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Love Is a Many Blundered Thing (May/Drew)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Juny, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Juny

    Juny Savvy?

    Love Is a Many Blundered Thing
    Contestshippy (=MayxDrew)
    Rated PG (though I think G would be fine too)

    I was so planning on never typing/posting this. Which is probably why I ended up posting it after all. That always happens to me ^^;. Eheh... yeah, that was a thing only two of my friends would understand. Next!
    This fic... I started writing it about two years ago? It was originally Dutch, non-Pokémon and... well, weird (unfortunally I wasn't able to change the last one). The storyline is awfully weak -_- But I decided to use it anyway :D

    Now, some things about the plot. First of all, this doesn't actually follow the Pokémon storyline- aka it's AU (Alternate Universe- thanks a lot for that Jo-Jo!). I made up a new plot, simply cause I have less rules to stick to while writing. I hope it's not too unclear... Just tell me when it is, so I can see if it is supposed to be like that or not.

    Note: I suck at English spelling and grammar, so please correct me I made some kind of foolish mistake (it wouldn't be the first time). Thanks!


    Chapter 1

    With a loud dong, the church bells rang. Their chimes echoed through the nearly empty streets of the city. Those who were awake already didn’t bother to pay attention, but those who just woke up because of the bells groaned loudly while opening their windows. However, no one seemed to be irritated by this sudden awakening: Everyone rushed downstairs or disappeared into their bathrooms to be ready as soon as possible.

    Today would be the big opening of the yearly Pokémon Festival. Pokémon trainers, co-ordinators, and many fans came from all over the world to participate or just watch and enjoy this tournament. Being invited to this festival was a great honour: Only the very best trainers and co-ordinators received an invitation with the question to ‘please participate at the Festival’. Gym leaders also showed up at the Festival, but only to be the judges during contests or be the referee during battles. Like every year, the Festival’s main goal was to show your skills to other trainers and learn as much as possible from others. In both categories, there were prizes for the most outstanding trainers.

    The bells rang again, and the streets started to fill up.

    In the centre of the city, in one of the hotels, a hand appeared on the bedside table. It lay motionless for a while, but then started searching for the alarm clock – Which wasn’t there. The hand pulled back and its owner groaned. Then the owner sat up and a girl in yellow pyjamas glanced around the room. Her brown hair jutted out to all possible sides and her sky-blue eyes were drowsy. She yawned. Slowly, her drowsy expression changed to an annoyed one. “Why?” She groaned. She crawled out of her bed with her pillow still in her arms. She threw a glance at the empty bed on the other side of the room and then staggered to the door. “Max!”

    Angrily, the brown-haired girl walked around a small table in the restaurant. “It’s Sunday, eight o’clock in the morning, we’re on vacation and I’m out of my bed.” She stopped her walking. “Which of those four is not supposed to be in the line?”

    A younger boy with black hair and glasses shrugged. “You asked me to wake you up at eight AM, so I woke you up at eight AM. What’s your problem, May?”

    “What my problem is?” May started to breath heavier. “Good question, Max! I’ll tell you what my problem is!”

    Max raised his eyebrow, but May ignored him.

    “When I asked you to wake me up at eight, I meant: ‘Ask me nicely if I want to wake up at eight in case that when eight comes, I feel like getting up already.’ And, in case you didn’t notice, I did not feel like getting up already!” May took a short break to get back to breath and decided to herself she would never ask her little brother to do something like this again.

    “I put all the windows open to make sure you’d hear the morning bell at eight,” Max said, taking a nip of his tea. “If that was not what you wanted, you should’ve told me.” His indifference annoyed May to no end.

    “Why are you doing this to me?” she cried out. “First you make me come to this stupid Festival and now you wake me up like this… What have I done to you?”

    Max put down his cup. “It’s not all my fault,” he said. “Mum and dad asked you to go to the Festival because they couldn’t come. Don’t blame me for that.”

    May opened her mouth, but then shut it again and glared at Max.

    “Anyway, May?” Max nodded at May’s pillow and pyjamas. “Are you going to stay like that?”

    “What?” May looked down at herself. “Oh… yeah…” she said embarrassed. “But don’t think you’re out of trouble now, mister! You’ll pay for what you’ve done!”

    Max gazed after his sister as she walked up the stairs. “Not exactly a morning person.”

    “Unbelievable,” May grumbled as she brushed her hair in front of the mirror in the bathroom. “How could I get stuck here, at a festival? With Pokémon!”

    “Well, it’s a Pokémon Festival, so it makes sense,” Max pointed out as he entered the bathroom.

    May scowled. “Can’t you knock before you come in?” she said angrily.

    Max shrugged. “You’ve been in here for over an hour, so I just figured you’d be dressed by now.”

    “And what if I wasn’t?”

    “I would have suffered some sleepless nights because of that awful picture,” Max said airy. He picked up his toothbrush. “But I’m in a rush. I want to register for the Festival before ten, which means I only have fifteen minutes left.”

    “Fine, fine,” May mumbled. She wrapped a red handkerchief around her head. “Don’t let your sister hold you back from winning the stupid Festival.”

    Max quickly spit out the toothpaste. “I won’t,” he promised. “Anyway, are you going to hurry or what?”

    “Hurry?” May looked up. “Why would I? I don’t have to register or anything.”

    Max frowned. “Funny. I really thought I read that gym leaders or their replacements had to register, too. But if you know any better-“

    “Oh, just shut up!” May snarled. If he wasn’t her brother, she would have strangled him by now. “You just go and I’ll be there later.”

    Max grinned. “I’ll see you at the opening ceremony tonight, then.” He said. He left the room.

    “Sure, see you there.” May sighed, checked herself in the mirror and then left the room to eat.

    After finishing breakfast, May headed for the Pokémon center. She had never actually been in one since she never had any business there, but she thought she remembered Max mentioning the registering was done at the Pokémon center. At the first, she was afraid she wouldn’t find it, but that fear faded as she saw the words ‘Pokémon Center’ in huge size above the corner. Still half asleep, she entered the Pokémon center and walked to the reception.

    “Good morning!” said the pink-haired nurse behind the reception.

    “Good morning, nurse…” May yawned and flashed her eyes. “Joy, right?”

    Nurse Joy smiled. “Yes, that’s me,” she said. “Can I help you?”

    “Not sure,” May said doubtfully. “Is this where I register for the Pokémon Festival?”

    “It is,” nurse Joy said. “I take it you want to register?”

    “I’ll have to,” May said grumpy. “I’ll have to replace my father as gym leader.”

    “I see.” Nurse Joy entered something in her computer and looked back at May again. “Then you must be miss May Maple from the Petalburg gym?”

    “That’s me,” May said. She yawned again.

    Nurse Joy smiled friendly. “You haven’t slept well, have you?” she asked.

    May shook her head. “The bells woke me up,” she said disgruntled.

    “I understand what you mean,” nurse Joy said sympathetically. “They are a little too loud at times…” She sounded like she was no fonder of it than May was. “Anyway, here you go!” She handed May a card with ‘May Maple – Petalburg city gym leader’ on it. “The Festival opening is at eight PM today. Tomorrow, gym leaders have to sign in at nine AM at the same stage as the opening ceremony, which is also where the Pokémon Contests will take place. There will be decided when and where you’ll be the referee or judge. Is there anything else you’d like to know?”

    “No,” May said. “Thank you very much!” She turned to walk away, but then turned back and asked: “Did Max sign in already?”

    Nurse Joy thought for a while. “I don’t know,” she said. “I registered several people called Max already. Is he a relative of yours?”

    “He’s my little brother,” May said. “I just wondered if he said anything about what he was going to do today…”

    “I remember registering a boy called Max Maple,” Nurse Joy said slowly. “He mentioned something about having something to do at the carnival.”

    “A carnival?” May asked surprised. “Is there a carnival?” She was sure Max hadn’t told her anything about that…

    “Yes, not far from here.” Nurse Joy pointed to the left. “The street around the corner. It’s pretty difficult to miss.”

    “Thank you!” May said. “I think I’ll go there, too.” She intentionally forgot to mention she would kill Max for not telling her about the fun things. She turned around again. “Thanks for everything!”

    Nurse Joy waved. “Have a nice day!”

