas the coils of Ekans crushed the life outside him. She was paralyzed by a fulgor, abandoned to make any thing to try it and to save. It was a boy so peculiar, shining, and happy. It was used to obtain just to his electrical current. It had as soon as an occasion to live...

Rasgones began to fall under their face whereas she walked. It was a lack. It could not protect her son. It failed like a father, and companion, and lost all important one for her.

She did not watch where she went, and shot on something. She tried to see that through her tear-she filled eyes, but that could not do it towards outside. It dried the eyes and watched again.

It was an egg of pokemon. Pikachu could not say what species were, but it was surprised who it did not see either of the parents anywhere. It was rare to see an egg like this single one. It supported post, and noticed that there was no a hierarchy anywhere. Which means that it was not put here, was moved here. By the occasion or by which it moves it.

As she continued examining it, she saw cracks begin to form in the egg, and a Wynaut pushed outside the egg. It pushed the cover extinguished, he watched around, and he hissed happy when Pikachu considered. Inferior half lowered above, and Wynaut lowered with him. One crawled ahead, it was stopped for above, and waddled above to her.

Pikachu sighed, remembering when his own son plotted. Then she watched around, asking itself where they were the parents. That finished when it felt a jab of the pain, like the Wynaut thrown in its skin a small piece. "you are hungry, you are not you" she said. "I conjecture well that this would not hurt once."

It took it carefully, and began to nurse. His own son milk needed it until recently time, and looked like that it still had enough for the Wynaut. After finishing, the Wynaut snuggled down in its skin and began to sleep.

Pikachu took the young life with her, because she began to request the vario pokemon if they have seen any Wobbufett around. The majority said that they have seen them here, but disappeared some days ago. A Noctowl could finally give him to an answer.

"Both of them have been captured by the amaestradores," he said. "Two diverse amaestradores took both of them some days aside."

"Which are I supposed so to do with him" she requested, watching down to sleep Wynaut.

"She simply takes the care from him," answered Noctowl.

"But... I I lost my own son not more than a day ago." she shouted, rasgones fresh in which she them eyes as she thought about him. "I am a horrible father. There is no way that I can take the care from another one."

Rasgones fell again under their face, because Noctowl took the compassion in her.

"You perhaps. And I cannot say that I understand how you one feels, but but it takes part in several ways. You lost to somebody important one for you, but if you think of him, she has Wynaut so. You would have always found it if you did not lose your son "

"No," she admitted, later seemed angered. "What you are saying so? That but she had my own son crushed to the death by a Arbok so me can take well-taken care of from a Wynaut "

"No, not really. But I am saying that the mountain range of but what happened, and it knew it of which soon they would feel as single as you do it. They lead to him so to where you found the egg, as soon as to plot," Noctowl around answered.

Pikachu thought of its words, because she watched the Wynaut down. Its head was saying to him that she can lose it whereas she lost her first son. And it tried to remember it the fact that Wynaut was not uniform its species, much except his group of the egg.

But in her heart, she knew that she was what he needed. He needed father that would take the care from him, and who would be arranged to die by him. And, in truth, she also needed it.

It gave to return towards the horizon, demonstrating a rise sun. Wynaut was right to wake up, flashing in the sudden light. He watched above for Pikachu, that smiled. Wynaut never will replace its own boy. But with a rise sun the promise comes from a new day, for both of them.

Perhaps, as soon as perhaps, but it came inside, and it brings two together single souls.

The End

Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
Well, I'm taking a few quotes from my latest work, Lethal Elegance, and posting what it says in different "babel languages". XDDDDD

Lethal Elegance (Original) said:
Bloodstained and rotting, the fresh carcass was as motionless and feeble as a newborn fish jumping upon the top of a mountain without proper air and water. Paris arrived only a few minutes later, watching as her Sceptile was cleaning the entire scene. A sinister smile reflected the deep passion and wonderful view she was now witnessing as the grass monster rested by her very side. She closely examined the cadaver of the wild Umbreon and slightly flinched, terrified of whether she’d get to it first or if a Pokémon would beat her to the punch.

