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Lost Leader Strategy! (534)

Assuming this episode aired after Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew, then this is the first time I've seen (read: that I've personally noticed) a main character recognize a Pokemon from a movie in the show.

Not that I care that much about continuity between the movies and the show, just saying how I noticed this, is all.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Well, since Lucario is my top favorite 'mon, so of course I enjoyed it. :)


Reggie seemed so much nicer than Paul so I was shocked that they were brothers. I liked that Misty's voice actress voiced Maylene too. 8/10
Maylene and Lucario were awesome and I totally understood why Maylene felt weak after losing to Paul + Reggie seemed like a good person too. :)

Mrs. Oreo

Wow Lucario's and Maylene's training was intense, plus it was sad to see her lose confidence cuz Paul swept her team. Reggie vs Ash was cool as well and I liked seeing the badges and symbol display. :D


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I liked the battle between Ash and Reggie also I liked that Dawn and Maylene could come together and talk about there struggles.
Whoa, I never expected Paul of all people to have an older brother, and he and Reggie seemed to be opposites. I also wonder if Paul was jealous of his brother's accomplishments.


So now Satoshi's group had made it to Tobari City, and I didn't expect Sumomo to have such a huge role. The fact that her loss against Shinji caused her to lose confidence in herself was depressing, although I thought that Shinji's strategy was fair. It was cool to meet Reiji too, and I was impressed by his battling skills, especially his Mukuhawk's Brave Bird.


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Well, this episode was another interesting and enjoyable one. I noticed that the only Frontier symbol Reggie didn't have was the Battle Pyramid symbol.


Reiji's Frontier Symbol collection here impressed me, and I liked how he hadn't won Jindai's Symbol, which would eventually be important later on in Shinou.


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When I saw Lucario for a split second I thought it was going to be Riley's until I remembered that Maylene owned one.

Maylene having lost her confidence because Paul beat her is both funny and sad. Funny because Paul was made to seem stronger than he was and sad because Maylene didn't know how to accept losses.


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The feats that Honchkrow and Magmar show in the flashback alone is enough to put them above Ninjask,Weavile,Froslass and Gastrodon from a power standpoint.


Alola Shill
Really liked this episode. Maylene is a good character and I like how earnest she was training with Lucario. Have to admit I laughed a bit with what Paul said; like he really steamrolled her o_O

The similarities between how Maylene and Dawn have these pretty deep-rooted insecurities about their abilities was good stuff, as was Dawn’s persistence in wanting to talk to Maylene and even battle her.

I love Reggie too omg. It’s very fun how he’s such a chill, nice guy and a Breeder no less, but during battle he gets focused and his eyes even look like his brother’s. It’s a cool contrast to Paul but it also shows the similarity between family. His battle with Ash was great too. Even though Ash washed him, the tension was built up well with that lead-in showing all his badges and the 6 Frontier Symbols + the Together instrumental. Hype