    May looked around. There was no doubt this carnival was a part of the Pokémon Festival; everywhere you looked were Pokémon or things that had something to do with them. The attractions were decorated with Pokémon-faces, boots sold all kinds of Pokémon merchandise and most trainers dragged their Pokémon around with them outside their Pokéballs. May took deep breath and nodded to herself. The fact that everything on this carnival had something to do with Pokémon and that there was a guy in a big Pikachu-suit who looked suspiciously much like Max had to be forgotten; for once, Pokémon would not take away the fun for her.

    May had hated Pokémon ever since a bunch of Tentacool attacked her, when she was still little. Her parents had tried everything to get her over this hate and fear, even quasi-accidentally pushing her off a cliff and having a Gyarados save her (which was, May found, the stupidest idea ever because it made everything worse).

    Although her family ran the Petalburg gym, May didn’t help out very often. Her father was the gym leader, her mother helped at the administration and her little brother traveled around the world as a Pokémon trainer. For May, there wasn’t much to do. But because both her father and mother weren’t able to come and Max received an invitation of his own, May was sent to take her father’s place at the Festival. May couldn’t help but think it was another try to make her overcome her hate for Pokémon. Yet she had been happy to finally leave the gym for a while and do something she really liked: Traveling.

    May walked forward and raised her hands before her face, making a small square with her fingers. “Welcome to this special edition of May’s Expeditions! Today, we’re at the residence of the Pokémon Festival, which will open tonight.” She turned a little, bringing a big sign with the words ‘Pokémon Festival: Special carnival’ into the picture. “Right in front of us lays the carnival, also a part of the Pokémon Festival. Ladies and gentleman, look at all those colors! No wonder there are so many people, it looks wonderful!” She slowly started walking, her ‘camera’ still in front of her face. “And not only that! All the attractions, all the excitement! And all those wonderful little booths! There are so many, I can’t even count them!” She put her hands down for a while and looked around. Then she put them back up again and walked straight to a booth that caught her eye. “We are going to take a look at this little ice cream shop, which seems to have a lot of customers. Oh, there is a line… Let’s interview some customers while we wait for our turn!” She tapped the man in front of her on his shoulder. “Excuse me, sir, what do you think of this little booth?”

    The man looked a little surprised. “What?” he asked, confused by the girl with an imaginary film-camera in front of her face.

    “I asked you about your opinion about this booth,” May said. She kept strictly to her role as presenter.

    “Eh…” The man flashed his eyes. “I… think I like it…”

    “Thank you!” May said. She turned to the woman behind her. “Miss, what do you think of this shop?”

    “Why do you ask?” The woman asked. She tried to see who was behind the ‘camera’.

    “It’s for May’s Expeditions,” May answered.

    The woman groaned and rolled her eyes. “Grow up!”

    “Thanks for your advice,” May said politely.

    “Who’s next?” The man behind the counter asked.

    May put her hands down and stepped forward. “That’d be me,” she said. She thought for a little while. “I’d like-“

    “Two cones, one with two bowls of strawberry and one bowl of chocolate, and the other one with one lemon, one vanilla and one pistachio,” a voice behind her said and the man walked away to get it.

    A little shocked, May turned around and looked into the face of a green-haired guy from around her age. His emerald-green eyes shone amused and to May, he looked kind of arrogant.

    “Excuse me, but I think it was my turn,” she said nervously.

    The guy shrugged and flicked his hair. “I thought you were here for your ‘show’,” he said. “What’s it called again? Mary’s Expeditions?”

    May turned faintly pink. “It’s ‘May’s Expeditions’,” she said, “and actually, I did want an ice cream.”

    “Then I suppose you have to wait a little longer,” the guy said plainly.

    “But it was my turn!” May said, a little impatient. “The least you could do is apologize to me.”

    “I told you I didn’t know you wanted any,” the guy said. He clearly enjoyed the conversation a lot more than May did.

    “I was already ordering!”

    “I suggest you talk louder next time.”

    Though May tried to stay calm, she felt her face burning up. “I talk loud enough,” she said, gritting her teeth.

    The guy grinned. “Mind me for not taking little girls playing games serious.”

    “Who are you calling a little girl?”

    The guy sighed sarcastically. “Little and slow,” he corrected himself. “Naturally, I was talking about you, Mary.”

    “I knew that!” May snapped. “Don’t call me a little girl, because I’m not- I’m 17! Not little! Or slow! And I’m not Mary!”

    The guy didn’t even pay attention to her. He paid the shopkeeper and took the ice creams he ordered.

    This made May even angrier. She didn’t even feel embarrassed for yelling at a complete stranger in public. Was it really possible for someone to be this rude? “I wasn’t done yet!” she shouted. “Are you even-“

    “Here.” Without looking at her, the guy shoved the strawberry-chocolate flavored ice cream in her hands. “My treat.”

    May’s anger disappeared like snow in the sun. “For-for me?” she stammered.


    “Why?” May asked, thinking this all was rather suspicious. “And how could you know what I wanted?” Though she loved nearly all flavors, strawberry and chocolate were her favorites.

    “You’re a girl,” the guy replied. “All girls like strawberry and chocolate.”

    “They don’t,” May said as they walked away together. Her mother hated strawberry more than anything. She hesitated for a second, but then added stiffly: “Thanks for the ice-cream.”

    “All the girls I know like strawberry and chocolate,” the guy said carelessly. “And you’re welcome.”

    “Then you obviously don’t know a lot of girls,” May replied.

    “I’ve met tons of them,” the guy said, “and each one of them loved strawberry and chocolate.”

    May couldn’t come up with anything to say and decided it was best to just shut up. The fact she had been arguing with a guy she didn’t know in public had just gotten through to her and she felt rather embarrassed. The fact he also bought her an ice cream was maybe even more embarrassing.

    The guy looked at her and grinned. “So, you always play you’re presenting that so-called show of yours?”

    “Not always,” May said. She swallowed a big bite of ice and felt her brain freeze. “It’s a habit. I used to play when I was little… I wouldn’t know why I’m telling you, though. I don’t even know you!”

    The guy frowned. “You don’t?” he asked. Then he shrugged. “Well, from you, I was sort of expecting that.”

    “And what’s that supposed to mean?” May huffed.

    The guy pointed at the card on her chest. “You’re from the Petalburg gym,” he said. “Plus, you just are the kind of person with no knowledge of anything going on in the world.”

    May gritted her teeth. “Petalburg gym happens to be great!” she snapped. “We get very many challengers! And if you’re so confident about me not knowing anything anyway, why don’t you just tell me?”

    “Fine, I’ll tell you.” The guy grinned and flicked his hair. “I’m Drew. Assuming that doesn’t clear anything for you, I’m a Pokémon co-ordinator and five-times in a row winner of the Grand Festival.”

    May took a while to think about that. “I’ve heard the name somewhere,” she said, ”but I’ve never seen a face with it.”

    Drew grinned. “At least you know something,” he said. “That’s a start.”

    “It’s not my fault I don’t care for those kinds of things,” May mumbled. “I hate the whole Pokémon happening, anyway.”

    Drew’s looked at her stunned. He seemed to be unable to come up with anything to say. “You don’t like Pokémon?” he asked after a while.

    May shook her head. “No.”

    “Unbelievable!” Drew jeered. “Your weirdness has no limits!”

    “I’m not weird!” May said insulted. She already felt sorry for telling Drew about her dislike for Pokémon.

    “I’ve never heard of someone who doesn’t like Pokémon,” Drew said. His facial expression was still surprised. Then he closed his eyes and smirked. “But it’s only good luck for the Pokémon, I guess. I can’t imagine a self-respecting Pokémon would want you as its trainer.”

    “I think you should get to know someone a little better before you say such offensive things!” May snapped. She didn’t bother to keep her voice down.

    Drew laughed. “Why would I want to know you better?” He taunted. “I can’t come up with a good reason.”

    “Whew, I’m saved!” May sneered back. Drew didn’t reply and May felt slightly satisfied. But just when she opened her mouth to say more, a voice interrupted her.


    Drew stiffened.

    “Who’s that?” May asked curiously.

    “No idea,” Drew said, but his sudden pale face gave away he was lying. He dropped his half-eaten ice cream in the closest dustbin. “See you later, Mary!”