Now it gets interesting...XDD
French Translation said:
Stained blood and breaking up, the fresh carcass was also motionless and weak like new-born fish connecting on the top of a mountain without suitable air and water. Paris only arrived a few minutes later, observing as its Sceptile cleaned the whole scene. A sinister smile reflected major passion and the marvellous sight which it was pilot now while the grass monster rested by its very side. It thoroughly examined the corpse of wild Umbreon and slightly moved back, terrified from if the she'd obtain to him initially or if Pokemon would beat it with the puncher.
As you can plainly see, the last line is hilarious -- I'm assuming that they think a group of Pokemon is going to beat the dead Wild Umbreon with "the puncher". Oh, and I thought a fish was on top of a mountain -- not connected to the top of the mountain. What is there, a link of wild Feebas wrapped around a crag? o.o;;

German Translation said:
Stained blood and above break, the fresh carcass were also motionless and like the newborn fish weak, which attach on the top side of a mountain without usable air and water. Paris arrived only after some minutes and observed, while its Sceptile cleaned the complete scene. A dark smile reflected main inclination and the amazing sight, which
were it now pilot, while the grass monster stood still by its page. It completely checked the corpse of wild Umbreon and pushed something back, terrified of, if she'd to it first achieve, or if it would strike Pokemon with the Puncher.
Oh, I understand now! -- Sceptile's standing next to its page, which is now pilot, and Paris has pushed "something" back, hoping it won't strike Pokemon with the Puncher! Oh no! *hides*

Spanish Translation said:
The alcohol and the excess stained the rupture, the fresh shell ingualmente immovable era and like the weak people of the babies of the fish, that the repair of the expensive outpost of a mountain
without air and waters U.S.ABLE. Paris arrived only more ahead than very small it determines it and it observed it, when the Sceptile in
relation to cleaning arrives of the complete scene. A dark smile reflected the main inclination and the narcotic Vista, that one was he pilot of the hour, when the monster of the gram is company/signature of the relative pagination. He corpse completely controlled of Umbreon wild and rejected something, terrorizzato of, if she'd he in the first place that takes to traverse, or if to beat Pokemon with the drill.
Oh, dear, it is so much clearer now! Alcohol's involved -- Umbreon shouldn't be drinking liquor or that crazy beer, because now it is stained all over its dead coat. ;_; Oh, and look -- *holds up* a pretty shell! Now only that, but it is FRESH! ^^ And there's an expensive outpost, and there's weak people of the babies of the fish? Oh dear! Weak people of the babies of the fish can't get U.S.ABLE waters and air. ;_; Oh, and I guess they don't need that Puncher anymore -- I'm assuming Sceptile is going to beat Pokemon with the drill!


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XDDDD Thanks, Syra, now I need to wipe the coke off my computer screen.

Here's one of mine:

Translation to German and back:
We are over those miserablen natures, Rael! We were here first, were we the oldest..., which we should have been afraid respected its and. But No.! They slaughtered our nut. They take our countries, establish them cities, soil them the mass and them enslave us within those ridiculous ranges and use, in order to fight for their own fame and profit. Without us they are only weak and build on their machines. And the coaches! The hated coaches." Their lips rippled themselves in despise. "Strutting approximately in the wilderness, as if the country belonged to them! It deception with energy -- the opiat of the masses."

The original was:
“We are above those miserable beings, Rael! We were here first, we were the oldest…we should have been respected and feared. But no! They slaughtered our Mother. They take our lands, they build cities, they pollute the earth and they enslave us in those ridiculous spheres and use us to fight for their own glory and gain. Without us, they are merely weak, relying on their machines. And the trainers! The hateful trainers.” Her lips curled in scorn. “Strutting about in the wilderness as though the land belonged to them! They are deluded with power—the opiate of the masses.”
I do this alot, but now its time to have some real fun
Orginal said:
The two stormed, screaming from the Laboratory, and outside the town boundaries with out thinking. They stopped only after they were under a large canopied tree. “Good,” she stopped to take a breather. “What was that?” Sera finally gasped.

