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Love At First Flight! (318)



Not one of my favorites. I was expecing something pretty good but oh well, Love At First Flight isn't one of my favorites. In fact, it made me frustrated. The show was sort of ... well, annoying in a way. One part that I did enjoy is when Ash dressed up as Juliette and Brock goes running for him ... haha.

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Romeo and Juliet sound so british! Not bad for an episode!

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The funniest part of this was when Ash was looking like Juilet, and then when Brock chased after Ash with flowers. That part was funny but a little disturbing, I mean Brock being the oldest chasing after a guy, I know he went into one of his 'Brock ways' when all he thinks about girls,girls and more girls, but it was very weird yet funny altogether. I'm still surprised May got Ash to dress up like a girl. Romeo was pretty funny, but was really shy at telling Juliet his feelings. Volbeat and Illumise were so cute, I'm happy for them and their trainers. :)


Bumping the thread up, as Australia has just watched it.

Since this is the first episode of Advanced Generation I saw, I actually didn't mind it, although I'm not sure about the theme music, more episodes to watch I'll get to like it but I'm not sure yet.

As for the episode itself, I loved the battle Romeo and Ash had with TR at the end of the episode, but Brock annoyed me, but then again he's very girl crazy... although him chasing poor Ash was hilarious! :D
Today's episode was funny. When Ash turned around wearing the wig and holding the flowers... I shall say no more.

I was surprised about the pronunciation of 'Illumise,' though. Ill-yoo-mee-zay? I'd always pronounced it, 'Ill-yoo-mize.'

Oh, and Jesse dressed as Illumise and James dressed as Volbeat? I would have switched those costumes around.
Brock chasing Ash was hilarious :D It wasn't bad, quite funny at some parts and May as Matchmaker lol.


This was an okay episode, but it was a bit boring. There was something weird about using the word "like" so often rather than "love"... The scene with Ash as Juliet was funny. The advanceshipping hint was diddly squat, in my opinion. Not a bad episode, but it was a bit slow.


It was a pretty cool episode, I thought the US was never going to air it though since they screwed up the order. It reminds me of the Romeo and Juliet books we read in school, except Romeo wasn't a clutz and wasn't afraid to talk to Juliet.



All I gotta say is I never want to see Ash dressed as a girl again nor do I want to see Brock chasing him. That was just frigging scary! I'm surprised 4Kids let this episode slide.


An ok episode but a trainer with 4 or 5 or 6 Volbeats is off limits. They would be easily KOed by Rock, Flying and Fire types. Well a Romeo and Juliet replay, Pokemon Style!


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This episode had my all-time favorite scene of the whole season, with Brock running after "Juliet" and Ash running for his life. ROFLOL :D :D :D I may not be a bouldershipper, but OMG, that was GREAT!!! It was great to see Ash in drag again, too, and it's scary how convincing he was as "Juliet". :) I loved the whole storyline with Romeo and Juliet, too, and they made such a sweet couple, as did their pokemon. It was also interesting hearing May repeat Misty's old line about Ash understanding things when he gets older, just before Misty made her two-part return appearance.

10/10 for me.
Definitely like the Orange Islands ep with the Nidorans. I liked how Brock chased after Ash Juliet, that was amusing.


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pretty good filler. i liked the dance at the end, illummise should have had some kind of glowing antenea or something, all it had was a glowing bow. 8/10


10/10 as it had so much love in this episode, and it had a little Advanceshipping hint in the end. Just the Advanceshipping alone is worth 10/10 to me in this episode.


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I thought this episode was pretty funny ^_^ Romeo's and Juliet's voices were a bit annoying though.. I was laughing like crazy when Brock was I think chasing after Ash because he thought he was Juliet or something. I dont remeber that well, but yea.. It was funny when Ashed dressed up as her ^^;; I would give this episode a 9/10 best episode shown so far ^^

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No it didn't{unless you count a cameo in the grand festival}
I just rewatched this episode. When May sees Romeo and Juliet (Volbeat and Illumise trainer) fall in love, May calls it "Young love."
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LOL, the middle part where Ash had to dress up and Brock chased him around. Other then that, not too bad ;)