    “IT’S MAY!” May shouted as he ran away. She sighed, closed her eyes and opened them just in time to see a small, red spot coming her way. She quickly raised her hand to catch it. When she felt the thorns pricking in her fingers, she realized it was a red rose. A few meters ahead of her, Drew grinned and ran into a small side street. May looked after him puzzled. What was this all about?

    “Hey! You there!”

    May turned around. A girl with long, black hair stood right behind her, looking at her with a curious gleam in her dark brown eyes.

    “Wha- What’s it?” May stammered.

    “Excuse me, but were you just talking to a guy named Drew?” The black-haired girl asked.

    May nodded. “I believe I was,” she said. “Why?”

    “Let’s just say he’s a very good friend of mine,” the girl said. She smiled proudly. “And I’m also his number-one fan! I was looking for him, but…” She looked around. “I believe he just disappeared. Anyway, my name’s Ayumi!” She talked pretty fast, and it took May a while before she completely got what Ayumi had been saying.

    “I’m… May…” She smiled a little unsure.

    Ayumi smiled back. “Are you also a fan of Drew?” she asked interested.

    “No,” said May, shaking her head heavily, “no, absolutely not.”

    “Then how come you were talking?”

    “We accidentally bumped into each other.” May didn’t feel like telling the truth, as Ayumi might make a big deal out of it.

    Ayumi’s smile faded. “You’re lying,” she said reproachfully.

    May blanched. “What?” she squeaked.

    “I’ve seen you talking for a while,” Ayumi said impatiently. “Just bumping into each other and talking are different things. You can just tell me the truth, whatever it is.”

    May was taken aback for a while. Then she said: “All we did was talk for a little while. He insulted me, I shouted at him and he ran off.” It was not the whole story, but it was close enough.

    Ayumi looked at her with piercing eyes, but then smiled again. “Did he give you the rose?” she asked, pointing at the red rose in May’s hand.

    May nodded stiffly. “Yes.”

    Ayumi beamed. “Roses are really his sign!” she rattled enthusiastically. “Isn’t he sweet? Roses are the most romantic flowers. They suit him so well!”

    May decided to refrain from comment, but followed Drew’s example and dropped her ice cream in the dustbin behind her before Ayumi could say anything about it.

    “Did you see where he went?” Ayumi asked, and May was glad she changed the subject.

    “He went around the corner of that small side street,” she said. “He can’t be far yet.” She knew Drew ran away because he wanted to avoid Ayumi, but she didn’t feel enough sympathy for him to help him out. Whatever Ayumi wanted, she hoped it would annoy Drew terribly.

    Ayumi hopped into the direction May had pointed out for her. “Thank you!” she said. “It’s been nice meeting you!”

    “Nice meeting you, too,” May said absent-mindedly. She formed a camera with her hands again and walked into a different direction. “Welcome back to May’s Expeditions! As you see, we’re still at the carnival…”
    Don't be afraid to give me any criticism, as long as you consider it helpful. ::)
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2006
  2. Jo-Jo

    Jo-Jo blows stuff uhup

    Wow, Juny, this is really good! I love the title. XD May, Drew and Max are all in character - I especially liked the way Drew insulted May, then turned around and gave her the ice cream. Just so you know, the technical term for a fic like this that doesn't follow anime canon is AU (Alternate Universe). Anyway, keep it up!
  3. disbejackiee

    disbejackiee Cascade Trainer

    Oh its cute! :) I really appreciate how you keep evryone in character, even if it doesn't follow the anime plot. I can tell that it's still remotely close though, with the whole May, Coordinators etc thing. Will you PM me for the next chapter?

    I do have a question though...
    <---- I think it'd be better if you elaborated on that, because it was such a quick reference to a different time that it sort of threw me off. =/.

    Overall, it was really cute, I bet it'll get really interesting. :)
  4. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Cute stuff indeed. Is this a multi-chapter or a oneshot?
  5. Juny

    Juny Savvy?

    Wow, readers :D Or at least, comments. Thanks a lot for that! ^_^ It's a multi-chapter by the way, and thanks for the AU-thing Jo-Jo!

    Oy, so I did forget something. Sorry, there was supposed to be an extra hit on the enter-bar there ^^; Anyway, I'll PM you when I spell-checked the next chapter and posted it.
  6. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    It's really good! I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!
    -jumps up and down waiting for the next chapter-
  7. Wind Waker

    Wind Waker Now that's Effulgent

    I really like this fic too i can see its got lot of options open for the future, My only problem was adjusting to the plot as May and Drew 'didn't' know each other. But once you get it, it's awesome!
  8. Alopec

    Alopec Still Dreaming...

    Wait... so you're the one who wrote this, Juny? o_o; I think I read it awhile ago on fanfiction.net! But I was at school, and I couldn't post a review because it was blocked, and then I forgot the name of the fanfic and the author. x.x

    Oh well, glad I've found this again! To be honest, I normally don't like it when the characters don't yet know each other and have to start from the beginning. But, the way you went about it in this fanfic was great. ^^ I love how they're older, and yet you still really kept them in character. My favourite part was... er, actually, I don't think you've posted my favourite part yet. I think it happens in the next chapter. Since I don't want to spoil anyone, I'll tell you what it is after you post it here.

    Awesome work, keep it up!
  9. Juny

    Juny Savvy?

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! Lol, I was already wondering if someone'd find out I posted this one fanfiction.net ages ago.

    Anyway, since I'm curious to hear what Alopec's favourite part is, I'll post the next chapter now XP. Just finished spell-checking it anyway. I doubt I got everything but it should be readable now.

    Chapter 2

    “Max!” May glared at her brother as he ran over to her. “You’re late,” she said reproachfully.

    Max gasped for breath. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “The place is crowded! It was nearly impossible to find you between all these people!”

    To say the area around the stage where the opening of the Festival would take place was crowded was putting it lightly. You could consider yourself lucky if you even had enough space to move, never mind walk around. Though May was aware of the Pokémon Festival being famous, she never expected this amount of people would show up.

    “It’s unbelievable how many people are coming just to see a few trainers with their Pokémon,” she said disdainfully. “I mean-“

    “Don’t start that,” Max cut her off. “Pokémon are loved by nearly everyone except you and maybe ten others in the world. People who aren’t thinking you’re weird yet will think so after they hear you talking like this.”

    May opened her mouth to protest, but Max cut her off again.

    “Are you going to go hurry or what?” he asked. “All judges, including you, have to go on stage for a while. If you don’t hurry you’ll never make it through the audience.”

    May squeaked and blanched. “What?”

    “Calm down. It’s only for a few seconds.”

    “You never told me any of this!” May objected in a high-pinched voice.

    “It’s nothing,” Max repeated, half annoyed, half amused.

    That was not very reassuring to May. Pokémon were one thing she didn’t like, going on stage was another. Even during school plays she made sure she either had a role off-stage or was sick on the day the play actually took place…

    Max pushed her in the back. “Go on!”

    Her legs trembling under her, May wrenched herself through the audience into the direction of the stage. Where did she have to go? A few meters ahead of her stood a group of people with the same white cards as she had, but did that mean they were gym leaders too?

    Apparently, her uncertainty got noticed soon enough. A girl with bright, orange hair signalled at her. “Are you here to judge too?” she asked as May reached her.

    “Yes!” May said, happily she was at the right spot. Her legs were still shaking.

    The girl smiled. “Nervous?”

    “Yes,” May admitted.

    “There’s really no need to be,” the girl reassured her. “You’ll only be on stage for twenty seconds, probably less. Then, they usually have a co-ordinator to give a short performance and for the rest of the evening there’ll be some sort of party.”

    May sighed relieved. “I can take that,” she said.

    At the same moment, a young man entered the stage and the audience became quiet in less than no time. “Welcome, everyone!” he said. “Welcome to this year’s Pokémon Festival! I am glad to see how many fans and trainers turned up this year!”

    “Who’s that?” May whispered.

    “That’s Bill, he’s organising the festival this year,” the girl replied softly. “He’s quite famous because he invented the whole Pokémon storage system. You never heard of him?”

    Bill continued talking before May could answer and she was rather grateful for that.