“I don’t know, but who would want to attack an assistant?” Yuki panted, grabbing hold of a low hung branch. “It’s not like the lab had any top secrets or anything.”

“If it had Top Secrets, would we know about them?”
French and Back said:
Both gave the attack to, shouting of the laboratory, and outside borders of city with out of the thought. They stopped only after they were under large a canopied the tree. "good,"it ceased taking a breather. "which was that?the "serums finally haleté.
"I do not know, but which would like to tackle an assistance?"Yuki haleté, seizing catch of a low hung branch. "it is not like the laboratory did not have any higher secrecy or anything."
"if it had higher secrecies, would we know them?"
To Russian and back said:
2 stormed, screaming from the laboratory, and outside the boundary of town s from to think. They stopped only after they they were located under the the large canopied shaft. "it is good,"it stopped in order to accept breather. "it was the fact?"sera finally choked.
"4 I do not know, but she would want to attack assistant?"Yuki choked, being sufficient the possession to the low hung branch. "it not as laboratory had all upper secrets or that -nibyd6."
"if it had upper secrets, that we would know about them?"
I want to know how someone says "-nibyd6"!
Greek and Back said:
The two that rage, krayga'zontas from the laboratory, and outside from city limits with outside it thinks. They only stopped after they were under a big covered tree. "Good,"it stopped in order to it takes a break. "What was this?"The terms were out of breath finally.
"I do not know, but who would want it attacks in a assistant?"Yuki that ascmaj'netaj, handhold of arpagi's low hung sector. "Is not as the laboratory had any leading secrets or nothing."
"If it had the leading secrets, we would know for their?"
Does Sera's name translate to NOTHING?
To Japanese and back said:
Two crashed, you shout from the laboratory, and outside from the fact that you think boundary of town. Those after being, stopped the canopied wood at last under being large. "It is good," she stopped in order to take the rest. "Was that what? "As for the serum you panted finally.
"I do not know, you think but that someone would like to attack the assistant? "As for Yuki you panted, grasp of grasp of the branch which is low and was applied. "That like the laboratory after having, secret or is not with anything. "
When "has that upper secret, have we known concerning those? "


black cat, black cat
Well, I was curious and decided to try the site.

Time Will Tell (Original) said:
The leaves rustled in the winds and reminded me constantly of my thought. The moon shined down upon me, and yet I brushed it off. The soft noises of the night cooed, infiltrating my mind. The wind surrounded me, and I was lured into its embracing arms yet again.
So yeah. And then it comes out to:
Time Will Tell (Through all languages) said:
The paginations constantly have brui in the drilling rig and they emfatizaram I my thought. The moon looked like for the deep one in me, but I have swept myself who I excluded he function. He disturba the smoothness of the Nachtroucoulé, the average alcohol that if it filters. The wind surrounded and in the ingualmente relative of the handspikes covers was a time another deceptive hour.
When did the leaves become paginations? Since leaves became pages. What is a brui and emfatizaram? There was nothing that said that the moon was deep. 'Excluded his function' used to be 'brushed it off'. And the wind has handspikes covering a time of a deceptive hour? How did embracing turn into deceptive? And another alcohol relation?

Time Will Tell (Original) said:
‘Here,’ I had thought. ‘I am safe…’
Turns into:
Time Will Tell (Through all languages) said:
___ here, _ _ _ had the thought surely ___, this ______
There was no mention of being safe and the last part doesn't even look like the original.

Original said:
The huge inferno closed in on me; I could feel the heat at my back. Perspiring, I mustered all my energy into the one move that could get me out of this predicament. Drops of sweat rolled down my tiny body, and my eyes grew dark violet. A black hole opened and I jumped in.
To this:
Through all languages said:
The internal age of enormous hell was closed in me; It could believethe heat with my will sweat later of the face _ of the order, I I incorporate the way that the whole energy in a movement I of this situation that bothers to take to traverse the tin. The rectangles of the sweat had rolled in the surface more under possible of my small body and that my eyes had magnified the darkness of the viola he. To the sacador of the black the color is opened and been ramificato I for the interior.
'Inferno' turned into 'hell' and 'traverse the tin' is 'predicament'. 'Ramificato' is 'jump'. 'Black hole' turned into 'sacador of the black the color'. And according to this, drops are rectangular. Okay.

