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Love is Blind Sometimes ~ A Kiba X Ino Fic


Hoshi hikari
This was my first acceptable fan fic that I started a few months back. I hope you enjoy.. Written in Ino's POV. It's AU (Alternate Universe) by the way.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: “Ino, wake up!” My dad screamed to me from downstairs. “Unghh… Coming daddy!” I yelled. I put my blond hair in a usual ponytail and threw on my purple shirt and skirt. My name is Ino, I am twelve and new in Konoha. I came with my mom and dad. Today is the first day of seventh grade and I don’t know anyone. Daddy drove me in our red SUV. This town is pretty with pink flowers, cherry blossoms, and willow trees. I didn’t notice when we arrived there until daddy called my name about three times. “Bye daddy,” I kissed him on the cheek. “You need any help getting your schedule or anything?” he asked. “No thanks daddy, I’ll be fine,” “Ok, love you bye,” he left.

I walked in the door and poked around until *BANG* I ran into somebody. "Oww…watch were you’re going,” he said, while rubbing his head. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I blushed and looked up to see him right in front of my face. I blushed even more. He was tan, with deep, brown eyes and red streaks down his eyes that looked like birthmarks. We both stood up. "Your new, huh? What's your name? I'm Kiba, nice to meet you," I was silent, staring at his eyes, which were beautiful. "Hello!?" He shouted waving his arms in front of my face. "Huh? Oh, sorry, m-my name's Ino. N-nice to m-m-meet you too Kiba," I stuttered. "C-Can you help me find my homeroom? Mr. Iruka," "Hey! That's my homeroom teacher! Follow me," He energetically pulled my arm.

He led me to the end of the hall, room 103, it said. We walked in the open door, and sat by a shy-looking Raven haired girl. Kiba sat by a blond boy and they started chatting, so I figured they were friends. I turned to the girl. "Hi! I'm Ino, I'm new. And you?" I asked smiling brightly. "Oh.. m-my name's H-Hinata. Hinata Hyuga," She said shyly, with a weak smile. "Nice to meet you Hinata. Will you be my first friend here?" "S-Sure Ino," "Cool!" I yelled happily. The teacher stood from his desk in the back, and headed to the front board. "Morning class. I'm Mr. Iruka. I will be your homeroom and math teacher, I don't tend to give detention or homework. I want to know all of you, so stand up please, introduce yourselves, and tell me something you like and dislike," He sounded like a nice teacher to me.

I stood up first. "My name is Ino Yamanaka. I like flowers and dislike fish," I told the class. I sat down and Hinata slowly stood up. "H-hi. I'm H-Hinata Hyuga. I like butterflies and don't r-really dislike a-anything," She said stuttering a bit, then sat down. A pink haired girl stood up. "I'm Sakura Haruno! I like.. well," Then she shyly looked at a black haired boy three seats ahead of her. "Um.. well. I dislike sushi," She said and sat down. Then a creepy guy with sunglasses stood up. I mean, who in heck wears sunglasses indoors!? Is he a vampire or something!? "My name is Shino Abaraume. I like bugs, and dislike anything that eat them," he sounded weird.

The black haired boy stood up. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I like scary movies and dislike a lot of things. Especially, ugh... fangirls," Emo! I thought. The Sakura girl frowned slightly. A red haired kid stood up. "I'm Gaara!!! I like chocolate, eyeliner, pandas, porn, dancing, and cheese!!!! I dislike TV! BAD TV!!!" Ino's eyes widened. Okay.. I'm scared. The blond boy stood up. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like Instant Ramen and dislike mean people," He seemed nice too. Finally, Kiba stood up. "My name is Kiba Inuzuka. I like dogs and dislike cities," He looked at me with a smile. I blushed and quickly looked down. W-why am I blushing?

Taking my schedule from Mr. Iruka, I looked down at it. "What did you get, Hinata? I have Seccond Period Social Studies, Third Science, Fourth English, and Art and Drama for electives," I asked politely, smiling at her. Her eyes shifted down to her schedule. "Oh.. I have Second Social Studies, Third Math, Fourth English, Fifth Science, with Keyboarding and Drama for electives.." She muttered, just loud enough for me to hear. "Cool, we have a few classes together," We smiled faintly at each other as the Bell rang. "Good Bye class! Have a nice first day!" Mr. Iruka eagerly said, releasing us. Didn't know that was possible.. I thought reluctantly, grabbing my stuff and rushing out the door.

Walking into social studies, I noticed Kiba sitting fairly close to the large, wooden desk that I figured belonged to the teacher. Walking over, I took the seat next to him. The desks were aligned so two people sat next to each other, most likely giving you the purpose to work with each other. "Heya Kiba," I said as I was settling in place. I noticed how he was blanking out by the astranged look on his face. "Huh.. oh, hi Ino," I blushed slightly again.

Looking across the room for a moment, my attention was caught to Hinata, who was sitting next to the girl dubbed as Sakura. "Hey Kiba, who's your new friend?" I heard a voice from behind say. Looking back, I saw Naruto and the strange character. Kiba's face lit up as he turned. "Hey Naruto. This is Ino, she's new. She just moved here today," Guess they are friends.. "Hi.. Naruto," I said shyly, waving slightly. "CHEESE!" Gaara telled randomly. "Gaara, shut up," Naruto commanded, bonking his head. "'Kay," Gaara replied, a bright smile still on his face.

Turning back to the front, Kiba turned to me. "Hey, Ino, can I see your schedule?" He asked me, reaching his hand out as if he wasn't even awaiting a response. "Sure," I said, digging through my miscellaneous supplies to find it. Pulling it out, I put it in his hand as he pulled it away, scanning through it. His mouth widened, and he turned to me. "You have all my classes," He said, the shock fading as it crept onto me. "Wow.. shocker. Hope we have a nice year together," I said cheerfully, both of us smiling at each other.

The teacher finishing up his preparations, he stood up in front of us. Introducing himself as Mr. Asuma, he decided to let us have free time for the period. Most of the class spleeing in joy, my eyes illuminated. Kiba and I immediately and involuntarily turned to each other, starting to chat for the period. As the bell rang, all of the students hopped up, eagerly running out the door.

Walking to our next class, my clumsiness got the best of me, making me trip. I didn't go down alone though, grabbing Kiba's hand and pulling him down along with me, landing in the middle of his chest. Random people stopped, stared, and quietly giggled at the fiasco. He chuckled nervously, and I could hint a blush curl up his cheeks. My vanilla like skin turned so red at that moment, I felt I might explode. "Hey Ino, you okay?" He asked, looking down at me. Just him looking at me made my body over heat. I was too stunned to respond. Naruto passed by, looking at us. A smile crept on his face. "Whoa Kiba. You got her all over you already," He said, snickering and running off quickly. Of course, I blushed even more. As we both stood up, we rushed to class together, not wanting to be late. This was going to be a fun year.
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