    “As every year, we asked several gym leaders to help us out. Please meet our referees and judges for this year!”

    May followed the other gym leaders to the stage and made sure she stood in the background. Max waved at her grinning from his place in the audience and not far from him, she saw, stood Ayumi, the girl she met earlier that day. She was glad she didn’t see Drew anywhere.

    The girl hadn’t lied about their time on stage: May was sure she hadn’t been up there for more than twenty seconds. As soon as they all left the stage, May wrenched herself through the audience, back to Max.

    Max grinned. “Told you it was nothing to worry about,” he said.

    “And you were right,” May admitted. “But still, you could’ve told me first…”

    “Shht,” Max whispered and gestured she had to be quiet. “They already continued.”

    A ripple of horror ran through May as she turned to see the stage. No less person than Drew just got up, amidst loud applause. “What-“ Then she remembered what the orange-haired girl told her and gritted her teeth. “They asked him to give that performance?”

    “Of course,” Max whispered. “He’s the best co-ordinator around!”

    On stage, Drew grinned and wiped his green hair out of his face. “Roselia, go!”

    ‘Wonderful’ was the only word May could find to describe Roselia’s entrée; even she had to admit the Pokémon looked great.

    “Roselia, petal dance!” Drew didn’t bother to shout. His voice was calm and didn’t contain a single bit of the sarcasm it contained when he talked to May.

    Roselia spun around rapidly, surrounding itself in the pink, glittering leaves of its petal dance. As soon as Roselia stopped spinning, the leaves and glitters flew into the audience, which clapped loudly.

    Though unwilling, May was impressed by his performance. Drew clearly hadn’t lied when he told her he won the Grand Festival five times in a row.

    “He really is the best!” Max yelled, trying to make himself heard over the loud screaming of the audience.

    May snorted. “He’s not bad,” she said in a low opinion.

    Max stared at her in disbelief. “You always said Pokémon contests weren’t so bad!”

    “Not so bad in comparison to plain battling, Max,” May snapped at him. “But nearly everything is.” She had no idea why she got so angry; it just felt good to be able to yell at someone.

    Max blinked. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked offended.

    “Nothing’s wrong with me!” May blurted. She turned around. “I’m going to bed.” And she left without saying anything else.

    Maybe Max had taken May’s request to never wake her up again too literally, or maybe he was just too insulted after she got angry with him, but he didn’t bother to warn her when it was eight o’clock. This resulted in May oversleeping and arriving too late at the stage where she was supposed to go. Most of the gym leaders were already there, talking and laughing with each other. The orange-haired girl she met yesterday sat on the edge of the stage, busy talking to a man with dark-brown hair. She looked up as she saw May standing ahead of her.

    “Hey!” she called out cheerfully.

    May smiled and walked over to her. “Hey,” she said. She looked around nervously. “Am I late?” she asked.

    The man shook his head. “Bill’s not here, so you’re right on time,” he said.

    A relieved sigh left May’s lips. “Thank goodness,” she mumbled.

    The girl gave her a curious look. “I don’t supposed you’re the official gym leader?” she asked.

    “No, I’m here to replace my father, Norman, from the Petalburg gym.” It sounded more irritated than May meant it to.

    The girl smiled encouraging. “I’m also just a replacement,” she told her. “I have three older sisters and they run the Cerulean city gym, but they were all busy. Besides, I would’ve come anyway. A friend of us-“ May assumed the ‘us’ referred to her and the man she had been talking to “-is participating and I wouldn’t want to miss that!”

    “Cerulean city?” May asked surprised. “Isn’t that in the Kanto region? I thought only gym leaders from the Hoenn region were coming.”

    “They were short of gym leaders, so they asked two gym leaders from Kanto to help out,” the man explained. “They always make sure there are a few extra leaders, so that when one gets sick or can’t come they have a backup.”

    “That makes sense,” May said, unable to come up with a better reply. “Oh, before I forget, I’m May Maple.” She was glad to get along with someone, and it would be impolite not to introduce herself.

    “I’m Misty,” the girl said smiling.

    “And I’m Brock, from Pewter city,” the man said. “Nice to meet you.”

    May smiled, but didn’t get the time to say something in return.

    “Is everybody here?” Bill had just arrived and quickly counted the attendants. Then he grinned. “Very well! Since we only have half an hour before the first matches start, let’s do this quickly.” He took a pile of papers out of his bag and gave it to the woman gym leader with fire-red hair next to him. “These forms say exactly where and when you’ll be needed. You have to sign in at least half an hour before the match or contest begins, or sign out in case you can’t come, so we have enough time to get a replacement.”

    May took one form of the pile and passed the other forms on to Misty. She saw that she would be judging the Pokémon contest today together with Brock and Roxanne from Rustboro city and hoped they knew more about it than she did.

    “Please be as unbiased as possible.” Bill clapped his hand. “Any questions?”

    No one said something and May thought it would sound stupid to ask if there were any lunch breaks during the contests.

    Bill threw one last look around, wished everybody good luck and left. Some of the gym leaders followed him, others stayed a little longer to continue their discussions. May looked at Misty and Brock, hoping one of them would say something to break the silence.

    Misty was the one making her wish come true. “I have to be a referee in twenty minutes…” she said, going through her schedule, “and then at twelve o’clock, and at half past two…” She bended over to May’s schedule. “Lucky,” she said jealously, “You’ll be done in three hours. I have to stick around all day.”

    “You’ll be judging too, right?” Brock asked and May nodded.

    “You know how it works, right?” she asked nervously.

    “Yes, and it’s very simple. Don’t worry about it,” Brock said.

    May tried to smile, but failed and looked like she had muscular pain in her jaw.

    “I’d better go,” Misty said as she put her schedule away in her pocket. “Good luck!”

    “You too,” May said, feeling more and more stupid with every minute passing by. In a try to distract herself a little, she looked at the other gym leaders. There were only two left: The gym leader with the bright red hair and a woman with dark-brown hair. One of them had to be Roxanne, but May had no idea which one of the two it was.

    “Hey,” Brock said, “May, right?”

    May turned back. “That’s me.”

    Brock nodded friendly. “Looking at you being so nervous, I assume you’re not very experienced with Pokémon?”

    “Not really,” May admitted. She hesitated, but then added: “I don’t even like them.”

    As she expected, Brock was surprised, but he quickly covered it up. “There are a lot of people that don’t like Pokémon,” he reassured her. “It’s really nothing to be ashamed of.”

    This time, May succeeded to produce a real smile. “At a Pokémon festival, it is,” she said sadly.

    “One of my sisters used to be afraid of Pokémon,” Brock told her. “But she slowly overcame her fear as she worked with them more. Maybe that’ll work for you, too.”

    “Maybe, “ May said, but more to please Brock than because she believed him. After all, her parents had tried it so many times and it never worked.

    Brock looked at his watch. “Half an hour before the contest starts,” he said. “The first participants and spectators should arrive soon…”

    As he said that, the brown-haired gym leader walked over to them. “We have to go backstage,” she said. “The rules say so…”

    “O-of course, miss Roxanne!” Brock’s face turned brightly pink and he followed Roxanne like a puppy when she walked off. May shambled after them, a little surprised by Brock’s sudden change of character. She sighed. Hopefully, Max would be too busy to come and watch.

    Not much to May’s surprise, Drew still hadn’t shown up at five minutes before the contest started. Him being an over-confident and selfish co-ordinator, she expected him to show up as late as possible. He probably thought he was too good for others and wouldn’t show up until it was his turn.

    “Welcome, ladies and gentleman!” a female voice yelled from the stage and May startled. “Today…”

    “May, come on!” Brock hissed from behind. Apparently, he finally gave up impressing Roxanne.

    May nodded. She tried to ignore her shaking legs and followed Brock and Roxanne to the stage. There, she took place behind judges’ desk next to Roxanne. She felt strangely light-headed as she stared at the big and small buttons without knowing what to do.

    “The buttons,” Roxanne whispered, “are used to give a rating from one to ten, ten being a perfect score. If a performance goes well, you give a high score, if it doesn’t, you give a low score.”

    It was obvious Brock had told her all about her nerves, but May felt thankful anyway.