It's kind of funny.


El hariyamer

Order of the Green
My poem after translation.

One rose in advance shouting outside the constructions of the color
tordo that of the ice of the ice the song, in that one he raises
together and bereift of the snow, congel- was turned here, in the
ordered payment shouting outside exceeded. Tordo is nevertheless a
simple bird. But with the inoperative men he controls. State of
hardeness -, when bereifter and to burn itself more of the flight. It
sings, when to fly. A song of the dreams, fort calms the hopes and
desires of the main tube for the point under interrupted to the
interior, that they control, therefore loaded with fire-committing, of
that the forms of ghiacciate of the apprehension of the system of
Brisen and that never burns the state of hardeness full of the wind
and burning he itself through the sky inside ignited and never
nonextension, of that he catechu because the return of the time the
targets of the men of the effect of the art of Zephyr_s deeply
nevertheless in the wind. Sing choir, melodía cacophony of corrosive
sublimato one. The wall of the crystal, shows of the applicable mirror
of the ice gives, of that one hidden one outside of her, who is the
right premises determined the lagoon and vacia to the interior? An
instrument of the distillation more deeply, the throat or the disc, a
greater level and an allegro of which all the treasures or right
nothing all. The wings of gold had cut the air are. Restoration
nonupdated and the effect of the state of hardeness of the wind of the
extremity of the screen. But the Thrushniederschlaeg in the function
for, of that does not know it. Crossing the storm, entonne of tordo
the new song of pasts hidden, to have replaced finally good of
malvagità of the returns and if the fairies to slip tordo of the ice
of the ice the song under the drilling rig and the snow, that one he
stops to extract the Straits, congel- is developed in addition to
griterío towards outside magnifies him. The end that the external
part of congel- of bereift is developed for him gave return to the end
to go to play it in the order to observe calm a easy simple rupture
slowly therefore. Why the grida one of rosafarbene? Decree that
crosses he? It does not stop if, it does not stop tordo. Possibly for
something wharf. The faces of thousand crystals, of that rougeoyant in
the rest like the mornings of the spark, haltings the first paper, of
that the rupture was exit. To the interior of the simple mirror of the
rupture of the world nevertheless, of that, it blackened, ruotata
characterized like slow, unfolds. The vulture surrounds and cawing.
The excessive flames and the snow beyond iceberg, that one that was
gorge, emits sbiad, magnified. End, tordo of the ghiacciano of the
loads of the ice in the mirror that motivatings they force of the
ignited interior. Explosion of the resistance of the wind, he economic
apprehension of flays. The cycles of her congeal the development of,
agitation. But tenaciously is arrested. Tordo is magnified of which it
replaces the relative attack for the reputation. Cutting of lucentezza
of and then of the mirror. The wind distracted the helmets, those
tordo smooth lower and obtain again to the arrows of the state of
hardeness. In tordo that is magnified the conclusions come down are of
the flower and play the paginations of the flower in the dispersion
and the rupture is magnified. The examples of the rupture, esguincham.
The drilling rig feels ustione completely ignited. The excess of tordo
always always extends. The helmets destroy relative of the
incandescence. The amused time an air eternally. The return of the
cycles for the low point. The modification of the wind not never in
agreement with the river. It assembles gezwitscher of merlon. In the
abundant garden available. In the tanks of this water of it calms some
to the external part. Near blocking he rosebush. But they ausgebritten
congealed in the density, if, feather/spring of tordo of the
installation only of wind_s that scorns, congealed in the rupture of,
he is magnified.

The original can be found here.
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You will be missed:(
A quote serebii has in his sig:
You dare think I am not the greatest thing that has ever happened to this world? Curse you, heathen, I, the great Serebii, shall destroy you and get rid of the evidence.

