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Love At First Flight! (318)

This wasn't too bad...May seemed a bit bossy making Ash dress like a girl but it was funny. Took me back to the day's of Ash dressing up as Ashley LOL. Brock chasing after him as a girl brings up the points. Very funny...


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It looks like May's attempt to solve a romantic problem turned out well in the end. Now, Romeo and Juliet are together, as are his Volbeat and her Illumise, lighting up the night with their performances at the concluding scene. The comedy in Brock's romantic antics during Ash's round of cross-dressing in this episode speaks for itself, leaving me to get a good laugh. Overall, this was a really good episode out of Hoenn.


It was great to see some romance in the show.

Volbeat and Illumise were great although they almost didn't fight and that's too bad.



Such a cute Pokemon episode, though it could've seen less romance and more action in my opinion.

The setting was perfect for a romance episode though. The lake where this one took place reminds me of one of the Sinnoh Lakes. My favorite part was seeing Ash crossdress again, it was disturbing to watch but still funny.

It's such a shame that once again, Brock fails to find true love ;_; 3/10


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This episode was pretty 'meh'. I don't much care for Volbeat or Illumise, but this episode was a perfect one for them.


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Volbeat and Illumise for the 1st time. Illumise is my fav. of the 2 Pokemon. It was funny to see May try and convince Ash to dress up as a girl to help out Romeo. It was funny to see Ash so naive about love. Signal Beam was shown as a really cool attack.



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Why didn't they just have May dress up as a princess or whatever instead of doing that uneccessary stuff? This episode was so dumb. I actually think it's better to have Ash naive about love since there is always a new girl traveling with him all the time. Maybe it's for the best.


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:sigh:Only Ash looks good in a dress.

However, that man was just a pure noob. I understand he's nervous but if you don't say anything, you will keep making bad mistakes around her than she won't be able to trust you. And Brock's no help at all. He never is. So glad he's gone.


What a bad episode. Illumise and Volbeat are such ugly Pokemon and are by far some of the most uninteresting Pokemon in existence. The love problem between Romeo and Juliet didn't interest me either.


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I lol'd when Meowth put up that act when he was masquerading as an Volbeat and I lol'd even more when Brock went hysterical on Ash cross-dressing as Juliet. I always like those episodes were some love is implemented in it and I think both Illumise and Volbeat had a great introduction that became strong because of the concept of Romeo and Juliet behind it.
Funniest part of the whole episode was Ash cross-dressing again and Brock chasing after him! :)


That whole Volbeat and Illumise courting thing was adorable; I didn't care for either Pokemon until this episode tbh. I was pleased that Lotad got to be a bit of a hero by saving the Volbeat in the lake, and seeing Meowth in a Volbeat costume to lure Illumise away made me cackle. That COTD chick snubbing Brock's affection was sad though.

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Ash crossdressing was funny and I liked how Brock chased him around ha ha. Volbeat and Illumise as the central characters didn't interest me much tho. I just wish that the love plot had been more engrossing. ^^;