    The first co-ordinator up was a young girl with her Ralts. She didn’t do extremely well, but got off with a total score from 23.5. The following co-ordinators weren’t surprisingly good either, but Ayumi performed very well with her Espeon. This surprised May; her first impression of Ayumi was an obsessed fan girl, but she seemed to have some talent. She received a total score from 29.3 and grinned widely when she got off.

    The next impressing co-ordinator was a certain guy called Trevor with his Butterfree, and May also liked Leanne with Quilava, Naomi using Wynaut and a few others. This was a side of Pokémon she had never seen before: A beautiful and artistic side. She smiled. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.

    That feeling changed drastically as soon as the last participant was announced: Drew. May’s smile faded when he came up the stage, grinning more self-confident than ever. The audience (mainly the girls) screamed and squealed when he flicked his green hair. “Masquerain, go!”

    His Masquerain’s wings sparkled as it left its Pokéball and once again, May was forced to admit his Pokémon were impressing.

    “Masquerain’s entrée was magnificent!” the announcer yelled, excited as always. “But what else could we expect from Drew?”

    Drew did not pay attention to her, nor to the audience. “Use bubble!”

    “Mas!” Masquerain squealed as it sent hundreds of tiny bubbles flying through the air. Then it flapped its wings and the bubbles spread around the audience.

    “Beautiful!” The announcer shouted. She barely got her voice over the exploding audience. “Let’s see what the judges think!”

    May tried to see what Brock and Roxanne did. Neither of them even took the time to think: A big ‘10’ appeared on their screens. May groaned. It would be weird if she went far under that, but she didn’t want to make Drew think she thought he was good either. Yet he was by far the best co-ordinator of all… She hesitated, but then sulking gave a 9.9.

    “And with that, we end today’s contest! Now let’s see who we’ll see again in two days!” The announcer turned around and pointed at the big screen above the stage. A long list of co-ordinators appeared, with Drew and Ayumi on top. “Thank you for coming and we hope to see you at the next contest!”

    May didn’t leave the stage immediately, but watched the crowd pouring out of the auditorium. This had not been as bad as she imagined it would be. She actually even enjoyed herself a little, feeling as if she might have done a good job at this judging. She sat down for a little longer, but then got up and walked off.

    “Hey, May!”

    May turned and saw Ayumi coming her way. She was clinging on Drew’s arm and, much to May’s pleasure, he looked rather disgruntled.

    “Hey, Ayumi,” she said smiling.

    Ayumi smiled back beaming. “I thought I saw you on stage,” she said. “I was so surprised! You didn’t tell me you would be judging us!”

    “I didn’t know yet,” May said truthfully.

    “It doesn’t matter,” Ayumi reassured her. She clung even tighter to Drew’s arm, who tried to step away from her. “How did we do?” she asked.

    “You and your Espeon were great,” May said, ignoring Drew.

    Ayumi beamed. “Thanks!” she squealed. “Although we’ll never be as good as Drew, of course.” She looked up at Drew. “Right?”

    “Yeah,” Drew replied absent-mindedly.

    May smiled sweetly. “So, you found Drew yesterday?” she asked Ayumi.

    “Yes, in a few seconds!” Ayumi said. “You were a great help, thanks again for that!”

    “Any time,” May said cheerful. She looked at Drew to see his reaction, but he rolled his eyes and looked away.

    “But I should go,” Ayumi said as she glanced at the clock on the wall. “I’m going to practice for the next round!” She gave Drew a hopeful look. “Are you coming too?” she asked.

    Drew shook his head. “No, I think not,” he said as if he was sorry.

    Ayumi shrugged. “That’s fine,” she said. “Bye May! Bye Drew!”

    The unmistakable relieved look on Drew’s face as she let go of his arm caused May to grin broadly. “What, don’t you like Ayumi?” she asked sweetly.

    “Of course I do,” Drew said sarcastically, “I love being stalked by hyperactive girls.” He shrugged and flicked his hair. “I’m surprised they’re allowing you to be the judge during something this important,” he scoffed and May’s face fell.

    “They are,” she snapped at him, “and believe it or not, I was doing a pretty good job at it!”

    “Of course you were,” Drew said. May looked up in surprise and he grinned. “Anyone would do well by copying two judges who do know what they’re doing.”

    May started to turn red. “I wasn’t doing that!” she huffed.

    “Not all the time, maybe,” Drew said. His grin grew bigger. “You wouldn’t have given me a 9.9 if you did.” He didn’t sound as if he was insulted; more as if he found it pretty amusing.

    “I- well, I- I was-“ May felt her cheeks glow. “I was just being honest,” she said at last, her arms crossed and looking into a different direction. “I didn’t think you were all that perfect.”

    “I guessed you didn’t,” Drew said. It was so obvious he didn’t care that May wondered why she even got upset about it.

    “May!” At the end of the hall, Brock waved at her. “We’re leaving!” he called out.

    May nodded. “I’m coming!” she called back. She threw one last glance at Drew. “Bye,” she muttered.

    “Bye,” Drew said, leaning his back against a pillar.

    May turned around to walk away, but was called back by Drew.

    “Hey, Mary!”

    “It’s May!”

    “Fine.” Drew grinned. “You do realise that handkerchief makes you look like a cleaning lady, right?”

    May scowled. “Oh, shut up!” she snarled.

    Drew laughed, flicked his hair and watched her stamp away.

    “Was that Drew?” Brock asked as May reached him.

    “Yes,” May said stiffly.

    Brock whistled. “He’s very famous,” he said. “Popular with the ladies, too.” He looked sort of jealous.

    “Well, I think he’s nothing but a snob,” May grumbled. “Arrogant and way too proud.” She ignored Brock’s surprised look. “I wonder if Max won his match already?”

    “Max Maple?” Brock asked and May nodded. “It took him less than five minutes to take down his opponent. I just talked to Misty, she was the referee during the battle,” he added when he saw May’s confused face.

    May smiled proudly. “He worked really hard for it,” she said. “He deserved to win!” She followed Brock outside.

    “I don’t know about Max, but Misty is still at the battle area,” Brock said. “I suppose she’s watching Ash, it’s his turn by now.”

    “Who?” May asked curiously.

    “Ash Ketchum, a friend of ours,” Brock explained. “He’s pretty good.” He grinned. “I’m not allowed to be biased, but I do hope he’ll win.”

    “Though I don’t really care for this kind of thing, I’m rooting for Max,” May said. “This has always been a dream of his.” She remembered how he used to practice with her dad’s Pokémon before he was allowed to have his own Pokémon.

    “One could say you’re a little biased too,” Brock laughed and May grinned guilty.

    “I think this is it,” she said, pointing at the crowded fields in front of them.

    Brock nodded in agreement. “Now we’ll only have to find them,” he said. “Misty’s easy, but Max-“

    “Hey, May!” Looking for Max turned out to be easier than Brock thought, if not unnecessary. Accompanied by Misty and a guy with tangled, black hair and a Pikachu on his shoulder, he came running in their direction. “I won!” he called out. “In no time, May, I won!”

    “I know, Brock told me!” May said. “That’s great!”

    Misty gasped for breath and leaned on her knees. “Your brother’s pretty good, May,” she wheezed. “I already knew that since he beat our gym once, but he has improved.”

    That explained why they seemed to be familiar with each other, May figured.

    Max grinned. “Thanks,” he said.

    “What about you, Ash?” Brock asked the guy with the Pikachu.

    Ash shrugged. “Oh, well…” he said. “You know…”

    “Oh, don’t pretend you’re modest,” Misty snapped at him. “He won in no time,” she told the others and Ash grinned satisfied.

    “Pikachu was great,’ he said, stroking his yellow partner. “You beat them all, didn’t you, buddy?”

    “Pikaa!” his Pikachu replied cheerfully.

    “Good job,” Brock said, smothering his proud tone.

    May smiled. “Congratulations,” she said.

    “Oh, right!” Misty looked around apologetically. “I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced you yet. Ash, this is May from the Petalburg gym. May, this is Ash. Max, you’ve met everyone already, right?”

    Max nodded.

    “You’re a gym leader?” Ash asked. He seemed surprised by May’s age.

    May shook her head. “I’m replacing dad,” she said. How many times would she have to explain that again?