Translated to spanish

¿Usted se atreve piensa que no soy la cosa más grande que ha sucedido siempre a este mundo? Maldígale, pagano, I, el gran Serebii, le destruirá y conseguirá librado de la evidencia.

And back:

You one dares you think that I am not the thing greater than it has always happened to this world? Maldígale, pagan, I, the great Serebii, will destroy and obtain drawee to him of the evidence.
Okay, so I took this bit from my poem:

Original said:
Something memorable in the things you say

Something frightening about the future

Something wonderful in the better days

Something forbidding in the path ahead

French said:
Something of memorable in the things which you say

Something offrightening about the future

Something of marvellous in better days

Something prohibiting in the access path ahead

That last line is priceless, really xD

German said:
Something of memorable in the things, to which you say

something offrightening about the future

something of amazing on the better days

something, which forbids in front in the means of access

XD What is the person saying this too? A rock? Offrightening? Never heard that before...

Italian said:
Something of memorable in the things, to which you say something of frightful approximately the future
something of the astonishment the better days of the something, than pribisca to in the front part in means of hit

Er... Wot? What does 'pribisca' and 'hit' have to do with anythign? How can something be approximatly Frightful?

Portoguese said:
Something of memorable in the things, the one that you says
something of frightful approximately the future
something it astonishment the best days it
something, the one that the pribisca in the front part in the ways of the stroke

Wait? I have a stroke when there is a pribisca in the front part of the ways? And there is something scary in the future (but only approximatly). How are the better days astounding, exactly? Which one do you say?

Spainsh said:
Something of memorable in the things, the one that you approximately say to
something of frightful the future
something he astonishment the best days he
something, the one that is that the pribisca in the front
part of the ways of the movement

Which one do you approximatly say what to, and in what way is that memorable? Is Something now a person? So Something is from Frightful? (like this transalation) And is the Future is title?

So he's King Something of Frightful, the Future. Wow. Sounds idealistic for some reason

Who's he who is astounded by the best days he? So lemme get this straight: There is a pribisca in front of the movement? Move it damn it!


The Compromise
Nice Byzantium! XD Especially the access path bit. XD

A sentence from Phoenix...

The howling cry of the wind whistles across the land, a cloud of dust billowing in its wake. The angry bubbling of fiercely boiling water accompanies it, as it soars across the tortured landscape, rising to the bloodstained heavens as gouts of fire erupt from below

french and back
The cry of howl of the wind whistles through the ground, a cloud of
dust being raised in its wake. The annoyed boiling of water violently
ebullient accompanies it, because it goes up through the horizontal
one tortured, going up to the stained skies of blood while the drops
of fire burst of lower part.

Neat, especially the annoyed water. XD

To German and back
That cry of howling the wind whistles a cloud of the dust, which is
raised into its track by the soil. Disturbed cooking of the water
accompanies it violently simmering, because it passes through the
horizontal tormented above and goes up to the stained skies of the
blood during the drops of the fire impulse of the lower section.

Cooking? XD

To Italian and back
That one grida of urlo of hisses of the wind a cloud of the powder,
that it is raised in the relative track of the land. The disturbed
baking of the water accompanies it that simmering violentemente,
because it crosses the horizontal tormented over and it goes in on to
spotted skies of the spirit during the drops of the impulse of the
fire of the lower section.

That is certainly interesting... XD

To Portuguese and back
This grida of urlo of the whistles of the wind a cloud of the dust,
that one is raised in the relative track of the land. Baking disturbed
of the water folloies it that violentemente simmering, because it
crosses the exceeding horizontal line tormented and it goes inside on
skies spotted of the spirit during the drops of the impulse of the
fire of the section lowest.

Who interrupted the baking? o_O XD

To Spanish and back
A this grida of urlo of the whistles of the wind cloud of the dust,
that one rises in the relative track of the track. Disturbada Hornada
of the folloies of the water that violentemente simmering, because it
crosses the tormented excessive horizontal line and it goes it inside
in skies stained of the alcohol during the drops of the impulse of the
fire of the section more under possible.

