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Lost my partner


Espeon will own all!
I clicked "stand by" on my partrner when i was going to get evolved in the cave (after sky tower), It said that my pikachu (partner) went back to it's friend area but i can't find it anywhere, Someone please help me!!!

Golden Dragon

yea, cheak the friend area or mabye its the glitch above ^^ so go back to the last place you were with it... prob in the friend area


Shiny hunter
Yea it might be in Enerjet forest you have to go and check that friend area


Some Fire Lover
When you get a message asking who would you like to visit first, (when you go to the Friend Areas) choose the name of your partner, Pikachu, if that dose not work, try a Pokemon you have recuited, such as Aron, then go back to where your Pikachu's friend area, Energetic Forest. If doing both dosn't work, you will have to get another Pikachu. That's the best advice I can give. :/


Well-Known Member
That's just how it is after the storyline. It's lame, but I guess being able to be any Pokemon is a bit of compensation.