    “A bit like Misty, then,” Ash concluded.

    “A bit,” May said.

    Max looked at his schedule. “I have my next match at two o’clock tomorrow,” he said, “against someone who hasn’t battled yet. When are you guys?”

    May decided not to meddle in their discussion. Today had not been half as bad as she expected; she even liked it at some points. If she had known how fun contests could be years ago, she might not have disliked Pokémon as much as she did now. She smiled to herself. Tomorrow she had a day off, which meant she had time enough to sleep late and watch Max’ match. Who knew: The festival might get fun for her after all.
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    It took me long to get this chapter up. Well, when you consider I posted chapter 2 on FF.net a month ago, that is. I don't think I checked it for grammar and spelling very well yet, but I'll do that another time. I'm just so darn happy I finished typing it! Anyway, count on a looong time before the next chapter will be uploaded. I haven't even written anything of it.

    I hope you like it- or at least like it more than I do.

    Chapter 3

    As she finally had the chance to sleep late, there was nothing that could stop May from taking it. All windows were closed carefully, the alarm-clock was turned off and thrown in the closet and Max had decided it was better to get up quietly than get killed by May for not doing so.
    Unfortunately, none of this really worked out and May woke up at seven thirty AM. She yawned and looked at Max’ bed, but that was already empty. How he could be chipper all day while sleeping for such a short time remained a riddle to May. With a deep sigh, she closed her eyes and rolled on her other side. Not even ten seconds later she opened them again. Somehow she didn’t feel like staying in bed any longer. She threw off her blanket, swung her legs over the edge of the bed and staggered to the bathroom.

    “You’re up early,” Max said while he buttered his toast.

    “Not half as early as you,” May yawned. “Besides, I’m only half awake.” She took a big pull at her coffee.

    “That explains the coffee,” Max said.

    May shivered. “I hate coffee,” she mumbled, “but the taste sure wakes you up.” She put her cup down and started eating her sandwich. “When does your match start again?”

    “Two PM,” Max replied. “I’ve told you four times already, remember?”

    “Vaguely,” May said. In her opinion, it was stupid from Max to think she’d actually remember that kind of thing. “Why did you wake up this early?” she asked. “You have six hours left until your match starts!”

    Max gazed at her as if she asked him the most stupid question in the world. “Training, of course!” he exclaimed.

    “You’re going to train six hours long?” It was May’s turn to gaze. Max’ Pokémon were stronger than her father’s and didn’t really need a lot of training.

    “Not only training,” Max defended himself. “I’m going to watch other battles as well for inspiration and techniques. Well, I can’t just expect I’ll win without doing anything at all, can I?” he added when he saw May looking. He took off his glasses and started cleaning them. “What about you? What are you going to do today?”

    May shrugged and stretched her arms. “Watching you battle,” she said, “hanging around… I don’t know.” Hopefully, some of the malls would be open so she could do some shopping. The carnival was fun, but a little too much about Pokémon and just watching the battles would be awful.

    “Sounds boring,” Max said.

    “Well, yes,” May sighed. Much more than boring wasn’t what she was expecting. “Maybe your match will be interesting. That way I might not actually die from boredom.”

    “You bet it will be!” Max said enthusiastically and he knocked his cup of tee off the table.

    For May, enthusiasm was nowhere to be found. It was obvious none of the many malls were or would open today, except from a tiny supermarket, a snack bar and an old souvenir stall. She sighed deeply. Though she had expected this already, it remained disappointing. She threw a last glance at the closed mall in front of her and sauntered on through the with trainers-filled street. At least she could say she saw the entire city now, she thought in a try to look at it from the bright side. But even so…

    Without really realising it, May reached the end of the city. Buildings were replaced by trees, the brick road by a sandy path. May vaguely noticed the change of environment, but was too lost in bitter thoughts to really pay attention to it. A voice coming from her right, however, brought her back to reality.

    “Roselia, use petal dance!”

    As May turned a little, she immediately recognised the flower-like Pokémon and its sparkly appearance. She quietly walked forward and came to a stop behind a few bushes. This allowed her to get a small view at Roselia’s trainer, too, which was no one less but Drew. This didn’t surprise her: She had seen this performance before and Drew was probably the only of all present co-ordinators who could perform it this perfect. At least, his Roselia could, May corrected herself sourly.

    Drew wiped a lock of green hair from his forehead. “Now use solar beam!”

    “Rose!” His Roselia nodded, waited a while to gain power and then, much to May’s horror, pointed into the direction where she was hiding.

    “What-“ she squeaked and ducked just in time to avoid the attack. “Watch it!!!”

    “I thought I saw you peeking,” Drew said. He returned Roselia into its pokéball and walked into May’s direction.

    Angrily, May got back on her feet. “Then why did you air your attack into my direction?” she fumed.

    Drew shrugged. “Since you were hiding, I figured you’d rather have me pretending I didn’t know you were there.” His voice was anything but convincing.

    “That is no reason to attack me!” May snapped at him. “I could’ve gotten hurt!”

    “Instead of being fed up about that, you could also be happy you haven’t,” Drew replied coolly.

    May gritted her teeth. Stay calm, May, stay calm… “Perhaps,” she said, her lips tightened.

    “How obedient,” Drew scoffed. A grin appeared on his face. “You’re not wearing your handkerchief.”

    May’s cheeks turned pink. “As long as you know it has nothing to do with that comment from you yesterday!”

    “I guess not,” Drew said grinning.

    “It’s true!” May snarled. It wasn’t, but that was the last thing she cared about.

    “If you say so, Mary.”

    “It’s May!” May glared at Drew. From all the people she ever met he was by far the rudest, and she had met quite a lot. All of his publicity was obviously no good for him. If she could, she’d say he didn’t deserve it, but that would be too big a lie. No matter how cocky he was, he still was a great co-ordinator. She saw that with her own eyes. But maybe-

    “Hey, daydreamer!” Drew snapped his fingers in front of her eyes.

    May blinked. “What?” she shrieked.

    “Just checking if you’re still alive,” Drew said innocently.

    May thought that wasn’t innocent at all. “You really are the kind of guy that thinks he can do whatever he wants,” she said, arms crossed.

    Drew laughed. “Am I?” he asked. “Maybe I am.” He leaned his back against a tree and waited for May to reply.

    Begrudging him that fun, May never replied. The last thing she needed now was another sharp comment from Drew. When it came down to arguing, he was much better at it than she was. Why give him that satisfaction?

    After a few seconds of silence, Drew seemingly gave up and closed his eyes. “Why are you in the forest?”

    “I don’t know,” May said. “I was just wandering around and ended up here.”

    “You were wandering around?” Drew raised his eyebrow and smirked. “In such a big forest filled with big, scary Pokémon?”

    May scowled. “For your information, just because I don’t like Pokémon doesn’t mean I’m afraid of them!”

    Much to her nerve, Drew continued grinning. “Oh, really?” he asked. “I suppose I got you wrong, then.”

    “Well, that you got right,” May said, “and if you’ll excuse me now, I’d like to go back to the city.”

    Drew’s grin widened. “That must mean you know the way around here,” he said.

    “I- well- I-“ May stammered. “I just walked straight here- I think I did…” Now she thought about it, she didn’t actually remember how she got here. She had been too busy sulking about the closed malls to really pay attention…

    Drew looked as if he expected nothing else from her. “Unless you went straight through the forest, which is very unlikely if you see how thick it is, I highly doubt that,” he said. “But go on- It’ll be fun watching you getting lost over and over again.”

    “As if you knew everything about this forest after walking around once!”

    “Since I never walk around with my eyes closed, I usually remember how to get back again,” Drew said.

    “I don’t walk around with my eyes closed either!” May shouted.

    “Then you have to be even more stupid than I thought, because it’s not easy to get lost here,” Drew said shrugging.

    “I take it you know the way around here very well, then?” May asked sarcastically.

    Drew flicked his hair. “I never got lost.”

    “Good for you,” May said stiffly. No reply came and she used that time to go over their conversation again. At once, her eyes widened. Asking how she planned on getting back, pointing out he never got lost… Drew couldn’t possibly be offering to guide her back? A little suspicious, she looked at him.