Since when does blood become alchhol? XD I guess Drunkards would enjoy it... *shakes head*
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I swear, someone could just take these messed up translations, make them into a poem and call them profound. These honestly look like they were written by a very, very, very, high John Lennon, or David Bowie or something like that. They also kinda sound like Yes lyrics.

Anyways. Here is another excert, from my upcoming fic:

Original said:
Change is a tide you can ride on, use to your advantage, but when one takes the right steps, that tide can turn against you.

Now... as soon as this stupid site works... Oh vey... Its too slow.

German said:
Change is tides, which can ride you on, use for your advantage, but, if one undertakes the right steps, which can turn tides against you.

Wait... The tides of change ride on us?!

Greek said:
The change is tides, that can you lead above, it uses for your advantage, but, if the one it undertakes the right steps, which can turn the tides adversely in you.

Okay, so the changes is in the tides now? And it leads us above, who is the one? Have the Greeks been watchin to much Matrix?

Russian said:
Change will be tides, first you can news above, it benefit for your advantage, but, if we it undertake the right steps, then which can turn tides unfavorably in you.

So now, the changes will become the tides. Interesting. Were did ths news come from? A good job with CNN is good for sucess or something? The tides are inside me now?

French said:
The change will be tides, initially can you of the news above, it favours for your advantage, but, if we it undertake the good stages, then which can turn of the tides unfavourably in you.

Wait, is the world against me all the sudden? ;0;

Zephyr Soul

<is awesome
XD I'm going to try this...

Normal said:
A small girl walked along, her black hair being hidden from sight in the midst of all the new recruits.
A pair of eyes watched that hair.
A pair of eyes knew what to do with it.
Quietly, the eyes looked away, for a brief second, searching for a mode of communication.
A rough hand grasped the radio, and the eyes, blue and penetrating, looked upon the hair again.
"Is this the one?" The words were quiet, intended to not carry to any other ears not meant to hear.
A slight crackle of static, then...
"Yes." He knew, everyone here knew, or would know, the voice. "When we get... our target... she will be the one."
A slight grin formed on his lips. The blue eyes, sinister in their plan, looked upon the hair again.
"Until then... you will be the one to watch over her."
He nodded.
"I understand, Boss."
Flipping the switch off, he placed the radio back in his pocket.

Spanish said:
A pair of cautious eyes that hair. A pair of eyes knew what to do with him. Reserved, the eyes watched far, for a brief second, looking for for a way of the communication. A hand rough took hold the radio, and the eyes, blue and penetrating, watched on the hair again. "he is this" The words were tranquillity, anticipated not to take to any other meant ear not to hear. Slight crujido of the atmospheric disturbances, then... "yes." He knew, each one knew, or would know here, the voice. "when we obtained... our target... it will be." A slight face formed in its lips. The eyes of blue, the sinister ones in its plan, watched on the hair again. "until then... you he is the one that is to watch on her." It shaked one's head. "I understand, I direct." Moving of a pull the switch extinguished, it behind placed the radio in his pocket.

(...HIM?!? The 'hair' was clearly stated to be 'owned' by a female. XD And how were the eyes 'reserved'? How is "he is this" words of tranquility?!? I love 'A slight face formed in its lips'. XD BEST LINE EVA.)

French said:
A small girl walked length, her black hair being hidden sight in the medium of all the new recruits. A pair of eyes observed that hair. A pair of eyes knew what to make with him. Quietly, the eyes looked far, for a brief in the second place, seeking a mode of communication. An approximate hand seized the radio, and the eyes, blue and penetrating, considered the hair still. "is this that?" The words quiet, were designed not to carry to all the other nonsupposed ears to hear. A light cracking of static head, then... "yes." It knew, each one here knew, or would know, the voice. "when we obtain... our target... it will be that." Light a grimace formed on its lips. Eyes of blue, disasters in their plan, considered the hair still. "up to that point... you will be that to observe above it." It inclined the head. "I include/understand, direct." Reversing the switch with far, it placed the radio behind in its pocket.

(...this one's just weird. o_O)

Korean said:
. . . 2. . "? ". ... "." l. "... ... . " . . "... . " . "." .

