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Lost Intrest?


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I used to love Pokemon and it used to be my favorite game and I would play it all the time, but after catching all of them, I got slightly burned out and have not played since, except to beat the main story in Black 2. Does anyone know of any good ways to get myself back into the games?

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Start from the beginning. The same happened to me, but after a few months I realized that I love Pokemon, so I decided to start at Blue and play them all until the most recent.
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Like Bonetail said, challenges could help you like Pokemon better. This happened to me quite recently and this is what helped me back in: Not playing Gen 5 or thinking about it. Then I played LeafGreen and I was fine.


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You got burned out.

That doesn't mean quit Pokemon forever. It just means you're burned out and should do something else. There's thousands of other possibilities of activities to participate in. Go do one of those. The Pokemon games will still be around, ready to be played when you want to play them, rather than when you feel obligated to play them


If you don't have the games, you can download them along with their respective emulators for free at blarghblarghblargh

ix-nay on the om-ray! At least, I'm quite sure there's a policy against that here...

OT - I'm going through that phase myself. Hardly interested in Pkmn as is, just hanging around and waiting to hear more of Mewtwo's movie. Haven't picked up a game in quite a few months. But like it has before, it passes. Come back when you're feeling nostalgic. :p
Yeah just take a break. It's not like you have to play pokemon or something. There are plenty of other things to do.

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Take a break, this happens with me occasionally sometimes after playing Pokemon for long hours and many days in a row.

Though you quit Pokemon, you hardly will find other game which you'll dedicate as much as you did with Pokémon.


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Here's what I think you should do: take a break for a while, and then check yourself if you still really wanted to play Pokémon. If yes, then good.
I know it's been said a lot before, but taking a break would be good. If you want you could try to get shiny pokemon and set challenges for yourself such as getting a certain amount of shiny pokemon in a certain amount of time (2-5 in a week?).

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I think everyone here has burned out at least once on Pokémon. For the umpteenth time, I'm currently going through that right now with Black 2, and I haven't reached Victory Road yet. Then again, it's because other things get in the way, and I'll boot it up when I know that I have nothing else to do. Just take a break like everyone else has said, and if you ever feel that urge to play the games again, then go for it. Just do something else until then. Perhaps you can find a new game to play to get your mind off it, or another hobby.


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Like everyone said, you need a break and just dont think about pokemon at all for a while... until someday when you miss it.


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just leave it for awhile. try different kinds of games or do something else you enjoy. eventually, you'll start to miss the games and you will get back into them easily.


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Go to competitive battling (worked for me, sort of). No less, there's still a lot of time-wasting grinding in order to prepare.


It's probably just a temporary burn out. Couple options
1]Take a break from Pokemon for a few weeks to a few months. Or worst case, wait till X/Y and start those with a fresh mind.
2]Try a challenge run of sorts (nuzlocke, etc)
3]Get into competitive (even if it's just one or two guys you played other games with and not random wifi/forum guys)
4]Try one of the spinoffs (but be careful, as some of the spinoffs are not so good and others are very hit or very miss).

I've had to do 1, 3, and 4 myself. #4 was after a 5 year break where I wasn't sure if I even liked Pokemon anymore as I skipped late gen 3 ande early gen 4. Ended up playing one of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games (explorers of Darkness, thoguh Sky is the improved version of that now) since the local rental store had nothing else in and despite a poor start to the game, the game eventually grew on me and got me back into the main series too.