    He was still leaning against the same tree, hands in his pockets and his emerald eyes glinting in her direction. “You’re – aren’t you?” May stammered.

    “Maybe I am,” Drew said carelessly. Even from a distance, May could see the amused light sparkling in his eyes. “So?”

    “So what?”

    “So, would you rather get lost?”

    “No.” The words left May’s lips before she knew it. Embarrassed, she stared into a different direction. “I’d… rather not,” she mumbled.

    Drew looked satisfied for a second, but he dropped that expression so fast that May wondered if she hadn’t just imagined it. “I was about to go back anyway.” He made a few passes into the direction May –probably- came from. Then he turned around and waited. “Are you coming or what?”

    A flicker of doubt went through May’s mind. Could she really trust Drew? She didn’t know him that well and what she knew about him wasn’t all that good. He might just lead her into the wrong direction. But without him, she had just as big of a chance to get lost. And if he led her into the wrong direction, he’d get lost with her. Besides, Drew had Pokémon, in case they’d run into one… With that, she made up her mind. “I’m coming,” she said determinately.

    Without saying anything, Drew turned back and started walking. May followed him from a small distance. Hopefully, he really did know where he was going…

    As May saw the huge buildings from the city rise above the trees, she finally believed Drew hadn’t tried to trick her. She sighed in relief. “It’s the city!”

    Drew turned his head so he could see her and rolled his eyes. “What else were you expecting?” he asked. “The desert?”

    “Of course not,” May snapped. “I just wasn’t-“ She turned faintly pink. It would sound pretty ungrateful to say she hadn’t trusted him.

    Judging by his expression, Drew already guessed what she was thinking. “If I wanted you to get lost,” he said, “I would’ve just sent you off in the wrong direction. Not as if that would’ve been necessary,” he added and May scowled.

    “Are you always this rude to people?”

    “I wouldn’t call it rude,” Drew said airy. “It’s honesty, and that’s only polite.”

    May thought his words were anything but polite. After all, he definitely meant to insult her and that wasn’t a very polite thing at all. Yet she decided it was best to refrain from comment and walked on, arms crossed and head turned so she wouldn’t have to look at Drew.

    Drew s******ed. “Are you in a hurry?” he asked as he speeded up a little to keep up with her.

    “In a hurry to stay away from you,” May replied coolly.

    “How nice of you,” Drew said. “Unfortunately, you’re not doing a very good job at it.”

    May balled her hands to fist. It didn’t matter what she said- He’d fire it back at her in an insulting way. Even when she tried to get him back, he didn’t bother. He even seemed to enjoy it. “I guess,” she murmured at last.

    Apparently Drew didn’t know what to say to that, as he didn’t reply. The silence lasted until they reached the centre of the city.

    “What are you going to do now?” Drew asked.

    May shrugged. “Nothing, probably,” she said. “Waiting for Max’ match at two PM to start.”

    “A friend of yours?”

    “My little brother,” May clarified.

    “I assume you’re the only one with a dislike for Pokémon in your family, then.”

    “Yup.” May looked at the crowded battle-area ahead of them. The loud cheering and the sight of sand flying up around the numbered battle fields caused her to frown. “How can people just watch that for a whole day?” she asked disdainfully.

    “They have lives,” Drew said shrugging.

    “As do I!”

    “You?” Drew laughed derisively. “All you’ve done so far is wandering around the city aimlessly and rating the contest-participants because you had to.”

    “Actually, I happen to have a lot of things to do!” May snapped at him.

    Drew grinned broadly. “That’s different from what you said before.”

    May gave him a death glare. Of course, he was right: She hadn’t got the slightest idea of what she could do in a place like this, but why admit that to Drew? He probably knew it already anyway.

    “Since you’re so confident about it, tell me what your plans are for today,” Drew demanded.

    “None of your business,” May said defiantly.

    “So you have none.”

    “Of course I do.”

    “Tell me, then.”

    May folded her arms and turned up her nose. “I told you already, it’s none of your business.”

    “Tomorrow, then.” Drew looked at her grinning. “What is your busy schedule for tomorrow?”

    “Being referee,” May said. “Maybe taking a look at the contest when I have the time, to see people and Pokémon that do have class and style.” Her eyes lingered into Drew’s direction, hoping he’d even show the slightest reaction to that.

    Drew merely smiled. “Class and style, huh?” he said. “Funny, I never expected you to know anything about that.”

    May’s face fell. “Style happens to be one of the things I know all about!” she protested in a high-pitched tone.

    “Really? You wouldn’t say. Most people give their all not to look too much like a maid.”

    May figured he was referring to the handkerchief she had worn the first two days of the Festival and glowered at him. “I didn’t look like a maid.”

    “That’s what you think,” Drew said. “You’d still be looking like one if I hadn’t told you yesterday.”

    “Don’t make yourself sound like you’re so smart!” May blurted. “If you ask me, you’re nothing but an arrogant and selfish know-it-all!”

    Drew looked a little taken aback by her outburst, but quickly recovered. “I’m honoured,” he said.

    “Well, don’t be,” May snapped.

    Laughing, Drew put his hands in his pockets. “You really have no sense of humour, have you?” he chuckled.

    “Of course I do,” May defended herself. “You’re just not funny.”

    That made Drew laugh even harder. “Relax, Mary!”

    “Stop calling me ‘Mary’, will you?” May asked annoyed. Relaxing was the last thing she felt like doing now.

    “What, am I not allowed to call you by name?” Drew asked with an innocent expression that didn’t fool May one bit.

    “Mary is not my name!” she shouted. “My name’s May and you know it!”

    Much to her surprise, Drew didn’t even reply. He didn’t even look at her. May raised her eyebrow. Was this meant as an insult? Curiously, she tried to see his face. That was pretty much blank, but his eyes stared horrified in front of him. She tried to find out what he was staring at, but without any success. “What’s wrong?” she asked at last.

    It took Drew a while to answer. “Come on.”

    May blinked. “What?”


    Before May even got a chance to react, he grabbed her wrest and pulled her along through the crowded street.

    “Hey!” she yelled, tripping over her own feet as she tried to keep up with him. “Stop!”

    Drew didn’t stop, nor did he let go her wrist. He just ran on, not listening to May’s complaining.

    May inflated her cheek. What had gotten in to him? And, whatever it was, how dare he dragging her into it?

    Not far ahead of them, the Ferris wheel rose above the buildings. She blinked. Were they going to the carnival? “Where are we going?” she asked, determinate to find out, but Drew didn’t pay attention to her. He did, however, confirm her premonition as they entered the carnival-site. Once arrived there, it became easier to move; most people were probably watching the matches or practicing with their own Pokémon.

    “This way!” Drew pulled her into a small side-street and finally stopped in a tight place between two booths.

    May gasped for breath. “What do you think you’re doing?”

    “Saving us,” Drew said, his usually pale cheeks coloured red from the run.

    May frowned. “Saving us? What are-“

    But Drew cut her off by placing his hand against her mouth and nodded into the direction they just came from.

    Fuming but curious, May followed his gaze. A group of girls and women glanced around fiercely, as if searching for something. Some held photographs, small booklets or other kinds of merchandise and most were accompanied by a pen or pencil. For one second, May wondered what they were doing. But when she saw Drew’s picture in the hand of one of the girls, she understood this had to be Drew’s fan club.

    The group hung around for a few more seconds, but then gave up and moved on.

    Drew removed his hand and sank against the wooden wall.

    “You’re hiding from your fans?” May asked in disbelief.

    “Even a celebrity deserves some privacy,” Drew said shrugging.

    “Honestly,” May said. “If you’re really that famous-“ She rolled her eyes. “-you can’t expect no one will notice you while you’re walking around in such a busy street.”

    “They’d find me no matter where I’d be walking around,” Drew said disgruntled. “I have no problems with fans, but stalkers I’m not crazy about.”

    To her own aversion, May noticed she was feeling a little sorry for him. “Whatever you say,” she murmured, trying to sound just as careless as Drew. It wasn’t hard for her to imagine how he felt. After all, her father was a famous gym leader with plenty of fans himself. But most of them were trainers who were just passing by and not stalkers, like Drew described them… Looking at it like that, it was probably easier to be unknown and in the background like she was herself.