(Honestly what it is, I swear. O.O)

Italian said:
One small girl has walked ahead, its black hats that are hidden from the sight in means to all the new recruits. A connection of the eyes watches those hats to you. A connection of the eyes has known that what to make with it. Calmly, the eyes have observed via, for a short one second, trying a way of the communication. An approximate hand has seized the radio and the eyes, blue and penetrating, still consider hats you. "that one is this" The words were quiet, planned in order not to transport to all the other ears do not mean in order to feel themselves to you. A crackle light of static electricity, then... "yes." It has known, all it has known here, or you would know, the voice. "when we obtain... our objective... will be that one." A grin light it has formed on its labbri. The eyes of the blue, sinister in their program, still considered the hats. "until then... you it is that to watch over she." It has agreed with the head. "I understand, I direct." Launch the switch outside, it has arranged the radio behind in its pocket.

(Lol... it changed 'hair' to 'hats'. XD)

Note: This has been translated from the first part of my fic. I'll quickly try my favorite part...

Normal said:
I couldn't believe him.
He'd just said... that I would have the worst fate imaginable for our kind...
And now...
It was worse?!?
"Guardian... please, tell us what you have seen."
I blinked over to the source of those voices; I'd forgotten they were there.
The Guardian shook his head. "You... could not bear it. But, I will tell you part of it..."
I stared at him, my eyes huge.
"They will... take from you."
I immediately relaxed. "Well, if that's all..." I concentrated, preparing to leave-
"No! They will take from you, and create another!"
I tensed again, and stopped. "Create... another? What do you mean, Tempest?" I called him Tempest; the Three called him Guardian.
"They will... create another..."
He shut his eyes, as if in pain.
"They will make another of you. And... he will not know the true light. He will not see..."
I look away sharply. "I must go now."
"But- You cannot! There is more to tell-"
"And I do not wish to hear it!" I swiftly Teleported away, faintly hearing what he was about to say...
"Spirit... they will do more... to..."

Spanish said:
It could not believe it. He hardly... that saying I would have but worse the imaginable one for our good one... And now... He was worse? the "guard... please, says to us what you have seen." Flashing raises to the source of those voices; forgotten they it was there. The guard sacudarió its head. "you... could not take it. But, I will say the part to him of her... "I watched he, my enormous eyes fixedly. "they taking of the will... of you." I relaxed immediately. "well, if that one is everything..." I concentrated myself, preparing itself to leave "no! They will take from you, and they create another one " I tightened again, and I stopped. "it creates... others? What you mean, the storm " I called storm; the three called guard. "will... creates another one..." It closed his eyes, as if in pain. "they will do to others of you. And... he will not know the light true. It will not see... "I watch far shrewdly. "I must now go." "but you cannot! There is more to say - "" and desire not to oir it " Teleported quickly far, weakly oyendo which it was on the verge of saying... "alcohol... will do more......" You.


French said:
I could not crederlo. hardly... those said I would have I assign defective imaginable for our kind one... And hour... It was defective!? "the guardiano... I pray, says to us that what you have seen." I have flashed over the source of those voices; forgotten I was here. The guardiano has churned its head "... you could not sopportar them. But, I will say the part to you of it... "Stared he, my enormous eyes. "return of will... from you." Immediately me they are extended. "well, if that one is all..." They are concentrated to me, preparing itself in order to leave "not! They will take from you and they generate an other!" Me they are stiff anchor and they are arrested to me. "kinds... an other? That what you means, storm " I have called storm; the three have called it guardiano. "will... generate an other..." It has closed its eyes, like if in the pain. "they will make an other of you. And... it will not know the light to align. It will not see... "I observe acutely via. "I must hour to go." "but you cannot! There are more from saying to - "" and I do not wish to feel it!" Teleported quickly via, weakly feeling itself that what was approximately in order saying... "spirit... will make more......" You.

(Lol, the voices forgot they were there. :p And how are they extended?!? My favorite sentence int this one is 'Me they are stiff anchor and they are arrested to me'. Who was arrested? XD)

Okay, I'm done. XD