    She gazed at Drew from the corner of her eye. He still sat against the wall, his eyes closed and breathing heavily. Would he feel that way too, at times? She wondered about it for a while, but then scolded herself. No reason to be interested May. “What are we going to do now?” she asked him to distract herself.

    Drew got back on his feet. “Not hanging around here, I hope.” He looked around suspiciously and then left their hideout.

    May followed him. “They’re gone, Coward,” she said chuckling.

    “You wait,” Drew replied smirking. “They’ll find you. Then you might understand.”

    “Humph!” May did. “What would they want from me, anyway?”

    “They’ll want to know all about you,” Drew said. “Who you are, why you were talking to me, what you were talking about, what your intentions are…”

    May frowned. “Why would they want to know all that?” she asked. Unwilling, she blanched a little.

    The smirk on Drew’s face broadened. “You never read any of those gossip rags, do you?” he said. “In their little world, a ‘celebrity’ hanging out with a girl is huge. You never know what might be going on between them.”

    “What!” May blurted, face coloured scarlet. “There’s no way I would ever want that!”

    “Believe me, it’s the last thing I’d ever want to happen too,” Drew said. “But hey, since you are all right with whatever they’ll do, go find them!”

    “I- I think I’ll stay here a little longer,” May said in a high-pitched voice. The prospect of a group of girls thinking she had a thing for Drew scared her to death. Where’d they ever get that idea in the first place? Ayumi said roses were his sign, so that surely couldn’t have been a big deal?

    Drew laughed at her shocked face. “You’re such a chicken, Mary.”

    “This coming from the guy who runs away from his own fans.”

    “Well, I suppose you never have to run away from anyone, since one look at your face will cause them to run off screaming before you can.”

    May gasped. “How dare-“

    But Drew smothered her by shoving a red rose in her face. “You’re so loud,” he said.

    Blinking, May took it from him. “What’s it for?” she asked, blushing slightly.

    “You decide,” Drew said shrugging as he turned to leave. “What time did you say your brother’s match started again?”

    May’s red cheeks suddenly lost their entire colour. “Oh no!” she squeaked in horror. The church clocks in the background struck; half past two.

    Drew sent one last smirk in her direction and walked away. May stared after him, horrified. How could she forget? After all, she asked Max so many times… He counted on her to be there; what would he say when he found out she hung around with Drew instead? She swallowed. He definitely wouldn’t be happy, that was for sure.

    She started running. Fast, faster, faster… What was she going to tell him? She could pretend she watched him battle, but he’d find out eventually. And when he did… She clenched her hands to fists and felt the sharp thorns of the rose stabbing in her fingers. Luckily, the battlefields were close. Maybe she could still see him finish, and that was the most important. Then she’d at least know whether to congratulate him or not.

    As she ran around the corner, she slowed down a little. Field 3, Max said... Finding the field wasn’t too much of a problem, since the numbers above the fields were at least seven feet tall. Getting there, however, was much more of a problem; the place was packed and it was nearly impossible to get through. After a lot of wrenching and apologising, she finally reached the right spot. Not as if that helped: She still couldn’t see anything but the backs of a lot of people. In a desperate try to see anything from what was going on, she jumped up and down. It didn’t really help, but from the bits and pieces she could see and hear, the battle wasn’t over yet. With a slightly relieved feeling, she continued her jumping. Max couldn’t accuse her of missing his whole battle, at least…

    “Hey, you!”

    May shrieked, tripped and dropped on the ground. Startled, she turned around.

    “What are you doing?” Misty asked surprised and May sighed in relief.

    “You nearly scared me to death!” she said.

    Misty stretched out her arm and helped May up. “I’m sorry,” she said. “But what were you doing?”

    “Trying to follow Max’ match,” May explained, looking painfully at her elbow.

    Misty frowned. “This crowd has only been here since the last ten minutes,” she said. “Come to think of it, I haven’t seen you during the rest of the match. Where were you?”

    May flushed. “I was- just- you know- just-“

    “Just what?” Misty gave her a curious look. “You weren’t here all the time, were you? That’s obvious by now.” She grinned. “Speak up!”

    “Keep it down, will you?” May hissed. “I’ll tell you later. I’d really rather keep this from Max, he’ll kill me when he finds out I wasn’t here in time…” She threw a few glances around. “Is the battle over yet?”

    “I think it is,” Misty said, standing on tiptoe to see. “Max probably won. He was far ahead when I went looking for you.”

    “Let’s hope so, then…” May sighed. “Because he’s coming.”

    “And he looks happy, so don’t worry!” Misty said. “Hey Max!”

    Max was indeed unmistakably happy. His eyes shone, his cheeks were coloured by a small blush and he beamed from ear to ear. “Did you see?” he asked, breathing heavily. “Did you see how I crushed that guy? I thought it was tough at the beginning, but it was really nothing! I never expected this tournament to be this easy!”

    “That’s great, Max,” May said, smiling forcefully and trying to come up with something better. “I’m sure mum and dad are awfully proud at you!”

    Max’ smile broadened. “I sure hope so!” he said excited. “I think I’ll call them tonight, to let them know how I’m doing. Hey, Misty, do you know where Ash and Brock are? I have to tell them I won- especially Ash, I bet him I’ll get at least as far as he’ll get…”

    “They’re somewhere around here, I think,” Misty said. “Probably looking for you now your battle is over.”

    Max nodded. “Then I’ll find them. Thanks Misty! See you later May!”

    “Bye Max!” Misty waved and turned back to May. “Why are you looking like that?” she asked. “You got away with it!”

    May sighed. “I know,” she said, “but I still feel bad about it. This whole festival means so much to him, and I really want to be there for him. Besides, he’s not stupid. He’ll find out I haven’t seen one single bit of his battle.”

    Misty clacked her tongue. “I understand,” she said. “But hey, he’s your brother! If you explain everything properly and apologise, it’ll be fine. And it wouldn’t hurt to tell me where you’ve been either,” she added grinning.

    May smiled weakly. “Thanks,” she said. “But I’ll tell you another time, okay?”

    “Sure,” Misty replied smiling. “Oh, by the way, is this yours?” She picked up the red rose May dropped while jumping and looked at her curiously.

    May’s face grew red. “Why- why’d you think that’s mine?” she asked stammering.

    “Because you start acting all startled,” Misty said as she handed her the rose. “I guess it has something to do with what you’ve been doing earlier today, huh?”

    “Well, yes,” May admitted stiffly.

    “So I’ll hear about it later.”


    “You sure?”

    “Oh, cut it out,” May snapped at her. “I’ll tell you already, but don’t tell Max!”

    “I promise,” Misty swore.

    May sighed, glanced around to make sure Max was nowhere near and then briefly told Misty about her encounter with Drew earlier that day.

    Misty frowned. “He actually said stuff like that?” she asked. “That’s pretty rude.”

    “It was,” May agreed immediately. It felt good to give someone her opinion and not being gazed at right afterwards.

    “But it’s also sort of…” Misty thought for a while. “You know.”

    “I don’t,” May said. “What is it?”

    Misty giggled. “Cute,” she finished.

    May gaped at her. “Cute?” she repeated, not-understanding.

    “Yeah,” Misty said. “You know, the whole guy-teases-the-girl-he-likes-story. I don’t know if that’s what going on, but it sounds a little like it.”

    May blinked several times before she understood what Misty said. Then she shook her head heavily. “No way!” she said. “He’s just that kind of snobbish guy that annoys anyone he bumps into. It was bad luck I ran into him two times.”

    “Maybe.” Misty didn’t take their conversation any further and May knew it was safe to jump to another subject.

    “Where would Max be?” she asked awkwardly. “Maybe we can all go and do something to celebrate he got through the preliminaries?”

    “Desperate to make up to him, aren’t you?” Misty winked at her. “Let’s go find him, then. He’ll surely be around here somewhere…” And she wrenched herself through the crowd.

    May waited a while before following her, taking her time to think about Misty’s words. Sure, she heard a lot about teasing the one you love. But Drew couldn’t possibly have that intention, could he? He said so himself, after all; he said it was the last thing he’d ever want to happen. No way he’d lie about a thing like that. She threw a look at the rose he gave her. A soft smile ran over her face. Then she threw it on the ground and followed Misty.
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